Jacob Weiss & Anna Hartman

Bob’s Great Grandparents:

Jacob WEISS 1847 – 1939 | parents
& ca 1871 Anna HARTMAN 1850 – 1920 | parents
of Bohemia and New York City

Weiss family photo
in front squatting – Dave; middle: Theresa, Anna, Selma, Jacob and Joe; back – Moe (guesses by SMK)

Jacob Weiss married Anna Hartman.

Jacob Weiss was born 5 May 1847 in Steingrube, Bohemia, son of Leopold Weiss and his wife, Babet/Barbara Gans. Family emigrated 1855.
In 1900, he listed his occupation as a cigar manufacturer. [Adele says she thought he ran a bar.
Adele also says, “His children did not care very much for him because he did not treat his wife very nicely.”]
Jacob Weiss died in 1939 in New York City.

Anna Hartman was born 18 April 1852 (or 21 March, 1850-Joan) [1900 census says April 1851] in Bieschin, Bohemia.
She was the daughter of Carl Hartman and Eva Stadler.
[1900 census says Anna emigrated in 1860.]
She died 1920 in New York City. Their graves are in a cemetery on Long Island.
1880 Census Manhattan:
Jacob Weiss w m 32 liquor dealer Austria Austria Austria
Annie w f 30 wife keeping house Austria Austria Austria
Henry ” w m 7 son New York Austria Austria
Theresa w f six dau New York Austria Austria
Moses w m 4 son New York Austria Austria
David w m 2 son New York Austria Austria

Children of Jacob Weiss and Anna Hartman:
1. Henry Weiss ca 1872 –
Married 1st Sophie Evelyn Levi/Levy 14 Feb 1874 NYC – 23 Feb 1903 NYC [age 29 yrs nine days]
Sister of Rebecca Levy, who married Moses Weiss/ daughters of Jacob Levi and wife Rosa Levi,
resided at 234 E 82nd ST — tenement; burial Linden Hill Cem.

a. Sophie Evelyn Beatrice Weiss 7 Feb 1903 NYC – Jul 1977 North Miami, FL
married Cecil S Hersh 18 Sept 1890 NJ – Sept 1966 Miami
(Cecil owned with his two brothers the Ford Motors dealership in Elizabeth ca 1940 – ca 1960. They lived on Galloping Hill Road, near the intersection of Park Ave, just around the corner from Elsa and Mel Koestler.)

HershC-S Hershs38
Left: Sophie and Cecil
Right: Ken, Cecil Jr., Sophie, and Naomi 1938

i. Cecil Hersh Jr.
married Jean ?

Jean, Naomi and Cecil Jr.

ii. Kenneth Hersh 12 Aug 1926 – 25 Jan 1991 dsp
served in World War II in the Pacific

iii. Naomi Hersh
married Norris Fisher

The Norris Fisher Family -“then”

1. Terri D Fisher
married Paul Loeber
a. Stuart
b. Spencer

Fisherwed TerrifamilyHQ
Left: wedding day Terri and Paul
Right: with their sons and Terri’s parents

2. Daniel Fisher
married Sandy Bolton
a. Timothy
b. James

Dan and Sandy’s wedding
Dan and Sandy’s family

The Norris Fisher Family 2001

married 2nd 1904 Celia Munch
b. Winifred Weiss ca 1909 –
two children

2. Theresa Weiss 23 Dec 1873 NYC – 1 June 1941 Chicago, IL
married 23 Aug 1896 NYC Simon Gutfreund 18 Mar 1862- 17 Mar 1930
born in Austria came to US at age 3 died in St. Louis, MO

I think this may be
Anna, Theresa, and Simon

a. Ruth Gutfreund 9 Jan 1899 St. Louis, MO -19 Feb 1979 Chicago, IL
married in St Louis 7 Oct 1931 Morris Gates 8 Jul 1895 – Dec 1969
b. Norman Goodfriend 27 Aug 1901 – 8 Feb 1993 NB
died in Lincoln, Nebraska name change 1942
married 7 Oct 1936 Annette Messcher 28 Aug 1912 NYC – 15 Dec 1984 IL
i. Terri Goodfriend
married Robert Allen Lynch
1. Kathryn Ann Lynch
2. William Norman Lynch
3. Thomas Robert Lynch
ii. Sally Goodfriend 7 May 1939 – 23 May 2000
married David Serge Wysong
1. Wendy Lee Wysong
2. Michael David Wysong
3. Jennifer Ann [Jody] Wysong
4. Megan Diane Wysong
5. Elizabeth Lynn Wysong

Dec 1973
front: Megan, Elizabeth,
middle: Jody, Wendy; back: Michael

iii. Norman Goodfriend Jr.
married Bonnie Morano
c. Annabelle Goodfriend 6 Dec 1902 – 21 Jan 1999
St. Louis, MO died Lincoln, Nebraska
married Norman George Meyers 21 May 1901 TN – Sep 1986 NYC

3. Moses Weiss 8 Sept 1875 – 3 Sept 1967 St. Louis, MO
married Rebecca Levy
a. Sylvia Weiss 24 Mar 1903 – Jan 1981 dsp

Sylvia Weiss
from the 1921 McKinley HS annual

Sylvia graduated from McKinley High School in June, 1921. She was hired as an Second Assistant by the St. Louis Board of Education April 10, 1928 and retired on June 12, 1970. She taught History, Geog., Citizenship, and Spanish.
I am nominating her for the 100th Anniversary Accomplished Goldbugs (McKinley’s graduation.) The Accomplish Goldbugs will be displayed in the halls of McKinley on that occasion. Marjorie Ivanko

ca 1960 Becky, Sylvia, and Moe Weiss

4. David Weiss 2 Jan 1878 – 27 Dec 1967 Tarzana, CA dsp
David and brother Joe had a furniture store in Elizabeth, NJ

ca 1965 Joe Weiss, Kathy Lynch, Dave Weiss

5. Selma Weiss 16 May 1883 – 20 July 1960
married Samuel Koestler 9 May 1880 NJ – 3 Apr 1860 Summit, NJ
lawyer born in Elizabeth, NJ

6. Joseph Weiss 18 June 1886 – May 1973 Tarzana, CA dsp

ca 1911 Anna Weiss (nee Hartman), Selma W. Koestler,
Theresa W Gutfreund, Melvin Koestler &
Norman Gutfreund (Goodfriend)

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