John Howe Mebane

John Howe Mebane 1806 – 1875 | his parents
& 1837 Ann Slade Graves 1809 – 1848 | her parents
& 1848 Henrietta Williams 1816 – 1872 | her parents
& Yancey
of Bertie Co NC & Fayette Co TN

John Howe Mebane 1806 – 1875
Home built in
Fayette Co TN by John Howe Mebane
home was sold after the Civil War
for other pictures of his home inside and out & cemeteries see

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John Howe Mebane 15 Aug 1806 – 16 March 1875 Fayette Co TN
married 9 Feb 1837 Ann Slade Graves 8 Feb 1809 – 28 June 1848 Bertie Co
dau. of Capt William item from Hillsborough Recorder 10 March 1837
buried in the cemetery at the Hermitage, Bertie Co

John Howe Mebane
married 1848 2nd Henrietta Williams [Yancey] 15 March 1816 – 27 July 1872 ts

Children of John Howe Mebane & Ann Slade Graves:
1. William Graves Mebane 4 June 1838 NH Co NC – 2 Dec 1882 Fayette Co TN
taken prisoner at Kennesaw Mtn 18 June 1864
married 11 Dec 1865 Emma Caroline Mebane 26 Jan 1842 – 19 Jan 1911 NC
dau of Giles Mebane buried Linwood Cem. Graham NC

W.G. and Emma
William and Emma Caroline

William G. Mebane enrolled as a captain in the 13th Tennessee Infantry Regiment, Co. “B”. They were known as The Macon Grays, consisting of men from Fayette County
Having already been engaged in multiple battles, including losing his middle finger at Murfreesboro, he was eventually captured in the Battle of Kennesaw Mountain on June 27, 1864, eight days after his brother was killed in the same area.
From there, WGM was sent to the notorious Johnson’s Island POW camp in Sandusky Bay, OH.

Johnson's Island
The P.O.W. release document and signed Oath of Allegiance

from the Memphis Appeal

a. Nannie Graves Mebane 1869 – 1954
married John Tabb Donoho 20 Nov 1860 -7 Feb 1937
1. Mary Mebane Donoho 1890 –
b. William Giles Mebane 1870 – 1935
married Ruth Amelia Robinson 1895 –
1. Dr. Yancey Mebane

Dr. Yancey Mebane visits his grandfather’s grave.
May and W. Giles
siblings – Mary Eliza/May & William Giles Mebane

c. Mary Eliza. [May] Mebane 1872 –
married Edward Saunders Parker Jr. 1871 – 1933
1. Caroline Saunders Parker ca 1898 –
2. Caroline Mebane Parker 1907 –
married Jesse Howell Weatherby 1903 –
d. one that died young
2. John Wood Mebane 18 Feb 1840 – 18 June 1864 ts
killed at Kennesaw Mtn in GA

the boys before and after photoshop by Ronnie
John Wood Mebane & William G Mebane

Captain John Wood Mebane, CSA, KIA

H. Mebane’s second son was also in the war.
He was a graduate of the University of North Carolina in 1860, but was soon swept up in the turmoil of the times.
John Wood Mebane commanded an artillery battery which saw extensive action in Tennessee, Mississippi, Georgia, and Alabama.
At the Battle of Murfreesboro, Captain E.E. Wright was killed and Lieutenant John W. Mebane was wounded.
Mebane was elevated to Captain, and was elected to be the officer in charge.
His unit was engaged in Corinth, Tupelo, briefly sent down through Mobile and Jackson in an unsuccessful attempt
to rescue Vicksburg, and then back to Chattanooga.
At Chickamauga, Mebane did not see much action because of their position, and only spent 75 rounds.
Up on Missionary Ridge, however, the battery expended 543 rounds and nearly emptied their limber chests.
With Bates’ division, Mebane was able to save the four 12 lb howitzers in an orderly withdrawal from the ridge.

They were subsequently engaged at the Battle of New Hope Church and sent on to defend Atlanta.
Captain Mebane was ultimately killed at the Battle of Kennesaw Mountain, GA, reportedly from a shot to the head.
It is remarkable that JWM’s body was carried all the way back here for burial.
Embalming with chemicals was a new technique, and was rarely performed in the south during the war.
When we bought this place, Mrs. Perkins told us JWM was brought back packed in salt and accompanied by his servant.
I am not aware of any history to either corroborate or refute this.

3. Bettie Mebane 1842 – [Bettie died before age 9 buried at Mason Hall ]
4. Nannie Mebane 1844 -died at age 12 buried in TN 1856


Nannie’s Marker

Bettie or Nannie
one of the twins sisters

5. Cordelia Mebane 1844 – living 1870
6. Martha Mebane ca 1846 – living 1870

Children of John Howe Mebane & Henrietta Williams [Yancey]:
1. Mary Mebane ca 1850 -living 1870
2. Henrietta Mebane 2 Feb 1853 – 18 July 1870 ts
3. Willey Mebane 1853 on 1870 census