Thomas Ashley & Ann Plowman

Sally’s 7 -great-Grandparents:

Thomas Ashley ca 1690 – bef 1769 | his parents
& Ann Plowman | her parents
of Salmon Creek, Bertie Co, North Carolina

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

on Feb 13 1739/40 Thomas Ashley, aged 50, . . . deposed that William West possessed land in the fork of Casshoke Creek since 1718 until his decease; left by will to Robert West, son of Col. Robert West. signed by Cullen Pollock
NCGSJ xii -162 abstract by William Doub Bennett from Land Grant Record Book 9

This implies to me another Thomas Ashley was the father of this one & the William Ashley who married a Duckenfield was this Thomas’s brother rather than a son.

Thomas Ashley & Ann Plowman had:
1. Thomas Ashley ca 1710-1790
married Elizabeth Hicks
2. John Plowman Ashley bef 1721- will 1759
married 1740 Mary Gordon
3. Prudence Ashley ca 1735 –
married bef 17 Apr 1769 John Lawrence Jr ca 1745 –

1677 – from the VA Northumbria Collection which includes Lancaster County portion of VA Colonial Abstracts – Thomas Ashley witnessed a deed from Smith to White on 20 March 1677/78.

1708 – Chowan Prect Deed Book #1 page 83: William Williams of Chowan Prect. with the consent of Susannah my wife to Thomas Ashley of ye aforesd. Prect., Blacksmith. 6 Apr. 1708 100 acres more or less as by a survey Wit: Henry Lisle, Thomas Ward Hofmann

1710 – Grimes Abstracts of Wills -Chowan Precinct, NC Thomas Ashley, Col Robert West & others wit. will of Peter Anelyn on 14 March 1710 with Thomas Pollock named Executor.

1713 – 10 Dec – witness to conveyance of William Duckenfield, Esquire of Chowan Prect. to Henry King of Albemarle Co. of 600 acres called ye Logg house. Hofmann

1715 – Thomas Ashley witness to letter of attorney of Lewis Davis of Albemarle Co. to John Hardy of same Co. 7 June 1715. Hofmann

1715 – 19 July Court for Chowan Prect. Thomas Ashley appointed an appraiser of ye Estate of Francis Parrott. Hofmann

1716 – Colonial Records of NC – Thomas Ashley Junior presents petition to Coucil at Little River 29 March 1716 stating a certain tract of land containing 120 acres granted to Thomas Ashley Senior is lapsed for want of being settled and prays that the same may be granted to him. So done.

1717 – Chowan Tax List. Ashley, Thomas – 120 acres – 1 taxable person

1718 Р15 Apr Рordered that Thomas Ashley be paid 8£ 4 pense for his attendance at suit of John Crombie. Hofmann

1718 – 15 July – upon motion of Thomas Henman, Attorney of William Stuckey, ordered will of George Molbey be recorded and the 2 depositions of Thomas and Ann Ashley evidences thereto be also Recorded. Hofmann

1719 – 23 Aug – NC Patent Book I – Thomas Ashley, Junior 120 acres joining Cashoke Creek branch and Thomas West. Hofmann

1719 – NC Archives -Chowan County papers – A list of tithables between Salmon Creek and Cathy (Cashie) River . . . Jun ye 9: 1719 Taken pr me Philip Walston, Consabel” Thomas Ashley on list as one unit.

1719 – Chowan Prect. Thos’ Ashley a member of Grand Jury for General Ct at Queen Anne’s Creek 29 Oct 1719. (Edenton)

1720 – 17 Nov William Duckefield 27 Feb 1721 before Charles Eden. Wit: Thomas Ashley, Jno. Powell, Benja. soacs, John Cheryholme, John Duckenfield, E. Moseley.

1721 – 1 July John Plowman, gen. Chowan Precinct 4 Aug 1721 before Charles Eden. John Plowman White infant son of Mary White-land called Horse Meadow where I now live, land called Cambridge with reversion to John Plowman Ashely.

1722 – 18 Oct – Thomas Ashley 120 acres in Chowan precinct joining a branch of Cushoke Creek and Thomas West. Pat Book III Hofmann

1723 Court – Read the petition of Thomas Yates Executor of the Will of Thomas Bell praying proper persons may be appointed to appraise and divide the Estate of the said Thomas Bell according to his Will Ordered that Mr John Holbrook, Mich King, Joseph Hudson,and Thomas Ashley or any three of them being first Sworn do forthwith appraise the said Estate and make division thereof and deliver the same . .to the person to whom it belongs per Bell’s Will and return Copy into the Secretary’s Office…

1732 will of David Hick, Chowan County, dated 9 Sept 1732, proved 23 Dec 1732 before Gov. Burrington. “weak of body” Son-in-law Thomas Ashley Jr – certain livestock. Rest of my children “not yet disposed of” -certain livestock; 200 acres each, excepting a 200 acre plantation which I give to my daughter Lucretia “or to that child that is most dutiful & helpful to her Mother.” Ex. wife, Elizabeth Hick. Wit: Mart. Fred. Rasor, Thomas Ashley, Lamb Hardy abstracted by Dr. Stephen E Bradley Jr.

1733 3 Feb Samuel Ratlif in will proved Jul Ct 1733 named Nathaniel Hill and Thomas Ashley Executors.

1734 14 May – Bertie Co Court Minutes – Ordd. That Thos Ashley adm and Ann Byrd Adm adm. in right of his wife Ann of Thos. Williamson decd. be Sumd. to appear at ye next Court to Shew Cause why they have not returned an Inventory of ye Est. of Thos. Williamson decd.

1734 Acct. of sale Sept 2, by Thomas Ashley, admr. of Thos. Williamson. Buyers: James Castelaw, John Bird, Wm. Ashley, Thos Ashley, Senr., Edwr Bird, and Wm. Bird.

1735 E 14 Bertie Co — 1 May . Thomas Ryan & wife Martha to Jacob Parrot 200 , for 200 A. in Ducking Run “joining on Mr Duckingfield’s land,” John Hardy, Thomas Ashley Jr, “to Lucrite Hick land” at Troublesome Branch. Wit: Edward Razer, William Ashley, John Padgett. August Ct, 1736 John Wynns DC/C

1735 Deeds from George Phenney and wife Penelope to Thomas Jones of Norfolk, Co VA Wit: Thomas Ashley, jurat John Ashley. proved May Ct 1736 before John Wynns DC/C

1736 9 April Executive Council Papers: Nathaniel Duckenfield had a suit against Edward Moseley, Thomas Ashley, Anthony Booth to bring to account and obtain satisfaction for all abuses, embezzlements, etc. He authorized George Roberts to act in his stead to enter upon his plantation and houses and land called Salmon Creek on the River Albemarle to manage it for him. Mr. Duckenfield was still in England where this charge was filed.

1736 23 June George Phenny LGB 4/82 before W. Smith Surveyor Generall of his Majesties Customs Southern District on the Continent of America. Witnesses: Saml Solly, Thomas Ashley, Thomas Butler.

1736 9 Nov – Thos Ashley overseer from Merry Hill to Sandy Point for 3 months & to have Mr. Duckinfields hands in Wm Hardy’s stead.

1738 Feb – Thos Ashley Sr. is appd overseer [of the road] of Salmon Creek in the room of . . Thos Ryan

1739 F 12 Bertie Co- Thomas Ashley, blacksmith, & wife Ann to Edward Howkett (Hocutt), sen. 30 Aug 60, for 340 A on Rawquiss Swamp. Tract granted to James Castellaw by patent. Adj. Philip Walston, Jonathan Stanly, Coll. Cullen Pollock. Wit: Michael Slaughter, David Ambros. NC Court Aug 3 1739. W Smith C J

1740 29 Apr Thomas Ashley wit. to John Holbrook Will -May Ct 1740

1740 1 Aug Power of Attorney making void the Authority of Anthony Booth and Jno. Ashley. Nathaniel Duckenfield appointed Samuel Orms of London, Apothecary, to act as his attorney and to ask, demand sue for recovery whatever was due him and to settle all accounts in any Court or Courts whatsoever. Rec. Jan 1, 1741.

1742 F 371 Bertie Co – Thomas Ashley Sen to Thomas Ashley Jun. 10 August . 100 , for 120 A On Cashoke Creek adj. Henry Van Luven. Wit: John Hill, William Ashey. Aug Court 1742.

1744 Aug. Both Thos. Ashley Jr & Thos. Ashley Sr were buyers at John Hollbrook’s estate sale. Thos. Ashley was paid money from estate of John Holbrook.

1762 10 May – William Ashley inventory taken by Elizabeth Asheley, excrx. Attested 29 July 1762 before Jas. Sitteson.

1769 L-2-177 John Lawrence Jr & his wife Prudence of Bertie Co to Abial Perry of same. 17 Apr 50 acres (messuage) which had been willed to sd Prudence by Thos. Ashley dec’d joining John Ashley, George Ryan. Wit: John Brogdon, Barbre Brogdon, Abraham Perry. Jun Ct 1769.

Grandchildren of Thomas Ashley

Children of Thomas Ashley Jr and Elizabeth Hicks:
1.Ann Ashley c1733
married ca 1753 Humphrey Lawrence died 1772
2. Elizabeth Ashley
married bef 1784 Aaron Boulton died 1796
3. Mary Ashley
married 1st John? Harris
married bef 1784 2nd Charles Hodgson

Children of John Plowman Ashley & Mary Gordon:
1. John A Ashley 1749 removed to SC
married Sarah Whitmell
a. John Ashley
married 1782 Elizabeth Garrett
Laurens SC
2. Francis A Ashley removed to SC
3. Jurdon (Jordon) A Ashley 1735 – 1759? Anson Co, NC
mentions in will bros. Francis, William, John

a. Jurden Ashley 1761? –
married Sarah Sanders
4. William P Ashley 1764- removed to Montgomery AL
5. Mary Ann Ashley
married Jacob Franks
6. Eiliner (Eleanor) Ashley
married Sutten
7. Rose Ashley
married Christopher Touchstone
8. Sarah Ashley

Children of Prudence Ashley & John Lawrence Jr.:
1. Elisabeth Lawrence bef 1788

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We are related. I descend from John Ashley & Jane Cooper, Gen. I. Thomas Ashley & Ann Plowman, Gen. II. John Plowman Ashley & Mary Gordon, Gen. III. Jordan “Jurdeen” Ashley, b. 1735 & ?, Gen. Iv. Jordan Ashley, b. 1761 & Sarah Sanders, Gen. V. John Ashley, b. 1793 and ? Baxter, Gen. VI. James R. Ashley, b. 1825 & Elizabeth Pridgen, Gen. VII. James Allen Ashley, b. 1849 & Laura Isadora Mayfield, Gen. VIII. Joseph Judson Ashley, b.1880 & Ora Edna Sullivan, IX. I, Mary Laura Ashley Pepper, am Gen. X.

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  1. Sally,

    In researching the Ashleys of early New England, I came across a document that may be relevant to your North Carolina Ashley research. “The Book of Eastern Claims” sets forth land claims by people who had been forced to abandon their property in what-is-now the state of Maine as a result of Indian raids during King Phillip’s War in the late 1600s. The claims seem to have been filed around 1715. In “The Book of Eastern Claims” is a claim that starts off: “Mary Spikes of Boston in behalfe of her Selfe and Brother Thomas Ashley now of North Carolina and Sister Anna Mansfield of Marblehead, the Children of Thomas Ashley Son of Thomas Ashley Sometime Planter on ye East Side of the Kennebeck at a place Called New Merry meeting . . . (See p 33 (page number in handwriting at bottom of page, which about page 34 of the pdf) in ) The Thomas Ashley of Kennebeck that is referenced is who was born in England and lived from about 1613 to about 1688). His son Thomas who is referenced is , lived from about 1652 to about 1697) and, as an adult, lived in Boston. Boston records show that that Thomas had the three children who were mentioned as claimants: Mary (b. 1681), Thomas (b. 1682) and Anna (b. 1690). That means that there was a Thomas Ashley living in North Carolina about 1715 who had been born in Boston in 1682, moved to NC probably as an adult (say, between 1700 and 1710), and whose grandfather was Thomas Ashley of Kennebec, ME who had come over as an indentured servant from England. Could that Thomas Ashley have been the Thomas Ashley who married Ann Plowman? If not, is there any trace of a 2d Thomas Ashley living in North Carolina at the time?

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