Thomas Cotten, Ann Moore, Patience Bridgers, Mary Cotten, & Ms. Overton

Descendants of John Cotten ca 1674-1728 and Martha Godwin ca 1683:
the youngest son

Thomas Cotten ca 1720 – 1787 | his parents
& ca 1740 Ann Moore | her parents
& m. ca 1748 Patience Bridgers ca 1729 – bef Aug 1767 | her parents
& m. bef 1767 Mary Cotten? | her parents
& bef 1766 Ms. Overton | her parents
of Hertford County NC

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!
It is based on my analysis of all available data that I and others have found.

Thomas Cotten ca 1720 – 1787 and Ann Moore had:
Bertie Co, Deed Book I, page 340. Thomas Cotten of Northampton Co. to his son Thomas Moore, 16 Nov 1758. Deed of gift. 25£ VA when he shall become 21 years of age, with reversion to the estate should he die before then or have no lawful issue.
Also, Anne Moore of Bertie Co to her son Thomas Moore 16 Nov 1758. Deed of gift. Negro boy Bob that my father Epaphroditus Moore willed, when my son comes of age with reversion to the estate should he die before that age or have no lawful issue. Wit (to both deeds): John Brown, Josiah Brown, Abram Jones July Ct 1759 CC: Benjn Wynns
[Thomas Moore of the above deeds is identical to Thomas Cotten Jr.]

1. Capt. Thomas Cotton [alias Moore] 4 Nov 1740 – 5 June 1795 Sumner Co, TN
His birth date was ca 1740 instead of 1748 as some have said.
(He was a musician in the NH County NC Militia ca 1755, thus he was older that seven or eight at that time.}

married summer 1769 Priscilla Knight 7 Dec 1748 – 1 Nov 1843

Thomas Cotten (ca 1720-1787 Hertford Co) and Patience Bridgers had:
[possibly some children are by his 2nd wife Mary]
Mary Cotten appears to be the half-sister of Patience.

1. James Cotten ca 1749 – ca 1797 NH Co, NC
1790 Census Hert. Co with female and two slaves.
1800 Census Hert. Co 2 m under 10, 1 10/16, 1 26/45, 1 45+, 1 f 10/16, 1 16/25, 4 sl
To Son, James Cotten: 122 acre tract on Horse Pocoson granted Samuel Cotten 7 Feb.1764 plus 20 acres on (Oriscer?) Meadows joining tract whereon he now lives which I had given to him before plus a copper still plus negroes Judy & child Huldy & increase.. providing son James pay his sister Charity 30 pounds VA Currency after my decease.

married ca 1790 Elizabeth Dickinson ca 1775 – dau of James
she married 2nd ca 1800 William E. Moore NH Co. NC
a. Dickinson Cotten ca 1791 –
b. Mary Cotten ca 1795 –
2. Lytha (Talitha) Cotten 1752 Hertford Co NC – 16 Nov 1846 Sumner Co TN
married 1770 Robert Hobday
13 May 1744 Gloucester Co VA – 1797 Sumner Co TN

bapt recorded in Abington Par son of Sarah
moved to Sumner Co, TN 1795
wheel-wright and carriage maker

a. Robert Hobday II
married Lydia Harper
b. Ripsey Ann Hobday
married 27 Jan 1792 John Wimberly Harrell
c. Hannah Hobday
married 15 Apr 1793 Wyriott Blount
d. Edmond Hobday 28 Dec 1776 – 1850
married Nancy Harrell
i. Josen Hobday 10 Nov 1797 – 11 June 1853
married 12 March 1822 Lizetta Cartwright
ii. Merrell Hobday 23 Sept 1799 – 21 Feb 1865
married Jane McNeill
iii. Robert Hobday 24 Aug 1801 – 1847
married Caroline
iv. William Hobday 18 Sept 1803 –
married Sarah
v. Edmond Hobday 14 July 1806 – 6 Dec 1861
married 5 Jan 1829 Martha Williams Purifoy
vi. Margaret Hobday 27 April 1807 – 24 Nov 1834
married Samuel Good Brooks Adamn
vii. Nancy Hobday 19 May 1810 –
viii. Calvin Hobday 15 May 1811 –
ix. Thomas Hobday 29 April 1812
married Mary Jane Lewis
x. Ira C Hobday 21 Aug 1818 – 22 May 1880
married 29 Jan 1841 Sarah Love
married 4 Nov 1869 Jane Neil
xi. Ivy Hobday 21 Aug 1818 – 1854
married 7 Dec 1843 Elizabeth Reynolds
xii. Eliza J Hobday 27 June 1825 – 28 June 1852
married Osborne S Johnson
e. Thomas Hobdy 1780 –
married Elizabeth Brackin 9 known children
f. Elizabeth Hobdy 1783 –
married John Rhoads 9 known children
g. Patience Hobdy 3 Nov 1795 – 25 July 1837 8 known children
married 25 Nov 1803 Jacob Cartright lived Davidson Co TN
h. William Hobdy 17 May 1787 – 4 Jan 1857 Sumner Co TN
married 20 Dec 1810 Elizabeth Scruggs
i. Napoleon B. Hobdy
married Sidney Jane Hollis
ii. Vienna Hobdy
married Reuben Wright
iii. Eliza Jane Hobdy
married Friar Trail
married 2nd John Frazier
iv. Moore Cotton Hobdy 20 Nov 1820 – 8 June 1903
In 1882, Moore Cotton Hobdy moved to Simpson County Kentucky
married 13 Nov 1842 Matilda Harrell
1. James Wallace Hobdy 1843 Sumner Co TN –
married Estella B. Edwards
2. William Rabey Hobdy Allen Co KY
married Amanda Belle Horn
3. Joseph Cotton Hobdy 10 Sept 1848 Allen Co KY –
educated at Presbyterian Acad. of Bowling Green
and Greenwood Acad. of Sumner Co TN
bought a 351 acre farm in NW Simpson Co KY in Jan 1879
married first Mary F. Hinton d June 7, 1880.

dau of William G. Hinton and wife Elizabeth C. Horn
– both natives of Allen Co KY
a. Leslie Hobdy died in infancy
b. Cora Hobdy
married Benjamin Denton Harris
married 11 Sept 1883 Fannie M. Wilkins of Franklin, Simpson Co KY
attended Nazareth Female Academy of Nelson Co KY
a. Mary Francis Hobdy
married Alfred J. Carpenter
b. Anna Thomas Hobdy
married Benjamin F. Harris
c. Nathan Wilkins Hobdy
attended Kentucky Military Institute
married Nancye Elizabeth Helm.

attended Auburn Seminary
i. Mary Virginia Hobdy who died in infancy
ii. Nancye Elizabeth Hobdy 1May 1915 –
married December 16, 1934 Clay Cornwell Law
1.Bobby Cornwell Law
who compiled the foregoing info
2. Linda Ann Law.
4. Martha E. Hobdy, Allen Co KY
married Joseph S. Chaney
5. daughter 1856 – 1857 Allen Co KY
v. Mary D. Hobdy
married William Smith Mayes
vi. Jerome B. Hobdy
married Louisa McGlothlin
married 2nd Nancy McGlothlin
vii. Harriet W. Hobdy
married John Hollis
viii. William Donaldson Hobdy
married Rebecca Ann Hargis
ix. Elizabeth D. Hobdy
married Erasmus D. Fonville
i. John W Hobdy 1790 – 1852 Sumner Co TN 10 children
married 4 Oct 1817 Nancy Cummins
married 22 Sept 1834 Elizabeth Clay Hodges d 13 July 1899 Allen Co KY
j. Talitha Hobdy 6 known children
married 1808 William Byrn Sumner Co TN
k. Tabitha Hobdy 22 Feb 1792 NC – 1 Oct 1851
married Davidson Co TN 13 Aug 1810 Wylie Howell
1 May 1788 Bertie Co NC – 18 Sept 1859 Howell Co MO
i. Daughter Howell 1810/17 –
married Frank Simpson
ii. Josiah King Howell 16 Oct 1816 Smith Co TN – 4 Sept 1872
married 13 Feb 1844 Elizabeth Caney
iii. Wylie Howell 1818 –
married Parmalia
iv. Eason C Howell 1820 TN – Dec 1872
married 28 May 1843 Martha Thomas
married 3 March 1846 Susan Campbell
v. Timothy W Howell 1821 TN –
married Oregon Co MO 6 Feb 1848 Hannah B Campbell
vi. Thomas Hobdy Howell 12 Aug 1824 TN – 13 Nov 1896
married 30 Dec 1847 Nancy Thomas
vii. Sarah Ann Howell 20 Jan 1826 Howell Co MO – 15 Oct 1883 Howell Co MO
married 9 May 1843 Peter Bingaman
viii. George Washington Howell 1827/1830 TN –
married 24 Aug 1851 Mary F Champion
“Bro. Willie Howell was the son of Josiah and Sarah L. Howell. He was born in the State of North Carolina on 1 May 1788; brought to what is called Middle Tennessee when he was some 3 or 4 years of age, by his parents, when they emigrated from N.C. to what was then called Cumberland; located where the town of Galiton is situated, in Sumner County; thence further removed to what is called Smith Co (adjoining Co) where he lived and grew to manhood and married; thence he removed to what is now called West Tennessee , Henry Co….. His profession in Christ was made some 43 years ago at Cumberland camp-meetings. He soon attached himself to the Methodist Church. Since the division in our Church he has stood on the side of the Methodist Episcopal Church, ever defending the doctrines of our Church usages. A strict adherer to the temperance cause, a rebuker of sin, under most all circumstances, a more devoted and consistent Christain I scarcely ever knew, always ready to give to any man “a reason of the hope he had within him.” He was a man of unceasing prayer. Twice he held prayers in his family each day, when at home. When his children were all married, and his companion dead, he lived among his children until his death. He still had regular family prayers. Some thirty years before his death, his house was the preacher’s home, his purse was ever open to the wants, ever ready to instruct the young minister in his duty, encourage the young converts and inspire the Church in the pious march home to God. He removed from West Tennessee to Missouri some 28 or 29 years since. . . . . . .
Twenty four hours or more before his death he lost his speech, but retained his mind until death. He could express himself by signs with his hands and fingers. All was well. He died on the Lord’s Day, a few minutes before twelve o’clock the 18th of September 1859, full of faith and glory and has gone home to heaven, to reap the reward of the just. . . . .”
– Josephus M. Howell (Nashville Advocate copy). Some Obituaries for Year 1859 from the “St Louis Christian Advocator” From the Missouri Miscellany Vol 13 p.66
l. Richard D Hobday 27 April 1791 – 2 July 1851
buried at Cottontown TN 11 known children
married 3 March 1819 Elizabeth Frances [Betsy] Cotton
16 May 1803 – 27 Oct 1865 Sumner Co

i. Noah Hobdy 1821 – bef 1867
ii. Robert Moore Hobdy 1823 –
married 7 Dec 1847 Sarah Jane Barratt
iii. John C Hobdy 22 Nov 1825 – 8 Oct 1816
married 12 Jan 1848 Sarah Cummings
iv. Mary/Lucy C Hobdy 1828 –
married 24 Jan 1849 Thomas Edwards
v. Alexander Rush Hobdy 27 Mar 1831 -2 April 1895
married 17 Oct 1851 Elizabeth Jackson
vi. Elizabeth Talitha Hobdy 4 April 1833 – 5 Feb 1892
married 27 Feb 1858 George W Hughes
vii. Thomas Cotten Hobdy 29 May 1835 – 15 Oct 1835 or 6
viii. Andrew M Hobdy 25 Mar 1837 – 12 June 1837
ix. William Hobdy 1838/9 – bef 1867 single
x. Patience Frances Hobdy 1841 – bef Dec 1859 single
xi. Hugh Crawford Hobdy 1843 – bef Dec 1859 single
Talitha Cotten Hobdy married 2nd Dempsey Powell
1747 Bertie Co NC – 1832 Davidson Co TN
3. Charity Cotton
4. Mary Cotten ca 1758 – aft 1840
on Rev War Pension widow applied13 Nov 1840 Hertford Co NC aged 82
married 15 Dec 1782 Absalom Spiers [Spires] 1 Nov 1760 – 17 May 1810
– lived Winton, NC son of Absalom Spiers and wife Rachel of Nansemond Co
above appl. shows he had bros. Thomas b. 8 Oct 1762 & Elisha b. 31 Jan 1767

a. John Spiers 5/6 Oct 1783 – 1787
three more that were stillborn or died as infants bef. James was born in 1789

b. James Spiers 20 April 1789 –
c. Thomas Spiers 22 Sept 1790 – bef 1850
married 14 Aug 1825 Mary A Spiers 12 Aug 1803 – 1st cousin
entry in Dr. Thos O’Dwyer’s 1825 Diary
she married 2nd her cousin Lewis T Spiers
d. William Benjamin Speirs 1 Jan 1796 –
married Susan O Spiers
e. Joseph Spiers 4 March 1798 –
f. Charles Spiers 2 Feb 1800 –
g. Nancy Spiers 12 Aug 1803 –
h. George Spiers 29 Dec 1805 – Murfreesboro, NC
married 15 Mar 1827 Elizabeth Wise
NC Chronicle, Murfreesboro, NC 23 Mar 1827
5. Lemuel/Lamuel Cotten est 1760 – 1801 Jefferson County, Mississippi
on 1790 Census Hert. Co himself and 3 females 7 slaves
? 1800 census Hert. Co Ann Cotten 2 m 16/25, 1 f 10/15, 1 f 16/25, 1 f 45+, no slaves

To son Lemuel Cotten: Manor house plus part of land purchased of Abner Cotten & his wife Winifred by deed of 26 Feb 1767 (as far as corner at three white oaks on a branch running through Richard Nickens field, thence NE on side of slash to 3 white oaks, then SE to 3 marked trees….to 3 red oaks on Charles Jenkins line, thence to creek to mouth of (Cataie?) Branch, thence along old line to 1st station plus one half of pocoson land above Winton Road in Gates Co. plus negro man Ceezer, negro boy Guy plus still & Worm with two beds & furniture plus 1 dozen chairs, case of bottles, Church Bible, book-case, 1 bay horse called Harod, 2 young bay mare, 4 breeding sows, one-half dozen 2 year old hogs.
married ca 1789 Abigail Dickerson 23 Dec 1773 –
daughter of John Dickerson and wife Martha Lawrence and granddaughter of John Lawrence d 1795 Nans.
named in will

a. Mary [Polly] Cotten died six months after dau. Amelia’s birth
married 1st Thomas Smith died ca 1810
married 2nd Rev. James Smylie
i. Amelia Farrar Smylie 1812 –
married Joseph Addison Montgomery res. Amite Co MS
b. Nancy Cotten
c. John Cotten
d. James Cotten Belmont Plantation, Port Gibson [Claiborne Co] MS:April 1859
e. Thomas Cotten

They all lived in the Claiborne, Jefferson, and Amite County areas of Mississippi

Abigail married 2nd a Mr. McCrary in MS

notations in the Sumner County,
Tennessee County Court Minutes Vol.III 1796-1802:”Page 173: Ordered that Reuben Douglass, William Brigance, William Mc Adams,
LEMUEL COTTON, & John Josey be appointed as a Jury to view, lay off & mark
the road ordered to be laid off so as to leave out the place where Robert
Looney is now erecting a mill and also the place where he intends to dig the
Race.Page 191: Deed from LEMUEL COTTON to Absolam Hall for 75 acres of land was duly acknowledged.
Page 204: Deed from Samuel Gragg to LEMUEL COTTON for 200 acres of land was
proved by Griswold Latimer.

Records of Sumner County, County Court Minutes Vol. IV 1801-1804
A Power or letter of attorney Abagail McCrary & John Smith Executrix &
Executor of LEMUEL COTTON decd to James Cryer authorizing & empowering the
said Cryer to execute a deed to a certain tract or parcel of land the right &
title of which was vested in the said Cotton at the time of his death which
land is situated in the county of Sumner on Station Camp Creek, & was
exhibited in court & admitted to record upon the certificate of Cato West
Governor of the Mississippi Territory Pro. Tam. with his seal of office
annexed thereto certifying that Zachariah Kirkland before whom the said
letter of attorney was acknowledged was at that time an acting Justice of the
peace for Jefferson County in the said Territory.

Deed from Abba McCray & John Smith, Executrix & Executor of the last will &
testament of LEMUEL COTTON decd by James Cryer their attorney in fact to John
Franklin for 125 acres of land was duly acknowledged by the said James Cryer,
Attorney in fact as aforesaid & thereupon ordered to be certified for registration.
(spelling variations from book)

Sumner County, Tennessee: Land Records: Vol. 3: 1800-1805
Mississippi Census, 1805-90
Name: Lamuel Cotton
State: MS, County: Mississippi Territory
Township: Petitioners, Year: 1800
Page: 114, Database: MS Early Census Index

Reference: Sumner County: Register of Deeds: Deeds: Roll
#108: volume: 1,A,,2-3: Date: Aug 1739-Oct 1805:
897 Cotton John indenture
1101 Cotton Lemuel (decd) indenture
341 Cotton Levy deed

e-mail from Jean T. Cotton
Regarding Lemuel and wife Abigail (Dickinson) Cotton/en’s son James. He wrote a letter to his niece, Mrs. Amelia Farrar (Smylie) Montgomery.

Amelia was the daughter of Mary ‘Polly’ (Cotton) Smith, b. 1792, and Rev. James Smylie. Mary married 1st a Thomas Smith. He died abt. 1810. She then married Rev. James Smylie and had daughter Amelia Farrar Smylie, b. 1812. Mary died about 5 months after Amelia was born. Amelia married Joseph Addison Montgomery and they resided in Amite Co., MS

James Cotten(on) and Freeing Slaves, Belmont Plantation, Port Gibson, Claiborne Co., MS: Letter sent to niece, Mrs. Amelia T. Montgomery:

Mrs. Amelia T. Montgomery Dear Niece In regards to the special gift named to you in my will, it is this. For you to take Hannah and her eight children, namely John, Asa, Octavia, Camilla, Orlando, Priscilla, Douglas and Warren, to the State of Ohio, and place them in possession of a little farm which I bought from Hugh Nash and his son, about five miles from Xenia lying over the So, Charleston & Xenia Turnpike road. Mr. Nash lives nearby and in whose charge I left it. By making equiry for him, you can soon learn it‚ – location in Greene Co. and he will place you in possession which (one word) make a deed, in the name of Hannah and each of her children naming each one, and then buy for them 3 horses, 4 cows, a few hogs, a two horse wagon, and some farming utensils, and 12 months provisions, some small amount may be due Mr. Nash for his attentions. All the supplies will probably cost 1000 dollars. In so doing you will confer an obligation on me. Should I have this done before this meets your eyes, my object will be accomplished, and your trouble at an end. God grant that you may not fail, if it falls to your lot to have it done. Remember my (one word) and forgive all my faults. Yours Jas. Cotton Belmont 21 April 1859 P.S. I neglected to include Ira (sp) Cummings and his wife Tamor, they are the Father and Mother of Hannah, and their services are indispensable for the overlooking of Hannah’s small children, and should they not be carried up and place on the same farm before this meets your eye, you will please lose no time in accomplishing the act. I do not consider them any part of my Estate for partition and do place then in the same light before you, and my heirs at law. Let no delay, stay for a month this injunction , as it is a duty irrevocable. Yours Jas. Cotten

1860 (BJC)United States Federal Census
Mississippi Home in 1860: Xenia, Greene, Ohio
Post Office: Xenia
Household Members: Name Age
Hannah Cotten, F/B, age 41, $7000, $800, MS
John Fallor, M/B, age 20, MS
Asa Cotten, M/B, age 19, MS
Octava Cotten, F/B, age 17, MS
Camalie Cotten, F/B, age 15, MS
Orlando Cotten, M/B, age 13, MS
Pracilla Cotten, F/B, age 11, MS
Douglas Cotten, M/B, age 8, MS
Warren Cotten, M/B, age 2, MS
James Cummins, M/B, age 62, NC
Tamar Cummins, F/B, age 60, NC
(BJC: James and Tamar Cummins above are parents to Hannah (Cummings) Cotten)

6. Lowena Cotten
married bef 1787 —-Read
a. Temperance Read bef. 1787 –

7. Martha Cotton

8. Elizabeth Cotton

9. Lidia Cotton

10. Joseph Cotton

11. Tempy Cotten
married bef. 1787 —-Copeland

12. Sally Cotten
several of these girls remained single living in the family home near Winton.

13. Noah Cotten 1755/74 – died ca 1815 Hertford Co, NC
1790 Census
1800 census Hert. Co NC 1 m 26/45, 2 s
his estate listed for taxes 1815 Hertford Co
with Christian Wiggins [children listed as people of color]
her mother was said to be a daughter (or granddaughter) of the Chowanoke chief

a. Wiley Cotton alias Wiggins ca 1797 – before 1860 [stayed in Hertford Co NC]
married Penelopy ca 1804 –
in 1860 living with John [84] and Sarah [82] Bizelle [mulatto] Murfreesboro NC
i. Daniel Cotton ca 1829 NC –
ii. Joseph Cotton ca 1836 NC –

 joseph cotten family
the family of Joseph Cotton

iii. Kitty Cotton ca 1838 NC –
iv. David Cotton ca 1842 NC –
v. Martha Cotton ca 1844 NC-
married John Hall
1. Sarah Ann [Sallie] Hall info from her 1918 death cert.]
married Reynolds
b. Richard [Ricks] Cotton alias Wiggins
married Fanny Weaver
in 1830 had 2 boys and 2 girls under 10
by 1840 had 2 more girls – didn’t find in 1850
c. Micajah Cotton alias Wiggins ca 1805 –
married Nancy A Weaver ca 1812 –
moved to Hancock, Indiana before 1837
i. Isaiah Cotton ca 1829 NC –
ii. Elizabeth Cotton ca 1832 NC –
iii. William Cotton ca 1833 NC –
iv. Drary Cotton ca 1835 – NC –
v. George W. Cotton ca 1837 IN –
vi. Joshua Cotton ca 1839 IN –
vii. Caleb Cotton ca 1841 IN –
viii. Lucinda Cotton ca 1843 IN –
ix. Thomas Cotton ca 1845 IN –
x. Mary Cotton ca 1847 IN –
d. John Henry Cotton alias Wiggins ca 1810 –
married Phebe Weaver 1810 –
moved to Stoney Creek, Randolph Co, Indiana before 1836
i. Joseph Cotton ca 1832 NC –
ii. William J Cotton 1833 NC – 1907
married Cynthia Nickolas 1842 –
1. Emiline Cotton 1861 –
2. Jona Cotton 1863 –
4. Nancy O. Cotton 1868 -9
3. Corra J Cotton 1872 – 188
5. Lucy V Cotton 1877 – 1890
6. William Paul Cotton 1878 – 1962
iii. Martha Cotton 1836 IN –
married John Robbins 1834 –
1. Saraa E Robbins 1858 –
2. William H Robbins 1859 –
3. Richard D Robbins 1861 –
4. Maggie Jane Robbins 1864 –
iv. Sarah Cotton ca 1838 IN –
v. Elizabeth Cotton 1838 –
married Perry Stafford 1819 –
1. Phebe Stafford 1855 –
2. Irena Stafford 1857 –
3. Sara Stafford 1869 –
4. Willie Stafford 1874 –
vi. Henry Cotton ca 1840 IN –
vii. Wiley W Cotton ca 1844 IN – 1924
married Sarah Archer 1856 – 1907
1. Pearl Omay Cotton 1873 – 1905
2. Malala Edna Cotton 1876 – 1889
3. Daisey Alena Cotton 1881 – 1914 –
viii. Catherine Cotton 1846 – 1929
married George Outland 1840 – 1913
1. Riley Elsworth Outland 1867 – 1943
2. George Julien Outland 1870 – 1894
3. Alonzo Outland 1878 –
4. William Outland 1879 –
5. Dessie A Outland 1886 – 1949
ix. Ann [Nancy] Cotton 1847 IN – 1888
married Reuben Robbins 1838 – 1925
1. Edward B Robbins 1868 –
2. Ida Jane Robbins 1871 –
3. Richard L Robbins 1873 –
4. Alfonzo Robbins 1874 –
5. John L Robbins 1877 – 1955
6. Frederick D Robbins 1880 – 1932
x. Wright Cotton 1854 –
married 1st Ettie ?
married 2nd Caroline Scott 1859 – 1917
John H Cotton 1810 –
married 2nd Hetty Ann Reed
i. John Henry Cotton Jr 1868 – 1916
married 1st Alma Pompey 1877 –
married 2nd Ella Jane Hall 1877 – 1941
1. Gladys Viola Cotton 1906 – 1917
2. Lucile Hettie Matilda Cotton 1909 – 1965
3. John Omea Cotton 1912 – 1987
4. Albert Acie Cotton 1916 – 1916
ii. James Cotton 1870 –
iii. William O. Cotton 1871 –
Above info re Descendents of John Henry Cotton and wives Phoebe Weaver, and Hetty Ann Reed submitted by Stacee McCarter

In the NC General Assembly Session Records, Nov.1825-Jan. 1826, Box 3, Dec. 24; NC Archives, Raleigh, NC is found:
A bill to legitimate and alter the names of Wiley Wiggins, Ricks Wiggins, Micajah Wiggins, and John Wiggins of Hertford Co., NC, illegitimate children of Noah Cotton and Christian Wiggins. Names changed to Cotton.

These additional children are mentioned in Noah Cotten’s will and in its Codeceil in which he calls them all his children.

e. Sally Wiggins
f. William Wiggins
g. Dicy Wiggins
h. David Wiggins 1812/15 –
i. Lucinda Wiggins 1812/15 –

Another child mentions in 1787 will of Thomas Cotten and Ms. Overton:
1. Samuel Cotten [alias Overton]
a. Augustus Cotten ca 1790 – 1886 shoemaker of Hertford Co
married Nancy ? ca 1819 –
i. Augustus Cotton ca 1849 – bef 1874?
ii. James Cotton ca 1850 –
iii. Martha E. Cotton ca 1852 –
iv. John J Cotton ca 1858 –

e-mail from Michael Cotten- – -I have been in contact with Mark Allen who is a descendant of this Augustus Cotten. He believes that Augustus is the son of Samuel Cotten who is listed in the 1790 Bertie County census with one male over 16, one male under 16, and one female. I think it is likely that this Samuel is identical with the Samuel Cotten Overton named in Thomas Cotten Sr.’s will.

“a copy of the will of Thomas Cotten, dated 18 Apr 1787 and proved
Aug Term 1787 of the Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions of Hertford Co NC, is
filed in the Private Manuscript Collection of John Vann at the NC State
Archives (P.C. #122.2)” NCGSJVol XI, #4 Nov 1985 page 251.

thoscottenwill1 thoscottenwill2 thoscottenwill3 thoscottenwill4 thoscottenwill5 thoscottenwill6 thoscottenwill7

Note: corrections made to the make up of this family from the files of Michael Cotten and Jean Tarbell Cotten 3 Nov 2011.

NH Co Deed Bk 3, page 313 Robert Cotten & his wife Absalen Northampton Co to Thos. Cotten of same. 27 Dec 1763. 1¬£ 13 sh. 4p proclamation. 150 acres which was part of a patent to John Cotten dec’d 30 Mar 1721 who devised it in his will to his son Wm. Cotten & then by him to his son Charles Cotten & by sd Charles to his brother Robert Cotten, joining Carter meadow. Robt. Cotten, Absalen Cotten. Wit: Henry Dawson, Joseph Bridgers. Aug Ct 1764. C/C J. Edwards.

NH Co Deed Bk 4, page 81 Thos. Cotten & his wife Mary of Northampton Co. to Wm. Ruffin of same. 1767. 300£ VA. 123 acres which grantors had purchased from Robert Cotten & his wife Absallah 27 Dec 1763; also 107 acres which was part of a tract which sd. Thomas Cotten received from the will of his father John Cotten; 227 acres which was part of a tract of 640 acres which had been a proprietary grant to sd. John Cotten 1 June 1668; the lands joining sd. Ruffin, Darson, Cotten. A cemetery on the plantation was not included in the sale. Thos. Cotten, Mary (x) Cotten. Wit: Bennett Hill, Joseph Dicken. Aug Ct 1767. Examined femme relinquished her right of dower. C/C Willie Jones

NH Co Deed Bk 7, page 253 Thomas Cotten, planter of Hartford Co, to his son James Cotton of Northampton Co 8 Jun 1783. Deed of gift. 110 acres joining Saml. Cotten, Henry Dawson & Robert Ruffin, excepting 20 acres in Oresere Meaows. Wit: Wm. Evans, James Powell, Oyeas (x) Beaman. Sept Ct 1784.
Jeph. Atherton C/C

Abstracts from Stephen E. Bradley Jr’s Deeds of Northampton County, NC

Could this Mary, his second wife be the half-sister of Patience Bridgers and daughter of Wm. Cotten and his wife Sarah Bridgers?

5 thoughts on “Thomas Cotten, Ann Moore, Patience Bridgers, Mary Cotten, & Ms. Overton”

  1. You say “Another child mentions in 1787 will of Thomas Cotten and Ms. Overton:
    1. Samuel Cotten [alias Overton]”
    If you read the will of Thomas Cotton, he clearly identifies all his children by saying:
    Son James Cotton
    Son James Cotton pay his sister Charity Cotton
    Son Samuel Cotton
    Son Noah Cotton
    Son Joseph Cotton
    Daughter Lowena Read and to her daughter Temperance
    Daughter Lytha (Talitha) Hobday, and to her son Thomas Hobday
    Daughter Martha Cotton
    Daughter Elizabeth
    Daughter Lidia Cotton

    Other members of the Cotton family often list other Cotton females or males, and often they are relatives and not children IF they are not identified as sons or daughters. To assume that Thomas married a Ms. Overton because one person in his will is listed as Samuel Cotton Overton is, in my opinion, an error.

    In addition, his wife Patience Bridgers Cotton died AFTER Thomas, (you have a death date of aft 1767; however she did not die until 1795), so it seems impossible that he married before she died, as your webpage suggests.
    Your thoughts?
    Elaine Powell

    1. I do not say he married Ms. Overton – rather that he had a child with her named for his brother Samuel.

      1. Also his son listed after James was Lemuel not Samuel.

        Also where do you find a death date of 1795 for Patience Bridgers Cotten?
        Thomas was deeding land with his wife Mary in 1767.

  2. I am interested in Lemuel Cotton and Abigail Dickerson. What documentation do you have for his death date and place? I’ve located guardianship records for their sons John and James Cotton dated 1811 in Jefferson County, MS, but I can’t seem to locate (online) a will or probate file for Lemuel Cotton. My husband is the 3rd great grandson of James Cotton. I’m the one who sent a copy of the letter to Jean Cotton that you have on your website.

    Any information you are willing to share regarding your sources for that information would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you,

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