John Rayner & Ann

Sally’s 6-great-Grandparents and also 7-great grandparents:

John Rayner ca 1660 – 1691 | his parents
& Ann ? | her parents
of Norfolk Co, VA

This John Rayner is probably the son of Francis Rayner who was in Isle of Wight Co VA by 1669 who wrote will in 1719 speaking of his deceased son John Rayner.

Children of John Rayner & wife Ann:
1. Richard Rayner ca 1682 nfi
2. John Rayner ca 1685 – before 1734 moved to Chowan ca 1721
married Mary Wood dau of Edward Wood
she married a Rutter second
3. Samuel Rayner 1691 – after his father’s death

John Rayner’s father John Rayner wrote a will dated 31 March 1691 and proved 15 July 1691 in Norfolk County, VA. Book 5, f. 159

. . . . . unto my son John Rayner this plantation that I now Live upon . . . . being fifty acres . . . . att the age of Eighteene . . . . .

. . . . . unto my Son Richard Rayner my uper plantation Likewise being fifty acres . . . .att the age of Eighteene . . . .

. . . . . wife Ann Rayner . . . Exeqr . . . John Rayner and Seale

Wit: Thomas Willson, Aaron Spring

In 1752 Aaron Boulton of Norfolk County VA Book I f 246 mentions . . .to his loving wife 1/3 of his manor plantation on the side Joining to the Hundred Acres of Land which I bought that formerly did belong to John Rayner which hundred acres I also give . . . and later in the will: unto my Son Elisha Boulton after his Mother’s Decease the Aforesaid Hundred Acres of Land as I bought as did belong to John Rayner & Richard Rayner

Jan 1721/2 Capt Samel Rayner –endorsed for Council of Bermuda–good character & estate

1723/4 endorsed by Gov Hope & Daniel Prevereau, Council of Trade

23 Jan 1724 Samuel Rayner appointed; had died by 30 Sept

Sally’s 7-great-Grandparents and also 8-great grandparents:

Francis Rayner/or d. 1719 | his parents
& Joanna ? | her parents
of Isle of Wight Co VA

Isle of Wight Co VA Francis Rayner 1725.was an appraiser of John Godbehere’s estate 9 Aug 1669 with John Gutridge, Edward Paynter, Nicholas Jones (page 76 W&BK 2)

(the Great Book p 9) Francis Rayner of the Upper Parish; Leg. wife Joanna: my two daughters Joanna wife of Thomas Ward and Frances wife of William Little, grandson Samuel Rayner, the son of my deceased son John Rayner; to Joseph the son of ThomasWard until Samuel Rayner is seventeen; reversion of bequest to the said Joseph Ward -Aforesaid. Sons-in-law my Exs. dated 29 September 1716; rec. September 28 1719 Wit: Charles Goodrich Sr; Charles Goodrich Jr; Lawrence Baker. . . .
Children of Francis Rayner & wife Joanna:
1. John Rayner
a. John Rayner
married Mary Wood
b. Richard Rayner
c. Samuel Rayner
2. Joanna Rayner
married Thomas Ward
a. Joseph Ward
3. Frances Rayner
married William Little

Was Francis the son of William Rayner 1624 – 1678 & wife Elizabeth Gilbert of
St Michials Parish Barbadoes?

.Early Rayner/or records not certain of connection if any:

Found these entries alongside some Jones entried. . . .

Thomas Wiggins . . . . . Raccoon Sw

Wm Rayney Nov 13 1713; 250 A on the s side of Nottoway River beginning on the sw side of Raccoon Swamp

John Freeman Dec 16, 1714 300 a on the south side of Nottoway River beginning at a great pine near Comesios Swamp adjoining land of Henry Jones.

Rayner family from notes compiled by Lorena Bryant Cable, Altadena, Calif (1969)

  1. Sir William Rayner – sheriff of Sussex Co; England 1434
  2. John Rayner married Julia Balsham
  3. Richard Rayner married Jane Tanke
  4. Humphrey Rayner married —– Hall of Surrey
  5. William Rayner 1624-1678 St Michials Parish Barbadoes married Elizabeth Gilbert d of Sir Humphrey Gilbert

——This is family in England–

e-mail from Taft Kiser . . Marmaduke Rayner has a very significant place in American history… Records of the Virginia Company of London, S.M. Kingsbury 1933,III:219-222 (I think that’s those are the pages!)
He was the pilot of the Dutch ship that brought the first recorded Africans to Virginia — August 1619.
There are also half a dozen other later mentions in Kingsbury.

Calendar of State Papers Colonial Series 1574-1660 Vol IV 1627?

p 87 35: Petition of Marmaduke Rayner to the Privy Council. Has lately arrived from Virginia in command of the Temperance from which the owner Wil Saker has violently thrust him out detaining not only the passengers and goods but also letters from the Council of Virginia to their Lordships. Prays for authority to return on board the ship that he may deliver to everyman his own goods & letters and that the freight may remain in the hands of the Customer of Southampton.

1620 March 27 Cot minutes of EI co 829 Dismissal of Thos Clay carpenter & Rich Rayner sailor.

p114 385 Wm Rayner brother of John Rayner Deputy Gen of Avalon in Newfoundland 1666 seizure of Dutch ship.

Edw Rayner letter in 1662

1672 Wm Rayner signed Petition on behalf of the Assembly . New Providencs Bahamas.

p 288 1698 Josiah Rayner –Tew’s Crew–Fletcher doesn’t know him.

1702 –Wm Rayner signed Barbadoes

1703 John Rayner writing letter re Jamacia John Rayner to Jos Poise Port Royal Aug 28 1703 –We have had two judgements on us and believe ye latter has been the worst, that of Port Royal being burnth and the great sickness that has been at their free port Towne, Kingston. ‘Tis so sickly that when I have went their of a morning, have heard the bell towle six times before I put a piece of bread in my mouth; people are taken sick one day and burried the next. If Port Royal be not a free port, we’ll all come off and leave ye Kingston men to defend it.

There has been no less than three vessels sunk & overset in ye Harbour by gust of wind, ships going & coming from thence continually running aground, the channel being so narrow. Read 15 Oct 1703.

1706 — 53 R Oglethorp to Secretary Hedges–at St Thomas harbor Dudley Rayner, one of Kidd’s men.

1709 583 p353 William Rayner & Eleanor his wife to Governor Crowe Barbadoes

1709 John Rayner Attorney Gen of NY


Pirates of Colonial North Carolina Rankin p 69 Appendix 1

Rayner, Captain, although there is no evidence that Rayner ever sailed the Carolina coast he did sail with Captain Kidd.In a letter dated Philadelphia 28 Feb 1701, William Penn wrote to the Lords of Trade in England, mentioning that several of Kidd’s men had settled as planters in Carolina with Rayner as their captain.

Hotten Wm Rayner Barbados 1678.

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