Joseph Jones & Unknown

Joseph Jones ca 1700 – 1771 | parents
& ? | parents
of Bertie/Hertford Co NC

Joseph Jones was the son of John Jones [will 1736 Bertie Co] and wife Martha Carter.

Children of Joseph Jones on Bertie 1757 tax list
1. Abraham Jones bef 1735 – on Bertie 1757 tax list
married 31 Oct 1785 Sally Howell
[Is he who married 31 Oct 1785 Sally Howell Gates Co and did they have
a. James Howell Jones ca 1786 (ca 1781) – 1831
married 1st Nancy Duer died Jan 1808
married 2nd ca 1809 Elizabeth Jones 1791 -1876]
2. James Jones ca 1730 – 17 Oct 1771
married Ann “Nannie”
she married 2nd Col Matthias Brickell
3. Sarah Jones ca 1730
married ca 1747 William Humphrey
?4. Joseph Jones

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1757 Tax List Bertie County
List taken by John Brickell
Joseph Jones, his son Abraham & Negro’s Toney, Abagail & Nan – 5
Thomas Eason – 1

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

1768-1770 transcribed by Raymond Parker Fouts.
William Murfree Tax Receipt Book, Hertford County, North Carolina

Abram Jones . . 1770 To 6 taxes @ 7/4 . . .2, 4sh By Procl . . . . .2, 4sh
James Jones . . . 1768 To 1 Tax . . . . . . . . . . . .9 10
Joseph Jones . .. 1770 To 7 Taxes @ 7/4 . . 2, 11 4 By Procl . . . . .2, 11 4
Matthias Brickell Esq/r/ 1768 To 11 Taxes @ 9/10 . . . . . . . . . .5 8 2
To one chair with two wheels . 1 By prol….
1769 To 10 Taxes @ 10/6 . . . . . . . . . . 5 5 – 16, 8 6
To one chair with two wheels . 1
1770 To 10 Taxes @ 7/4 . . . . . . . . . . . 3 13 4
16 68 6

Ismy Rasco . . . . . . . . .1770 To 4 Taxes @ 7/4 . . . . . 1 9 4 Rec/d 1 9 4
John Brown Jun/r/ . . . 1770 To 4 Taxes @ 7/4 . . . . . 1 9 4 Rec/d 1 9 4
Col. John Brown . . . . 1770 To 10 Taxes @ 7/4/d . . . 3 13 4
no listing for Eli Eley

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1779 Tax List of Hertford County, N. C. by Raymond A Winslow, Jr NCGSJ – May 94
District # 3
Eli Eley 400 acres Land 1400
p 29 5 Negroes 3500
1 do 5&10 400
3 do under 5 450
19 head cattle 190
3 Horses 700
money 35 18
6675£ 18

next on List p 30
Matthias Brickell Esqr.
250 acres Land 2500
220 do do 1800
150 do do 200
320 do do 1400
2 Lotts in Winton 20
12 negroes .10 & 40 8400
8 do 5&10 and 40&50 3200
10 do under 5 1500
48 head Cattle 480
7 Horses 1900
Stock in trade Bonds & money 532
1 Horse in Poss of Eli Eley 200
22132 £

Abram Jones
p 31 1020 acres Land 3500
8 negroes 10 & 40 . . . . . . 5600
1 do 5 & 10 . . . . . . . . . . . 400
5 do under 5 . . . . . . . . . . . 750
7 Horses . . . . . . . . . . . . 1100
35 head Cattle 350
money Bonds &c 413 14
12113£ 14

Abram Jones for Joseph Jones Orphan
200 acres Land (Mill &c) 750
750 £

Abram Jones for the Orphans of James Jones
money 143 – 6
143£ Р6

Abram Jones for the Orphan of Azel Benthall
money 378 – 8
378£ 8

Luke Hare heirs of Joseph Jones
money 417 18 –
417 £

Collo John Brown p 49
320 acres Land 1000
2 negroes under 5 300
1 do 10 & 5 400
8 do 10 & 40 5600
6 Horses 900
22 Cattle 220
8420 £

Loose Papers Thomas Jones Estate sale held by John Jordon deputy sheriff. Abram Jones was adm. Reported May Ct 1778. No buyers listed.

1782 tax Col Matthias Brickell was representing the orphan children of James Jones.

Winborne- page 30- “Colonel Brickle’s wife Rachel died February 17, 1770, and some time after that he married Mrs Nannie Jones the widow of the second James Jones of Pitch Landing and reared several children from this marriage.”


James Jones ca 1730 – 1771 | parents
& ca 1749 Ann [Nannie] ? | parents
& 1772/73 Col. Matthias Brickell 1725 – 1788 | parents
of Hertford Co NC

Will of James Jones of Hertford Co (copy in Chowan Co) signed October 17 1771;
wife Ann,
son Joseph,
child in esse to be named James,
brother Abraham Jones & Mathias Brickell, exers.
John Brown & Eli Eley to see will settled.
Test: John Brown Jr, Elizabeth Rascoe, Isaac Rascoe.

Returns of Probates and Administration –Hertford County– on November 21, 1771
administration of the estate of James Jones was granted to Abram Jones and Mattais Brickell
and on the same date Abram Jones was granted administration of the estate of Joseph Jones.

Children of James Jones and wife Nannie:
1. Joseph Jones ca 1750 –
married Sarah Skinner –
[dau of Kindred Skinner and 2nd wife Judith Carter]
a. Andrew Jones 1777 Hertford Co NC – 1822 Butler Co AL
married ca 1798 Sarah Moore 1778 – 1851
dau of James Moore Esq and grand dau of Arthur Cotten
Both buried Fort Dale Cemetery, Butler Co., AL, and have headstones
as do several of their children.
2. ? Jones ca 1772

Children of Matthias Brickell’s 2nd marriage to Mrs. Nannie Jones:
1. Benjamin Brickell 15 Dec 1773- 1812
married Nancy Davis
a. Benjamin Ann
2. Marinia Brickell 28 May 1777-
married 1st Rollins
2nd Moore
3rd Saxon
4th Burns
3. Rebecca Brickell 14 June 1780-
married Palmer
4. Betsy Brickell May 1783-
married Godwin
5. Nancy Brickell 17 Jan 1786-
married 1st Lemon
2nd Dickinson,
3rd Dr. Clark
etc. [7 different husbands she had]

Matthias Brickell 23 March 1725 – 17 Oct 1788.
married 6 Nov 1748 Rachiel Noailles 13 January 1728 – 17 February 1770

Children of Matthias Brickell and Rachiel Noailles:
1. Marinia Brickell 6 Sept 1749- 8 Jan 1762
2. Lavenia Brickell 17 July 1750-1799
married Dickinson had Joe, Mary, & Rachiel
3. William Brickell 30 March 1752- 1810
married Nancy Jones no issue
4. Martha Brickell 25 Sept 1753-1809
saved by her scissors fastening in the bridge
5. Bathsheba Brickell 28 Sept 1755-7 June 1782
(drowned– horse backed gig off ferry)
6. Sally Brickell 29 July 1757- 19 March 1802
married 17 Feb 1780 Hardy Murfree
7. Matthias Brickell 23 Jan 1759- 3 June 1797
8. Thomas Noailles Brickell 11 March 1761- Nov 1810
married —– had issue
9. John Brickell 8 Sept 1762- 1798
10. James Noailles Brickell 19 Jan 1765- 1841
married Betsy White of S C
11. Jonathan Brickell 11 Feb 1767- Jan 1807
married —– no issue
12. Joseph Brickell 23 Dec 1769- 1802
13. Ann Brickell
married Dr. Hill of Franklin City, N C

Published in Tenn. Bible Records Tombstone Inscriptions, & Marriage Bonds by Acklen:
Copied from family record taken by Mrs Mary Hardeman from family Bible of her uncle James Noailles Brickell of NC.

James C Jones was summoned as a witness in the law suit for debt between James Jones exers. and Luke Mizelle in 1816-7. Bertie Co Records

Gates Co Marriage Bonds:
Abraham Jones of Hertford & Sally Howell 31 Oct 1785.

“emigrated to Alabama in 1819”

Andrew Jones 1777 – 1822 | parents
& ca 1797 Sarah Moore ca 1778 – 1851 | parents
of Hertford Co NC and Butler Co AL

research by Annie Crenshaw

Andrew Jones was the son of Joseph Jones and Sarah Skinner.
Andrew Jones 1777 Hertford Co NC – 1822 Butler Co AL
served in NC state general assembly 1809
moved to Butler Co., AL
married ca 1798 Sarah Moore 1778 – 1851
dau of James Moore Esq and grand dau of Arthur Cotten
Both buried Fort Dale Cemetery, Butler Co., AL, and have headstones
as do several of their children.

Andrew Jones brought his family to Butler County from North Carolina in 1818-1819. Little’s History of Butler County(1885) says: “In the fall and winter of 1817… a good many emigrants stopped in this county, near Fort Dale, and on the head of Cedar Creek… Among them were the families of … Colonel A. T. Perry… and Andrew Jones.” Little also says that settlers included “in the latter part of 1818 and the early part of 1819… the families of Dunklins, Herberts… Joneses.” There are no Butler County land tract entries for Andrew Jones, so he probably bought a home site from a neighboring settler.

Andrew Jones’ name first appears in the county with his death in 1822. His grave is one of the oldest in the Fort Dale Cemetery, with the inscription: “Sacred to the memory of Andrew Jones, who was born in North Carolina in the year 1777, and emigrated to Alabama in 1819 and died in 1822, aged 46 years.” His wife’s headstone has: “Sacred to the memory of Sarah Jones, consort of Andrew Jones, who was born in North Carolina, emigrated to Alabama in 1819, and died Oct. 26th 1851, aged about 73 years.” Andrew and Sarah’s tombstones were ordered 32 years after his death, as their son Joseph administered his mother’s estate in 1854, paying $125 for “two tombstones, lettering, &c, for Andrew Jones and said Sarah Jones.”

Andrew was the son of Joseph Jones and Sarah Skinner of Hertford County, North Carolina, and his wife Sarah Moore was the daughter of James Moore and Mariah/Matilda Cotten. Andrew and Sarah married about 1797. Their household in 1810 in Northampton County, North Carolina had 1 male age 26-44 (Andrew), 1 female 26-44 (Sarah), 4 males under age 10 (sons Allen, Mathias, Isaac, James), 1 female under 10 (daughter Parthenia), and 1 female 10-15 (daughter Matilda).

After Andrew Jones’ death in 1822, his widow Sarah and sons operated a general store. Mathias, Allen and Isaac were the proprietors over a period of years, offering blacksmith and carpentry work as well as merchandise. Mathias was postmaster at Ernest’s Store on The Ridge in 1830, and his brother Isaac was postmaster at Fort Dale in 1839. Store accounts of “M. and A. Jones,” “Allen Jones,” “A. and I. Jones” and “Jones and Williamson” show that customers bought shoes, hats, whiskey, medicine, frying pans, rope, fish hooks and nails, as well as paying for postage. The Jones store was prosperous  Sarah Jones purchased additional property in 1825 and 1836 in the northwestern part of the county, and her sons bought land as well.

The 1830 Butler County census shows Sarah Jones’ household with 1 female age 40-50 (Sarah), 1 male 20-30 (son Allen or James), 1 male 15-20 (son Isaac), 1 male 10-15 (son Joseph), and 7 slaves. Daughter Matilda had married and moved to Mississippi, and son Mathias was married with his own household in that census. In 1840 Sarah was living beside her son Isaac and his family, and in 1850 she was age 70, born North Carolina, with Andrew Perry, age 31, born North Carolina, in her household (probably her grandson).

Written by Annie Crenshaw

Sources: Family charts of Catherine Octavine Bowers Selman (great-great-granddaughter of Isaac Moore Jones) and Mary Scott Godbold (great-great-granddaughter of Mathias Jones); census, probate and cemetery records of Butler County, AL, Lowndes Co., AL, Copiah Co., MS, and Northampton Co., NC.

Children of Andrew Jones and Sarah Moore:
Andrew and Sarah’s children were identified in their mother’s 1854 Butler County estate papers as Mrs. Matilda Perry, Allen Jones, Mathias Jones (deceased, his children as heirs), Parthenia J. Warren (deceased, her children as heirs), James Jones (deceased, son James F. Jones as an heir), Isaac Jones and Joseph Jones. The residences of Matilda Perry and Allen Jones were not stated, and they have not been found in 1850-1860 censuses of Butler County and the surrounding area.
1. Matilda Jones ca 1799 NC – aft 1854
married NH Co NC Mar 1818 Andrew T Perry
rem. to AL 1819 then in 1828 MS
Eldest child Matilda Jones, born about 1797-1799, married Andrew T. Perry in March 1818 in Northampton County, North Carolina.
They probably came to Butler County, as Little’s History indicates, with Matilda’s parents.
Andrew Perry served as a colonel of militia, Butler County sheriff 1823, state representative 1826, and receiver in the Sparta land office.
He moved to Mississippi in 1828 and is said to have died a few years afterwards.
His widow Matilda was still living in 1854.
2. Allen Jones ca 1800 NC – aft 1854
married ca 1825 ?
Allen Jones was born 1800-1810. It’s difficult to separate his records from several “Allen Jones” in the Butler/Lowndes County area, but the 1840 Butler County census has an “Alen Jones” household with 1 male age 40-50, 1 female 30-40, 2 males and 1 female under age 5, 3 females age 5-10, and 3 females age 10-15. Judging by his siblings’ known birth dates and the dates of children shown in this census, Allen was probably born about 1800 and married by 1825 (though he could have married a widow with children as late as 1839). He was a partner in the Jones family store until at least the mid-1830s and was named in his mother’s 1853-1854 estate settlement.
3. Mathias Jones ca 1801 NC – 1833/53 probably Butler Co AL
married ca 1822 Parthenia [Patsy] Lewis 1799 GA – 1873
i. Andrew Jones ca 1830 – rem to TX
Mathias Jones was born about 1801 and married Patsy Lewis (see separate story). Their granddaughter Lula Peagler married (1) Robert Leckie and (2) West Taylor. Lula’s granddaughter, Mary Scott Leckie Godbold, is a long-time member of the Butler County Historical Society (Butler Co., AL) and researched the Andrew Jones’ family extensively.
4. Parthenia Jones 1803 NC – 1851 Lowndes Co AL
married ca 1822 Laban Warren 1798 – 1840
son of Richard Warren and wife Amanda of Burke Co GA
they are buried in Mount Willing Cemetery in Lowndes County.
i. Sarah Jane Warren 1823 –
ii. Richard Warren ca 1825 –
iii. Andrew J Warren ca 1826 –
iv. Frances Elizabeth Warren ca 1828 –
v. Robert J Warren 1830 –
vi. Martha Matilda Warren ca 1832 –
vii. Isabella Warren ca 1834 –
viii. Laban Warren 1835 –
ix. Parthenia ca 1838 –
5. James Jones 1804 NC – 31 Aug 1842 aged 38 yrs
i. J F [Jimmie] Jones of Macon MS
6. Isaac Moore Jones ca 1812 NC – ca 1893 Copiah Co MS
married 1838 Ann Womack
7. Joseph Jones 11 July 1818 AL – 15 Dec 1857 Butler Co AL aged 39 yrs 5 mos 4 days
a dentist and planter
married 1837 Elizabeth A Rogers 11 Sept 1820 – 11 Nov 1853 age 33
niece of Frances Lewis [Jones]
Joseph Jones was born in 1818 in Alabama and married his cousin Elizabeth Rogers about 1838. He became a dentist. In the 1850 Butler County census, their household included James Jones, 12, Joseph, 6, William, 4, John, 1, Thomas, 1, Leaborne Warren, 14, Sarah Rogers, 15, Permelia Rogers, 9 (all born Alabama), and D. B. Parmer, 35, lawyer, born Georgia. Both Joseph and Elizabeth died young, she at age 33 in 1853 and he at age 39 in 1857 (researcher Hugh Rodgers has extensive files on this family; see separate story: A Jones Family from Butler County to Tennessee). Dr. Joseph Jones, his wife and several of their children were buried in the Fort Dale Cemetery with his pioneer parents Andrew and Sarah Jones and other relatives.
i. James Andrew Jones 1838 – 1917 lawyer and Confederate soldier
native of Greenville, AL. moved to Woodbury, TN in 1871
married 1859 Harriet Gwyn Martin 1839 – 1900
ii. Joseph Jones ca 1844 –
iii. William Jones ca 1846 –
iv. John Jones ca 1849 –
v. Thomas Jones ca 1849 –

Info from post fwd to me by Jacqui Sheldon
“James Andrew Jones 1838-1917 , was a native of Greenville, AL, son of Joseph and Elizabeth Rogers Jones, the former a native of NC, ; grandson of Andrew and Sarah Moore Jones and ?descendant of Col. James Jones I of Hertford County, NC, a member of the Colonial Assembly of 1759 and Colonel in the Colonial Wars, and of ?Peter Jones, co-founder of Petersburg, VA”. ~History of Woodbury and Cannon County, TN by Sterling Spurlock Brown, Manchester, TN Doak Prtg Co. 1936 page 152

Mathias Jones ca 1800 – bef 1854 | parents
& Parthenia “Patsy” Lewis 1799 – 1873 | parents
of Butler Co AL

Mathias Jones was an early postmaster and tax collector in Butler County. He was born about 1800 in North Carolina, the son of Andrew Jones and Sarah Moore who settled near Fort Dale 1818-1819. He married Parthenia “Patsy” Lewis about 1822-1824. Her father David Lewis settled in Wilkinson County, Mississippi, but had brothers and sisters in Butler County and their families visited back and forth. Patsy is said to have been born in 1799 and died in 1873.

Mathias’s name is found in Butler County records from about 1825 through January 1833. In 1827 he served as Butler County tax collector, and in 1830-1832 he was postmaster at Ernest’s Store on The Ridge. In the 1830 Butler County census, Mathias’s household had 3 males age 20-30 (Mathias with probably his brother Allen or James and another relative), a female age 20-30 (wife Parthenia Lewis), 1 male under age 5 (son Andrew), 1 female under age 5 (daughter Sarah Ann) and 1 female age 5-10 (daughter Martha). Mathias and Patsy’s neighbors included John Womack, Frances Coleman, Jacob Lewis, John Skinner, Thomas Herbert and Asa Arrington, as well as Waters, Thigpen, Manning, Norwood, Yeldell and Ringgold.

Mathias and Patsy Jones had four children who survived to adulthood. In addition to the three children shown in the 1830 census, daughter Matilda was born about 1831. Mathias may have died a few years later since his name disappears from Butler County records and Parthenia had no more known children. If not deceased, Mathias must have moved from Butler County before 1840, since he has not been found in an Alabama or neighboring state census after 1830. He was deceased by the time his mother’s estate was administered in the 1850s and his children were named as her heirs.

Store accounts of Mathias Jones in Anderson Crenshaw family papers have “Mathias Jones,” “M. Jones” and “M. and A. Jones” through 1833. In 1830 and 1832, Mathias Jones signed postage receipts as postmaster at Ernest’s Store. In 1835-1836, Anderson Crenshaw paid his store account to “A. & I. (or J.) Jones” and “Allen Jones.” This suggests that Mathias died or moved away about 1833-1834 and his brothers took over the family store. If Mathias died about 1833-1834, his burial is one of the earlier ones in the Crenshaw Cemetery on The Ridge, where he and wife Patsy’s graves are marked with blank marble tablets. An infant great-grandson, Robert Guy Peagler, was buried beside them in 1895. Patsy Lewis Jones, with or without husband Mathias, was probably living in Lowndes County in the 1840s as her daughter Matilda married John B. Lewis there in 1847.

Children of Mathias Jones and Patsy Lewis:
1. Martha Jones 1820/25 – 1902 Bryan TX
married ca 1846 William C Smith
2. Sarah Ann Jones 1826 – 1917 Bolling AL
married John Peagler 1811 SC – 1899 Butler Co AL
John was buried on the Peagler plantation in Butler County, but due to bad weather and roads, Sarah Ann was not buried beside her husband but at Bolling, Alabama, where she had been living with her daughter Lula. Years later, grandson Ralph Peagler put headstones for John and Sarah Ann Peagler in Magnolia Cemetery in Greenville.
a. John Henry Peagler
b. Matthew/Mathias Andrew Peagler
c. William L Peagler
d. Martha Elizabeth Peagler
e. Lula Peagler 1857 – 1939
married 1st Robert Leckie
Lula’s son Arthur Leckie married Pearl Shanks, and their daughter Mary Scott Leckie married John Godbold of Camden. Mary Scott Godbold researched the Peagler and Jones families extensively since the 1960s and has been a long-time member of the Butler County Historical and Genealogical Society. Robert Peagler (1861-1940) married his cousin Emma Lewis Owens and their children were Ralph Emmett, Robert Guy (1891-1895, buried Crenshaw Cemetery) and Jeannette Peagler. Further information on these families is available from the author of this article as well as the Butler County Historical and Genealogical Society.
i. Arthur E Leckie
ii. Claude J.Leckie
iii. Leon Lewis Leckie
married 2nd Wesley Berry Taylor (colonel, CSA)
i. John Ewing Taylor
ii. Annie L. Taylor
f. Robert Edward Peagler
3. Andrew Jones ca 1830 – rem to TX
4. Matilda Jones 1831 –
married 1847 John Brooke Lewis
the son of George Noland Lewis Sr. (1780-1841) and Katharine Brooke. He served as postmaster at Ridgeville, 1844-1845. In 1860 John and Matilda Lewis lived at Monterey, where he helped manage the Lewis family plantation during the War Between the States. In 1870 John and Matilda were living in Greenville where he was a clerk.
a. Julia Kate Lewis 1851 –
b. Mary Lewis 1853 –
married Peter Sutherlin
c. Albert Sidney Clifton Brooke Lewis 1855 –
d. Laura Lewis 1859 –
e. John B Lewis 1861 –
f. George Lewis 1865 –
g. Ida Lewis 1869 –
h. Noland Lewis 1872 –

Daughter Matilda Jones was born in 1831 and married her cousin John Brooke Lewis in 1847. John was Their household included Martha Jones, age 65, born in Georgia, who was probably Matilda’s mother, “Patsy” (a nickname for Martha). John and Matilda Lewis’s children were Matilda died between 1872 (the birth of Noland) and 1880. Her husband John Brooke Lewis and his six younger children were living with his married daughter Mary’s family (Mrs. Peter Sutherlin) in Pittsylvania County, Virginia at the time of the 1880 census.

Matilda and John Brooke Lewis’s daughter Julia Kate Lewis (1850-1905) married Rev. Theophilus Coleman, and their daughter Mary Neal “Mamie” Coleman married Noland Lewis Crenshaw. Mamie and Noland’ son, David Anderson Crenshaw, inherited the Judge Anderson Crenshaw plantation house on The Ridge.

Julia Kate and Rev. Theophilus Coleman’s daughter Julia Lewis Coleman (1889-1973) became a teacher in Plains, Georgia where one of her pupils was the future U.S. president Jimmy Carter. Though disabled by polio, Julia was a brilliant and encouraging teacher with a successful 50-year career. President Carter described her in his inauguration speech as one of the major influences in his life.

Written by: Annie Crenshaw

Sources: Crenshaw family papers and cemetery records, genealogical research of Mary Scott Godbold of Camden, Alabama, Butler County census and probate records, Lewis Chart by Sarah Lewis Wilson (1952), Butler County in the 19th Century by Marilyn Davis Hahn (1978).

James Jones 1804 – 1842 | parents
& Frances Ann Lewis ca 1820 – | parents
& Dr. James Batchelor of New Orleans d bef 1870 | parents
of Butler Co AL

The solitary headstone three miles west of the Crenshaw Cemetery on The Ridge was inscribed: “Sacred to the memory of James Jones, who died August 31st, 1842, aged 38 years.” The numbers were worn and his age could have been “38” or “33.” A verse followed the name and dates, but it was illegible by the 1960s when Myra Ware Crenshaw copied the marker’s inscription.

How did this marble marker come to stand alone in rural Butler County? Who was James Jones, and where was the family who cared for him and put up this marker at the time of his death?

Research revealed that James Jones was the son of early Butler County settlers Andrew and Sarah Jones. He was born in 1804 or 1809 in North Carolina and came as a child with his parents to Fort Dale in 1818-1819. James married Frances Ann Lewis, daughter of David Lewis, about 1838-1839. Frances’ sister Patsy married James’ brother Mathias Jones, and Mathias and Patsy’s daughter Matilda Jones married her mother’s first cousin, John Brooke Lewis who became guardian of James Jones’ only son several decades later.

The 1840 Butler County census shows the James Jones household with 3 males, age 20-30 (James with two brothers or cousins), 1 female, age 15-20 (wife Frances Lewis, born 1819-1820), 1 female, age 10-15, 1 male, age 10-15 (two teenage cousins or boarding students?), and 1 male under age 5 (perhaps an infant son who died). James had 25 slaves with 13 people working in agriculture. Neighbors included Robert Yeldell, Hugh McKee, Wilkes Berry Waters, Philemon Berry Waters, Grey Thigpen, Mansel N. Womack and George Lewis.

An interesting reference to James Jones is found in Alabama Supreme Court records of 1845, when a case was brought by Joseph Jones against Frances Jones, administratrix of James Jones’ Butler County estate. Joseph claimed that a debt was owed him from his brother James’ estate. He testified that in 1839 or 1840 an agreement was made between them for Joseph to put up a “dwelling house and out houses” on James’ land with “hands furnished by brother.” After James’ death, Joseph moved from the house but apparently felt that Frances (or James‚’ estate) owed him half the value of the house  and he sued to get it.

Child of James Jones and Frances Lewis:
1. James F Lewis 1841 –
married 20 Oct 1868 Rose P Ferris ca 1843 DC –

James and Frances Jones had one son who lived to adulthood, James F. “Jimmy” Jones, born 1841. After James Jones Sr’s death in 1842 (and the 1845 lawsuit), Frances married Dr. James Batchelor of New Orleans. Dr. Batchelor served in Nott’s Company of Alabama Volunteers in the Florida Seminole Wars, and was Jimmy’s guardian before John B. Lewis took on the responsibility. Dr. Batchelor and Frances have not yet been identified in the 1850-1860 census, but records indicate that they were probably living in New Orleans  since part of Jimmy’s inheritance (perhaps from his grandmother Sarah Jones’ estate) was “a negro girl named Harriett” who died in New Orleans in the 1850s.

In 1860 Jimmy was a 19-year-old student, living with his uncle and guardian John B. Lewis at Monterey in Butler County. A year later, the War Between the States began and Jimmy joined the Confederate army with many of his cousins and neighbors. He became a corporal in Company G, 9th Alabama Infantry. His cousin, Noland Lewis (also in the 9th Alabama), wrote a letter home to Butler County in July 1861, reporting that “Jimmie is in New Town, near Winchester. He has been quite sick with measles and fever but is improving. I think he physics himself too much, almost as bad as Jim Womack.” In August, Noland wrote: “Jimmie Jones has become a second Jim Womack  carried his little medicine in his pockets and has every pain that anybody else has. He is doing tolerably well, sick most of the time, but not seriously ill.” In October 1861 Jimmy had a furlough, perhaps for sick leave, as Noland wrote to his brother John: “Jim Jones leaves us tomorrow for home, and I send you a note by him.” Jimmy’s hypochondriac tendencies were undoubtedly the inspiration for his career choice: he became a pharmacist after the war.

One of Jimmy’s friends and fellow soldiers was Edward Crenshaw. After the war, the Butler County boys kept up their friendship. Edward wrote in his diary on May 31, 1865: “Jimmy Jones came up to stay with me a few days.” A day later on Thursday, June 1, 1865, he wrote: “Jimmy and I moved into Pa’s office in the yard today … we are very well fixed.” Edward’s father, Walter Henry Crenshaw, was a lawyer and judge who served as Alabama’s Speaker of the House from 1861 to 1865. Walter Henry must have felt that his legal services were not needed after the fall of the Confederacy, since he allowed the young men to make his office their bachelor headquarters.

Perhaps through visiting Jones, Lewis and Womack relatives in Mississippi, Jimmy Jones met his future bride. On October 20, 1868, he married Rose P. Ferris in Noxubee County, Mississippi. Rose was born 1843-1844 in the District of Columbia. Her father, H. C. Ferris, was a native of Ireland. After their marriage, Jimmy and Rose lived in Macon, Mississippi, where he had a drugstore. In the 1870 Noxubee County census, “James F. Jones” was age 28, born Alabama, with wife Rose P., age 26, daughter Mary F., age 1, born Mississippi, and “Frances A. Batchelor” (Jimmy’s mother), age 50, born North Carolina. Dr. Batchelor had apparently died, and Frances lived the remainder of her life with her son’s family.

In the 1880 census, Jimmy and Rose’s children were Mary, 11, James, 8, Martha, 6, Ruthy, 4, and Mathew H., 2. Also in the household were “F. A. Bachelor” (Jimmy’s mother), age 61, born North Carolina, with both parents born North Carolina, and “H. C. Ferris” (Rose’s father), age 63, born in Ireland, both parents born Ireland.

The 1920 census shows Jimmy and Rose Jones still living in Macon. He was 78 years old and she was 76. Their unmarried daughter Pattie (Martha), age 45, lived with them, as did bachelor son Henry M. (Mathew), age 41. The family has not been traced further, but cemetery records, probate records and death certificates would reveal more facts about “Jimmy” and his children  the only descendants of James Jones who died in 1842 in Butler County.

Written by: Annie Crenshaw

Sources: Genealogical files of Myra Ware Williams Crenshaw; diary of Captain Edward Crenshaw, CSA; census and probate records of Butler County, Alabama and Noxubee County, Mississippi; Alabama Supreme Court records; Confederate military records.

Isaac Jones ca 1811 – ca 1893 | parents
& Ann Womack | parents
of Copiah Co MS

Isaac Moore Jones was born 1811-1812 in North Carolina, the son of Andrew Jones and Sarah Moore. He was probably named for his mother’s brother, Isaac Moore (1783-1853), who married Polly Jones and settled in Dallas County, Alabama.

Isaac Jones came with his parents to Butler County in 1818-1819 when they settled near Fort Dale. He served as a private in the Creek Indian Wars in 1836-1837 with his neighbor and cousin Grief Jones in Henderson’s Company, Smith’s Alabama Mounted Volunteers.

After his militia service, Isaac married Ann Womack about 1838. Ann was the daughter of Jesse Womack and Frances Carter who married in Jones County, Georgia, in 1817 and settled in Butler County. Ann Womack’s sister Lucinda married Thomas Chiles Crenshaw, and her brother William Green Womack made Butler County history as he was killed by a slave in 1845. Alfred Carter, brother of Frances and early settler of Butler County, married Nancy Jones, whose sister Ann married first Mansel Womack and then Matthew Patton.

The Carter, Jones and Skinner families had intermarried since colonial days in Virginia and the Carolinas. Isaac’s father, Andrew Jones, was said to be the grandson of Kindred Skinner and Judith Carter. All the family connections have not been traced, but Moore Carter (born about 1680 – died 1740) married Jane Kindred (born about 1690/1700 – died 1764). Their daughter Susannah married William Skinner and another daughter married a James Jones. Moore Carter’s grandsons James and Kindred Carter moved to Warren County, Georgia about 1780, where Kindred was the ancestor of U.S. president Jimmy Carter.

Isaac Jones operated a general store with his brothers and was postmaster at Fort Dale in Butler County in 1839. He and wife Ann moved to Copiah County, Mississippi, between 1843 and 1845, where he was a planter. In the 1850 Mississippi census, their neighbors included his wife’s cousin Kinchen W. Paul (grandson of Mansel Womack), and other relatives. Many Butler County family names are found in this part of Mississippi as Alabama settlers moved westward.

Isaac Moore Jones Sr. and his wife Ann Womack were still living in Crystal Springs at the time of the 1880 census. He was a farmer, age 65, born in North Carolina, with parents born in North Carolina. Ann was “keeping house,” age 59, born in Alabama, parents born in Georgia. They stayed in touch with their Alabama cousins over the years, who often visited them in Mississippi. Isaac died about 1893, and Ann died sometime after 1880. They are buried in the County Line Baptist Church Cemetery in Copiah County, Mississippi.

Written by Annie Crenshaw

Sources: Family charts and research of Catherine Octavine Bowers Selman (Mrs. R. L.) of Williamsburg, Virginia, great-great-granddaughter of Isaac Moore Jones and Ann Womack; census and probate records of Butler County, Alabama, and Copiah/Hinds/Warren Counties, Missississippi.

Children of Isaac Moore Jones and Ann Womack:
1. Wiley Andrew Joseph Jones 14 June 1839 AL – general merchant
married 18 April 1859 Margaret E. “Maggie” Osburn
a. William A. Jones ca 1860 –
b. Jimmie O. Jones ca 1863 –
c. Robert V Jones ca 1868 –
d. Mary E. Jones ca 1873 –
2. Isaac Moore Jones 19 Dec 1840 AL – farmer Copiah Springs MS
married 23 Dec. 1861 Martha E. Aills
3. Sarah Matilda Jones 13 Dec 1843 AL –
married 31 Dec 1862 Bulow Hoxie Terry 18 Oct 1830 GA -deputy sheriff in Crystal Springs, MS 1880
son of Joseph Minter Terry (born 1799 – died 1862 Hinds County, Mississippi) and Martha Perrin Mims (born 1808 – died 1842 Columbus, Georgia). Martha was the granddaughter of Drury Mims and Lydia Jones of Virginia, and cousin of the “Mims Massacre” family of Fort Mims, Alabama.
a. M. Fannie Terry 1863 –
b. Anna Terry 1865 –
c. Beulah Terry 1867 –
d. George Terry 1869 –
e. Lula Terry ca 1873 –
f. Mary Ella Terry ca 1875 –
g. Willie Terry ca 1879 – [a boy]
4. Frances P. Jones 16 Aug 1845 MS – 21 Nov 1897
married 8 Sept 1866 Capt. James B. Enochs
a. Martha A Enochs 1869 –
b. Isaac W Enochs 1872 –
c. Fannie Enochs 1874 –
d. Sarah M Enochs 1875 –
e. Katie Enochs 1876 –
f. John M Enochs 1878 –
g. Frank Enochs 1879 –
5. Lucinda E. Jones May 1847 MS –
married George T. Hardy 1842 – contractor Vicksburg, Warren County, MS
a. Henry J Hardy 1868 –
b. Anna M Hardy 1871 –
6. William Allen Jones 24 March 1850 MS – 5 Jan 1888 farmer Crystal Springs, Copiah Co MS
married 25 Oct 1875 Cora Tillman
a. Fred Jones 1878 –
b. Alma Jones 1880 –
7. James Carter Jones 23 Sept 1853 MS – 25 Mar 1865
8. Mary Ella Jones 11 Feb 1855 MS –
married Isaiah Hardy clerk – Vicksburg MS
a. Robert W Hardy 1875 –
b. Katie L Hardy 1876 –
c. Edwin O. D. Hardy 1878 –
d. Mary E. Hardy 1879 –

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