Samuel Sessoms

Samuel Sessoms ca 1707 – | his parents
& | her parents
of Duplin Co, NC

my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

1729 – Samuel Sessoms witnessed the deed in which Nicholas Smith gave 100 A to his nephew Richard Sessoms Bertie Deed Book C – 129 dated 8 Feb 1729

1739 – Samuel patented land 11 July 1739.

1740 – Samuel Sessoms sells Drew Smith [his uncle] 160 A on N side of Tar River 20 Aug 1740 Deed Edgecombe Book 1 -350. The land was adj John William’s land.

1743 – Samuel Sessoms sells 320 A of land to Robert Wright on S side of Tar River of the land patented in 1739.

1756 – Samuel Sessoms buys 197 A on Tryon Corey Swamp from John Porter Edgecombe 2-189
Witnessed by Nicholas Sessoms and Richard Sessoms. A Feb 14 1756 deed shows Samuel’s land adj William Williams’s land.

1774 – Samuel Sessoms witnessed a deed of Nicholas Sessoms.

Samuel Sessoms3 Duplin Co.
1. Richard Sessoms
2. Thomas Sessoms
3. Samuel Sessoms ca 1750 -ca 1836 Cumberland Co
married ca 1772 Easter Bullard died Sunday 5 May 1844
dau of Thomas
a. Rachel Sessoms
married 12 May 1810 Thomas Bullock Cumberlan Co, NC
b. Penelope Sessoms
c. Thomas Sessoms
d. Henry Sessoms

John Sessums ca 1705 – aft 1742 | parents
of Bertie County, NC

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

? John Sessoms Bertie Co
B-433 John Sessions, yeoman, to Moses Hare, yeoman of Nansemond Co, VA 23 Feb 1727/28 …60 pounds for 490 A on Rockquist Swamp. By patent dated 16 April 1722, for 490 A Wit: Edward Hare, Moses Oadham, Thomas Speight NC Ct 2 Apr 1728

B-437 Moses Hare of Nansemond Co VA to Thomas Speight of Nansemond Co VA … 2 Feb 1727/28 30 pds for 245 A on Rockquist Swamp sold by John Sessions to Hare on Feb 23 1727/28 [sic]
C-197 John Sessoms witnessed deed 9 Feb 1729/30 Bertie Co Book C -197
E – 68 John Sessiens mentioned as owning land “up Churyantock” 29 Jan 1736
E- 113 John Sessions mentioned as owning land on Rocquiss “on the Indian Line” 12 Jan 1735
F- 549 5 May 1742 – Luke Meizle Sen to James Leggett – 90 A in Kesia Neck adj John Sessions among others.

Thomas Sessums ca 1698 – aft 1755 | his parents
of Bertie County, NC

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

ca 1698 – Thomas Sessoms3 is born –

1711 – Thomas Sessoms Sr’s estate to be administered by his wife Elizabeth.

1716, Nov – Thomas Sessoms paid 300 pounds silver for three wolves’ heads
Surry Co VA Order Book 1713-1718 p 96

1722, 20 March – Chowan Co Book C#1 p 330 George Winn to John Mitchell shows Thomas Sessoms owns adj land.

1726, 21 Dec – Thomas Sessoms signed the estate settlement of Robert Mitchell
Surry Co VA Will Book 7 p670

1755, 22 July – and in a Bertie Co deed Thomas is shown owning land on Wescaunee Creek.

1754, 7 Dec – Thomas Sessoms witnessed a deed between Joseph Hall and Benjamin Winn Bertie Deed Book H p 175 owned land next to Daniel VanPelt and James Jones 1754

“Thomas Sessoms does not appear in the Bertie County Court Minutes 1724 – 1762 but does appear in the books of Edgecombe County which was from Bertie in 1741.” James E Morgan

Children of Thomas Sessoms Jr [or his father Thomas]
[or perhaps Walter is John’s son and John is Thomas Sr’s son smk]

1. Walter Sessoms ca 1728 –
witnessed a deed
in Bertie Co 1749,
rem. to Beaufort Co 1755 on Beaufort tax list 1755
Pitt Co tax lists 1762 & 1764 [Pitt formed from Beaufort 1760]
2. John Sessoms rem. to Pitt Co by 1764 tax list

Ref: Descendants of Nicholas Sessoms by James E Morgan
Bertie Co Deed and Ct Records.

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