Abner Harrell, Jane Yeates, Leah Norfleet, Nancy Jones & Mary Womble

Sally’s 3g Uncle & Aunt [sister of Elizabeth Jones, dau of James Jones]

Abner Harrell 1789 – 1865 |his parents
& ca 1811 Jane [Jennie] Yeates ca 1793 – 1828 | her parents
& 1829 Leah H Norfleet 1803 – 1833 | her parents
& ca 1838 Nancy Jones 1800 – 1848 | her parents
& 1850 Mary E C Womble 1819 – 1855 | her parents
of Harrellsville, Hertford County, NC

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

Abner Harrell 1789 – 1865
photo of a photo at Harrellsville Historical Society
by Ken Gates 1999

“The village of Harrellsville commemorates Abner Harrell, who in addition to his agricultural interest, added large and successful mercantile operations. He was one of the founders and the main support of the Bethel Methodist Episcopal Church for many years. His large charities, his unbroken kindness, and unsuspected honesty were alike honorable to him and beneficial to the community in which he lived. He was a small man physically, but his uncommon energy made him a public benefactor through the greater portion of a century.” Moore’s Historical Sketches.

1789 -Abner Harrell was born in Gates County.
Abner Harrell married four times.
Ca 1811 Abner Harrell married 1st Jennie Yeates, daughter of Jesse Yeates.
ca 1812 son Alpha Boon Harrell is born
1818 son Samuel W Harrell is born
1820 daughter Sarah is born
1825 son Jesse Yeates Harrell is born

The House in Abner’s day

after columns added in 1920′
Home of Abner Harrell – built early 1800’s
pictures from the Harrellsville Historical Soc.

1825 – Abner qualified as a Justice of Peace in Hertford County
1827, 9 April – post office established under name of Bethel
John G Wilson appointed postmaster
1828 – 12 April – Jennie died
from the marker in old Harrell Cemetery
– Transcribed by David Powell

“Mrs. Jane
Consort of A Harrell
12th April AD 1828
age 37.”
1829 – Jesse Yeates died bef 17 Oct when his executors: Abner Harrell and James Yeates sold his property.
1829 Abner Harell married 2nd on 11 Nov, Leah H Norfleet of Gates County.
1833, 10 Jan – Abner Harrell appt. 2nd Postmaster of Bethel, NC
1833 – Leah, his second wife, died on 28 Sept during the birth of her third child in three years, that child died 2 Nov [aged one mo seven days.] (buried in Gates County, Norfleet cemetery)
ca 1836 Abner married his third wife, Nancy Jones, born 3 Jan 1800 the daughter of James S. Jones and wife Ann Walton of Hertford County.
ca. 1837 Daughter Mary E. Harrell is born.

1840 – 5 Sept daughter James Anner Harrell is born.
1842 – Union Male Academy established with Edwin Evarts from Vermont as the principle. Among its alumni were W P Shaw, Sr, Thos R Jernigan, John R Jernigan, H C Sharp, John O Askew II, J W Perry, W D Pruden.
The school continued until about 1872.

1843 son Samuel W Harrell died 5 Nov, buried in the Harrell cemetery.
1847, 8 Dec – appt. 1st Postmaster of Harrellsville [held office until 1861]
As there was another Bethel, [over in Pitt County,] this village received the new name of “Harrellsville” in honor of its postmaster.
1848 -Ann, his third wife, died on 9 July. (buried in Jones Hole Cem.)
1850 Abner married his fourth wife, Mary Womble born 23 Jan 1819,
who taught at Elm Grove
and in 1849 was an instructor at Chowan Female Institute.

1855 Mary, his fourth wife, died on 9 July.
1857 his daughter James Anner died 15 July age 16 yr ten mo ten days.

Abner Harrell 1789-1865
Etching in Winborne’s History of Hertford Co.

1860 census age 70 merchant 25,000 46,020 says he was born in Gates NC

1865 Abner Harrell died on 13 May at his home in Harrellsville.

Ann (Nancy) Jones was born 3 Jan 1800, married ca 1838 Abner Harrell.
She died 9 Jul 1848 Hertford Co NC
and was buried in the Jones burial grounds at the Jones Hole.
The inscriptions over the graves of Ann and her youngest daughter reads:

In Memory of
Nancy Harrell,
of Abner Harrell
July 9 1848
at Harrellsville
in Hertford Co NC
48 yr 7 mo 6 days
Miss James Anner Harrell
of Abner Harrell
of Harrellsville NC
Born Sept 5 1840
Died July 15 1857
age 16 yr 10 mo 10 days

Children of Abner Harrell and Jennie Yeates:
1. Alpha Boon Harrell ca. 1812 – 1866
married ca 1839 Anna E Mansard ca 1822 – 1868
daughter of John Mansard, a native of France, and wife Ann Briggs of Gates Co
2. Samuel W Harrell ca. 27 May 1818 – 5 Nov 1843 aged 25 yr 5 m 8 d
buried in the cemetery at the Abner Harrell home

3. Sarah A Harrell 16 Dec 1820 – 12 Oct 1880
1830 deed from A Harrell and J Yeates to Sally Harrell is duly proved in open ct.
deed from Sally Harrell to A Harrell is duly proved

married 1839 John O. Askew Sr 11 Oct 1815 – 9 July 1878
son of George Askew and wife Annie dau. of George Outlaw


  1. Jesse Yeates Harrell 1825 –
    Abner noted as guardian for Jesse Yeates Harrell Feb1832 – Feb 1847
    evidently, his grandfather Jesse Yeates left him a legacy
    – evidently, he is identical to Wm J Harrell
    William Jesse Harrell 1825 – aft 1880
    listed as Gentleman of pleasure – census 1870 [sp 1880]
    listed 1860 with father 26 m Clerk Hertford Co, NC

Children of Abner Harrell and Leah H Norfleet: buried Norfleet cem.
1. Henry H. Harrell 1830- 26 Jan 1831 aged 4 months and 21 days
2. Elvira R. Harrell 1832- 16 Dec 1832 aged 5 months and 26 days
3. Horatio N. Harrell 1833- 2 Nov 1833 aged 1 month and 7 days

Children of Abner Harrell and Nancy Jones:
1. Mary E Harrell ca 1837 – May/Aug 1865
married 1854 Gates Co. Rev Joshua Leigh Garrett (Meth.)
Jan 1831 – 12 April 1883
he married 2nd 5 Sept 1865 Sarah Lucretia [Sally] Hays of Bertie Co ca 1844 – 1923
2. James Anner Harrell 5 Sept 1840-15 July 1857 dsp
buried beside her mother in the Jones’ Hole Cemetery

Children of Abner Harrell and Mary E C Womble:
1. Lucy Frances Harrell ca 1851 – by 1885
married by 1872 Daniel Whitmel Reed 21 Oct 1852 NC – 1918 Jackson MS
buried Cedar Lawn Cem.
Daniel W Reed married 2nd Jackson MS 17 Feb 1886 Ella Bezelle Wiggins Aug 1859 AL – 1915 Jackson MS
buried Cedar Lawn Cemetery, Jackson MS next to each other

2. Ellen Riddick Harrell ca 1855 – 1910/20
married 1875 Benjamin F Beverly of Union 1853 – aft 1920

US Census
1830 Hertford Co
Abner Harrell 1 1 – 1 1 1 – 1 – 2 – 1

Hertford Co NC 1860
192 229 Abner Harrell 70 m merchant 25000 46028 Gates Co NC
W J Harrell 26 m clerk Hertford Co, NC
L F Harrell 9 f
Ellen Harrell 5 f

Grandchildren of Abner Harrell and Jennie Yeates

Children of Alpha Boon Harrell & Anna E Mansard:
1. John Abner Harrell ca 1839 – ca 1894 Henderson NC
listed as artist and teacher in 1870 census
an entrepreneur, built a successful business as a printer in NC. edited The South, a periodical with an annual subscription price of $.25 per year.

 photo and newspaper clipping in the NC Digital Library.   from Brew H.
2. Edward L Harrell ca 1843 –
3. Artemus Crouder Harrell 10 Sept 1844 – aft 1890
businessman in Wheeling WV [Pittsburg, PA]
joined the 2nd NC Cavalry Co G on 8 Sept 1861
captured on way to Gettysburg 30 June 1863 when the 2nd NC Cavalry made a daring and disastrous charge into the Union Cavalry at Hanover, PA. promoted to Sgt. July 1864 and in Sept 1864 to Ordnance Sgt.

married 31 Mar 1872 Jennie Dean of Martin’s Ferry, OH
a. Lucy B Harrell dec bef 1890
b. Herbert D Harrell owned drug store in New York City nfi
married unknown who soon died
c. Clarence L Harrell – lived and died Pittsburg, PA
married Gerti ? no issue
d. Royden [Roy] Harrell left no issue
e. Archie [Arch] Harrell disappeared 1922 nfi
married Lauretta Bleil 1889 –
the children raised in an orphanage as their mother could not care for them
i. Lee Roy Harrell 12 July 1915 Etna, PA – 23 Feb 1993 Columbia, SC
married Doris Mae Price — three children
ii. Mary L Harrell 1916 Etna PA – 1969 Oak Lawn, IL
married Charles E Gates ca 1916 – 1971 — three children
family of Ken Gates
iii. Henreatta Harrell ca 1918 – died Peoria, IL
married Frank Padula — four children
iv. Jean Harrell 1921 Etna PA – no children
married Donald Johnston died 1992
4. Melissa J Harrell ca 1847 –
married Henry Hughes of VA rem to KY
5. Leonidas R Harrell 1850 – of LA farmer 1870 census
6. Herbert B Harrell 1858 – of Weldon, NC
owner of Harrell’s Printing House in Weldon in 1906

ARTEMUS CROUDER HARRELL Artemus Crouder Harrell, a prosperous retail grocer of Wheeling, and a member of the city council, was born at Harrellsville, N.C., September 10, 1844. His father was Alpha B. Harrell, a native of Harrellsville, and son of Abner Harrell, a native of Gates county, N.C., in honor of whom the birthplace of our subject was named. The wife of Alpha Harrell was Ann E., daughter of John and Ann (Briggs) Mansard, the former a native of France and the latter of Gates county, N.C. Alpha Harrell died in 1866, and his wife in 1868. Of their six children the third is the subject of this sketch. In his seventeenth year Mr. Harrell enlisted in Company G, Thirty-first North Carolina infantry, and he served in that command one year, then enlisting in Company G, Second North Carolina cavalry, with which he continued until the close of the war, rendering honorable and gallant service in many severe engagements, and serving in all the desperate encounters in the vicinity of Petersburg and Richmond. Then returning to Harrellsville he taught school three months, and then acted as superintendent for a lumber company on the Roanoke river about eighteen months. About 1868, he went to Martin’s Ferry, Ohio, and after a year’s residence there he moved to Wheeling, where he was employed for the first three years in the works of the Wheeling Iron and Nail company. He engaged in the grocery business in July, 1873, and has given his attention to that ever since, with marked success. In politics Mr. Harrell is prominent as a democrat. He is now serving his third year as a member of the city school board, and his seventh year as a member of the second branch of the city council, to which he was elected in 1883, 1885, 1887 and 1880. Mr. Harrell was married March 31, 1872, to Jennie Dean, of Martin’s Ferry, and they have had five children: Lucy B., deceased; Herbert D., Clarence L., Royden and Archie. Mr. Harrell and wife are members of the Methodist church. From “HISTORY OF THE UPPER OHIO VALLEY,” Vol. I, pages 309-310. Brant & Fuller, 1890. (Linda Fluharty posted this article on Wheeling Area Genealogical Society web site)

Children of Sarah A Harrell & John O. Askew Sr
buried at their farm at Pitch Landing, near Bethlehem Church
1. Anna Jane Askew ca 1840 – 7 July 1855 age 15 yrs 5 mo 21 days
died at Chowan Female Institute
2. George Askew ca 1842 – 1857 age 15 yrs 8 mo 17 days
drowned at Pitch Landing Wharf on 24th Aug 1857
3. Abner Harrell Askew, M.D. 9 April 1844 – 1 Feb 1905
grad UNC and UP no issue
married Agnes [Sharp] Ward 28 Jan 1845 – 22 March 1923
4. Mary R Askew 9 July 1846 – 14 Sept 1923
married ca 1872 William P Shaw 13 Oct 1842 – 27 Nov 1913 ts CSA
[1914 Chowan year book; In Memoriam, Judge W P Shaw, born October 6, 1842, died November 28, 1913, a useful and highly appreciated Trustee of Chowan College for twenty-four years]
dry goods merchant – son of William and Matilda Jordan Shaw


Judge W. P. Shaw

Hon. W. P. Shaw, one of Hertford County’s most useful, most distinguished sons, died at his home in Winton on Thanksgiving Day [1913].
For near a half century he had been foremost in the religious, social, business and political life of this northeastern section. He was born in Hertford County seventy-one years ago. He has always made his home there. His parents were William and Sarah Jordan Shaw, a strong godly couple. They were true types of our citizenship of the early days of the last century.
Before reaching his majority he answered his State’s bugle call to arms in her defense. His enlistment was in Company D, 59th Regiment N. C. [Calvery] Troop. He was second lieutenant of his company. His record as a Confederate soldier was brave and honorable. He saw service in bloody battles—Brandy Station, Upperville, Petersburg, Gettysburg, Appamatox. He did not surrender with Lee’s army. He and several comrades escaped on that fateful day. “He fought for a cause he knew was right.” He was very happy in reunions of his comrades.
The most beautiful trait of his long life was his love for his fellow-man. No person ever heard him say a harsh or unkind word of any one. His hand rested in confidence in the hand of a friend. He never betrayed a trust; he never disappointed any one. No one ever has said or could say, “I did not think Judge Shaw would do that.” He loved the good causes and supported them. He followed the eternal truths of life, truth, virtue, honor, honesty, industry, temperance, and made them parts of his being. For half a century he was a faithful and earnest Christian, holding membership in the Missionary Baptist Church where he lived. Here too, his life was beautiful. Many times he was moderator of West Chowan Association. He presided with impartiality and capacity. As chairman of many important committee of his association, he submitted able and comprehensive reports, and supported them with instructive and eloquent speech. He was a trustee of Chowan College at Murfreesboro. He gave that glorious old institute his loving service. Forty-one years have gone since he married Miss Mary Askew, daughter of John O Askew. They lived in perfect happiness. She and their noble and worthy children weep for him now. No man was more kind and loving than he. Wife and children can and do call him blessed.
Simple funeral services were held in his home. Rev. Charles W Scarboro read suitable passages from the scriptures. He and Revs. D P Harris, C L Dowell and Mr. Brinson bore testimony to his high character and Christian life. John E Vann and Francis D Winston spoke strongly of his career as a citizen and of his public service.
The burial was in the family burying ground on the John O Askew farm at Pitch Landing. Rev. D P Harris conducted the service. Friends from distant places joined neighbors and friends in sad, silent tributes to this excellent citizen. [from the Chowan College 1914 annual “Chowanoka”

a. William [Willie] P Shaw 1873 –
merchant – general store
married Rosa B ? 1878 –
i. Lillian Shaw ca 1899 –
b. Sarah [Sallie] M Shaw ca 1878 –
married D Roy Britton 1872 –
c. John A Shaw 1884 –
married 1907 Carrie ? 1885 –
i. John D Shaw 1908 –
5. Martha [Pattie] E Askew ca 1848 –


married W D Askew of Miss.

6. John O Askew, Jr 11 Oct 1850 – 14 Oct 1924


married 29 Sept 1874 Mollie S [Mary D] Valentine 8 Mar 1855 – 6 June 1938
a. Annie Askew 4 July 1876 – 31 Aug 1879
“Died on Sunday, August 31st, Little Annie, daughter of John O. and Mollie D. Askew. Aged 3 years, one month and 27 days” –
b. Lillian C Askew ca 1879 – sp 1939
c. Nora V Askew ca 1881 –
married Herbert Britton lived Norfolk, VA
d. John O Askew III 30 Aug 1888 –
e. Mary L Askew ca 1891 – 1900/1924
f. Grady D Askew 1893 –
7. William S Askew 1853 – 1923
married Mamie L ? 1859 – 1940
8. George B Askew 10 Feb 1862 – 15 Oct 1876 age 14 yrs 8 mo 5 days

?Children of Jesse Yeats Harrell:
?Children of Wm. J Harrell:

Grandchildren of Abner Harrell and Leah H Norfleet:
their 3 children all died as infants

Grandchildren of Abner Harrell & Ann [Nancy] Jones:

Children of Mary E Harrell & Rev. Joshua Leigh Garrett:
“The Joshua Leigh Garrett story is this- His Mother Nancy Anne Leigh married three times, First to a Bellamy then to William Garrett who was Joshua’s father, William died several months before Joshua was born, then she married John Hibble (that’s where my middle name comes from).
Joshua graduated from William & Mary College and was ordained a Methodist preacher in Petersburg, Va. and given a circuit to ride in North Carolina (Hertford and Bertie counties were in the Va. conference at that time) He preached in Murfreesboro, Harrellsville, and Coleraine. I have certificates he received when he was ordained.
The family story passed down to me is , that he and Mary E. Harrell, daughter of Abner, eloped to Gates county and were married by a minister who was a friend of his. They had several children that died in infancy and two who lived, Annie Leigh , whose picture you have, and a son called Willy.
Joshua enlisted in the Confederate army at Belroi plantation in Glouster Co.Va. in 1861. He served during the battles in northern Va, he resigned his commission as a Major in the army in 1865 after his hearing was impaired from cannon firing. His Mother died that year (I have her obituary published in the Richmond Christian Advocate) and Mary and his stepfather John Hibble also died that year.
Joshua returned to his ministry and married my Great Grandmother Sarah Lucrecia Hays , daughter of Wiley and Cynthia Rayner Garrett Hays. Sarah Hays had two brothers, Joseph who was a Lt. in his half brother’s (Thomas Miles Garrett’s) company F, Fifth Reg. from Windsor. Also a younger brother John. who lived to be an old man and lived in Ahoskie when I was a child. (I don’t think you have him listed) The names of Joshua and Sarah’s children as I have them are: Thomas Wiley -Born June 21 1866 Died June 26 1867 Joshua Leigh Jr. Born July 12th 1867 Died Oct. 6th 1869 Martha Rayner (called Mattie) – Born1868 Died 1940 Julia Short -died infant Mary Cherry- Born 18 71 Died 1887 Cynthia Imogene- Died after she married ? Sally Born-? Married John Garrett her cousin (Richard Garrett’s son) John Garrett Hays Born 1877 Died 1971 Addie Cowles Born 1879 Died 1969 Kate Hibble (my grandmother Born Oct. 2 1882 Died June 1981 Almost 100 yr. old . . . . My grandmother told that her father’s son Willy (Annie Thatch’s brother) left home when he was a teen, and when their father died they could not find him.”
e-mail from Martha Copeland 3 July ’01.

1. Annie Leigh Garrett 1855 Hertford Co – 1 July 1917 Perquimans Co
Painting of Annie L Garrett

married 1878 Richard Benjamin Thach 10 Feb 1850 Perquimans Co – 1928



R B Thach
ancestors of Phil Thatch Visit Phil’s Web site


  1. Elizabeth Jones Garrett 24 May 1859 Gloustar Co VA – 31 Oct 1863 Harrellsville NC
  2. William Harrell [Willy] Garrett 1862 Gloucester Co, VA – aft 1870 [died Chicago]
    ” left home as a teen and when his father died he could not be located.”
  3. Marius Shield Garrett 5 Feb 1865 Harrellsville NC – 21 Sept 1867 Indian Ridge Circuit

Children of Joshua Garrett and 2nd wife Sarah Hayes

1. Thomas Wiley Garrett 21 June 1866 Harrellsville NC – 26 June 1867 Indian Ridge Circuit

  1. Martha Rayner [ Mattie] Garrett 12 Feb 1868 Lunenburg CoVA – 1940 Roxobel NC
    married Winton NC 3 Aug 1908 James H Wilkins no children
  2. Mary Cherry [Molly] Garrett 7 Sept 1869 Farmville VA – 28 July 1892 Perquimons Co NC
  3. Sally Hays Garrett 27 Jan 1871 Parsonage of Princess Anne Church VA – 29 Aug 1954 Southport NC
    married John Joseph Garrett 1868 -1931 her cousin (Richard Garrett’s son)
    Both are buried in the Northwood Cemetery in Southport NC.

    The Cemetery is on Fodale St.  Right off Howe St. 
    We also visited the mortuary at 1411 Howe St.  We think that it’ was the home of  John Joseph Garrett. Amy Burke
  4. Cynthia Imogene Garrett 14 May 1872 VA – 1929 Arcadia FL
    Died after she married
  5. Joshua Leigh Garrett Jr. 12 July 1874 – 6 Oct. 1
  6. John Hays Garrett 13 June 1876 Elizabeth City NC – 1975 Richmond
  7. son died at birth March 1878 unname
  8. Julia Short Garrett 27 Jan 1879 Hertford Co NC – 14 Feb 1879 Hertford Co NC -died infant
  9. Addie Cowles Garrett 21 Feb 1880 NC – 1969
    married 8 June 1904 Robert Hays her cousin
    son of Elisha Hays
  10. Kate Hibble Garrett 2 Oct. 1882 NC – June 1981 Almost 100 yr. old !!
Joshua Garrett
married 2nd 5 Sept 1865 Sarah Lucretia [Sally] Hays
of Bertie Co
ca 1844 – 1923
“Having worn black mourning clothes for forty years, she died [in 1923] in Roxebel at the home of her daughter Mattie (Martha) Garrett Wilkins. ” grandmother of Martha Copeland, dec

Grandchildren of Abner Harrell and Mary E C Womble

Children of Lucy Frances Harrell & Daniel W Reed
1. Mary Freeman Reed Jan 1873 – 1959 Jackson MS
buried Cedar Lawn Cem.
2. Whitmel Hardy Reed ca 1875 –
3. Annie Hunter Reed Nov 1877 AL – unk
email from Reed B. McAtee, g grandson of D W Reed and 2nd wife

Children of Daniel W Reed and Ella Bezelle Wiggins: 2nd family
1. Edith Bezelle Reed 17 Aug 1887 – 10 April 1953 Jackson MS
married John Lambert Neill
2. Walter Reed 23 Jun 1889 – 12 Jun 1890
buried Greenwood Cem. Jackson MS
3. Lucien Wycliff 18 May 1891 – 4 Dec 1964 Jackson MS
married Wilmoth [Willie] Ruthvin
both buried Cedar Lawn Cem.
4. Ruth Reed Jan 1894 – ? Jackson MS
married Glenn W McCracken
they lived in Birmingham AL
5. Olis Louise Reed 7 July 1895 – 23 Aug 1947 Jackson MS
married Levi Wallace McAtee Sr.
buried Lakewood Memorial Park, Jackson MS

Children of Ellen Riddick Harrell & Benj. F Beverly of Union
In 1910 Census Ellen stated she had had 11 children/ 5 still living
1. Clara Beverly 1876 –
2. Allen H Beverly 1886 –
3. Mattie Beverly 1888 –
4. Cora Beverly 1891 –
5. George A Beverly 1894 –

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  1. I am the G Grandson of Daniel Whitmel Reed who’s first wife was Lucy Frances Harrell. Lucy was the daughter of Abner Harrell and Mary E C Womble. Does anyone have any ideas on where her final resting place might be? I am following a lead in Thibadeaux, LA, but not sure this will be the right one. Does any one have any knowledge or suggestions. I am not sure she was not remarried after DW. Thank you in advance.

  2. To Whom it May cocern:
    Very interesting article , I was wondering if this house is still standing ,and if it is, are people allowed to tour it ,or should I ask is it a museum. My family would love to take a tour. Thank you.

    1. Hi Donna,
      I just came across this site. My Dad was Kenneth Gates who did a lot of the research and wrote I think most of this article. He was very interested in his family history. He was related to Abner Harrell. My Dad died in 2010 and I’m just beginning to look at all his research. As far as I know the house is no longer standing. I think something was built in its place years ago when the property was bought by someone. Hope this helps.
      Tracey Gates- Dahlman

      1. Hello, Tracey, Sorry to hear that your father has died.
        He contributed some of the descendants of Abner Harrell – particularly those of Artemus Crouder Harrell. Also he sent the picture he snapped of Abner that the Harrellsville Historical Society had. I do think that is the picture that Winborne used for an etching in his history of Hertford County.
        My understanding is the house was taken down a few years ago. but I also understand that the old building that was used for the girls’ school is still there restored.
        David Powell checked the cemetery there and discovered the markers for Samuel W Harrell and Mrs. Jane Harrell just a couple of years before his untimely death.


      2. Hi Tracey, I believe I met your father when I was younger, but if not, my father (LeRoy Harrell, Jr, son of Lee and Doris, who passed away in 2017) communicated with him via email quite a bit. When I was younger, we visited the house and etched gravestones, so this must have been in the late-1990’s.

        My father passed away in 2019 and while clearing out his house, the book with my family’s history was thrown away, so I only have my memory to go off of. If you have any information that you would be willing to share with me, I would very much appreciate it.

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