Isak Krauskopf, Esther Markus, Markus Krauskopf, Anna Loch & Demutha Bloch

Bob’s Great,Great, Great grandparents:

Markus Krauskopf 17xx – 1838 | parents
& 1801 Anna Loch 17xx – 1807 | parents
& 1808 Demutha Bloch 17xx – ? | parents
of Podmokly, Bohemia

name of the familiant: Krauskopf Markus, place of living Podmokly

his parents: Isak Krauskopf, and Esther Markus

Markus was married twice: His first wife was Anna Lochin [Anna nee Loch] and the second was Demutha nee Bloch.

The first marriage allowance was dated June 22, 1801 [number 20818]
and the second was dated January 2, 1808 [number 42578] both for the dominion Podmokly

The date of Markus’s death: January 17, 1838.

Sons of Markus Krauskopf:
1. son Joseph born in 1807 son of Markus and Anna.
married 18 Aug 1841 Ludmilla Federmann from Zihobce

2. son Isak born in 1820

Joseph received the marriage konsens dated June 24, 1841, number 31530. The date of the marriage of Joseph and Ludmilla was August 18, 1841

Bob’s 4th great grandparents

Isak Lobel Krauskopf | parents
& 1757 Esther Markus | parents
of Drhovle, Bohemia

Isak Lobel received the marriage konsens in the year 1757 for Drhovle.

sons of Isak Lobel and Esther Markus

1. Juda Lobel [Jakob (with wife Rebeka)
married 1782 in Podmokly unnamed woman
they had no sons

2. Markus Krauskopf
married 1801 Anna Loch
had son Joseph in 1807
married 1808 Demutha Bloch
had son Isak 1820

After the death of Isak the familiant position in Drhovie was cancelled while his sons Juda Lobel and Markus had their marriage konsenses for Podmokly.

The Krauskopf family lived in Podmokly and Drhovle. Podmokly in near Susice, and Drhovie near Pisek. both in Southern Bohemia.

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