John Rountree, Emily Sanderlin,

Sally’s Great Grandparents:

John Abner Rountree 1833 – 1899 | his parents
& 1867 Emily Jane Sanderlin 1834 – 1898 |her parents
& ca 1849 Stephen Dudley ca 1820 – bef 1854 | his parents
& ca 1854 Thomas Walker 1807 – 1865 | his parents
of near Sunbury, Gates County, North Carolina

John-Abner-Rountree Emily-Jane-Rountree

John Abner Rountree and the widow Emily Jane Sanderlin Dudley Walker were married 15 September 1867.  He was her third husband.

John Abner Rountree, son of Solomon Rountree and his wife Amelia Hudgins, was born 3 July 1833.
He departed this life 11 December 1899–age 66.
He was a farmer.

Emily Jane Sanderlin, daughter of Dorsey Asa Sanderlin and his wife, Lydia Walkup,
was born 11 Dec 1834 in Camden County, NC.
Emily Jane was reputed to be the belle of the tri-county ball the year she was sixteen.
Her family aspired a higher education for her,
but she eloped that year with Stephen Dudley of Elizabeth City.
Their son William was born in 1852, and Stephen Dudley died shortly after that.
Emily married next Thomas Walker, a widower with eight children some older than herself.
Thomas was born 13 Dec 1807 in Currituck Co,
the son of John Walker and wife Sarah Northern [born 8 Jan 1775].
Thomas had two siblings: John Walker Jr and Fannie Ann Walker, who was born 13 Feb 1809.
Thomas Walker died 3 July 1865 leaving Emily Jane, a widow for the second time with three sons of her own plus four young step-sons to raise.
On 15 September 1867 she married for the third time John Abner Rountree of Gates County.

In May 1898, Emily Jane’s son Beaurie Walker, the sailor,
came to her home sick with small pox.
While nursing Beaurie Walker, Emily Jane caught the disease and died 16 June 1898 at the age of 64.
In carrying out her deathbed request, Emily Jane’s body was interred beside her mother Lydia in a cemetery in Camden County.
John Abner Rountree died eighteen months later 11 Dec 1899
and was buried in the Rountree Cemetery in Gates County.

Emily Jane’s children

Child of Stephen Dudley and Emily Jane Sanderlin:
1. William Dudley 1852 – ca 1895
[both died when their boat capsized during a hurricane]
married Sally Sanderlin 1858 – ca 1895
a. Joseph J Dudley 1875 –
b. Walter Dudley 1877 –
c. Warren O Dudley 1879 –
d. Steve Dudley ca 1881 –
e. Charlie Dudley Sept 1883 –
Married Mary Worrell several children.
f. Kate Dudley 28 Sept 1886 – 6 Mar 1945
married Luther Eure 8 Mar 1886 – 23 Dec 1939 no issue

Ca 1930 Kate Dudley Eure with Hortense Rountree Parker

g. Alice Dudley 6 May 1889 – 23 Dec 1905 age 16
h. William Wallace Dudley Sept 1892 –
Married & had several children.
i. Emma Dudley 12 Oct 1893 – 16 July 1954
married Tom Brown Parker 1886 – 1958

Children of Thomas Walker and Emily Jane Sanderlin:
2. Adolphus [Dolly] Sanderlin Walker 2 Nov 1855 –
Married 8 Sept 1885 Delphina E [Donnie] Brown June 1865 –
a. Fannie Hortense Walker Aug 1887 –
b. Thomas J Walker Mar 1888 –
c. Henry Grady Walker July 1891 –
d. Emily Walker 1899 –
e. Nettie Walker 1902 –
f. Maxie Walker 1907 –

3. Jefferson O’Jennings Beauregard [Beaurie] Walker 4 Dec 1862 – aft 1924
Home for old sailors in New York City where my Mama visited him summer of 1924
he was a lifelong sailor or merchant marine – never married

Children of John Abner Rountree and Emily Jane Sanderlin:
4. Warner Jackson Rountree 18 September 1868 – 17 September 1883, age 15

5. Emily Hortense Rountree 17 August 1870 -1952
married 21 Mar 1894 Tim Parker 1859 – 1927
a. Gladiola Parker 1895 – 1974
married 20 May 1925 J Raynor Moore 1892 – 1969;
b. Timothy Beauregard (Beaurie) Parker 1896 – 1984
married 5 Jan 1921 Lillie Waff Smith 1896 – 1976

6. Dorsey Sanderlin Rountree 13 March 1873 – 9 Jan 1959 at his home
married 2 Dec 1897 Ambronetta [Nettie] Corbett 1872 – 22 Aug 1942 at home

dsr_wed1 dsr_wed2
Wedding Portraits 1897 of Nettie & Dorsey Rountree

Dorsey & Nettie ca 1940

Dorsey & Nettie Rountree’s Home – photo ca 1975

The house in 1989 – in picture William Franklin Rountrey.

a. John Robert Rountree 30 Aug 1898 – 2 Nov 1900
b. Nettie Etheleen Rountree 8 Dec 1899 – 9 May 1984 Portsmouth VA
married 6 Oct 1920 Emory Bernard Speight 6 Jul 1897 – Feb 1976
i. Helen Louise Speight 9 Oct 1921 – 17 Oct 2002
married 30 April 1922, Thomas R Belote d 29 April 2006
1. Barbara L Belote
2. Thomas Belote.
a. Debbie Belote
ii. Mary Nettie Speight 25 March 1924 – 8 March 1988
“1960’s” was admitted to nursing home

married James Render King
1. Carol Jean King 1943 –
Married Louis Charles Loria.
a. Louis Charles Loria II
married Stella Christine Porter
i. Sarah Ann Loria.
ii. Elizabeth Mae Loria
b. Joseph Michael Loria
c. James Bernard Loria
married Sandi Dawn Stegall
i. James Brandon Loria
2. Bruce Allen King 1956 –
married Stephanie A.  1957 –

iii. Emory Bernard Speight Jr 13 Nov 1928 – 9 May 2013
married Roegean Powers Hughes
iv. Bernadine Speight 23 Nov 1935 – 20 Feb 2011 – five grandchildren
married 1st Ronald Peake Sheldon –  divorced
married 2nd Roger Willis Swindell
1. Tia
married William Stout
2. Victoria
married David Kelley
3. Robert E Swindell

c. Thurman Benjamin Rountree 8 April 1902 – 18 April 1971
married 7 Apr 1923 Ica Lee Rice 1 June 1903 – 26 Mar 1988
i. Thurman Benjamin Rountree Jr 9 June 1925 – 16 Nov 2002 Calif.
married Sept 1946 Evelyn Irene Piland – died 21 Jan 1997
 they divorced ca 1971

1. Alvin Thurman Rountree 21 Aug 1947 – 17 Nov 2004
   [married 1st a Patty, div. after 10 months]
married 21 May 1972 Deborah Jean Goins 1953 –
a. Brandi Lynn Rountree 1973 –
married 24 Apr 1997 Mark Alan Gragg 1970 OK –
i. Ramsey Nichole 2002 – f
ii. Landyn Noelle 2005 – f
iii. Caedman Alexander 2007 – m

b. Jaime Michele Rountree 1976 –
married 2007 Jason Caroll Conley 1978 OK –
i. Grady Alexander 2001 –
ii. Braeden Cole 2003 –
iii. Hollis Benjamin 2012 –

1981 Alvin and Deborah divorced
Alvin married 2nd Susan Jane Hutt, they divorced, no issue
Alvin married 3rd 30 Sept 1988 Paula Jean Minnick, no issue,
Paula was his widow.

2. Alma Rae Rountree 1949 – e-mail
married 1974 Artie Simmons Toxey
a. Craig Simmons Toxey 1976 –
married 2002 Jennifer Lee Allan
i. Elizabeth Rose 2004 –
ii. Kristin Lee 2006 –
iii. William Simmons 2006 –
b. Eric Daniel Toxey 1979 –
married Sarah Anne Ware div. 2006
i. Erica Marie
ii. Daniel Simmons
c. Dana Renee 1966 [Artie’s child by 1st wife]
3. Elaine Kaye Rountree 1956 –
married Dennis A Benjamin Jr
a. Nathan Benjamin 1989 –
 married 2013 Tamara Graham 1990 –
i. Ariah Lee Benjamin 2011 – [step-child]
ii. Inara Elaine Benjamin 19 Dec 2018 –
iii. Hazel Pearl Benjamin 19 Nov 2020 –
Elaine’s stepchildren
b. Nicole Susanne Benjamin 1975 –
c. Bryce Justin Benjamin 1976 –
d. Eric Dennis Benjamin 1978 –
Thurman Jr. married 2nd ca 1971 Mary Tecia [she was his widow]

ii. Robert [Bob] Howard Rountree 24 Jan 1927 – 1 Oct 2009 Burlington NC obit
US Coast Guard during WW II
married ca 1949 Hazel Wilson d. 27 May 2014
1. Patricia Lee Rountree of Maryland
married Mark Eugene Staffeldt
2. Robert Guy Rountree of Alaska
married Lydia Jordan
a. Gina Marie Rountree
b. Sarah Lydia Rountree
3. Karen Ann Rountree
married William Pope of NC
iii. Harry Lee Rountree 31 July 1930 – 3 Feb 2007 Jacksonville FL
married Rose Alienne Burton
left wife and children
1. Teresa Lee Rountree
married 1st Steve Williams
married 2nd Kevin Lee Schuman
a. Cassie Alexandra Schuman
b. Michael Lee Schuman
c. David Lee Schuman
2. Ronald Douglas Rountree
married Rehia Lynn Devary
a. Jeffrey Douglas Rountree
b. Jennifer Dawn Rountree
3. Alan David Rountree
married Pamela ?
a. Benjamin Jacob Rountree
b. Corey Alan Rountree
c. Treva David Rountree
iv. Ralph Marion Rountree 25 Dec 1932 – 18 Dec 2007 VA
married Aline Jeanette Wommack 10 Aug 1934 – 17 Apr 2016
1. Sharon Kay Rountree e-mail
married Troy C Wolf

2. James Douglas [JD] Rountree 20 Feb 1960 – 13 Feb 2011

(motorcycle accident in Williamsburg VA)
married Linda Jane Sikes – divorced
v. Mary Evelyn Rountree 5 Dec 1937 – e-mail
married Fred Rea Lassiter 8 Aug 1936 – 23 Feb 2005
US Air Force for four years
1. Donna Leigh Lassiter
married Kenneth Len Moses of Greenville NC
a. Hunter Ian Moses
2. Steven Rea Lassiter
married Tammy Lynn Johnson
a. Daniel Rea Lassiter
married Candace Ann Francis Lapan
b. Mary Lynn Lassiter
married 8 Oct 2011 Paul Brian Cox
d. Harvey Corbitt Rountree 15 Aug 1904 -7 Jan 1956
married 6 Jan 1927 Gladys Myrtle Johnson 26 Sept 1908 – 1 Nov 1988
i. Harvey Milton Rountree 10 Sept 1928 – 24 July 1951


“killed on training mission at the Omura Gunnery Range at Kyushu, Japan, when his aircraft disintegrated in mid-air”
ii. Ellen Rountree Pfeiffer 23 June 1930 – 28 April 2008 (breast cancer)

married 27 Dec 1952 and divorced 1983
Willard Dean Pfeiffer (Capt.USN retired) b. 1927 –

1. Dawn Leigh Pfeiffer
married Victor Charles DeBolle
a. Elizabeth Gage DeBolle
b. Charles DeBolle
2. Lisa Anne Pfeiffer
iii. John Edgar Rountree 10 June 1932 –
married Nicole ? from France
1. Claude Milton Rountree 30 Jan 1964 Seoul, S. Korea – 12 April 2014
  married Karen Sawyer
a. Anna (twin)

b. Rachel (twin)

e. Shirley Dorsey Rountree 22 Aug 1906 – 7 April 1979
married 8 Dec 1929 Ethel E. Everett 1909 – 6 Nov. 1962

Shirley Dorsey Rountree Jr. 1930 – 2011


i. Shirley Dorsey Rountree Jr 17 Oct 1930 – 14 June 2011 engineer
married Brenda Florence Blackburn 

Shirley Sr married 2nd Virginia Pearson 15 April 1912 – 8 Nov 2011

f. Robert Elliott Rountree 2 Dec 1908 – 6 Feb 1988 (Commander, USCG)
married 17 Nov 1929 Marie Shaw Jones 16 Jul 1909 – 2 June 2000
i. Robert Elliott Rountree Jr 29 May 1930 –
married and divorced Carol Lee Heidenright
1. Beth G Rountree
married ? Dowd
married 2nd Janet Lee Brown
1. Sharon Marie Rountree
married John Odenkirk
2. Steven Garnett Rountree
ii. Maxine Shaw Rountree Saunders 14 Oct 1932 –
married Bernard Francis Miller Jr.
1. Bernard Francis Miller III 13 July 1951 – 20 Dec 2002
married Linda Alexander
a. Bernard Francis Miller IV
b. Christian Miller
Bernard married 2nd Patty (widow)
1. Robert Elliott Miller
2. Jeffrey Shaw Miller 7 Oct 1955 – 20 April 2006
3. Gregory Leigh Miller
married Christine Peck
a. Caleb Miller
b. Justin Case Miller
4. Marie Elizabeth Miller
married and divorced Christopher Rose
a. Robert Elliott Rose
b. Nicholas Christopher Rose
married 2nd Dennis Petterson
a. Kenneth Petterson
iii. Jocelyn Irene Rountree 22 Oct 1934 – e-mail
married 1st Richard Dixon 25 Sept 1927 – died
1. Richard Dixon Jr 20 Sept 1955 – 3 Nov 1959
married 2nd Dr. Neville Kingsley Connolly 13 Nov. 1926 – 30 Jan 2017

g. Margaret Emily Rountree 13 Oct 1912 – 11 Dec 2003
Wednesday, 17 Dec 2003, The Roanoke-Chowan News Herald
: CORAPEAKE – Margaret Rountree Ward, 91, a
native of Gates County, died December 11, 2003, in Nansemond Pointe Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center, Suffolk. She was the widow of Walter Aleck Ward Sr.
A funeral was conducted Sunday in Eureka Baptist Church by the Rev. Cameron Currin. Burial was in the church cemetery. Miller Funeral Home, Gatesville, was in charge. Memorial contributions may be made to the American Heart Association, the Nansemond-Suffolk Rescue Squad or to the building fund of Eureka Baptist Church. For more than 60 years, she was an active member of Eureka Baptist Church where she had been a choir member and had taught Sunday school. She had served in leadership capacities in the Corapeake Extension Homemakers Club, the Gates County Council of Extension Homemakers Clubs and the NC Homemakers Association. A member of the Holly Rebekah Lodge of the Rebekah Assembly, International Order of Oddfellows of NC, she had served as district president and as president of the Rebekah Assembly of NC. Mrs. Ward was instrumental in organizing the Gates County Unit of the American Cancer Society and served as state director and president of the local chapter for a number of years. She had been a member of the Democratic Party since 1933 and for a number of years served as precinct vice-chairman and later as precinct chairman. Survivors include her children, son, Walter A. Ward Jr. of Chesapeake, Va.; a daughter, Frances Ward Brooks of Raleigh; son, Thomas A Ward of Raleigh, NC; 10 grandchildren; and 10 great-grandchildren.

married 17 Dec 1931 Walter Alec Ward 27 Sept 1912 – 25 Nov 1990
i. Walter Alec Ward Jr 12 Nov 1932 –
married Joyce Gatling – divorced
1. Anna Michelle Ward
married Bruce Wayne Bunch
a. Tyler Justin Bunch
2. Walter A Ward III
married Michelle Taylor
a. Alissa Taylor Ward
b. Aleck Jordan Ward
Walter A Ward Jr
 married 2nd Etheleen Matthews 22 Jan 1925 – 8 Jan 2017

ii. Frances Elizabeth Ward 17 Mar 1938 –
married William Marion Brooks Sr. 11 Dec 1930 – 29 June 2007
1. William Marion Brooks Jr
married Sabrina Sowell
a. William Sowell Brooks
b. McKinney Lee Brooks
2. Robert Winfield Brooks
married Laura Conder
a. Laura Hayden Brooks
b. Scott Aleck Brooks
c. Emma Catherine Brooks
3. Amanda Ward Brooks
married Christopher Thomas Carson
a. John Wallace Carson
4. Elizabeth Tremer Brooks
married Henry Sappenfield
a. George Trotter Sappenfield
b. Robert Boone Sappenfield
c. Catherine Knight

iii. John Atwood Ward 11 Oct 1940 – 1 Dec 2003 obit
Thursday, Dec. 4, 2003, The Virginian-Pilot: John Atwood Ward, 63, died Dec. 1, 2003, at Obici Hospital. Born Oct. 11, 1940, in Gates County, N.C., . . the son of Margaret Rountree Ward and the late Walter A. Ward. Mr. Ward was an agent for Nationwide Insurance and was a member of the Life Underwriter’s Association, . . .of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows and of Providence United Methodist Church, where he was active in the leadership of the church. Survivors include his wife, Annie Marie Ward; daughter, Beth Ward Langston and husband David of Tifton, Ga.; son, John A. Ward II of Westwood, Calif.; stepdaughter, Lori Mc- Clenny Bender and husband Bill of Houston, Texas; stepson, Jeffrey Kane McClenny of Suffolk; sister, Frances Ward Brooks of Raleigh, N.C.; brothers, Walter A. Ward Jr. of Chesapeake, Thomas A. Ward of Raleigh, N.C.; and grandchildren, Mary Catherine Langston, Madelin Bender and Burke Bender. A funeral will be held Friday at 11 a.m. in Providence United Methodist Church . . . with burial in Eureka Baptist Church Cemetery [Sunbury NC]. . .

married Joan Rebecca Alexander 29 Dec 1941 – 3 June 1989
1. John Atwood Ward II
married Kristen Scott
2. Beth Ann Ward
married David Barnes Langston
a. Mary Catherine Rebecca Langston
b. John Thomas Langston
John Atwood Ward
  married 2nd 10 Feb 1996 Annie Marie Riddick

iv. Thomas Alan Ward 28 June 1949 – e-mail
married Betty Jean Parson
1. Thomas Alan Ward Jr
2. David Alexander Ward

h. Dorothy Sanderlin Rountree 18 July 1915 – 11 Sept 1991
married 27 Jan 1939 William Wittler Euler 29 Jan 1904 – 1 June 1993
i. Carolyn Anne Euler 25 June 1943 – e-mail
married 4 April 1966 Angus Robert McLeod – divorced
married 2nd Malcolm Kenyon McKown Jr
1. John William McKown
married Antoinette Dean Keatley – divorced
married 2nd Sept 1996 Kelly Ann Pasta Seck – divorced

a. Ryan Scott McKown
b. Emily Rachael McKown
married 3rd 10 Nov 2013 Christine Louise Potter
a. Madelyn Grace McKown
b. Penelope Joy McKown

2. Robert Scott McKown 25 Nov 1968 – 8 May 1994 of Leukemia
engaged to Julie A Alberts

7. John James Rountree 11 May 1875 – 1936
“killed falling off his roof while fixing shingles on a hot summer day”
married Frances Hinton 1879 – 1948
Frances (Fanny) Hinton Rountree’s brother, Oscar Hinton was quite the dandy of the day – wore white linen suits and a fedora, and wrote poetry.


The three Rountree Children that lived to be adults 1930
John James (Jim) Rountree 1875-1936
Emily Hortense Rountree Parker 1870-1952
Dorsey Sanderlin Rountree 1873-1959


Wedding Day of J R Moore & Gladiola Parker
at the T E Parker Home 20 May 1925
Front: J. R. Moore & wife Gladiola, Aunt Fannie Rountree, Julia Moore, Back: J. W. Parker (Uncle Pomp), Emily Parker Aunt Em), Tennie Parker (Mother), Lesker Parker, Tim Parker (Papa), Bill Parker (Uncle), Ruth Parker, and Aunt Venie Parker.

a. Alma Rountree 1907-ca 1958
married Lester Yates Haynes of Mt. Airy, NC
i. Jim Haynes
ii. Frances Haynes Hawk of Ogden, Utah
b. John Hinton Rountree 1908
married “Jonni” Clara Mabel Sharpe of Alamance Cty, NC
i. Frances Ann Rountree Lineweaver of Greensboro, NC
ii. Rebecca Sharpe Rountree Harris of Brentwood, TN e-mail
iii. Mary Hinton Rountree Moore of Chapel Hill, NC

Christmas 1954 – Hinton Rountree Family
c. Frances Rountree

married Warren Bray
i. Dr. Ned Bray of Greenville, SC
ii. Dr. Gordon Bray of Greenville, SC

8. George Alphonso Rountree 11 February 1878 – 20 June 1878, age 6 mos.

– – – – – – – –

Emily Jane’s Step children:
Thomas Walker and wife Elizabeth West 1807 – 23 Oct 1845 had:
she was daughter of Willoughby West and wife Penelope
1. Adelia Ann Walker 26 Apr 1832 –
2. Caroline Walker 20 Mar 1834 –
3. Wiley O’Kelly Walker 11 May 1836 – 22 June 1922 Currituck Co NC

Private Wiley O’Kelly Walker CSA
Company I, 15th Cal Regiment Virginia
Company G, 4th Cavalry Regiment North Carolina

married 29 Jan 1868 Mary Elizabeth Ferebee 1 Nov 1849 – 31 Dec 1928
daughter of Enoch Dozier Ferebee & Sarah Elizabeth Halstead
both buried Halstead Cemetery, Crawford Township, Currituck Co. NC

a. John Thomas Walker 29 Nov 1868 – 6 Dec 1868 dy 1wk
b. Sarah Ella Walker 13 Feb 1871 – 6 Jan 1947
married Lucian M. Hamilton
i. Pearl Elizabeth Hamilton
married 16 Jan 1934 Saul Willoughby West 3 Mar 1905 NC – 31 Dec 1942 Currituck NC
ii. Guy Hamilton 19 Dec 1906 – 20 Dec 1906
c. Tully Halstead Walker 11 Apr 1873 – 19 Jul 1880 dy 7 yrs 3 mo
d. William Thomas Walker 16 Feb 1876 – 18 Jul 1880 dy 4 yrs 5 mo
e. Wiley Leroy Walker 12 Oct 1879 – 22 Jul 1880 dy 9 mos
f. Bessie Mae Walker 1 May 1881 – 25 Oct 1945
g. Nellie Viola Walker 15 Aug 1884 – 26 Jul 1887 dy 2 yrs 11 mo
h. Wiley D. Walker 9 Nov 1890 – 24 Dec 1951
married Helen Griggs 12 Jan 1896 – 8 Apr 1982
i. Infant Walker 23 Sep 1917 – 23 Sep 1917
ii. Robert Walker
married Evelyn Pritchard
4. Thomas Davidson Walker 20 Oct 1840 – 9 May 1912
married 11 Dec 1872 Lois Adelia Barefoot

Thomas Walker and 2nd wife Elizabeth Dozier 22 Aug 1819 – 23 July 1853 had:
she was daughter of Tully Cherry Dozier and wife Polly
she may have been married 1st to a Scott as Eliza Scott 14 is living in the household 1850

1. Licinius/Lucious Walker 11 June 1847 – 19 July 1919
Although the family Bible was transcribed as Lucious born in 1847 his tombstone says Licineus 1848
note the 1860 census said Lucinius
married Etta
married 21 Feb 1878 Mary Love Nicholson
a. Hallie Walker
married Sada Simmons
i. Wilbur Walker
ii. Manfred Walker
iii. Mildred Walker
iv. Elsie Mae Walker

stone in the Walker Cemetery, Moyock NC

2. Claudius Ceasar Walker 11 June 1847 – 20 May 1933


stone in the Walker Cemetery, Moyock NC

married 8 July 1875 Sarah Elizabeth Ferebee 28 Jan 1854 – 17 Mar 1943
sister of Mary Elizabeth Ferebee
a. Arthur C. Walker 15 Dec 1881 – 25 Jul 1885 dy
b. Otley Halstead Walker 9 Dec 1886 –
married Mary Edith Kelly
i. Thelma Walker 29 May 1912 –
c. Glenna Elizabeth Walker 31 Jan 1888 – 28 Feb 1981
married 18 Nov 1916 Edward Willis Addison 31 July 1880 – 18 Nov 1952
d. William F. Walker 9 Oct 1889 – 17 Aug 1974
married 26 Dec 1919 Katie Flora
i. Kathryn Flora Walker 11 Nov 1920 –
married 19 Dec 1943 Leon J. Grabow
ii. Adelaid Baxter Walker 17 May 1922 –
iii. Mildred Jean Walker 15 Aug 1928 –
iv. Robert Edward Walker 26 Jan 1934 –
married 12 June 1955 Ellen Lowe
v. Glenna Addison Walker 1 January 1935 –
married 11 July 1954 Nolan C. Alcock
3. Virginius Walker 11 June 1849 – 1849 died young
4. Virginius Walker 21 Dec 1850 – 2 Jan 1910
e-mail from Frances Thomas – Virginius Walker was my great great grandfather.
He disowned Thomas Augustus his son by Caroline Berry because he said his mother was unfaithful to him

Virginius Walker

married Caroline Berry
a. Charles Walker
b. Thomas Augustus Walker 26 Mar 1873 – 16 June 1933

buried Walker family cemetery Moyock NC

Thomas Augustus Walker

married Amanda Riley 20 Oct 1858 – 26 May 1893
i. Alverta V Walker 20 Aug 1891 – died at sea
ii. Riley A Walker 11 May 1893 – 16 May 1893
married 2nd Fannie Huldah Pritchard 5 Oct 1874 South Mills – 14 Oct 1942
i. Emilie Livius Walker 13 Jan 1899 – Jan 1978
married Eugene Wilson d. 2011
 1.Elizabeth H. Wilson
married Albert C. Stewart

  a. Albert C. Stewart Jr.
he died in a boating accident in 1967

married Melvin Morrisette
married Walter Montague
ii. Ruth Juanita Walker 26 June 1903 Norfolk – 8 Feb 1992 Towson MD
married 5 Sept 1922 Leon Powell Dunton
married 2nd Mary Francis Goodman 1893 – 1976
a. Howard Virginius Walker
married Rena Lassiter

5. Eugene Dozier Walker 13 Jan 1853 – 20 Mar 1928 Norfolk VA
married Maude E Hitchens 1871 –

In the 1860 Census Currituck Co, NC Tulls Creek Bridge
Walker, Thomas 53 m farmer
” Emily, 25 f
” Wiley, 23 m
” Davidson, 19 m
” Lucinius 11 m
” Claudius 11 m
Virginius 8 m
Eugene 7 m
Adolphus 5 m

Grandmother Tennie always spoke of having 10 brothers before she was born. and her mother said she just did not know how to take care of a girl after all those boys.

North Carolina, Gates County, I, John A Rountree of the aforesaid County and State, being of sound mind but considering the uncertainty of my Earthly existence do make and declare this my last will and testament.
First My executor hereinafter named shall give my body a decent burial, suitable to the wishes of my friends and relations and pay all funeral expenses together with my just debts out of the first moneys which may come into his hands belonging to my Estate.
Second I give to my son Dorsey Rountree all of that tract of land which I bought of Simmon J Rountree and wife where I now live and more particularly described in the deed for the same containing Sixty acres.
Third I give to my son James Rountree all of that tract of land on the north side of the road brought of Elijah Draper and wife containing Sixty acres and more particularly described in the same.
Fourth I give to my sons James, Dorsey, and my daughter Emily H Parker all of my chattle estate equally divided between them.
Fifth I hereby constitute and appoint my friend Geo J Costen my lawful executor to all intents and purposes to execute this my last will and testament according to the true intent and meaning of the same and every part and clause thereof hereby revoking and declaring utterly void all other wills and testaments by me heretofore made. In testimony whereof I the said John A Rountree do hereunto set my hand and seal this day of 1898.
John A Rountree (seal)
Signed sealed published and declared by the said John A Rountree to be his last will and testament in the presence of us who at his request and in his presence do subscribe our names as witnesses thereto Wm H Riddick, T H Rountree.
Superior Court 22 November 1900: Exhibited by Geo J Costen executor; proved by T H Rountree and W H Riddick. Real & personal property is worth about $1000. Dorsey Rountree, James Rountree & Emily H Rountree Parker all of full age of Gates Co. are the parties entitled.

Two Witches—-Grandmother told us that Living near her when she was a girl were two women known as “witches.”
These unforutnate women had both had out of wedlock children.
Shunned by the community they both lost their sanity after their children grew up and left the area.
One kept two big sticks. A smaller one with which she beat her furniture to scare away the witches—a larger one for beating around out side the house for the same purpose.
The other had a special tattered outfit which she wore on court days to beg from the strangers coming to the county seat.
This was quite profitable for her, but she never spent these coins but rather stowed them away in her little cabin.
One day her house caught fire and burned and there was all these great masses of melted coins!
Grandmother’s mother often would send Little Miss Emily Hortense with dinner to deliver to the old women. Grandmother said she was too scared to go alone & she would always wait on the road (out of sight of her mother) until someone came along & went with her.

8 thoughts on “John Rountree, Emily Sanderlin,”

  1. My great great grandpa was Thomas Augustus Walker was married to Fannie H pritchard, my great grandma (thomas & fannies daughter) was Emilie Livius Walker, she married eugene wilson and gave birth to my Grandma Elizabeth H. Wilson who married my grandpa albert c. Stewart and had my dad albert c. Stewart jr he died in a boating accident in 1967. My grandma died in 1978 and my grandpa died in 2011. If you have any phots of emilie livius walker i would appreciate!

    1. Hi, Laurie – Thanks for your comment. As for pictures of your g grandmother, perhaps her sister’s family may have a picture of her. Your closer cousins would be your best bet. Maybe she appeared in a newspaper article.
      Cousin Sally

      1. Correction, my grandpa albert c stewart, sr died 2011 he was married to elizabeth h wilson but they were divorced. My great grandpa eugene wilson, did not die 2011, he died in 1971

  2. My father is Alvin Thurman Rountree (born 1947) to Thurman Benjamin Rountree Jr. and Evelyn Piland.

    My father married my mother, Deborah Jean Baggett Goins (born 20 May 1953) on 21 May 1972. They had two children, myself, Brandi Lynn Rountree born 30 Sept 1973, and Jaime Michele Rountree, born 4 Oct 1976. They were divorced in 1981.

    I, Brandi Lynn Rountree, married Mark Alan Gragg, born 29 Sept 1970, of Sand Springs Oklahoma on 24 Apr 1997. We have three children, Ramsey Nichole Gragg (female) born 29 Sept 2002, Landyn Noelle Gragg (female) born 30 Apr 2005 and Caedman Alexander Gragg (male) born 21 Jul 2007.

    My sister, Jaime Michele Rountree, married Jason Caroll Conley, born 26 Sep 1977/1978 of Bixby Oklahoma in Feb 2007 I believe. They have three children, Grady Alexander Conley born 5 Jul 2000, Braeden Cole Conley born 27 Feb 2003 and Hollis Benjamin Conley born 3 Jul 2012.

    After divorcing my mother, Deborah Goins, my father Alvin Rountree remarried Jane Rountree (cannot remember her maiden name – sorry) briefly. And after their divorce he remarried again to Paula Rountree (again I cannot remember her maiden name) on 30 Sept 1988. They remained married until his death. Neither marriage produced any offspring.

    That is pretty much all of the direct descendants from Alvin Thurman Rountree. Let me know if there is any more information I can provide.

    I am also looking for family members from the other side of my family tree – the Swanners and the family of John Lewis Brothers. I noticed you have a note in one of your pages regarding Matthew Tobias Swanner from 1762 – he is my 6th great grandfather. My understanding is that both families are residents of the same general area as the Rountree and other families in your site. Any information you may have or contacts you might be able to put me in touch with who may have more information would be greatly appreciated.

    I came across a gentleman who was photographing tombstones of Rountree and related family members for his genealogy site. I have since lost track of his name and site. Would you by any chance happen to know who I am talking about?

    As I have mentioned previously, I really enjoy your site and learn so much more everytime I visit. Thank you for all your hard work!

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