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1939 -Historical edition of the Hertford County Herald
Dr. George W Mitchell son of the late Dr. Jesse H Mitchell gives the following background of the town [Ahoskie] and the Mitchell interests:

“Ahoskie, located principally on the Luke McGloghon farm. is bounded on the South by Ahoskie Swamp, on the west by the lands formerly belonging to Thos. Jenkins and Jim Jenkins, on the North by the lands of Richard and Thomas Hayes, and on the east by the lands of Bill and Cad Jenkins. . . .The Luke McGloughon farm, which was left in a division of the Luke McGloughon holdings to his daughter who had married the father of Tom and Jack Vann and after his death became the wife of George H Mitchell. The latter, familiarly known as “Colonel” Mitchell had previously married a sister of Mrs. Vann and to that union several children were born among them Dr. Jesse H Mitchell. Of several children born to the union with Mrs. Vann, J. Arthur Mitchell was the only one to survive. On the death of the second Mrs. Geo. H Mitchell [mother of the Vann boys Jack and Tom] the Vann boys decided to sell their interest in the Luke McGloughon farm. Dr. J H Mitchell who had meanwhile married Miss Rosa H Montgomery purchased a 5/12th interest in the farm, Colonel George H Mitchell a 1/4 interest and J. Arthur Mitchell retained his 1/3 interest. From that time on Dr. Jesse H Mitchell rented the entire farm and made the present home his residence. The ownership continued the same after the purchase of the Vann boys interest until the death of George H Mitchell, when a division was made giving J. Arthur Mitchell that portion on the east side of the railroad and Dr. J. H. Mitchell the remaining part on the west side of the railroad.”