Christopher Holloman & Margaret Byrd

Sally’s family ties – 6- great – grandparents of R A Holloman III

Christopher [Charles] Holloman 1695/1705 – 1760 | his parents scroll down page
& Margaret Byrd | her parents
of Bertie/Hertford County, NC

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

This man is #3B5 in “The Hollyman Family”

Christopher Hollimon appeared in what is now Hertford County by 12 Feb 1728/29 when he bought 400 a. on Wiccacon Creek adj James Foyle from John Early. Christopher Hollomon settled on N side of Stony Creek in present day Hertford County NC. By about 1759 his son Samuel Hollomon had bought all of Christopher’s land and his brothers had bought from their Byrd uncles land on S side Stony Creek.
Christopher [Sr] is not on 1757 Bertie tax list -prob over 60 or dead.

Known Children of Christopher Hollomon and Margaret Byrd:
1. Samuel Hollomon ca 1726 – on 1757 tax list -died 1762 Hertford Co
married bef 1750 Martha McGlohan
dau of James McGlohan

2. Harmon Hollomon ca 1725 – on 1757 tax list
3. Christopher Hollomon on 1757 tax list decd by Jan 1767
married bef 1750 Jane McGlohan
dau. of James McGlohan
?4. Solomon Hollomon
?5. Edmund Hollomon
a. Thomas Hollomon ca bef 1741 –
?6. Benjamin Hollomon ca 1719 – 1752 Bertie Co
married bef 1746 Elizabeth Freeman ca/bef 1730 –
dau of John Freeman died 1732 Chowan and wife Mary
Chowan Co, DB E page 167 [M H Mosher in John Freeman of Norfolk Co, VA p 34]
a. William bef 1752 –
b. John Q bef 1752 –
c. Mary bef 1752 –
?7. Richard Hollomon

1757 Tax List for Bertie County
In John Brickell’s District
Harmon Hollemon -1
Solomon Hollemon -1
Christo. Hollemon -1
Edmd. Hollemon & his son Thomas -2

In Jno. Hill’s District
Saml. Hollyman -5 [taxables]

In Joseph Barradaill’s District
[a list of the Masters and Mistresses or Overseers in the District]
Richard Holliman
Solomon Holliman
Harmon Holliman

found in the records of Bertie and Hertford counties.
A Christopher Hollimon appears in what is now Hertford County by 12 Feb 1728/29 when he buys 400 a. on Wiccacon Creek adj James Foyle from John Early.

1749 Christopher Hollemon deeds land to his son Samuel Hollimon.
on 11 Feb 1734/35 Samuel witnessed a deed.

a Richard Hollimon was witness to a deed in 1735

1742 Thomas Bird has daughter Margerrit Hollomon

1743 Thomas Bird, cooper sold 640 a. to Benjamin Hollyman on ws of Loosing Sw.

1744/45 Benjamin Holloman sold 320 a to Edmon Holloman

1748 Moses Baker to Benjamin Hollimon 150 a es of Chinkapin.

1751 Christopher Hollowman Sen to his son Harmon Hollowman 200a.

1751 Henry Bird deed land to Solomon Holloman adj. Edmon Bird and Benjamin Holomon at Loosing Sw.


Bertie Co Deed Bk D-25 Feb Ct 1733 – Samuel Hollyman Wit to Deed — Joseph Wall & wife to Samuel Taylor of Surry Co, VA

G-191 6 May 1749 Christopher Hollimon to Samuel Hollimon 40 pds for 200 ac “. . .by my son Samuel Hollimon . . .” on SS Horskey Swamp adj Francis Thomas, William Webb. Wit: William Webb, Henry Reed.

1750 James McGlohon of Bertie Co in his will names
son-in-law Christopher Hollyman
son-in-law Samuel Hollyman
son-in-law William Roads
daughter Alice Mcglohan
son James McGlohan

G-544 12 Jan 1753 James Baker, yeoman to Samuel Hollaman 35 pds for 300 ac land on SS Ahotokey Swamp. Wit: Peggy Wynns, Benjamin Wynns. Aug Ct 1753. Samuel Ormes C/C

H-415 26 Jan 1757 Samuel Hollamon to Moses Sumner 11 pds for 20 ac on NS Ahosky Swamp. Wit: Wm Rasberry, John Rasberry. April Ct 1757. . .

H-424 25 Jan 1757 Harmon Hollamon to Samuel Hollamon 50 pds for 200 ac being part of a tract bought of John Early on NS Ahotskey Swamp. Wit: Moses Sumner, Joshua Deal, April Ct 1757 . . .

Sally’s family ties – 7- great – grandparents of R A Holloman III

Christopher [C] Hollyman died 1731 | his parents
& Susanna ? | her parents
of Isle of Wight Co, VA

This man is #2B1 in “The Hollyman Family”

Children of Christopher C Hollyman and Susanna:
1. James Holliman
2. Susanna Holliman
3. John Holliman
4. Sarah Holliman
5. Christopher Charles Holliman
6. Mary Holliman
7. Rachel Holliman

Will of Christopher Hollyman 2 Aug 1729 – pr 25 Oct 1731 Isle of Wight County VA
In the name of God Amen. I Christopher Hollyman being weak of body but of sound and perfect Memory thanks be to God, but calling to Mind the Uncertainty of this life do make my last will in manner and form following.
First I Give and Bequeath my Soule to Almighty God my Creator and to Jesus Christ my Body to the earth from whence it came.
Secondly I Give and Bequeath to my son James Hollyman 130 acres of Land the lower part of my Land where my son Charles did live bounded with a line of marked trees to him and his heirs.
Thirdly I Give and Bequeath to my son John Hollyman the rest of my land only my wife Susannah to enjoy the Manor Plantation during her life then to the said John and his heirs for ever.
And Lastly I Give to my Wife Susannah all the remainder part of my Estate only Legacies which I have give to my children are possessed with but not moved from the plantation.
Furthermore I do Order Constitute and Appoint my Wife Susannah my Whole and Sole Executrix of this my last Will and Testament.
In Witness whereof I have put my Hand and Seal ye 2nd day of August 1729.

Christop [C] Hollyman
Wit: Tho. Hollyman, sen. Josiah John Hollyman. Thos. [T] Hollyman
proved in open ct. in Isle of Wight, VA the 25th day of October 1731.
Test: James Ingles. Clk. Cort.

Sally’s family ties – 8- great – grandparents of R A Holloman III
“the emigrant”

Christopher Hollyman died 1691
& Mary died ca 1700
of Isle of Wight Co, VA

This man is #1 in “The Hollyman Family” by George A Holleman

Christopher Hollyman arrived in Virginia ca 1650.

Children of Christopher Hollyman and Mary:
1. Thomas Hollyman died March 1734
married Elizabeth died 1738
2. Christopher C Hollyman died 1731 Isle of Wight Co, VA
married Susanna
3. William Hollyman 1661 – 1704
married Marie [Ward of William Chambers]
4. Richard Hollyman died 1711 Surry Co, VA
married Margaret
a. Richard
b. William died 1729
c. Thomas died 1778
married Elizabeth
d. Samuel Hollomon ca 1680 – of Edgecombe Co, NC
married Elizabeth [see deeds from Edgecombe and Duplin Cos]
in the book “The Holloman Family” this man is confused with the Samuel who married Martha McGloghan and was son of Christopher who settled near Stony Creek in now Hertford County, NC in 1729.
i. Robert
ii. Thomas
iii. William
iv. Absolom
v. David
above list of Hollomons appeared in Edgecombe Co after Samuel’s arrival assumed to be his sons
[Jimmy Holloman’s research]

e. Ann
5. Ann Hollyman
married 1691 John Atkinson
6. Mary Hollyman
married 1691 James Atkinson

Will of Christopher Hollyman 24 April 1691 – pr 10 Aug 1692 Isle of Wight Co VA
In the name of God, I Christopher Holliman being very sick and weak of body but of perfect memory do make this my last will and Testament committing mt soule to Christ Jesus, my Savior and Redeemer and my body to the earth from whence it came to be buried in decent maner and as for my worldly estate as followeth
Item I bequeath unto my sonne Thomas Holliman, the land and plantation whereon he now dwelleth with the land belonging which I have already given him by a deed of gift which is not yet confirmed by the court al which I confirm to him his heirs, Executors administrators or assigns for ever.
I bequeath unto my sonne William Holliman all the land which do lyeth between the lands that I gave to my sonne Thomas Holliman and William Gualtneys line to him his heirs, Executors administrators or assigns for ever.
I also give unto my sonne Christopher Holliman the land where he hath now built and cleared with the buildings and fences belonging to him his heirs, Executors administrators or assigns for ever.
I likewise give unto my sonne Richard Holliman my new tobacco house and sufficient ground for his use which lyeth adjoining or near the said house either cleared or to be cleared, with fences and privelege for timber and clearing more ground if he have occasion.
I give unto my daughters Anne Atkinson and Mary Atkinson each of them one ewe.
I also give and bequeath unto my two sons Christopher Holliman and Richard Holliman all the rest of my land with the houses fences orchards woods and appurtenances to be equally divided in quanity and quality to them their heirs Executors administrators or assigns after the death of my wife Mary Holliman.
I bequeath unto my wife Mary Holliman my plantation and land during her life only which is excepted with the houses orchards fences buildings. I do also give all my goods movable and immovable and cattle hogs and horses or whatyever I am now possessed with all and further I do make my wife Mary Holliman my whole and sole executrix of this my last Will and Testament.
Witness my hand this 24th day of April in the year od our Lord 1691.
Christopher Hollimanm Senior
Proved in open court August 10th 1692. Test: John Pitt Cl Ct
Isle of Wight County VA Book of Wills Vol 2 page 309

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