Thomas Wright & Elizabeth Gibbs

Sally’s eight-great Grandparents &
Sally’s nine-great Grandparents:

Thomas Wright ca 1620 – 1664 | his parents
& ca 1645 Elizabeth [Gibbs] ca 1630 – ? | her parents
& bef Sept 1666 Cornelius Srully | his parents
& by 1680 Thomas Bulger | his parents

of Isle of Wight County, Virginia

my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

Elizabeth Wright relict of Thomas Wright married 2nd before Sept 1666 Cornelius Srully;
married 3rd by 1680 Thomas Bulger.

Children of Thomas Wright & Elizabeth [Gibbs]
1. Thomas Wright ca 1646 – 1701 Isle of Wight Co
married Elizabeth Williams
she appears to be the daughter of John Williams Sr will1692 I O W
2. Anne Wright ca 1648 –
married 1st 1665 Thomas Griffen died 1670 Isle of Wight Co,VA
married 2nd 1671 John Edwards died 1677 Isle of Wight Co, VA
married 3rd 1677 William Relison
married 4th 1682 James Tullagh
3. Elizabeth Wright ca 1650 – 1727 I of W
married 1666 William Godwin ca 1646 – 1719 Isle of Wight Co, VA
4. George Wright ca 1653 – 1702
married Violet ?
(she married 2nd John Driver)

From Isle of Wight records:

Wright, Thomas by will appointed Elizabeth Wright his relict Extr.
Probate requested 18 Feb 1663;
recorded 25 March 1664. Security: George Empson, John Asque

Whereas George Wright orphant hath made choice of Edward Gibbs Godfather to the said George to be his guardian. It is ordered that the said orphant . . .. .Cornelius Srully who married the Mother of the said George or when . . . . . . 10 Sept 1666 Isle of Wight County ct.

Receipt signed with the X mark of William Goodwin sixth day of Sept 1666 aquits Cornelius Srully of any additional liability in a bequest in Thomas Wright’s will to his daughte Elizabeth Wright, William’s wife.

Wright, Thomas: Leg: son John, son James, son Thomas, son Joseph, daughter Mary, wife Elizabeth; Wife extr. dated 23 October 1700, recorded 9 Sept 1701. Wit: Richard Wilkinson, Jr, George Wright, Violet Wright.

In 1698 Daniel Long requests that friends Stephen Smith and Thomas Right divide his estate between my wife and children.

In 1692 John Williams Sr in his will refers to cattle at Thomas Wrights.

Grandchildren of Thomas Wright & Elizabeth [Gibbs]

Children of Thomas Wright and Elizabeth Williams:
1. John Wright
2. James Wright
3. Thomas Wright
4. Joseph Wright
5. Mary Wright

Children of Anne Wright and Thomas Griffen:
1. Thomas Griffen ca 1667
2. child Griffen 1670
Children of Ann Wright and John Edwards:
1. Robert Edwards ca 1672 –
2. John Edwards ca 1674 – ca 1741
married Dorcas
3. James Edwards ca 1676 – ca 1724
married Ann

Children of Elizabeth Wright & William Godwin:
1. William Godwin
2. John Godwin
3. Joseph Godwin (not named in mother’s will 4Feb 1726/27)
4. Sarah Godwin nfi
5. Elizabeth Godwin rem. to Bertie County by 1716
married William Bridger will dated 2 Nov 1729, proved May 1730
6. Mary Godwin
married Arthur Whitehead ca1645 – 1710/11
7. Martha Godwin ca 1683 – aft 1732
married ca 1700 John Cotten ca 1674 – 1728
8. Jane Godwin nfi

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  1. Hello,

    I am doing research on the Long’s of the Isle of Wight. I am a direct descendant of Daniel Long and am curious about the connections between the Wright family, as well as Cornelius Sculley. It appears that Daniel Long, as well as his two sons have connection to the Wright family and Cornelius Sculley. Daniel Long (as well as his brother Arthur Long) named a daughter Elizabeth.

    My question: Is it possible that Daniel’s father, Robert Longe, a child born in Virgina (circa 1623) was married to Elizabeth Gibbs before she married Thomas Wright?

    Just curious.

    James Long

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