James Ward & First Wife

Sally’s great-great-great-great-great Grandparents:

James Ward ca 1650-17xx
& first wife
& 1694/95 Hannah (Stibell)
Richard Stibell d. 1694
of Chowan County, North Carolina

Children of James Ward & 1st wife:
1. Michael Ward died Bertie Co aft 1757
2. Thomas Ward died Chowan Co 17/18 Dec 1750

Probate Papers of Chowan Co
Ward, Thomas V:76 – 18 Jan 1750/51. Petition of Christian Ward, widow of Thomas Ward. said Ward died 17 or 18 last, leaving a will. Christian was then ill, being just delivered of a child, and charges that the will was clandestinely removed by her son-in-law Michael Ward.
V:118 – April 1751 Order for Michael Ward to produce said will.
V; 126 25 April 1751. Bond of Michael Ward to produce said will.

Ward, Thomas XVII: 9 – Sept 1782. Order to divide estate of Thomas Ward
XVII: 17 – 23 Nov 1782. Division to the widow [Sarah Ward], John Ward, William Ward, Henry Ward, and Crissey Ward.

Possible parent! 1674 Richard Bennett left to (a) Michael Ward 1000# tobacco in his Nancemond Co, VA will written 3-15-1674 and proved 8-3-1676.

27 Feb 1694/95 Administration of the Estate of Richard Stibell Ordered to be Committed to James Ward and Hannah, his wife, relict of the said Richard Stibell being nearest of kin. James Fisher, Wm Charleton, Thomas Clark & Wm Brethell . . . . . appoint to appraise the same. Christopher Butler & Jno Foster assume & undertake in behalfe of the said Ward 100, for the performance.

Probate Papers of Chowan Co
Stibell, Richard XX: #514 [1695?] Petition of “James Ward & Hannah his wife Relict of Rich: Stibell.” Said Stibell died in Sept. 1694, leaving no will. The petitioners obtained letters of administration at the court of March last, but in April last, Wm. Charleton, produced a will presuming to be that of said Stibell. Petitioners pray continuence.

1696 James Ward was on the Grand Jury p262.

1714 Michael, Ann & Hannah Ward were witnesses in Norfolk Co, VA to the will of John Graham.

1717 On 14 April Michael Ward was a witness in Chowan Co to the letter of attorney of Bethia Garrett to her son Thomas Garrett Jr to acknowlege sale of land to Walter Draughan. Deed Book B #1 Chowan Co, NC p421

Grandchildren of James Ward:

Child of Thomas Ward & wife Christian: Chowan Co — Ward, Thomas Oct 16, 1750, July Ct 1751. Wife and Executrix: Christian. Son: Michael, the shop plantation.
Wit. William Wright. Hardy & Joseph Hurdle (CC James Craven)

1. Michael Ward
SS 887 1749-1794—627 (230) Michael Ward inventory. Bartie Co. Taken 10 May 1753 by Wm Wynns adm. attested May Ct 1753 before Benjamin Wynns CC

Children of Michael Ward and wife Ann:
1. Michael Ward Jr – will proved Feb 1772 Hertford Co, NC
his executors were William Cordin Ward & Jacob Perry
2. James Ward – died 1780 Bertie Co, NC
married Martha —- will 1818 Bertie Co
she married 2nd Solomon Freeman
3. Richard Ward sold his Bertie land in 1757
and Possibly removed to Carteret Co where a Richard Ward patented 60 acres next to his old field in 1760

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Other Wards in Bertie Co
William Ward – wife Ann
6 May 1736 – William Charlten and wife Mary to William Jordan 250 pbs for 300 a on Morrattock River adj. William Ward. wit: Phillip Ward

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Phillip Ward – wit to several deeds 1736

Will of Phillip [x] Ward 17 June 1776 – Feb Ct 1777 “in a bad state of health”
wife: Mary estate divided 1800 by Henry Speller
George Ward dec by 1800
Sarah Ward Anderson dec by 1800 – grandchild: Marey Anderson
Phillip Ward
Michael Ward
Elisabeth Ward inventory 13 Jan 1794 by John Rhodes
married John Swain dec by Oct 1788
a. Whitmel Swain
b. William Swain
c. Hannah Swain
Daniel Ward
William Ward
Millisent Ward Belote
James Ward
Mary Ward Swain

Will of William Swain 19 March 1810 – May Ct 1810
wife Elizabeth Swain, aunt Milly Belote, daughter Peggy, children Milly, Hanny, Sucky and Elizabeth, Richard Poindexter and brother Whitmell Swain, Exrs.
Test. Benj. Folks, John Miller

Will of Milly Belote 24 June 1816 – Aug Ct 1816
Whitmell Swain, Betsey Tadlock and her children, William Ward [son of James],
Hannah Swain [daughter of Wm. Swain, dec’d], children of James Swain [son of Richard, dec’d], children of James Ward, Wm. Swain dec’d. Whitmell Swain, Exr. Test: Jas. Ross, Nancy Marshall.

Account of sale 6 Aug 1816 by Whitmel Swain, exr. Buyers:
William Weston, Whit Swain, George F Thompson, William Brogdon, Robert Brickle, Charles Moore, James Ross, Eliza Swain, Benjamin Folk, Starkey Skiles, John West, Standley Kittrell, Starkey Weston, Silas Ward, Jervas Tadlock, James Swain, John Jones, Joel Hyman.

Petition Nov 1824 for a division of estate between
1. the children of James Swain, namely Mary and Joel
2. the children of William Swain, namely Milly, Peggy, Susan, Hannah and Elizabeth
3. the children of James Ward, namely William, Ann, Hetty, James, Harriet, Turner, Fanny, Marina, Winny, Silas and Starkey.
this record also notes Edward Davis and wife Marina but does not state relationship
also receipt 20 Sept 1825 of Charri Ward and William Ward “as my proportion of a decree by William Ward et al vs Whitmell Swain, admr.” note Whitmell was the exr. of the dec’d.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Thomas Ward –
4 March 1733/34 – Thomas Kirbe to Thomas Ward Land on NS Pottecasi Creek
8 March 1739 – 10 pbs for 290 a on NS Pottecasi Creek – Thomas Ward to Thomas Futerrill
28 Aug 1741 – 30 pbs for 100 a on NS Panter Swamp adj Moab Williams & Cross Branch –
Robert Edwards to Thomas Ward.
Robert Edwards sen to Thomas Ward 6 Aug 1741 – 20 pbs for 350 a in Little Creek
30 Oct 1752 – Thomas Ward wit to deed Alexander Kennedy sen to James Ward
29 Mar 1755 – Thomas Ward wit to deed Thomas Archer to his son Hancock Archer 340 a
1 Mar 1756 – dower gift from Alex Kennedy to Benjamin Atwell – place called Cabin Hill adj. William Woods and Thomas Ward on the Cashie Road.
1757 – Thomas Ward wit to deed Michael Ward to James Ward [son of Michael]

Estate of Thomas Ward Inv: 17 May 1790 Pet for division 1810
land located on the Chowan River adj. Luke White, James Wilson, Josiah Holley
wife Anne [Nancy] died 1810
Thomas Ward
George Ward
William Ward
James Ward ca 1789 –
Mary Ward – bed
Milley Ward
Nancy Ward
Sarah Ward
Betsy Ward

James Ward –

John Ward –

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