Moses Mayer & Ernestine Mayer

Bob’s Great Great Grandparents:

Moses MAYER 1824 – 1904 | parents
& Ernestine MAYER 1829 – 1906 | parents
of Neidenstein, Germany & Jersey City, NJ

Moses Mayer was born 1824 in Reichelsheim, Germany (or Neidenstein).
He died 1904 in Jersey City, NJ.

Moses Mayer went around Cape Horn on his way to San Francisco and the gold fields, arriving in 1850.
He came back across the continent and took a ship back to Germany.
He married Ernestine and returned with her, his sister Caroline, Ernestine’s brother Isaac
who married Caroline, and Joseph H. Mayer.
They came from Neidenstein together, sailing from Harve and arriving in New York on Nov 15, 1853 on the “Fortitude”.
Each was listed as Farmer. Moses was 29, Caroline his sister was 23, Ernestine was 25 and her brother Isaac was 20.
Joseph H. born Jan. 27, 1834 was listed in the manifest as 18 instead of 19, and was Ernestine and Isaacs first cousin.
The group of 5 were accompanied by Aaron Bamberger, age 27, and Sophie Bamberger, age 18, also from Neidenstein.

Ernestine Mayer was born 1829 in Neidenstein, Germany daughter of Mordische (Marx) Mayer and his wife Jette (Yittle) Levy.
She died in 1906 in Jersey City. NJ

Children of Moses Mayer and Ernestine Mayer:
1. Pauline (Polly) Mayer 1 Apr 1856 NYC – 13 May 1943
married Charles Levy
a. Alfred Levy 1880 NYC – Feb 1962
married Elsa Fishman
i. Frances Levy married Lewis Davis
b. Harriet [Hattie] Levy 27 June 1882 Jersey City NJ
– 1 June 1955 NYC married Herbert Oppenheimer 1882 NYC – 6 Mar 1955 NYC
i. Lloyd Oppenheimer 3 Sept 1906 NYC – Aug 1989 Bennington VT
2. Mark Mayer (Blind) 1857 –
married Caroline (Lena) Mayer
a. Sylvia Mayer 1887 –
b. Stanley Mayer 11 Apr 1889 – 27 Dec 1915
3. Harry Mayer 2 Feb 1859 – 31 Jan 1939
married Helen Mayer (deaf) 12 Dec 1865 – ca 1940 NYC
dau of Hayum Joseph Mayer and Esther Mayer

4. Sophie Mayer 24 Jul 1861 Jersey City, NJ – 7 May 1944 NYC
married 1881 Solomon Mayer 11 Apr 1854 Reichelsheim Ger. – 30 Nov 1923 NYC
5. Lillie Mayer 27 Dec 1865 – 1932
married Louis Rosenberg
a. Dorothy Rosenberg [adopted] ca 1906 – Feb 1958 Rock Springs WY
of heart failure

married Jacob A. [Jack] Simon died 28 June 1972 Rock Springs WY
of heart failure

i. Justyne Simon 7 July 1927 Meridan CT – 19 Aug 1998
married Roswell NM 4 June 1944 Daniel W Cohen
divorced 1954

1. Craig Cohen 1950 –
2. Traci Cohen Zuehlsdorff 1951
– married 2nd 11 August 1956 Ed Tomich who died 23 Dec 1994
3. Steve Tomich 1957 –
ii. Louise Simon [adopt 1937] – died Calif. late 1970’s or early 1980’s
e-mail: Aug 2011 My grandmother was Dorothy Rosenberg, adopted daughter of Lily and Louis , and she was married to Jacob A. Simon (Jack). Dorothy died in February of 1958 in Rock Springs, Wyoming of heart failure. Jack died on June 28, 1972, in Rock Springs, Wyoming, also of heart failure. They had two daughters, Justyne and Louise. Louise was adopted in 1937 and died in California in the late 1970’s or early 80’s. Justyne married Daniel W. Cohen on June 4, 1944, in Roswell, N.M. They had two children, Craig (1950) and Traci (me, 1951). They divorced in 1954. Justyne married Ed Tomich August 11, 1956. They had a son, (Steve, 1957). Ed died Dec. 23, 1994, and Justyne died August 19, 1998. Mom was born July 7, 1927 in Meriden, Connecticut. I would love to exchange any information about our little part of the family that you would like. I will pass this on to my brothers. I have Lily’s opera book that tells what plays she went to and with whom. That gave us a window into her courtship with Louis Rosenberg. We also have a painting by Harriet Levy. I will take a photo of it and send it to you. It is a nice still life. Sincerely, Traci Cohen Zuehlsdorff
based on research by Elsa Weschler Koestler

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