Teunis Jansen Van Pelt & Elsje Hendrix

Parents of Capt John Van Pelt of Bertie County, NC

Teunis Jansen Van Pelt ca 1669 – aft 1734 | his parents
& ca 1690 Elsje Hendrix [Hendricks] 1675 – ? | her parents
& New Utrecht, Kings Co, NY

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!
incorporating notes from Alan Lerwick

Teunis Jansen Van Pelt ca 1669 New Utrecht, Kings Co NY – lived Manhattan
married Manhattan ca 1690 Elsje Hendrix [Hendricks]

Children of Teunis VanPelt & Elsje Hendricks:
1. Jan “John” VanPelt 1691 NY – 1748 Bertie Co, NC

married ca 1709 Maria “Mary” Perrine ca 1691 –
2. Hendrick VanPelt 1693 – 1747 Bertie Co
removed to Bertie Co ca 1735 from Staten Island
married Margrietje DeHart 1701 –
a. Catherina VanPelt 1719 Port Richmond, Richmond Co, NY – bef 1747 NC
b. Hendrick [Henry Jr] VanPelt 1720 Port Richmond – NC
? i. Mourning Van Pelt bef 1747 –
married by 1767 William Lewis of Dobbs Co
c. Anne VanPelt
married James Seix
? d. Harmon VanPelt
3. Marytje [Maria] VanPelt 1696 –
married Port Richmond, Richmond Co, NY ca 1716 Henry Day
a. Johannes [John] Day 1717 Port Richmond, Richmond Co, NY-
b. Samuel Day 1720 Port Richmond –
c. Petrus [Peter] Day 1724 Port Richmond-
4. Francyntje VanPelt 1700 –
5. Samuel VanPelt 1704 – 1715
6. Jacob VanPelt 1706 –
removed to Bertie Co ca 1739 — moved to Craven Co
married Elizabeth

a. Priscilla Van Pelt
married Andrew Allen
? b. Harmon VanPelt
? c. Jacob VanPelt
? d. John VanPelt
7. Teunis VanPelt 1709 –
8. Samuel VanPelt 1715 –

Teunis (s. of Jan Teunise and Maria), m. Elsje Hendrix. Issue:–Fransyntje, bp. Aug. 1, 1700; Samuel, bp. Dec. 13, 1704; Jacob, bp. Nov. 20, 1706; Theunis, bp. Sept. 2, 1709; and Samuel, bp. July 31, 1715–all bp. in N. Y.

John VanPelt h/o Aeltje Hooglandt was an uncle of John VanPelt h/o Maria
Perrine. e-mail from Alan Lerwick
8 Feb 2003


Henry Van Pelt in Bertie County

1736 Nov – Henry Van Pelt on jury to lay out road from Stoney Creek Road to Mr Hansford’s ferry.

1736 17 March – John White to Henry VanPelt 145 pounds for 200 acres on Chinkapin Swamp. adj. John Pettyfers, former corner tree. Wit: Thomas Hansford, jurat. Bridget Hansford, Elizabeth Land. May Ct. 1738.

1739 Feb – Henry Van Pelt made [road] overseer in ye room of Wm Weston.

1741 12 May – John Wynns to Henry VanPelt . . 50 pounds ” my right title and interest in the within tract [Royal grant for 150 A. on ES Chinkain Creek adj John Smith at Flat Swamp and Killem Swamp.] Wit: William Bly, John Kenney, May Ct 1741. Benjamin Hill C/C John Wynns DC/C

1741 Nov – Jas. Jones overseer in ye room of Henry Van Pelt

1747 – Will of Hendrick Van Pelt was proven by oaths of Thos. Hansford and Alex Vollentine.

1747 30 Sept – Inventory of Hendrick Van Pelt by John Freeman and Adham (A) Harrell. Additional inventory 10 May 1748 by said Freeman and Harrell.

1748 2 Nov – G 207 – Barnaby Hely Dunstan to Jenkins Hansford – 60 pounds for 640 acres on SS Chinpapin Swamp adj. Herdine VanPelt dec’d formerly the land of John White on Paul Banches Land. adj. William Badham, Esq. dec’d. Wit: Thomas Hansford, Henry Hansford, William Hansford. Aug Ct 1749.

1750 Sept – G 311- James Seix to John Daly. 15 pounds for stock and corn “twelve cows & five calves, one steer one Bull 3 heifers marked with a slit in the right ear and a half moon under the left one black work horse one bay work horse and one young sorrell Stallion three sows twelve shoats four hoggs marked with the same as above and all the Crop of Corn now standing…” Wit: William Hansford, John Wilson. Nov ct 1750 Samuel Ormes C/C

G 311 – James Seix & wife Anne to John Daly. Sept 25, 1750. 20 pounds for 200 A. “James Seix of Bertie County planter and Anne his wife Daughter and Devisee of Hendrick VanPelt late of Society Parish….[land] Devised by Hendrick VanPelt . . .to the above said Anne . . .” by will dated Sep 27, 1747. Wit: Thomas Hansford, John Wilson Nov Ct 1750 Samuel Ormes C/C

1766 9 Oct – L-2, 74 – William Lewis & his wife Mourning (x) of Dobbs County to Eleazer Ouinby mariner. 16 pounds proc. 250 ac which was bequeathed to Mourning VanPelt now wife of sd William Lewis by her grandfather Hendrick Van Pelt on Tumbling Branch. Wit: John Freeman, James Freeman. Mar. Ct. 1767. John Johnston C/C


Jacob Van Pelt in Bertie Co and elsewhere in NC

1739 30 July – E 506 – John Van Pelt to Jacob Van Pelt. 100 pounds for 100 Ac in Chinkapen Neck on ES Deep Branch, Wit: Daniel Van Pelt, Henry Vize. Aug Ct 1739

1739 29 Sept – F 152 – Jacob Van Pelt, yeoman to John Van Pelt, yeoman. 160 pounds for . .land in Chinkaoen Neck” . . .which the said John Van Pelt lately conveyed me and was conveyed to him by John Swenney. . .” Wit: John Wynns, jurat, Daniel Van Pelt, William Wynns, Benjamin Wynns. Nov Ct. 1740.

1760 29 Nov – Jacob Van Pelt received grant from king for 100 ac in Craven County between Great and Little Contentney, joining a small branch of Watery Branch and the sd Watery Branch.


Bertie County Tax List 1757:
List taken by William Wynns
John Vanpelt Schooner (?) – Quaminer, Hanover, Jemima – 3
Simon Vanpelt, Johannas Vanpelt – 2
Harmon Vanpelt – 1
List taken by Jos. Jordan
Daniell Vanpelt and his Son John and Negroes Hanover, Dick, Sesor, Tom, Jane, Hannah – 8

Grandparents of Capt John Van Pelt of Bertie County, NC

Jan [John] Teunissen Lanen Van Pelt 1645 – ca 1734 | his parents
& ca 1668 Maria [Mary] Pieterse ca 1649 – bef 1748 | her parents
of Haaften [near Tuil], Gelderland, Netherlands
& Richmond Co, NY

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!
incorporating facts from article by Dorothy A Koenig

Jan “John” Teunisse Lanen VanPelt & Marytje “Maria/Mary” Pieterse were married about 1668 Flatbush, Kings Co, NY

Jan “John” Teunisse Lanen VanPelt was born in 1645 chr/bap 14 Dec 1645 Haaften, Gelderland, Netherlands the son of Theunis [also called Anthonis] Jansen van Pelt [a peddlar living by the dyke] and his first wife Peterken Andriesse. He came to New Netherlands on the Rosetree [Rooseboom] in 1663 with his father and his family hoping for a business cash advance.

“In the name of God, Amen, This 11th of December, 1719. I, John Tunisen Van Pelt, of Richmond County, yeoman, being weak of body. I leave to my eldest son, Tunis Van Pelt, all that my lot of land situate in the County of Richmond, next adjoining the land of Richard Wood, and purchased by me from Leonard Barreman. All the rest of my lands and tenements, and goods, I leave to my beloved wife, Mary Van Pelt, during her life, and after her decease to be divided among my children, Tunis, Peter, Johanes, Hendrick, Jacob, John, Daniel De Hart, Ann, Margaret and Aert Van Pelt. I make my wife Mary executor. Witnesses, Leonard De Champ, Yan Bal, Isaac Whitehead.
Proved, December 11, 1734

Children of Jan [John] Teunissen Lanen Van Pelt & Maria Pieterse:
1. Teunis Jansen Van Pelt ca 1669 New Utrecht, Kings Co NY
lived New York City

married ca 1690 Elsje Hendrix[Hendricks] 1675 –
had one girl and four boys
2. Pieter [Peter] Jansen Van Pelt ca 1671 New Utrecht –

married ca 1695 Saartje “Sarah” Bogardus
3. Johannis [Hans] Jansen Van Pelt ca 1673 – 1750 Staten Island Richmond Co, NY
married Port Richmond, Richmond Co, NY ca 1705 Sarah B Leroy 1685 – 1721
a. Blandina Ceilo [Blandyena] Van Pelt 1707 [bapt 23 April 1708] –

b. Simon Van Pelt 1708 – ca 1714 Staten Island dy
c. Catalyna [Cathleen] Van Pelt 1710 –
d. Elsie Bowman [Elsje] Van Pelt ca 1712 –
e. Simon Johannes Van Pelt bef 15 Apr 1715 [bapt] – ca 1769 Bertie Co NC
married bef 1743 Maria/Mallie Adams ca 1718 Staten Island –

i. Maria Van Pelt 1743 –
ii. Sarah Van Pelt 1745 –
iii. Jennie Van Pelt 1747 –
iv. Peter Van Pelt 1749 – aft 1800 Bertie Co
Bertie Ct. Sept 1769 a deed of gift from Simon VanPelt to his son Peter VanPelt proved in open court by John Parker one of the subscribing witnesses.
“Whatever I have, excepting what sd. Simon & his wife need for their lifetime. ”
17 Sept 1770 Simon VanPelt of Bertie Co to Peter VanPelt of Hertford Co 40 pounds for 640 ac joining Cypress Swamp, Col William Maul. Wit: Benjamin Wynns, George Wynns. Sept Ct 1771
8 June 1771 Peter [x] VanPelt of Bertie Co to Benjamin Wynns & Robert Sumner of Hertford Co 60 pounds proclamation. 640 ac joining west side of Cypress Swamp, Col. William Maule. Wit: John Baker, Benjamin Wynns, Jr.
Nov 1786 Peter VanPelt appt overseer of the road in the district of Moses Freeman.
Bertie Census 1790 1 m over 16, 2 m under 16, 3 females
” ” 1800 1 m under 10, 1 m 45+ . . . . . . . .. . . .?

v. Johannes Van Pelt ca 1736 – 1759 Bertie Co
vi. Simon Van Pelt Jr. ca 1738 Staten Island NY – 1799 Mecklenburg NC
served in the Revolution in NC
settled in Mecklenburg County, NC by 1778
married unknown
1. Ann Van Pelt bef 1766 –

2. John Van Pelt ca 1766 –
3. Simeon [Simon] C Van Pelt III ca 1767 Mecklenburg – 1851 Mecklenburg
married 26 Dec 1804 Margaret Peggy McCord 1767 – 25 Dec 1833
daughter of John McCord and Martha Kennedy [e-mail from Bruce Baker]
4. Hannah Van Pelt bef 1775 –

5. Thomas Van Pelt ca 1776 –
6. James Van Pelt bef 1782 –
7. Abraham Van Pelt 1 June 1782
married ca 1787 Ruth Reid ca 1771 – 1799
dau of William Reed ca 1740 – 1771 Mecklenburg Co NC who married 1762 Mary Taylor d 1796
8. Sarah Van Pelt 1789 –
9. Mary Van Pelt ca 1792 –
10. Isaac Van Pelt 1793/1799 –
11. William S Van Pelt ca 1799 Meckleburg Co NC – 1851 Cabarrus Co NC farmer

married Cabarrus Co NC 10 Oct 1821 Margaret [Polly] Carrigan ca 1799 – bef 1850 Cabarrus Co NC
dau of James Carrigan II ca 1770 – 1840 and wife Margaret Carrigan?
his parents were from Ireland

a. James Simpson Van Pelt ca 1822 Cabarrus Co – bef 1912
CSA 22 July 1861 – 14 Oct 1862 Co I, 7th NC Infantry, Iredell Co, NC
Sergeant, age 39, tanner, resides Iredell Co, NC. Court-martialed -reduced to Private in Feb 1862
Discharged 10-14-62 for chronic valvular disease of the heart at Richmond VA

married Cabarrus Co 9 July 1846 Sarah Amanda Minster ca 1824 –
i. Mary Elizabeth Van Pelt ca 1847 Cabarrus Co –
ii. James Wilson Van Pelt ca 1849 Cabarrus Co –
iii. Sarah Anna Van Pelt 11 Jan 1861 Cabarrus Co – Jan 1955 Rockwell TX
married 1878 James H Hall moved to TX 1901 and Rockwell 1904 [10 children]
iv. Joseph Osborne Van Pelt 3 Feb 1853 Iredell Co NC – 26 Dec 1935 Cabarrus Co
married Sarah Kennerly
1. Samuel Wesley Van Pelt 13 Mar 1883 Cabarrus Co NC –
b. John Richard Van Pelt 8 Oct 1824 Cabarrus Co NC – 13 June 1911 Cabarrus Co
CSA 6 April 1863 – 1865 Co L, 17th NC Reg; later Co I, 17th NC Reg.
married 3 times buried in Bethpage Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Kannapolis, Cabarrus Co NC
c. Margaret J Van Pelt ca 1826 –
d. Charles P Van Pelt ca 1826 – living 1880 Iredell Co NC
e. William Carrigan Van Pelt ca 1828 Cabarrus Co – 1898 Gaston Co NC
f. Mary Jane Van Pelt 30 Oct 1831 – 9 July 1905
note: when Levi died, Mary moved to Charlotte and opened a boarding house next door to St. Peter’s Hospital.
They are buried at Coddle Creek Church. Levi’s grandparents were owners of the original Bell Tract of land,
which adjoined what later became the Coddle Creek Church. Many of the family are buried there.
married 1858 Levi Bell 1812 – 1893
son of Walter Bell and Hannah Ross; Walter was the son of James Bell and Isabella Storey
i. Minnie/Minerva? Bell died when son was quite young, he was raised by her sister
married 1886 Ernest Arista Benson moved to Charleston SC and married 2nd Ella
1. Mason Stewart Benson sold insurance
married in Charleston SC Sybil Kilpatrick
a. Ernest Arista Benson [still born]
b. Marie Mason Benson
married Cecil Ray Paramore
[grandparents of Mason Paramore]
c. Jackie Blair Benson
ii. Mary Rhetta Bell 1862 – 1947
married 1888 Ernest Marion Field 1866 – 1904
1. John Levi Field 1902 – 1963
married 1929 Eunice Virginia Stearns 1906 – 1983
[grand parents of John Field Pankow]
iii. Margaret/Maggie Bell
iv. James Neil Bell
v. Woodly Fain Bell
vi. Elizabeth/Bettie Isabella Bell
g. Thomas Simon Van Pelt ca 1834 – ca 1912 of Huntersville NC
h. Joseph F Van Pelt ca 1836 Cabarrus Co – bef 1912
he was a Merchant ca 1870 in Statesville, Iredell Co NC
i. Samuel Ely Van Pelt 15 Jan 1838 Cabarrus Co – 12 Nov 1907 pneumonia
CSA 17th NC Reg. – Co H 7th NC Reg. Color Sgt of the Regiment
j. Mary Elizabeth Van Pelt d. bef 1912

f. Petrus Van Pelt 1717 [bapt 16 April 1717] –
g. Johannis Van Pelt 18 May 1719 [bapt 7 June 1719] Staten Island –
h. Sarah Simonsen Van Pelt bap/chr 1 Jan 1721 Port Richmond – 1758 Bertie Co NC
married Bertie Co NC John Wynns ca 1702 – 1751/53 Bertie Co NC
i. Antje [Anne] Simonen Van Pelt ca 1723 –
married 2nd Sophia Sloger

4. Samuel Jansen Van Pelt ca 1675 New Utrecht – bef 1709 Richmond Co NY
married Richmond Co NY bef 1704 Ann Stillwell ca 1675 -1753 Bucks Co PA
she married Richmond Co, NY 2nd ca 1710 Jacobus Billiou
5. Hendrick “Henry” Jansen Van Pelt ca 1677 New Utrecht –
married Richmond Co NY ca 1695 Teitje Andriesse
a. Annetje Van Pelt 1696 Rort Richmond Co NY –
b. Aelje Van Pelt 1701 Port Richmond –
d. Samuel Van Pelt 1704 New York Co, NY –
e. Jan [John] Van Pelt 1705 –
6. Grietje Catherina Van Pelt 1679 New Utrecht –

bap/chr 27 Apr 1679 Flatbush, Kings Co, NY
married ca 1700 Daniel DeHart
7. Jacob Jansen Van Pelt ca 1681 New Utrecht –
married Port Richmond ca 1705 Aeltje Hagewout
(from baptismal records)
a. Jan “John” Van Pelt 1711 Port Richmond, Richmond Co, NY
b. Dirckje (twin) Van Pelt 1715 Port Richmond
the only surviving daughter married and had family Staten Island
c. Marytje (twin) Van Pelt 1715 Port Richmond – dy
d. Pieter Van Pelt 1717 Port Richmond – nfi
e. Catherina Van Pelt 1719 Port Richmond – dy
8. Jan [John] Jansen Van Pelt ca 1684 – ca 1762 Richmond Co NY
married ca 1713 Aeltje Dirckse Hooglandt

a. John Van Pelt III
married bef 1753 Catrina Bowman
i. Maria Van Pelt
ii. Trentje Van Pelt
iii. Neeltje Van Pelt
b. Maria “Mary” Van Pelt bapt 6 Feb 1715 –
married Abraham Van Tuyle (lived Staten Island)
i. John Van Tuyle
c. Catlyntje Van Pelt bef. 1719 dy
d. Sara Van Pelt bapt 25 Jan 1719
married Simon Simonse 9 children
Jan & Aeltje according to baptismal records were sponsors of VanPelt Simonson
bap/chr on 13 Apr 1742 Port Richmond, Richmond Co, NY
s/o Simon Simonson & Sarah VanPelt

e. Catlyntje Van Pelt bapt 16 Oct 1720 – nfi

9. Annetje Van Pelt ca 1687 New Utrecht –
married ca 1709 Thomas Jansen/Johnson
10. Grietje Margaret Van Pelt ca 1689 New Utrecht –
married Port Richmond ca 1706 Jan “John” Clerck/Clarke
11. Aerte [Art] Jansen Van Pelt ca 1691 – died New Utrecht, NYC
married bef 1721 Christine Emmet had 5 children

11 Jan 03 – e-mail from Alan Lerwick
“Jan “John” Janse VanPelt h/o Aeltje Hooglandt never left NY
he died abt 1762 Richmond Co, NY
Capt. Jan “John” VanPelt, mariner that died circa 1748 Bertie Co, NC

was married to Maria “Mary” PerrineJan & Aeltje according to baptismal records were sponsors of VanPelt Simonson
bap/chr on 13 Apr 1742 Port Richmond, Richmond Co, NY
s/o Simon Simonson & Sarah VanPelt
(NOTE: Sarah VanPelt was Jan & Aeltje’s daughter)

Jan & Aeltje also according to baptismal records were sponsors of Maria
Byvanck bap/chr on 29 Apr 1730 New Amsterdam, New York Co, NC
d/o Evert Byvanck & Maria Cannon
(NOTE: Evert Byvanck was Aeltje’s son by her 1st marriage to Johannes Byvanck)

the children that I found for Jan “John” VanPelt & Aeltje Hooglandt are:Maria bap/chr 9 Feb 1715 New York Co, NY (Manhattan Island)
Sarah bap/chr 25 Jan 1719 Port Richmond, Richmond Co, NY (Staten Island)
Catherina bap/chr 16 Oct 1720 Port Richmond

Maria was married to Abraham VanTuil s/o Isaac Janse VanTuil & Sarah Lakerman
Isaac Janse VanTuil was s/o Jan Otten VanTuil & Geertryd Janse VanLent

the Port Richmond baptismal records are in the books –
“Staten Island Church Records” published in 1909
“Annals of Staten Island” published in 1877

these baptimal records are in the book –
“Volme II – Collections of the New York Genealogical and Biographical
Society” published in 1901

the Flatbush baptismal records are in the book –
“Flatbush Dutch Church Marriages and Baptisms” published in 1898

Jan “John” Teunisse Lanen VanPelt was born in 1645 chr/bap 14 Dec 1645
Haaften, Gelderland, Netherlands and died in circa 1734 Richmond Co, NY
his Will was written 11 Dec 1719 and probated 11 Dec 1734 Richmond Co, NY
heirs named in his Will were:
wife: Mary
children: Teunis (eldest), Pieter, Johannes, Hendrick, Jacob, John, Ann,
Margaret & Aert
son-in-law: Daniel DeHart

Jan “John” Teunisse Lanen VanPelt & Marytje “Maria/Mary” Pieterse were married
about 1668 Flatbush, Kings Co, NY
their children were:
Teunis b.abt 1669 New Utrecht, Kings Co, NY
(md abt 1690 to Elsje Hendricks)
Pieter b.abt 1671 New Utrecht
(md abt 1695 to Saartje “Sarah” Bogardus)
Johannes “Hans” b.abt 1673 New Utrecht; d.1750 Richmond Co, NY
(md abt 1705 Port Richmond, Richmond Co, NY to Sara LaRoy)
Samuel b.abt 1675 New Utrecht d.bef 1709 Richmond Co, NY
(md bef 1704 Richmond Co, NY to Ann Stillwell; she 2nd married abt 1710
Richmond Co, NY to Jacobus Billiou)
Hendrick b.abt 1677 New Utrecht, d.1747 Bertie Co, NC
(md abt 1695 Richmond Co, NY to Tietje Andriesse)
Grietje Catherina b.1679 New Utrecht; bap/chr 27 Apr 1679 Flatbush, Kings Co,
(md abt 1700 to Daniel DeHart)
Jacob b.abt 1681 New Utrecht
(md abt 1705 Port Richmond to Aeltje Hagewout)
Jan “John” b.abt 1684 New Utrecht d.abt 1762 Richmond Co, NY
(md abt 1713 to Aeltje Dirckse Hooglandt)
Annetje b.abt 1687 New Utrecht
(md abt 1709 to Thomas Jansen/Johnson)
Grietje Margaret b.abt 1689 New Utrecht
(md abt 1706 Port Richmond to Jan “John” Clerck/Clarke)
Aert b.abt 1691 New Utrecht

Aeltje Dirckse Hooglandt was 1st married to Johannes Byvanck

Aeltje Dirckse Hooglandt & Johannes Byvanck were married 10 Jan 1702
New York Co, NY
their children were:
Evert Byvanck bap/chr 8 Nov 1702 (died before 1705)
Johannes Byvanck bap/chr 8 Dec 1703
Evert Byvanck 22 Jul 1705
(md Maria Cannon)
Belytje Byvanck b.abt 1707/1711
(md Johannes VanTuil s/o Abraham Janse VanTuil & Femmetje DeNyse;
Abraham Janse VanTuil s/o Jan Otten VanTuil & Geertryd Janse VanLent)

Aeltje Dirckse Hooglandt & Jan “John” Janse VanPelt were married about
1713 New York Co, NY

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