Col. Francis Pugh, Pheribee Savage, & Thomas Barker

3rd generation

Col. Francis Pugh 1692 – 1736 | his parents
& 1722 Pheribee [Ferebee] Savage ca 1702 – ca 1754 | her parents
& bef 1739 Thomas Barker 1713 – 1787
of Nansemond Co VA and Bertie Co NC

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

1692 – This Francis Pugh was born in 1692 in Nansemond Co VA the son of Ann and Francis Pugh ca 1667 VA, who was the son of another Francis Pugh [ca 1630 Wales – VA], the emigrant.

Francis Pugh [III] married Pheribee Savage on 8 September 1722 in Northampton Co, VA.

Pheribee was born in Virginia the daughter of Thomas Savage and Alicia Hermanson.

1731 – This Francis Pugh was a Justice of the Peace in Chowan County NC in 1731

1736 – died in Bertie County April 1736 or early May.

Apparently Pheribee married 2nd Thomas Barker. bef 21 Sept 1739 when Thomas Barker and wife Feribe sold land together to Jacob Jarnagan. Bertie Deed Bk F-180. After Pheribee’s apparent death he married Penelope.

Pheribee died before 1754 in Bertie County NC. [Pheribee Savage was a great granddaughter of another Thomas Savage.]

Notes per the emigrant generation: Francis Pugh was the son of a Welsh squire who lived at “Glendower Hall.” Francis emigrated, with brothers Daniel and Thomas, to Jamestown, Virginia in 1666. Francis, the eldest, settled near Suffolk, Va. in Nansemond Co. and built a “commodius” brick (imported from England) residence he christened “Jericho.” Daniel Pugh and his family moved to SC. Thomas and family moved to West Va. and the Ohio region.
E W Pugh stated “… it is implicitly believed by the older members of the famiy that the name was originally ‘ap Hugh’ (Welsh),.. ‘son of Hugh’, eventually corrupted into the English name Pugh .. the older members also believe that we descended from Sir Owen Glendower through a son of his, Hugh Glendower” Sources: Molly Urquhart

Children of Francis Pugh and Pheribee Savage:
1. John Pugh 1723/4 VA – bef May 1754 no issue
estate distributed to his siblings
married Elizabeth Pugh died bef May 1754
2. Ferebee Pugh ca 1725 –
married bef 1754 John Williams [some say Samuel Williams]
3. Col. Thomas Pugh 1726 Nansemond Co VA – 1806 [1813] Bertie Co NC
married 1745 Mary Scott 1725 VA – 1785
4. Margaret/Peggy Pugh ca 1730 – 1759
married ca 1753 Col. Benjamin Wynns 1735 – 17??
Colonel of the Hertford County Militia
5. Mary Pugh ca 1731 – bef 1754
married 1750 James Luten d ca 1766 Chowan Co NC
6. Francis Pugh ca 1733 Bertie Co NC – 1762
married 26 Feb 1754 Mary Whitmell 20 Feb 1732/33 – 7 Aug 1807
daughter of Thomas Whitmell and Elizabeth Bryan
Mary married 2nd 24 Dec 1765 Hezekiah Thompson d 1771 Bertie Co

Child of Pheribee Savage and Thomas Barker:
1. Elizabeth Barker ca 1741 –
married Mr Tunstall d by Nov 1772

Will of Francis Pugh, gentleman 5 Jul 1733 – May Ct 1736
of Bartie Precinct
Wife [unnamed] – Negroes Barr, Lymus, Affton, a wench which is now with Samuel Wiggins, also lend her the rest of my Negroes for her widowhood in order to keep their business in making corn and tobacco towards bringing up my children at school etc.
My wife may live on the plantation where I now live during her lifetime, and at her death it will return to my son John Pugh.
Son Thomas Pugh – my plantation at the Emperor’s Fields which I bought of Christian Hitleburgh.
To the child my wife now goes with – if a boy, he shall have the plantation where Samuel Wiggins now lives on Grindale Creek, and if a girl this land shall be equally divided between my sons John and Thomas, as well as all my lands in Bertie Precinct and Edgecombe Precinct.
My wife shall have the management of the ferry where Henry Horne lives, and receive the money toward maintaining her and the children. If she should change her condition the income from the ferry shall be divided between all my children as they come of age or marry. Personal estate to be divided among all my children. None of my estate is to be sold at public vendue.
If my sons should die without heirs their sisters shall inherit their land.
EX: wife, Col Robert West
WIT: Neeham Bryan, Henry Horne, Willim Jones
[Probate indicates Pheribee Pugh, relict and widow of the dec’d qualified as extr.]

[abstract by DB Gammon]

Codicil 12 April 1736
I have begun to build a brigantine which is now on the stocks in Bertie Precinct. My executors are to finish this brigantine from the money from my estate, with anchors, masts, cables, sails and other appurtenances. After this vessel is finished my executors and trustee shall purchase a loading of tobacco, black walnut or other merchandise fit for the British market, and send this vessel to Great Britain. I bequeath this brigantine to my wife and sons and daughters and likewise the cargo. To my wife – the plantation and house where I now live in Bertie for her lifetime with reversion as my will directs. I appoint John Montgomery, Esq. as trustee and supervisor of my will in the place of Cullen Pollock, Esq. After my sloop Carolina returns from New England, my executors and trustee shall from her cargo purchase a cargo and send the sloop to the West Indies for the benefit of my wife and children. My trustee shall may have freight for about twenty barrels free and clear. My wife is to receive from Capt. Grainger the cargo now brought in a schooner which belongs to Mr. Coleman, provided Grainger allows twelve pounds for my executor for good and well pickled pork.
WIT: Jon. Chancel, Peter Britton, Dr. Saml. Saban Plommer [abstract by DB Gammon]

Deek Bk F 180 Bertie Co – 21 Sept 1739 Thomas Barker & wife Feribe to Jacob Jarnagan.

Ct Records of Bertie – 14 Nov 1741 [abstract by Haun]
Thomas Barker proves his Rights Vizt. Thos. Barker, Ferribe Barker, Jno. Pugh, Thos. Pugh, Fras. Pugh, Pheribe Pugh, Peggy Pugh, Mary Pugh, Whites & Negroes Mark, Robin, Barns, Jacob, Ceasar, Lyruus, Peter, Pimbrook, Shipio, Jimmey, Barns, Peter, Crowell Pat, Affra, Sebina, Rachel Sarah Hannah, Rose, Priss, Shake.

on 10 May 1743 at Bertie Ct it is mentioned that Thomas Barker is the guardian of Francis Pugh dec’d minors. [abstract by DB Gammon]

Will of Thomas Barker [Edenton] 16 Oct 1786 Chowan Co
– wife Penelope
– sisters Bethia Winslow, Abigail Baker and Elizabeth Barker and my nieces Deborah and Bethia Barker 400 pounds in Mass. Money, 100 pounds to each sister and 50 pounds to each niece.
– Samuel Johnston of Hayes, Col. Thomas Pugh, and his son William of Bertie Co.
– daughter Elizabeth wife of Col. William Tunstall.
– wife, Samuel Johnston, Thomas Pugh and William Pugh, Exrs.
Test Blake Baker, Thomas Iredell, Will. Blair. abstract NCHGR 1- 529

Thomas Barker – Division of estate Nov 1792 as follows:
. . . . .
7 Jan 1793 ~ Receipt for the estate bequeathed by the dec’d to the heirs signed by
1. Eliza Tunstall 2. Edmond Tunstall, 3. Thomas B Tunstall 4. George Tunstall 5. Will. Tunstall 6. Francis Pugh 7. Will. Tunstall as gdn. of Lucy and Peyton R Tunstall 8. James Tunstall 9. Richard Tunstall and 10. Nathaniel Tunstall “signed by Francis Pugh for the three youngest children.”

Petition [no date] by Elizabeth Tunstall, stating that the trust imposed by her dec’d father’s will ceased at the death of her husband, and requested a division of the estate as well as a gdn. to be appointed for her minor children.

Deposition ~17 May 1810 ~ by Samuel Johnston, Esq “aged 76 years” with reference to a suit by William Williams against John Devereux. Record reveals Thomas Barker lived first in Bertie County, then in Edenton, and went to England in 1763 or 1764, leaving titles to his land in the hands of the said Johnston. Barker returned to America in 1778 or 1779. Record further shows Barker did not have a claim on land belonging to the Pollock family which was possessed by the late Col. Williams in right of dower by his wife. Record also shows the plaintiff William Williams was the son of Col. Williams.

4th generation

Francis Pugh ca 1733 – 1762 | his parents
& Mary Whitmell 1733 – | her parents
& Hezekiah Thompson d 1771 | his parents
of Woodville, Bertie County NC

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

Mary Whitmell was born 20 Feb 1733 in Bertie County.
She was daughter of Thomas Whitmell and Elizabeth Bryan.

Children of Francis Pugh and Mary Whitmell:
1. [Col] Thomas Whitmel Pugh 6 Aug 1755 – 2 Sept 1802 Bertie Co
Thomas Whitmell Pugh, son to Francis Pugh and Mary his wife was born August 6th 1755.
married Janet [Janette] Bryan
widow of Hardy Hill and dau of Edward Bryan and Martha West
a. Martha [Patsy] Bryan Pugh
married bef 1802 Richard Sanderson d 1803
i. Whitmell Sanderson bef 1802 –
b. Mary [Polly] Whitmel Pugh
married 1st bef 1802 William Jordan d July 1810 Bertie Co Raleigh Reg.
i. Harriet Jordan bef 1802 –
ii. Whitmell Jordan bef 1802 –
married 2nd Richard Nixon
c. Whitmel Pugh died bef 1802 without issue
d. Nancy Bryan Pugh
married Rev. William Whitmel Williams
son of William Williams and Elizabeth Williams
e. Winifred Blount Pugh
married 1st John Blount Hunter d. 30 July 1810 Edenton Raleigh Reg.
married 2nd John H Hawkins
2. [Maj] Francis Pugh 19 Dec 1757 – lived Franklin Co per E W Pugh’s notebook
married 1st his cousin Sarah Hill
dau of John Hill and Martha Whitmel
a. John Pugh moved to SC
married 5 Jan 1803 Elizabeth Gilliam
i. Winifred Gilliam Pugh died without issue
b. Mary Whitmel Pugh dy 29 March 1804 without issue
married 2nd 28 Aug 1792 Elizabeth Barker Tunstall died bef July 1811
a. Mary Ann Pugh
married in Franklin Co 1 Sept 1824 Young Patterson
b. Richard Tunstall Pugh
c. Ruth T Pugh
d. James Pugh
e. Eliza Savage Pugh d 17 Sept 1828 Chatham Co
married Joseph J Hawkins
f. Lucy T Pugh
married George Perry
g. Harriet Pugh
married Jordan Forster
h. Thomas Whitmel Pugh
He departed this life September 2, 1794. [Bible entry]
married 3rd Mrs ? (Taylor) Pugh no issue
married 4th Nov 1822 Mrs. Letha Smith no issue
widow of William Smith of Granville Co
3. John Pugh 1 May 1760 – 17 Feb 1792

Children of Hezekiah Thompson and Mary Whitmell:
1. Hezekiah Thompson 2 Oct 1766 – May 1820 Bertie Co
married Sarah Bond died 1825
dau of Thomas Bond and Elizabeth Hinton

a. Mary Whitmell Thompson
b. Elizabeth Thompson 1804 – 7 Sept 1818
c. Thomas Bond Thompson 2 Sept 1814 –
married Temperance Marie Williams
2. Lewis Thompson 20 Sept 1768 – 8 April 1814
married 1794 Elizabeth Hinton 1768 NC – 10 July 1860 Maison Co, MS
dau of William Hinton and Mary Blanchard Episcopal Ch
a. Elizabeth Thompson dsp
b. Noah Hinton Thompson 1806 Bertie Co, NC – aft 1885 AL
married 11 Jan 1832 AL Sarah Eliza Speller 1816 NC -1885 AL
dau of Thomas Speller and Elizabeth Hyman
c. Margaret Louisa Thompson 8 April 1808 NC – 16 Mar 1880 TN
married John Taylor Johnstone 1801 – 1848 Madison Co, MS
d. Mary Eliza Thompson died 1859 MS
e. Lewis Whitmell Thompson 2 Sept 1814 Bertie Co, NC – 16 Oct 1888
Maison Co, MS
she married 2nd Sutton
3. Thomas Whitmell Thompson 24 March 1771 – 16 June 1827
Woodville, Bertie Co aged 56 yrs 2 mos 22 days
married ca 1800 Mary Bond died 13 July 1817
dau of Thomas Bond and Elizabeth Hinton
a. Sarah Thompson 11 Dec 1802 – 4 Jan 1808
aged 5 yrs and 24 days
b. Thomas Whitmell Thompson 22 Dec 1804 – 3 Nov 1824
aged 19 yrs 10 mos 12 days
c. Hezekiah Thompson 29 Aug 1807 – 28 Feb 1836
d. Hon. Lewis Thompson 9 Oct 1809 –
married Margaret Ann Clark
i. William C Thompson 28 Feb 1836 – 24 Nov 1895 Woodville NC
married Virginia Griffin 3 children Mary Bond Thompson 13 October 1847 –
married 6 June 1871 Burges Urquhart 5 April 1847 IW VA –
e. Mary Eliza Thompson 16 Oct 1814 –

Will of Thomas Whitmell Pugh [E/179] 29 Aug 1802 – Nov Ct 1802 Bertie County
My executors are to sell a tract of land called “Sewell” containing 179 acres, and another tract called “Morrisses” containing 100 acres, and a Negro Tom, also half my cattle, and also have my tar kiln burnt and shipped or sold and they are also to hire out two-thirds of my Negroes except Penny, Rachel and Tom.
– When my daughter Winifred marries or is twenty one, my Negroes are to be divided among my daughters Patsy, Polly, Nancy and Winifred, and at the death of my wife Janettthe Negroes lent her are to be divided among my said daughters.
– Wife Jennet Pugh – lend my lands on the north side of Bare Swamp, except those bought of John and Nicholas Cobb, and my son-in-law William Jordan and my daughter Polly Jordan may have liberty to use what lumber they may want to use for the sawmill.
– Lend wife all my land on the south side of Bare Swamp with reversion to my daughter Nancy, also lend my wife all furniture, etc.
– My wife may have the privilege of having her grain ground at my mill which I have given to my daughter Mary and her husband.
– Daughter Patsy Sanderson and her husband Richard Sanderson – lend one-half my Bucklesbury land which I bought of Burt, and half the land which lies to the west side of Deep Run which I bought of Ben Bowen, also the whole of lands I bought of Nicholas Cobb and John Cobb in the fork of Bare Swamp on the north side, for the lifetime of my said daughter and her husband and at their death to my grandson Whitmell Sanderson, but his father has the power to sell it if necessary while Whitmell is underage. If Whitmell should die underage this land will descend to the next son or daughter of my daughter Patsy.
– Daughter Polly Jordan and her husband William Jordan – lend all the land I have on the north side of Bare Swamp except that bought of Nicholas Cobb and John Cobb, the mill across Bare Swamp with three acres on the south side of Bare Swamp for the lifetime of my said daughter and her husband and at their death to my grandson Whitmell Jordan, but if he died underage these lands will descend to the next son of my daughter Polly or for want of such to my granddaughter Harriot Jordan.
– Daughter Nancy Pugh – all lands I bought of Joseph Hopkins, Josiah Hopkins and David Gaskins as well as the parcel I bought of Ben Bowen as far as Deep Run but my wife may have these lands during her lifetime and then to Nancy to be delivered to her when she marries or is twenty-one. Daughter Nancy – Negro Penne and a mare I bought at Hinton’s sale. My executor is to pay my daughter Nancy a sufficient amount to support her in clothing until she is twenty-one.
– Daughter Winifred Pugh – lend the other half of the land I bought of Burt and the other half of the part of the land I bought of Ben Bowen on the west side of Deep Run, and the land I bought of Wm. H Green, until she arrives at the age of twenty-one or marries, also give her a Negro Rachel. My executor is to pay my daughter Winifred a sufficient amount to support her in clothing until she is twenty-one or marries.
EX: son-in-law Richard Sanderson, son-in-law William Jordan, Jonathan Jacocks
Wit: Martha Bryan, Elizabeth Jacocks abstract by David B Gammon

Ref: The Whitmell Family Bible, 1726 from Historic Woodville
Whitmel of Bertie, Halifax & Warren Co by Lyndon H Hart III in Gammon’s ENCF Vol 1.

4th generation Col. Thomas Pugh 1726 – 1806 | his parents
& Mary Scott 1725 – 1785 | her parents
of “Quirocky,” Indian Woods, Bertie County NC

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

Colonel Thomas Pugh was was a member of the Royal Council, and, after independence, as a delegate to the 5th Provincial Congress in Halifax,NC in 1776.
They lived in Quirocky, Indian Woods, Bertie County,NC.
DAR records (Mrs. Emma R. Jones Gilmer, #54470) show he was born in 1735, died in 1813

14 May 1745 Bertie Co Ct – Thomas Pugh, orphan of Francis, 19 yrs. old chose his brother John Pugh as his Guardian.

Will of Thomas Pugh [F/26] 1 Jan 1804 – Nov Ct 1806 Bertie Co
“…being in a low state of health…”
– Son William Pugh – all my part of the Great Swamp from Mr. Johnston to Mr. Jones, also the tract of land where my water grist mill stands, by the name of the Beverdam, this land containing 219 acres also give him a tract on the Beaverdam land in a branch below Wat. Gibson’s Spring, John H. Pugh, being part of a tract I leased of the Tuscarora Indians.. son William – land where Oald London lives and the other where Isaiah Smith formerly lived.
– Grandson Francis Pugh – land where his father Francis Pugh formerly lived, being one half the Sarah Walker tract containing 226 acres, also give him a tract known as the Island Tract.
– Grandson Joseph Pugh – land where Thomas Whitmell formerly lived being part of the Sarah Walker tract, containing 226 acres.
– Grandson Joseph Pugh all the part of the land except the Island Tract which I have given his brother Francis.
– Grandson Joseph Pugh – half the tract where Fredrick Lasiter formerly lived, and the land where his mother now lives, also the land where Liscomb Sholar formerly lived, but this last tract is to remain in the possession of his mother for her lifetime.
– Grandson Joseph Pugh – the Little Bare Garden land containing 900 acres.
– Grandson William Pugh – land where Cullen Cook now lives containing 450 acres.
– Grandson John H Pugh – plantation where I now live known as the Quisockey Tract containing 615 acres, also give him all the swamp land called the Sarah Walker land within my pasture down to the Indian Creek from Mr Johnston’s land except that part which is now within the fence of my son William Pugh. Grandson John H Pugh – land between my pasture fence and the main road from the Quisockey line, also the land I bought of David Canady containing 250 acres.
– Son William Pugh – land called the Brier Pocoson, containing 640 acres, also the Great Bear Garden land containing 1000 acres.
– To Easter Pugh [widow of Thomas Pugh, dec’d] – land and plantation where she now lives for her lifetime for her use and at her death to be divided among her children.
– Grandson Whitmell Pugh – the Middlefield Lot containing 200 acres.
– Grandson James Pugh – the Basketfield Lot containing 181 acres
– Grandson Augustin Pugh – The Town Swamp Lot containing 200 acres.
– Grandson Joseph H Pugh – land called “Oald Randol’s Oald Molley’s & Gipson’s” containing 200 acres
– Son William Pugh – the remaining part of the Sarah Walker swamp.
– To Elizabeth Pugh [daughter of Theophilus Pugh dec’d] – Negroes Barbary and Nicey.
– To Martha Cloman – Negro London.
– Remaining estate to be divided into three parts, one third to my son William Pugh, one-third to the children of my dec’d son Francis Pugh, and one third to the children of my dec’d son Thomas Pugh.
EX: son William, Samuel W Johnston, grandson John H Pugh
Wit: John King, Cullen Cook, Turner [x] Carter abstract by David B Gammon

Children of Thomas Pugh and Mary Scott:
1. Major Francis Pugh d bef 1804
married Elizabeth Standley d 1818 with will
has brother Jonathan Standley
a. Francis Pugh d. 1807 with will Bertie Co
married Ann
i. Francis Pugh
ii. child not yet born Oct 1807
b. Joseph S [J] Pugh will 14 Dec 1826 – Feb Ct 1827
married Elizabeth Magruder
[1a. William Magruder Pugh]
left a gun by his Uncle Francis in 1807
i. Martha Elizabeth Magruder Pugh
ii. Joseph W Pugh
iii. Thomas T Pugh
iv. Sarah E Pugh
v. Penelope A Pugh
c. Penelopy Pugh
married bef 1807 Gale
married 2nd Irvin
d. Nancy Pugh
married bef 1807 Harrell
married 2nd Munroe
i. Francis Munroe bef 1818 –
2. Col. Thomas Pugh ca 1748 Bertie Co – bef 13 May 1799 Quirocky, Indian Woods NC
administration granted John H Pugh 13 May 1799; Div. of personal estate 31 Dec 1805
another Div. 17 Feb 1807

married Esther Taylor of Martin Co
received 1805 Negroes: Champ, Sidney, Edy, Sealey, Ben, Chain and Dave
a. Catherine Pugh
received 1805 Negroes Jim, Venus, Sarah, Acless, Ferreby, and Boson
received 1807 Negroes Barefoot, Rose, Hardy, Ben, and Hannah

b. Margaret [Peggy] Pugh
received 1805 Negroes Dick, Milly, Penny, Alston, Hillory, Jude and Peter
received 1807 Negroes Frank, China, Boson, Primus, Jimma, Sylvia, Lennon and wife Rose

married bef 31 Dec 1805 Ebenezer Slade
married Thomas Bond
? c. William Pugh
? d. Rev John Shadrach Pugh
e. Cynthia Pugh 1800 – 1860
received 1805 Negroes Mike, Silvey, Dinah, Champ, the younger, and Darcas
received 1807 Negroes Crumwell, Judith, Billy, Jack, and Debra

married Augustine Franklin Pugh
f. Mary [Polly] Pugh
received 1805 Negroes Simon, Jinney, Neptune, Chaney, Sabrey, and Rachel
received 1807 Negroes Great Cato, Renny, Virgin, Sukey, and Jacob

married 2nd Barbara Carrell
3. William Scott Pugh 1745 Bertie Co – 19 Dec 1808 Bertie Co
married Winifred Hill
married 2nd Elizabeth ?
a. Dr. Joseph Hill Pugh d s p 1807 Bertie Co with will
b. Thomas Hill Pugh dy
c. John Hill Pugh d bef 20 Apr 1808
married Elizabeth Lockhart
d. Sarah Winifred Pugh 9 July 1774 –
married 9 April 1793 William Tunstall 1772 – 1836
e. Elizabeth Hill Pugh dy
f. William Alston Pugh of Bertie Co 1776 – 2 Sept 1836
married Mrs. Africa Blount Lawrence Thompson 10 Sept 1791 – 7 July 1816
age 25~ survived by 2 children per obit
married 2nd Frances Sylvester Slade 1795 – 20 Dec 1844 ts
Will 28 Dec 1843 – Feb Ct 1845
i. William Augustus Pugh 14 Mar 1819 – 29 Jul 1870
married 18 June 1845 Harriet Temperance Cotten 11 Oct 1828 – 13 Aug 1884
ii. Laura Slade Pugh
married Henry F Williams
iii. Frances Helen Slade Pugh 1822 – 1859 Bertie Co
married Stephen Andrews Norfleet 1822 -1910 Bertie Co
iv. Whitmel Slade Pugh
v. Joseph James Pugh 24 May 1824 – 1 Sept 1880
married Charity Dawson Williams 3 Mar 1829 – 5 Dec 1879
1. Dr. E. W. Pugh
married Sarah Wood Harllee d. Mar 1899
2. Laura Pugh ca 1852 – Dec 1898
married Richard Urquhart Norfleet, esq of Roxobel
3. Mary Collins Pugh
married R. H. Norfleet
4. Mrs. W. R. Moxley
5. Caroline Pugh
married Marmaduke Norfleet
6. Joseph W. Pugh
7. Fra[n]k S. Pugh
8. Henry Percy Pugh 25 Dec 1848 –
g. Dr. Whitmel Hill Pugh d by 1850 LA
married 11 Mar 1806 Mrs Mary Whitmel Bryan Hill 1776 – aft 1850
h. Henry Hill Pugh 28 Nov 1779 – 11 Oct 1829
married 13 Jan 1803 Susanna Dunn
i. James Pugh 1786 – aft 1850 TN
married Sarah Andrews
j. Augustine Franklin Pugh 1784 – living 1850 LA
married Cynthia Pugh 1800 – 1860
?4. Shadrach Pugh
5. Amelia Pugh
married 14 Feb 1780 Frederick Bryan
a. Col. William Frederick Bryan
married Mary Manning

e-mail 5/6/04 from Mary Kuehler – It is impossible for Col. William Frederick Bryan to have married Ann Morning Teel. Ann was only 3 years old when William died. William married Mary Manning.

We record the death of Mrs. Laura Pugh Norfleet, wife of Richard Urquhart Norfleet, esquire, of Roxobel. Mrs. Norfleet was in her forty-sixth year. She was the oldest daughter of Mr. Joseph J. Pugh and his wife, Miss Charity Dawson Williams. Mrs. Norfleet was possessed of rare charms of person and intellect. She was a sp[en]did type of pure womanhood. For many years she was a communicant of the Episcopal church. Her Christian life was beautiful. The neighbors will miss her unnumbered acts of kindness and love, and the entire community mourn the loss of a gentle, loving, noble woman. Mrs. Norfleet was the sister of Dr. E. W. Pugh, Mrs. R. H. Norfleet, Mrs. W. R. Moxley, Mrs. Mormaduke Norfleet, Joseph W. Pugh, Fra[n]k S. Pugh and Henry P. Pugh. Her remains were buried in the church yard at Roxob[e]l.

“Windsor Ledger”, Stephen W. Kenney, ed., Windsor, Bertie County, N.C.
Thursday, December 22, 1898 [Vol. 16, No. 45]

4th generation

Col. Benjamin Wynns 1730 – 17?? | his parents
& 1750 Margaret Pugh ca 1730 – 1759 | her parents
& 1760 Catherine Baker – | her parents
of near Cofield, Hertford Co, NC


This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!


“Col. of regiment in 1776 that marched to Great Bridge and Norfolk
to help expel Lord Dunmore”
Winborne’s Hertford Co

Children of Benjamin Wynns and Margaret Pugh:
1. Maj. George Wynns ca 1743 (named in uncle William’s will 1757) dec 1792
first made Major in 1764 in the Colonial Militia
he was captured by the British and carried to London as p.w.
member of the State Convention of 1788

2. William Wynns ca 1745 –

“member of the provincial House of Burgesses in 1768”

  1. Benjamin Wynns
  1. Mary Wynns
    married James Gregory 10 March 1752 – 1802 Gates Co
    a. Ann Gregory 1782 –
    married Dr. Charles Worth Harvey
    b. Margaret Gregory 1785 –
    married Gen Joseph F Dickinson ca 1775 – 1822 [47th yr]
    married 2nd Dr Isaac Pipkin 20 Nov 1797 – 21 Jan 1850 Murfreesboro
    i. Anne Marie Pipkin 8 Oct 1831 – 7 July 1848
    ii. Mary Eleanor Pipkin 21 Aug 1827 – 23 May 1855 Baltimore, MD
    married Capt William B Muse US Navy
    c. Mary Wynne Gregory 1787 –
    married Dr John Burgess Baker of Gates Co
    d. Thomas Wynns Gregory 1796 – 1869
    married Mary Tillery 1799 – 1836
    i. Caspar Wistar Gregory 1836 –
    4. Margaret Wynns ca 1759 – bef 1797
    married General Isaac Pipkins 1759 – 1838 Gates Co
    from Vol II HSF by Boddie with ref given to Winslow’s Hist. of Perqui. Co p360
    [ he married 2 Aug 1797 Mary Goodman]

    Gen. (of the militia) Thomas Wynns ca 1758/9 – 3 June1825 age 66 yrs
    “born, lived, and died in Hertford. He was a planter by profession, of active energetic mind, unspotted integrity and great personal worth. He lived near Winton, at the ferry called Barfield’s. As early as 1787, he was member of the House of Commons, and for many years after a member of the Senate. He was elected in 1802 a member of Congress from the Edenton District, in which capacity he served until 1807. He left no children.” J H Wheeler
    1784 Oct 21 Susanna Manney 1766 – 5 Jan 1822 first cousin
    from returns of Ministers, Southampton Co VA page 635
    dau. of James Manney and Elizabeth Baker
    no issue

Child of Benjamin Wynns 1735 – 17?? and Catherine Baker:

1. William Baker Wynns ca 1761 – dec by Apr ct 1797

4th generation

James Luten d ca 1766 | his parents
& Mary Pugh ca 1729 – bef 1754 | her parents
of Chowan County NC

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

James Luten and Mary Pugh were married 31 May 1750 in Chowan County. Thomas Barker was the bondsman.

As only Faraba is mentioned in the division of her Uncle John’s estate 11 Nov 1754 – I think she was her Mother Mary’s only child.
Faraba Luten, in right of her mother Mary Luten.

I think these other children in James Luten’s will are by a second wife.
in fact !!! In the Chowan Marriage Bonds ~
James Luten and Mrs. Mary Hopkins Mch 4 1754. Solomon King is the Bondsman.
James Luten and Mary Leary 31 Jany 1755. Ephraim Luten Bondsman.

Child of James Luten and Mary Pugh:
1. Ferebee Luten ca 1752 –

Children of James Luten and Mrs. Mary Hopkins:
[I imagine twins and the mother dying shortly thereafter]
1. King Luten ca Dec 1754 –
2. Solomon Luten ca Dec 1754 –

Children of James Luten and Mary Leary:
1. Henderson Luten
2. James Luten
3. Absalom Luten
4. Mary Luten

Will of James Luten, Edenton 24 Sept 1766 – prob ca 1766 Chowan Co
– sons Henderson, James and Absalom.
– sons King and Solomon
– daughters Mary and Ferebee
– brother Henderson
-Wm. Lowther, John Beasley, Jr., and brother Henderson Luten Exrs.
Test: John Daviess, Chas. Bondfield, Wm Righton.

4th generation

Col John Williams | his parents
& Ferabee Pugh | her parents
of Bertie & Johnston Counties NC

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

This John Williams was the son of Isaac Williams and the grandson of Benjamin Williams

Children of John Williams & Ferabee Pugh:
1. Ferabee Pugh Williams 20 May 1746 Ft. Barnwell –
2. Ann Williams
3. Major John Pugh Williams 1759 NC – 30 Aug 1833 Simpson Co KY
married Bertie Co NC Mar 1786 Judith King 1766 NC – 20 Sept 1840 Simpson Co KY
dau of Charles King and Judah Wimberly
a. William J Williams 1792 Fort Station Camp, Sumner Co TN –
married Martha Lane
b. John W Williams
married Nancy Lane
c. Alfred M Williams
d. Caroline Williams
e. Henry C Williams 1797 Fort Station Camp, Sumner Co TN –
4. Gov. Benjamin Williams 1 Jan 1752 Johnston Co NC – 20 July 1814 Moore Co NC
Governor of NC 1799 – 1802 and 1807 – 1808
married Elizabeth Jones d. 24 Nov 1817 New Bern NC
5. Mary Williams
married Guilliame Ferrand of Swansborough, Onslow Co NC

4th generation John Pugh 1723/4 – bef 1754 | his parents
& Elizabeth ? – bef 1754 | her parents
of Bertie County NC

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

John Pugh married Elizabeth. She apparently died not to long afterwards and then he died without a will. The estate was distributed to his siblings.

John Pugh – Inventory May 1754 by Thomas Pugh, admr.
Inventory 12 Aug 1754 of the property of John and Elizabeth Pugh, dec’d by Thomas Pugh.
Division of estate 11 Nov 1754 into equal shares among
1. [Faraba Pugh
married John Williams]
John Williams in right of his wife Faraba
2. Thomas Pugh
3. Margaret [Peggy] Pugh
married Benjamin Wynns
Benjamin Wynns in right of his wife Peggy
4. [torn] [note smk – this would have been Francis Pugh]
5. Elizabeth Barker [half sister]
6. [Mary Pugh
married James Luten]
Faraba Luten, in right of her mother Mary Luten.
Account current with Thomas Pugh, admr. from Apr 1755 to April 1759, in which money was received from James Abbington and James Seay. [abstract by DB Gammon]

4th generation Col William Tunstall ? – 1792 | his parents
& Elizabeth Barker bef 1754 – 1803 | her parents
of Bertie County NC

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

Elizabeth Barker was the daughter of Thomas Barker who died in Chowan County ca 1786 and his wife Pheribee Savage [Pugh]. Elizabeth’s husband William Tunstall died ca 1792.

Children of Elizabeth Barker and Col. William Tunstall:
1. Ann Tunstall alive in 1798
married bef Nov 1792 Edmund Tunstall of VA
2. George Tunstall
3. William Tunstall
4. Thomas Barker Tunstall died summer of 1793
5. Elizabeth Barker Tunstall d bef 12 July 1811 North Carolina Star
married 28 Aug 1792 Francis Pugh 19 Dec 1757 –
Bertie Marriage Bond ~ John Harlowe, Bm.
lived Franklin Co per E W Pugh’s notebook
6. Lucy Tunstall
married 14 Aug 1793 Henry G Williams
Bertie Marriage Bond ~ Francis Pugh and John Harlowe, Bm.
7. Peyton Randolph Tunstall
8. James Tunstall
9. Richard Tunstall
10. Nathaniel Tunstall alive in 1798 [I think he has died before 1803]

Will of Elizabeth Tunstall [E/218] 17 Jun 1803 Nov Ct 1803 Bertie Co
“…being sick…”
~ son Peyton R Tunstall – all my lands on the Roanoke River, but he is to pay my son William Tunstall $1000 in lieu of my giving him any of this tract of land.
~ son George Tunstall – Negro Harry
~ daughter Eliza. Pugh – Negro Silva
~ daughter Lucy Williams – Negro Melah
~ son James Tunstall – Negroes Old David and his wife Pen and their children Miley, Phebe, and Penne, also Rachel and her son Little Harry and Bet and her son Phil.
~ son Richd. Tunstall – Negroes Bunny and her son Washington, Isaac, Billy, Viney and her children Patrick and Philip, also Ned.
~ granddaughter Ruth V Tunstall [daughter of Edmond Tunstall of Virginia] – Negro Penne, daughter of Viney.
~ sons James and Richard – my title to land now in dispute between my father’s heirs and Blake B. Wiggins.
EX: sons Peyton, James and Richard
Wit: Alexander White, Elizabeth [x] Barnes

7 Jan 1793 ~ Receipt for the estate [Thomas Barker] bequeathed by the dec’d to the heirs signed by
1. Eliza Tunstall 2. Edmond Tunstall, 3. Thomas B Tunstall 4. George Tunstall 5. Will. Tunstall 6. Francis Pugh 7. Will. Tunstall as gdn. of Lucy and Peyton R Tunstall 8. James Tunstall 9. Richard Tunstall and 10. Nathaniel Tunstall “signed by Francis Pugh for the three youngest children.”

e-mails from Jim Miller
I desc Wilmington War of 1812 militia, artillery 4th Sgt Joshua James, Sr., who wed Hetty-Bella Sage of Sage’s Inn, His father was Capt. John James killed age 16 by Tories while crossing the Lumber River. Capt. James is a Society of the Cincinnati lineage. His widow Mrs. Martha Pugh James (sister of Ens. Whitmel Pugh?), wed Ephraim Sholar; some James desc. both husbands. Her parents, I THINK, were James and Mary Whitmel Pugh, Sr., of 1750’s Bladen Co., N.C.; the part which became eastern Cumberland Co. Next to James Pugh, Sr’s landgrant was an adjoining one for Francis Pugh. Who were James Pugh, Sr’s parents?

In the search room, N.C. State Achieves, Raleigh, in the “Private Collections” collection, is a thick, oversize, red bound book, hand written by Dr. Pugh of circa the 1830’s to 1850’s. It is only half filled in. Circa page 15 to 21, there is a page that shows Martha Pugh and Ens. Whitmel Pugh’s lineage. The circa 1850’s “Bladen Co.” (now eastern Cumberland Co.), side-by-side landgrants of James Pugh, Sr., and Francis Pugh, are in a book on old Bladen Co., landgrants. W. Clarke James of Wilmington, is in the N.C. Society of the Cincinnati, on Capt. John James and Mrs. Martha Pugh James (later Mrs. Martha Pugh Sholar). Whether Dr. Pugh, or the Society of the Cincinnati are wrong or right: I don’t know?
If memory serves it was on page 21 (or 12?)? It was just a lineage with no supporting data. In the N.C. Archives search room, in canceled Rev. War pay vouchers, is one to Mrs. Martha Pugh James, Capt. John James widow (who wed Ephraim Sholar of near Wilmington, though Sholar is an old Bertie Co., Name). Unusual, on the obverse of the pay voucher was a note, killed by Tories whilst crossing the Lumber River (Sept. 1, 1781, Battle of Drowning Creek, near Beatties & Gilchrist’s bridges?).

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  1. I have seen others say, but I have yet to see any documentation of a daughter of John Williams and Ferabee Pugh named Hester who married William Isler. Could you please comment on that as it seems to come up a lot. I’ve seen old newspapers that discuss that oral history as well, but have never seen anything that proves that relationship.

  2. I descend from Daniel Pugh, but have DNA matches to Francis’ descendants. One daughter of Daniel Pugh supposedly married David O’Shields, my ancestor. I am writing a book on my O’Shields, Hewatt and Wooten ancestors. I am really thrilled to find all of this research you have done. I will credit you for any of your information I might use. Thanks so much.

  3. Great work. The Pugh’s are a challenging family.
    I have good evidence of my Father, his father and his father. Beyond that I have trouble. My father was Noah Judson Pugh, Jr. His father was Noah Judson Pugh , Sr. His father was Samuel Bowman Pugh married to Elizabeth Fortney. Next was a Hezikiah Pugh married to Ann Bowman. Then Theophilos Pugh of Virginia I am not sure of these last details. Any help or comment would be gratefully appreciated,
    Kay Titus

    1. Hello Kay! I am doing genealogical research for my husband. I am ELATED to find you! The Pugh family has been difficult to chase….

      My husband’s maternal grandmother was Rose Pugh Turner. Rose’s father was Albert B (possibly Bowman) Pugh. His death certificate from Missouri lists mother as Sarah Elizabeth Pugh and father as Samuel Bowman Pugh. I was at a loss when trying to research from the death certificate info, as there was such a large disparity in ages and places. I recently contacted the daughter of Albert (T or O) Pugh, Rose’s Pugh Turner’s brother. She isn’t actively researching the Pughs, so she wasn’t able to give me much info. But, through information that Sally has, I learned that Sarah Elizabeth Pugh was never married. I think that Samuel Bowman was Elizabeth’s father.

      I am certain that your family is also ours: Albert B Pugh was living with Noah J and Charles Pugh in Des Moines Iowa and they were all working for the Gas Light Company there for several years – I have saved copies of the City Directories from Des Moines. While living there, Noah was moved to Atlantic Gas Light company and Albert began renting a room from Mary Neylon – a widow with children. Albert married Mary’s daughter Mary, and they had Rose Pugh and Albert (T or O) Pugh.

      My husband’s (Patrick Hardy) mother was Kathleen Turner Hardy. She was born in 1929 in Kansas City, MO. She told Pat that she used to go to the movies and to Church with her grandmother, Mary Neylon Pugh, when she was a little girl. Albert B Pugh died in Kansas City, MO in 1933.

      I would love to connect with you. I would also like to be able to know your lineage so that I can be straight on mine.

      Several years ago I paid several hundreds of dollars to obtain Missouri birth, death and marriage certificates. I LOVE Missouri because once one person pays for a copy, the original is scanned and posted on their records website so that everyone has access to records! I wish every state would do the same…

      Anyway, thank you for posting this info! I look forward to hearing from you! Rhonda

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