Aaron Askew, Tabitha, & Elizabeth Newman

brother of David Askew 1745 – 1815

Aaron Askew ca 1743 – 1810 | his parents
& Tabitha ? | her parents
& Elizabeth Newman d bef Sept 1809? | her parents
of Bertie Co, NC

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

Child of Aaron Askew & Tabitha:
1. “Polly” Mary Askew ca 1793 – ca 1835
married 8 Aug 1809 George Outlaw Jr. d. 1816
Thomas [x] Cherry bm
married 2nd David Outlaw Askew 1794 – 1849 MS

Will of Aaron Askew F/133 2 Sept 1809 Feb Term 1810
nephew John Askew [son of David Askew] – $500
nephew Aaron Askew Jr [son of David Askew] – $250
to Polly Askew [daughter of Tabitha Askew] – all my real estate, the plantation where I now live, as well as all other lands.
to the said Polly Askew – all my Negroes, namely Peter, Luke, Artur, Ned, Ben, Tom, Dick, Sr., Charles, Simon, Lewis, Cooper, Luke, Joe Dick Jr, Jake Demps, Cooper, Allen, Randol, Willis, Lawrence, Right, Jim, Frank, Cherry, Fan, Leir, Rachel, Kate, Phillis, Jinny, and Annis.
to the said Polly Askew – remaining estate, but if she dies without marrying or without issue my bequest to her shall be used to establish two free schools in or near the centers of Bertie and Hertford Counties for the education and instruction of the children of these counties in Literature, Virtue and Morality.
I request that Polly Askew be raised in a decent, genteel, Christian-like manner, and that she be educated at the discretion of my executors. My executors are to sell the old Negroes which I have given my daughter [sic] Polly Askew when they think proper.
Exrs: friends John Askew, John C Montgomery
Wit: Thomas E Hare, Zadock Raynor, John C Montgomery
abstract by David B Gammon.

Bertie Co Bk W p 502 Outlaw to Askew: Received the 26th day of February 1812 of John Askew executor of the last will and Testament of Aaron Askew decd the sum of one thousand two hundred and seventeen pounds being in full for Vandue estate bequeathed to my wife by the said Aaron Askew in his said will Rec’d by me the day and date above written George Outlaw, witness George Askew.
p 503 Received 15th June 1810 of John Askew executor of Aaron Askew decd the following property to wit thirty three negroes, six head of horses, one yoke of oxen, thirty two head of cattle, one sow and pigs, two brandy stills, six beds, and same furniture, one desk, three tables, ten chairs, two chests, three bedsteads, four pewter dishes, two basons, one dozen earthern plates, three dishes, one linnen wheel, two woolen wheels, two saddles, two sides of leather, four guns, some iron for a saw mill, one real and winding blades, two pair fire dogs, two barrells brandy, one pair of money scales, twenty empty barrells, two grind stones, one riding chair and harness, two carts and wheels, some flax unbroke, ?, iron pots and one kittle, ten plow hoes, five weeding hoes, fifty barrells of corn, on account of my wife Mary Outlaw’s Legacy which was left her by the last will and testament of Aaron Askew decd and as the said John Askew has not sold the said property as executor of the said Aaron Askew decd as he was authorized to do and has delivered over the same I have here unto set my hand on the day and year first written. George Outlaw, Witness George Askew

On 15 Feb 1816 – George Outlaw and wife Mary of Hertford County made several deeds. both signing in their own hand.


Mary [Polly] Askew ca 1793 – ca 1835 | her parents
& 1809 George Outlaw Jr d 1816 | his parents
& 1816 David Outlaw Askew 1794 – 1849 | his parents
& ca 1836 Martha Eliza Etheridge 1818 – 1890 | her parents
of Hertford Co NC

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

1809 – 8 Aug – George Outlaw Jr and Mary [Polly] Askew – a marriage license in Bertie Co.
1816 – 15 Feb – George and Mary Outlaw of Hertford Co made several deeds.
1816 – George Outlaw is dead in an accident.
1819 – David Askew listed with 1000 a. belonging to George Outlaw’s heirs – Bertie Tax List?
1830-32 David Outlaw Askew was guardian to Dorsey Alexander Outlaw, orphan of George Outlaw.

Child of George Outlaw and Mary Askew:
1. Dorsey Alexander Outlaw 1 June 1811 – 5 March 1870 age 58 yrs 9 mos 5 days?
married 19 Jan 1835 Clara Eliza Harris 1816 – 1884

Child of Mary Askew and David Outlaw Askew:
1. Napoleon B Askew 1816 – 1861
married Elizabeth Rabb 1821 – 1872

Dorsey Alexander Outlaw 1811 – 1870 | his parents
& 1835 Clara Eliza Harris 1816 – 1884 | her parents
of Hertford Co NC
& 1830 Oktibbeha Co Mississippi

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

1811 – Dorsey Alexander Outlaw is born in Hertford Co to George Outlaw and wife Mary Askew.

Dorsey Alexander Outlaw married in NC 29 Jan 1835 Clara Eliza Harris.

“Dossey A. Outlaw came to Oktibbeha County from North Carolina at the age of nineteen. He was a member of the first board of Police of the county when he was but twenty-one.
Outlaw and Beverly had the first brick store in Starkville. Outlaw bought large tracts of land from the Indians.
He returned to North Carolina and married Clara Eliza Harris, Jan. 29, 1835. He remained in North Carolina a few months. When he returned to Mississippi his wife’s mother came with them; also his half brother Napoleon Askew; also his stepfather, David O. Askew, his step-father wife, and their children then born unto them.
Also among this crowd coming to Mississippi from Bertie County, North Carolina was Coom Morgan who was dissatisfied at home. He remained in Outlaw’s employ until after the War between the States. Hence we see the origin of morgantown of this county, for it is made of descendants of Mr. Morgan, who was so esteemed by the Outlaws.” info from Mr. P G Suddeth. in “1937 History of Oktibbeha County, Mississippi”

Children of Dorsey Alexander Outlaw & Clara Eliza Harris:
1. Mary M Outlaw 18 Nov 1835 – 9 June 1913 ts
married Wiggs
2. Ann R Outlaw 3 July 1837 – 7 July 1853 ts
3. Margaret Outlaw 18 June 1839 MS – 19 June 1907 Fort Lawsen OK
married 4 May 1858 Robert H Spencer II
4. George Thomas Outlaw 21 April 1841 – 30 Aug 1842 ts
5. Dossey William Outlaw 1843 – 1918 ts
married bef 1870 Lucy ca 1848 –
6. George Thomas Outlaw 3 Dec 1844 – 21 Oct 1846 ts
7. Ella Outlaw 1853 – 1885
married William H Harvey 1848 – 1901

2 thoughts on “Aaron Askew, Tabitha, & Elizabeth Newman”

  1. Correction to my first comment:
    My great grandfather, Doss Outlaw Morgan (b. 1881) ( was actually the youngest son of George Decatur Morgan (Coom Morgan), who was 57 years old when Doss Outlaw Morgan was born.

    I have another question: What is your read on the changing spelling of Dorsey to Dossey? (I perfectly understand that it was pronounced “daw si”).

  2. Coom Morgan, who is one of crowd that came with Dossey A. Outlaw to Oktibbeha County from North Carolina (see last paragraph). Coom Morgan, who we knew as George Decatur Morgan (1824 – 1911), was my great grandfather. His eldest son, my grandfather, was named Doss Outlaw Morgan (1881 – 1945). His eldest son, my father, was named Doss Prentiss Morgan (1913 – 1992). I am Sandra-Kay Morgan Daniels (b. 1951).

    Only today did I realize that George Decatur (GD) was only 11 years old when he came to MS with the Outlaws. We did know that his mother in NC “bound him out.” Many times we have tried to learn more about him, but with we have not made any progress.

    After seeing how young he was and knowing that he was indentured very unhappily (family recollection) I am speculating someone probably gave permission for him to leave NC with Dossey Outlaw. He stayed in touch with his mother by letter, although he resented her decision to “bind him out.” Can you tell me where I might find records of indentureship between 1824 (his birth) and 1835 (his move to MS)? From reading your wonderful history collection, I see that young relatives were sometimes bound out to adult relatives. Would you have any suggestions around that? The geographic location might be somewhat narrowed because of the communities in NC visited by Dossey Alexander Outlaw in 1834-35.

    As you may already know, George Decatur Morgan revered Dossey A. Outlaw. I believe you are related to him, and I need some clarification to understand how. You have published an outstanding blog on family history and I hope I can learn more about how you did it.

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