Reynoldson Institute

ca 1900 photo of 1853-55 building


Builder was Willis Parker of Nansemond Co VA and his four sons Tom, Ike, Jack and Charlie
1st Headmaster was James A Delke [step-brother of great grandmother, Ann Ward]

The History of Reynoldson Institute
Reynoldson, North Carolina

by Lillie Waff Smith (Mrs. Beaurie Parker) 1916

Why the Name Reynoldson for this Institute
by Edith Freeman Seiling


ca 1909 Students and Faculty

Mother is the girl on left center standing with the big bow wearing the white dress;
her brother, Beaurie is standing behind the flag second from right with ears that stick out.


ca 1911 Student and Faculty
showing an end view of building

Beaurie and Ola Parker are standing at the base of the first post in from the left.


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  1. I love these pictures. My grandfather, Lannie Eugene Smith, was a student at this school living with his uncle during the week and returning home every weekend in order to attend.
    Do any of the photos have the names of the children listed?
    Thank you for the wonderful history and images.
    I assume the building no longer exists?

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