Ralph Outlaw & Anne

Sally’s 6-great Grandparents:

Ralph Outlaw ca 1687 – 1760 | his parents
& bef 16 July 1714 Anne ? died bef 1780 | her parents
of Norfolk Co, VA & Chowan Co, NC

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

Ralph Outlaw was born ca 1687 in Norfolk Co, VA son of Edward Outlaw (ca 1650 – 1714).
Ralph Outlaw married Anne before 16 July 1714.
They removed to Chowan Co, NC about 1717 where he bought land on the south side of Catherine Creek. Ralph died in Chowan County, NC in 1760.

Children of Ralph Outlaw & wife Anne:
1. John Outlaw ca 1712 Norfolk Co, VA – 1780 Bertie Co, NC
2. Thomas Outlaw ca 1714 Norfolk Co, VA – 1782 Bertie Co, NC
3. William Outlaw ca 1716 Norfolk Co, VA – ca 1790 Bertie Co, NC
married ca 1740 Mary Wood
dau of James Wood (will 1751) & wife Sarah
4. Ralph Outlaw ca 1720 Chowan Co, NC – 1790 Bertie Co, NC
married 1st [?Charity or is it ?Ann]
married 2nd 29 Apr 1769 Mary Holladay (Knott)
dau of Anthony Holladay and widow of James Knott
5. Edward Outlaw ca 1727 Chowan Co, NC – 1808 Bertie Co, NC
married ? Mary ?
6. Lewis (Levi) Outlaw ca 1729 Chowan Co, NC – aft 1800 Gates Co, NC
married 1st daughter of John Rice
married 2nd Zilphia Freeman
dau of John Freeman of Chowan Co
7. George Outlaw ca 1731 Chowan Co, NC – 1801 Gates Co, NC
married 1st Rachel Hinton
her last name probably Hinton
as John Hinton named his uncle George Outlaw as executor of his will

married 2nd Sarah ?
lived on the East side of Catherine Creek

Will of Ralph Outler [Outlaw] 23 Jan 1756 prov. 18 July 1760 Chowan Co NC
– eldest son John Outler 2 negroes and my best suit of clothes
– son Thomas Outler a negro, my 2nd best suit of clothes, 220 ac in Bertie Co, half the land purchased from John Airlie
– son William Outler the remaining half of the land in Bertie Co and 2 negroes
– son Edward a ewe and a lamb, “all my Tea Ware” and 3 negroes and if Edward has no lawful heirs then the sons Thomas, Lewis, and Ralph are each to have one of the negroes
– son Lewis 2 negroes, a small dovetail chest and “my blue Drugget Coat and fine Holland Shirt”
– son Ralph 1 negro and “my riding beast and saddle and bridle”
– to grandson David Outler “my Short new Gunn”
– to youngest son George Outler 5 negroes, “the plantation and house I live on” and all the rest of the estate
EX: son George executor.
WIT: Richard Freeman, James Sumner, William Sumner

Grandchildren of Ralph Outlaw & wife Anne:

Children of John Outlaw:


Thomas Outlaw ca 1714 – 1782 | his parents
& unknown wife | her parents
of Norfolk Co VA and Bertie Co NC

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

from Abstracts of Estates, Bertie County NC 1734-1788 by David B Gammon
Estate file of Thomas Outaw – died Bertie Co NC –
Inventory 1782 by William Watkins Wynns and Abraham Tayloe, exrs.
Inventory 4 Nov 1782 by the exrs. Acct of sale 26 Nov 1782 buyers:
Thomas Outlaw, Capt. William Outlaw, John Baker, James Outlaw, Christopher Holloman, William Outlaw, Jacob Outlaw, John Freeman, Michael Ward, Peter Vanpelt, David Askew, Abraham Tayloe, John Cook, Thomas Ward, Capt. William Morris, Joshua Freeman, William Watkins Wynns, William Lurray, George Outlaw, John Hogwood, James Mizell, Hugh Horton.
—- a Thomas Outlaw was a buyer at the estate sale of David Reece Nov 1751
—- from estate file of Josiah Stallings – inventory 1772 – The answer [Aug 1800?] of Thomas Rhodes [evidently to a petition] stated that Josiah Stallings died about 20 May 1772. Rhodes further noted that his wife was aunt of the said Betsey Stallings. Deposition [24 Jan 1804] by Courtney Freeman stating Mary Stallings was the widow of the dec’d, and married Aaron Askew after her husband’s death, before her marriage to Askew, Mary deeded Negro Jude to her children John and Elizabeth Stallings. Elizabeth Stallings later married John Belote, Jr and their daughter Frances Belote married George Outlaw [son of Thomas Outlaw].

Children of Thomas Outlaw:
1. Thomas Outlaw ca 1752 lived Hertford Co. at Stoney Creek
a. Milly Outlaw
married 12 Feb 1796 Josiah Askew, William Spivey, bm

2. Jacob Outlaw ca 1754 – 1808 Gates Co
married 25 Nov 1775 Rachel Garrett Chowan Co, NC
a. John Outlaw
b. George Outlaw
c. Thomas Outlaw dsp 1814
d. Deborah Outlaw * at end of page
married 22 Sep 1802 [div gr. 1818] James Hoffler ca 1774 – 1822 Gates Co
The Outlaw Family of Va is in error in stating that Deborah Outlaw married Thomas Hoffler- she did NOT… My ggggfather James Hoffler …married Deborah Outlaw in 22 Sep 1802 who left him in December, became a wanton women, had an illegal black child, lived with a sea caption and became a camp follower in South Carolina. James applied for a divorce in 1803, denied; filed again in 1807, denied and finally in 1818 filed a third time and it was granted….. e-mail from Gerard Pierce
e. Elizabeth Outlaw
married Frederick Blanshard,
f. Nancy Outlaw
g. Katey [Katherine] Outlaw
?married William Byrd
Gerard Pierce says he does not have this marriage

3. Amos Outlaw ca 1760 – ca 1795
owned land at Stoney Creek inherited from father
married ca 1783 Elizabeth ?

4. daughter married a Godwin had
a. Penny Godwin

5. probably other daughters

William Outlaw ca 1716 – 1790 | his parents
& ca 1740 Mary Wood | her parents
of Norfolk Co VA and Bertie Co NC

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

Children of William Outlaw & Mary Wood:
1. Anna Outlaw 1741/42 –

2. James Outlaw ca 1743 – ca 1783 Hertford Co
married ca 1771 Rachel G Freeman ca 1755 –
dau of John Freeman – will Bertie 1793
a. James Outlaw unmarried in 1790 census
b. Lewis Outlaw ca 1774 Hertford Co NC – 5 May 1841 Hardin Co TN
moved to Gates Co and later TN
married 1st ca 1800 Mitilda
married 2nd ca 1811 Elisha Harrell ca 1790 – 1843 Hardin Co TN
i. James Outlaw ca 1812 NC – 1855 Hardin Co TN
married ca 1836 Celina Stinett 6 ch
ii. Joseph Outlaw ca 1815 Gates Co NC – bef 1880 census McNairy Co TN
married Mary Wallace ca 1817 – bef 1870 TN 8 ch

e-mail from Laverne: I am descended from Lewis Outlaw and Elisha Harrell. Their son Joseph who married Mary Wallace. (You have Patridge). I also thought it was Patridge at first. I am sending you the information that I found that changed my mind.THE FORKED DEER BLADE, VOLUME II NO.46,JACKSON,TENNESSEE,
SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 26,1885 (Published in Madison County, Tennessee)
-DIED–On last Wednesday,Sept.16th,at her home in this county,six miles west of
Medon, Mrs.Mary OUTLAW,aged 68 years and 11 months. Deceased was a widow, sister to our county register; a consistant member of the Missionary Baptist Church at Maple Springs and was buried at that place.she leaves five children.

Ms Hughes,

According to Emma I. Williams in Historic Madison, p. 526, J.W. Wallace was register from 1882 to 1898. Jack D. Wood, Tennessee Room Librarian


J. W. WALLACE, aged 72 years, died September 4, Jackson. Confd. vet; left widow a son and two daughters. Ex-register of Madison County.

The Goodspeed Publishing Co., History of Tennessee, 1886
Biographical Sketches Madison County, Transcribed by David Donahue
Joseph W. Wallace

Joseph W. Wallace, register of Madison County, was born in Edgecomb County, N. C., October 1, 1830, the son of Warren and Mourning (Raspberry) Wallace, both of whom were natives of North Carolina. The father came to Tennessee in 1831, locating in Hardin County, on the Tennessee River, where himself and wife spent the remainder of their lives. They were most exemplary citizens. Joseph W. was reared as a farmer, securing a fair education, and preparing himself for teaching, which occupation he followed irregularly from 1845 until 1882. In 1853 he went to Arkansas, but returned to Hardin County in 1860, and when the war broke out enlisted early in 1862 in Company G, Fifth Kentucky Confederate Regiment, and was captured at Baton Rouge, La., August 5, 1862, and was held a prisoner of war until the following October. In November, 1862, he was transferred to the Twenty-third Tennessee Battalion, and was promoted at Chickamauga to color-bearer, and served as such until August 19, 1864, at Atlanta, where he .lost his left leg (and was held as a prisoner, of war until March 9, 1865), when he’ retired on full pay. After the war he returned to Hardin County, but soon left there and followed his profession, and in 1870 came to Madison County, where he has since resided, following book-selling and teaching, and in 1882 was elected to his present position of register. His re-election in 1886 attests his popularity. August 12, 1851, Mr. Wallace married Sarah A. Gage, who died March 3, 1859, leaving two children: Cyathia J., widow of J. W. Allison, and Sarah E., wife of J. L. Allison. December 10, 1865, he married his present wife, Margaret Ann Lewis, who has borne her husband three living children: Robert H. Lee, Florence H. and Jennie B. Mr. Wallace is a Democrat, and he and wife are members of the Methodist Episcopal Church South, he having joined the seine in 1847.

After finding this information, I decided her name must have been Wallace. My uncle had always contended that her maiden name was Wallace, but this was the first proof that I found. I have not found any information to tell me who the Nancy Patridge was who was living with her in 1860. My mother and I think it must be some relation, but so far have found nothing to show what it is.

If you would like more informaiton on Joseph and Mary’s children, I would be happy to send what I have.

My mother was Joalene Harris, her father William J. Harris, his mother Martha Outlaw, the daughter of Joseph and Mary. Laverne Hughes
– – – – – – —–

iii. Elva Outlaw ca 1825 NC –
married 1847 Hesiah Outlaw 2 ch
iv. Lewis Outlaw ca 1827 Hardin Co TN – ca 1855 Hardin Co TN
married Mary Copeland 2 ch
v. Alexander Outlaw 1833 Hardin Co TN – bef 1880 Montgomery Co TX
vi. Francis Marion Outlaw Oct 1835 Hardin Co TN – 1909 Montgomery Co TX
married MS 1668 Sibinia Vick
vii. Emiline Outlaw 1838 –
viii. Richard Outlaw 1840 –
c. William Outlaw ca 1776 – 1852/53 Beaufort Co
married Bertie Co 5 April 1800 Rachel Floyd
i. James A Outlaw 1802/3 – aft 1880 Hertford Co
remained in Hertford Co NC
married 20 Feb 1821 Nancy Floyd ca 1803 – bef 1880
daughter of Randell Floyd and Juda [Judith] Mair
1. William R Outlaw April 1829 –
house carpenter
married Mary E Saunders/Sanders Nov 1854 –
a. Nancy E Outlaw ca 1875 –
b. Herisa R Outlaw Oct 1879 – son
c. Mary V Outlaw Mar 1881 –
d. John W Outlaw Feb 1883 –
e. Martha P Outlaw May 1885 –
f. James L Outlaw Aug 1887 –
g. Dora C Outlaw Mar 1889 –
2. Jenet [Jane E] Outlaw ca 1835 –
3. Rachel Outlaw
4. Pvt John Lewis Outlaw 1835 – 28 Mar 1865 as POW in NY
buried Section CSA Site 2511, Woodlawn National Cemetery, Elmira NY
married Ann Moriah Lassiter
a. Willie Joseph Outlaw
b. Louis M Outlaw
c. John Lewis Outlaw Jr. 1857 – 1937
married Mary Elizabeth [Betty] Farmer
i. Spurgeon Wood Outlaw Nov 1895 – 1939
married Tellie Nichols
1. Wayland Wood Outlaw 21 Oct 1917 – Aug 1988
married Nancy Gertrude Lowe
ii. Brodie Garvis Outlaw
1. Betty Outlaw m Clark
5. Juda Outlaw
6. Sarah [Sally] M Outlaw ca 1845 –
7. Celia F Outlaw ca 1847 –
ii. Martha Outlaw
married Hosea Dudley
iii. Mary Outlaw
married Richmond H Terry
d. daughter Outlaw 1774/80 –

3. Mary Outlaw ca 1744 – 1796
married ca 1759 Joshua Freeman 1735 – 1794 Bertie Co NC

4. (Capt) William Outlaw, Jr ca 1745 Bertie Co NC – bef 1800 Hertford Co NC
Lt in Rev, was a wealthy landowner
1790 Census Hertford Co NC William Outlaw 3 wm 16+, 4 wm – 16, 3 f, 19 sls

married in Bertie Co 25 Aug 1764 Susannah Byrd
1800 Census Hertford Co NC Susanna Outlaw 1m 16/25, 1 f 45+, 8 sls
a. William Outlaw Jan/Feb 1766 – 1814 Stewart Co, TN
moved to Stewart Co TN by 1805 when he partitioned to build a mill on Lick Creek
adm. and guardians appointed Nov 1814; land division Nov 1825

married bef 14 Mar 1795 Ann Ward ca 1779 – bef 1814
dau of Thomas and Pheraby
married bef 1814 Mary [his widow]
i. Alexancer B Outlaw aft 1794 –
Alexander B. Outlaw gets 274 acres on Cane Creek, one mile from Dover, called the Childress place, plus 60 acres on the tract where Travis Moore lives, plus town lots #77, #78, #79 in Dover, plus 10 acres adjoining Bells’ plantation on Sycamore Creek, plus 40 acres on Leatherwood Creek where John Nicholas lives;
ii. Harriet Outlaw aft 1794 –
Harriet Wynn gets 135 acres from the same 320-acre tract;
married Henry Wynns 30 March 1789 – 1854 Stewart Co, TN
iii. George D Outlaw
George D. Outlaw gets all the land (160 acres) on the north side of Cane Creek that was part of a 320-acre tract granted to Robert Nelson, where Henry Wynn lives, plus 20 acres near the head of Leatherwood Creek, plus 10 acres at the Beech Spring on Leatherwood Creek, plus 25 acres on the east fork of Leatherwood Creek at a Standing Rock, plus 25 acres below the rock, plus 20 acres above Elliott’s place near the Hurricane Meeting House, plus Dover town lot #76;
iv. Dr. Drew Augustus Outlaw
Drew A. Outlaw gets the balance of the 320-acre tract on Cane Creek granted to Robert Nelson, plus 20 acres at the Ash Spring on Leatherwood Creek, plus 20 acres at the Gum Spring on the east fork of Leatherwood Creek, plus 20 acres above William Taylor’s place on Leatherwood Creek, plus 15 acres at the Grassy Spring on Leatherwood Creek, plus 20 acres adjoining Widow Rawls on Tennessee River, plus 12.5 acres adjoining Nicholas’ plantation, plus Dover town lot #75
v. Jefferson B Outlaw
Jefferson B. Outlaw gets 135 acres of a 320-acre tract on south side of Cumberland River adjoining Joseph Smith;
vi. Nancy Outlaw
Nancy Wilson gets 137 acres on Cane Creek where David C. Wilson lives, adjoining the above-mentioned 274-acre tract, plus 15 acres adjoining the 137-acre tract, plus 160 acres on Cane Creek adjoining Vinson Wyatt, which was granted to James Scarborough;
vii. William W Outlaw
William W. Outlaw gets 50 acres from the same 320-acre tract, plus 150 acres of an adjoining 320-acre tract;
viii. John Outlaw
John N. Outlaw gets 137 acres adjoining that of Nancy Wilson, plus 20 acres adjoining the above tract where Sherrid Stallings lives, plus 80 acres on Hurricane Creek called Elliott’s Mill place;
ix. Lucian D Outlaw
Lucian D. Outlaw gets 228 acres on Tennessee River below the mouth of Cane Creek, called the Smith place, plus 10 acres at James Rawls’ old place, plus 61.5 acres called the Brown place on Cane Creek, plus 80 acres adjoining the tract where Henry Wynn lives, plus 50 acres, the balance of the 90-acre Nicholas place, plus Dover town lot #73
x. Indiana Outlaw
Indiana Outlaw gets the 170-acre balance of the second 320-acre tract, plus 15 acres on the south side of Sugar Camp Hollow, near where Travis Moore lives;
xi. Patsy Levoy Earl Outlaw
Patsey Levoy Erl Outlaw gets 390 acres at the mouth of Cane Creek on Tennessee River, called the Burnt Cabbin place, plus 110 acres by the Big Pond on Tennessee River near the head of Leatherwood Creek, plus 50 acres on the east fork of Leatherwood Creek called the Ball place, plus 50 acres called the Gabsey? place, plus Dover town lot #74
b. Lavenia Outlaw [late] 1766 – 1820 family records
married bef 1785 Daniel Wynns 19 March 1765 – Oct 1813 Bertie Co
c. Wright Outlaw d. 1815 Montgomery Co TN will book B-158
Bertie Co Deed Q -114 “all my crop of corn as it now stands both on my mother’s plantation in Hertford County and on mine in this County” dated 1794. Bertie Deed T-305 conveys “all the land which the said Wright Outlaw now holds” dated 1804. Will mentions “Prudence, my present wife, and any other children I may have.”
married 1st
married Prudence
i. George Reddie Outlaw
ii. Sallie V Outlaw
iii. Lavinia M A Outlaw
iv. Wright W Outlaw
v. John A Outlaw
“plantation whereon I now live”
vi. Prudence C Outlaw
vii. Louise I Outlaw
d. Winniford Outlaw ca 1779 – 1846 Stewart Co TN
married bef 1809 Thomas Wynns 22 February 1775 – 01 August 1824 Stewart Co TN
e. George [David] Outlaw
Bertie Co Marriage Bond: David Outlaw & Anne Watford 23 Dec 1801, Morgan Outlaw, Bm
married 23 Dec 1801 Anne Watford
removed to Montgomery Co TN
i. Thomas B Outlaw
f. Seth Outlaw May 1787 NC – 21 June 1873 Houston Co TN
1810 Stewart Co TN Seth Outlaw 100010-00100
married 28 Jan 1816 Margaret Tayloe 22 Oct 1796 NC – 27 Feb 1877 Houston Co TN
both buried in Cane Creek Cem
i. Stuart Outlaw 12 Nov 1816 – 1 Jan 1817
ii. John H Outlaw 11 Jan 1819 – 26 May 1863
iii. Eli E Outlaw 9 June 1821 – 1 Apr 1855
married Benton Co TN 20 Dec 1853 Eliza Ann Lindsey 2 May 1838 – 1 June 1906
buried Edward Lindsey Cemetery, Big Sandy, Benton Co, TN
daughter of Edward Buxton Lindsey 1797 NC – 1872 TN & Levicy Lavisia Rumbley 1813 – 1894
1. Margaret Eli Adeline Outlaw 1855 [after father’s death] – 1912
married John Wesley Sykes 1846 TN – 1922
Eliza Ann married 2nd 10 Dec 1858 John T Bell 1830 – 1872/9 TN – 7 children
Eliza Ann married 3rd Dr. J W Smith
iv. William Outlaw 15 Oct 1823 – 22 June 1837
v. Elizabeth E Outlaw 26 Mar 1826 – 12 Mar 1855
vi. George Deadrick Outlaw 1 Jan 1829 – 11 Nov 1912 Houston Co TNOutlawfam George Deadrick Outlaw family ca 1880
married 20 Dec 1854 Frances W Wynns died 8 Sept 1857

1. Seth Outlaw 2 Feb 1856 – 11 June 1941
married 11 Mar 1887 Sally A McCloud
married 28 Nov 1867 Mildred C Baker 6 May 1846 – 16 Nov 1923

Mildred Baker Outlaw
1. Elizabeth Outlaw 23 Nov 1868 – ?
2. James Elvis Outlaw 26 June 1870 – 5 June 1938
3. Hyman F Outlaw 9 Aug 1872 – 9 Apr 1951
married Flossie Largent
4. William Lee Outlaw 15 Sept 1874 – 20 Nov 1940
married Kate Fry 3 children
5. Jessie Bell Outlaw 28 Nov 1876 – 1933
married Alice Celeste Greer 5 children
6. Margaret Anna Outlaw 10 Aug 1879 – ?
married J H Daniel
7. Mary Louise Outlaw 25 Sept 1881 – Dec 1969 4 children
married 26 Dec 1909 Henry Cornelius Yates 1881 –
8. Blanch Outlaw 8 Aug 1883 – 30 Jan 1905
9. Mattie Outlaw 2 April 1885 – 29 Sept 1943
married Leonard Vickers
10. George Dedrick Outlaw 13 May 1888 – 23 Oct 1918
vii. Mary W Outlaw 16 Sept 1831 – 3 June 1880
married Aug 1856 James W Vickers
viii. Sarah M Outlaw 16 Sept 1834 – 28 Dec 1856
married 21 May 1854 John P Bell
ix. Benjamin E Outlaw 13 June 1837 – 30 Sept 1864
g. one more son
h. Mary Outlaw rem. to Stewart Co TN
married Bertie Co 12 Feb 1796 Josiah Askew d bef April 1835
William Watford, bm estate divided April 1835
i. David O. Askew
ii. John Askew
iii. Drewry A. Askew
iv. Aaron Askew
v. Celia Askew
married Henry H Wynns d 1836
1. Mary C Wynns
2. Andrew R Wynns
vi. Josiah Askew
i. John Outlaw d. Stewart Co TN

5. Ruth [Putck] Outlaw ca 1749 –
married bef 1767 Isaac Carter Jr ca 1745 – 1805/10.
6. George Outlaw ca 1751 – 1795 Bertie Co
married 19 March 1775 Agnes Knott died 1795
1799 the estates of George and Agnes Outlaw were divided between Morgan and George
a. Morgan Outlaw
b. George Outlaw 1780 – 1843 Montgomery Co TN
married Bertie Co 27 May 1803 Frances [Fanny] Belote 1786 – 1843 Montg. Co TN
i. William Thomas Outlaw 1807 Bertie Co NC
ii. George Washington Outlaw 20 Mar 1823 Mont. Co TN – 16 Nov 1906 Houston Co TN

Ralph Outlaw ca 1720 – 1790 | his parents
& Charity or Ann | her parents
& 1769 Mary Holladay [Knott] | her parents
of Chowan Co NC and Bertie Co NC

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

Children of Ralph Outlaw ca 1720 – 1790 Bertie Co & 1st wife Ann?:
1. Elizabeth Outlaw ca 1745 –
married 15 Sept 1764 Nathan Miers died 1800
a. Ralph Miers bef Jan 1787 –

2. David Outlaw ca 1748 – 27 May 1789 Bertie Co NC
David Outlaw dies intestate in June, 1789 – response to May 1812 petition by Solomon Cherry
married 27 July 1773 Martha Standley died 1794 dau of Jonathan
Petition 15 May 1812 by Ralph Outlaw, David Outlaw, William H Green and wife Margaret, John Askew and wife Mary, John Holley and wife Martha, and George Askew and wife Ann, stating the said Martha Outlaw [widow of David] died intestate in 1794, and by this petition they requested their share of her estate. [Gammon abstract of Bertie Estates]
a. Ralph Outlaw 1774 – 16 Nov 1836 Bertie Co NC
married Elizabeth Cherry ca 1781 – April 22 1819
daughter of Solomon Cherry and Mary Walton [Eason]
i. David Standley Outlaw 14 Sept 1806 – 22 Oct 1868 Windsor, NC
the Congressman grad UNC 1824
married ca 1737 Emily Baker Ryan 9 Mar 1813 – 11 Oct 1859 bapt 25 Apr 1844
widow of Joseph Jordan Ryan and daughter of Marina Brickell [Bryan] and Maj John Edwards Turner ??
1. Elizabeth Outlaw ca 1838 – bapt 5 Jul 1840
2. Ann Peyton Outlaw ca 1841 – bapt 14 Mar 1841
married 6 Nov 1860 Dr. William T Sutton
3. David Outlaw ca 1848 – bapt 20 Mar 1848
4. George Outlaw bapt 2 Nov 1851
the Congressman David Standley Outlaw also has 2 mulatto children
ii. Edward Cherry Outlaw 28 Mar 1810 – 1853 Bertie Co NC
married 23 Jan 1835 Amanda Mary Frances Miller 23 Jan 1818 – 24 Sept 1847
daughter of Mary Frances Brimage and Ephraim Miller both buried on Brimage place in Bertie Co
1. Mary E Outlaw 23 Aug 1836 – 16 Feb 1838
2. Victoria Outlaw 8 Sept 1838 – 29 Oct 1896
married William R Pugh d bef 1880
3. Capt Edward Ralph Outlaw 30 Nov 1840 Bertie Co – 19 Aug 1921 Nags Head NC
he is associated with 2 mulatto children

Edward Ralph Outlaw CSA
11th NC Reg.

married 10 Nov 1868 Lucy Rascoe 16 Jan 1850 – 1931
daughter of John Peter Rascoe & Martha M Bond
a. Janie Outlaw 4 Sept 1869 –
married 23 Dec 1889 William Henry Hunt d 1 Mar 1930
i. Edward Outlaw Hunt 18 July 1893 – June 1961
married Marie Burwell one child
ii. Janie Hunt Oct 1895 –
married 1st Arthur Landis one child
married 2nd Jerome Bell Flora
iii. William Henry Hunt one child
married Ann Jordan
married 2nd A W Graham
iv. Rascoe Bond Hunt 3 children
married Margie
b. Lucy Roscoe [Lou] Outlaw 4 May 1873 – 1952
married 7 Dec 1899 Sam W Worthington 1875 – 1956 Wilson NC
i. Samuel Wheeler Worthington Jr. 7 May 1907 MD –
married 1951 Katherine Stuart Flanagan 21 Feb 1923 – 21 Aug 1953
1. Margaret Rascoe Worthington 1953 Raleigh NC –
married 2nd 8 Jan 1955 Mrs. Peggy Pegram Wilson Humphrey
2. Samuel Wheeler Worthington III 1957 Windsor NC –
3. Mary George [Georgia] Worthington 1959 Windsor NC –
c. Martha Elizabeth [Lizzie] Outlaw June 1875 –
married William MacQueen of Elizabeth City NC
d. Alice Brimage Outlaw Oct 1878 –
married Thomas Gilliam
e. Edward Ralph Outlaw Jr 10 Nov 1881 – 18 April 1954 Elizabeth City NC
Nags Head was for summertime only in those days. He helped his father build the old Outlaw cottage (100 years old in 1988 I think) and built his own, both on the beach. His book about Nags Head makes it appear he lived there year round tho. e-mail from Hank Huntington
married Louise Greenleaf 1883 – July 1965
i. Louise Pool [Aunt Weesie] Outlaw 29 May 1907 – 2002 no issue
married Henry Hobson Sandidge 1906 – 1980
ii. Martha Rascoe Outlaw 29 April 1914 – 30 Dec 2002 Santa Barbara CA
She was a cover girl model for Redbook, Queen of the NY Press Photographers’ Ball, and acted in the 1st million dollar color movie “Cover Girls.”
married Henry Edwards [Ted] Huntington II 1921 – 1978 Santa Barbara CA
His grandfather built Newport News shipyard back there (and numerous development out here) with railroad magnet, Collis P. Huntington.
1. Henry Edwards [Hank] Huntington III 1945 –
married 1970 Judith Annan [Judy] Kuryla
a. Elisse Renaud Huntington
i. Annabelle Charlotte Tweet 2005 –
b. Collis Henry Huntington
2. Edward Outlaw [Ted] Huntington 1947 –
married 2nd Secondo Guasti III 1925 – 1973
a third generation Californian whose family had built the country’s largest vineyard by Ontario. It was sold after losses incurred during Prohibition in the 30’s.
married 3rd Darney Sandidge 1914 – 1989
f. Mary M Outlaw June 1886 –
married Dick Lamb d bef 1910 –
g. John R Outlaw 10 Nov 1887 – bef 1971
married 1918 Emma Fearing 3 Oct 1893 –
i. Lucy Rascoe [Lulu] Outlaw 4 Aug 1923 –
married 1946 Carlton Goodchild [Bro Dick] Gilliam d 2003 Windsor NC
1. Nancy Brimage Gilliam 1948 –
married 1970 Hunter Wayland Spruill 1944 –
a. Brimage Spruill
b. Wayland Spruill
i. Henry Spruill
ii. Esabella Purifoy Spruill
2. Victoria Outlaw [Vicky] Gilliam 1958 –
married Joseph Leggett
a. William Leggett
b. Daniel Leggett
3. Carlton Bradford Gilliam 17 April 1960 – 1996
h. David Outlaw Dec 1889 – 1970 Elizabeth City NC age 81 dsp
i. Alexander Bate Outlaw July 1892 – 27 April 1970 age 77 dsp
Attorney and Mayor of Elizabeth City
owned the area Texaco distributorship but gave all his money away to needy friends before he died
Capt Edward Ralph was associated with 2 mulatto children James 1858 and Mary
4. Sarah Jane Outlaw 3 Oct 1842 – 19 April 1862
married Thomas Turner Allen
5. David Cherry Outlaw 19 Nov 1844 – 18 Sept 1919
6. Maria Outlaw 13 Aug 1846 – 19 Aug 1846
7. Mary Frances Outlaw 13 Sept 1847 – Sept 16 1847
her mother died 8 days later

Brimage Family: William Brimage, son of William and Elizabeth Brimage, was born near Darlinton, County of Durham, England. Married Frances Ann Gilbert of St Joseph parish, Hanover Square, London, 1765, and sailed for America, locating in Halifax NC in 1766, where his wife died on December 21st of that year. He returned to England and again came to America, locating in New Bern NC in 1769, where he served as Deputy Attorney of the Crown, New Bern District, 1771; member NC Provincal Congress at Hillsboro in Aug 1775; appointed a Judge of the Court of Oyer and Terminer, New Bern District 1777 and was an active Loyalist in Bertie County during the Revolution. He married 2nd 25 May 1773 Elizabeth West, daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth West and granddaughter of Col Robert West. She was born 18 Oct 1753 and died in Bertie County in 1816. William Brimage died at Gray’s Inn, Middlesex County, England 16 March 1793. Both leaving wills in Bertie County records.
Children of William Brimage and Elizabeth West:
1. William Henry Brimage 28 March 1774 – 8 July 1774
2. Thomas West Brimage 15 July 1775 – 8 April 1799
3. Elizabeth Pollock Brimage [twin] 21 Oct 1777 – 23 Nov 1820
married 21 Oct 1803 Col. Humphrey Bate
4. Mary Frances Brimage [twin] 21 Oct 1777 – 3 Oct 1851
married 10 Sept 1795 Ephraim Miller 1 Dec 1765 – 14 Sept 1826
5. Harriett Brimage 12 April 1782 –
married Fesenden
found on page 51 of the 2nd edition of the “Outlaw Family”

iii. Martha Morgan Outlaw 4 Jan 1813 –
iv. Jennet Eliza [Janie E] Outlaw 4 Dec 1814 –
married ca/bef 1842 Solomon Cherry
1. David William Cherry
v. Sarah [Sallie] Frances Outlaw 12 Dec 1816 –
married bef 1840 Joseph Blount Cherry 1816 –
1. Joseph O Cherry ca 1840 –
2. Emily O Cherry ca 1845 –
3. Solomon Cherry
married 1883 Elizabeth W Gray
[ Children: Joseph, Emily, Jane, William, Solomon, others]
vi. Celia Emily Outlaw 20 Mar 1819 –
married Celia Cherry 1794 – 1862 Bertie Co
sister of Elizabeth his first wife
Celia married 2nd 1844 William Walton of Hertford Co
Captain RALPH OUTLAW, of Bertie County, born 1774-5, died Nov. 16, 1836. Elizabeth, his wife, died April 22, 1819, and Celia, his widow, was living in 1842. In Bertie County, Book FF, page 462, is a deed from Celia Outlaw, widow of Ralph, to her step-daughter, Jane E. Cherry, wife of Solomon Cherry, in which it is stated that “she expects shortly to enter into the holy bonds of matrimony with William Walton of Hertford County and desires to make provision for the support of her step- daughter and children being land upon which dower was assigned from late husband Ralph Outlaw.”
b. Mary (Polly) Outlaw 1776/77 –
married 2 Jan 1793 John Askew 1770 – 1829
c. Margaret (Peggy) Outlaw ca 1780 – aft 1812/bef Sept 1821
when William H Green was apparently married to a daughter of Timothy Walton, the mother of Margaret Green
married 6 Jan 1797 William H Green ca 1768 – aft 1850 Hertford Co
d. Ann (Nancy) Outlaw 1783 – 1854
married George Askew 1780 – 1832
e. David Outlaw ca 1787 – bef 11 Feb 1836
married 10 July 1805 Mary Ann Powell
i. Rebecca Ann Outlaw
ii. George Powell Harrell Outlaw 24 Jan 1815? –
iii. David Stanley Outlaw 22 Sept 1819 –
iv. Edward John Outlaw 10 April 1820 –
v. Joseph Wright Outlaw 10 Mar 1822 –
f. Martha (Patty) Outlaw ca 1790 –
married 7 Jan 1806 John Holly

3. Ralph Edward Outlaw ca 1750 – 1816 Bertie Co
1815 Tax List Bertie Co – Edward Outlaw 2150 a. 6313 val. 13 slaves
married Rebecca ?
she married 1816 2nd Maj. William Watford
a. Anne Outlaw
married 1st 23 Oct 1797 James [John?] Rhodes d bef 1801
i. Edward Outlaw Rhodes
educated in Connecticut
married 2nd Malachi Weston
ii. William Weston
iii. Malachi Weston
iv. Rebecca Weston

4. Mary Outlaw
married bef 1791 David Ray
Edenton District Loose Estate Papers
a. John Ray

5. Priscilla Outlaw
married 18 May 1779 William Watford
b. Mary Watford
married 17 Mar 1799 Jonathan Standley

6. Drucilla Outlaw prob d bef 1779
married 10 Jan 1774 William Frazier died 1775
a. Charity Frazier
married 17 Oct 1796 James Spivey
b. Wright Frazier d. bef Jan 1787

7. Charity Outlaw ca 1763 –
married Rev John Alexander d. 1795 Bertie Co
Episcopal Clergyman and Loyalist during the Revolution
a. Elizabeth Alexander
b. Mary Alexander died bef her father
c. Martha Alexander
married 7 May 1805 Aaron Askew
d. Rachel Alexander
married 26 Mar 1805 Joshua Outlaw son of Edward
i. John Alexander Outlaw
ii. Joshua Outlaw
iii. Martha Ann Outlaw
married Wright Mitchell

Child of Ralph Outlaw Jr and Mary Holladay [Knott]
8. George Outlaw ca 1770 – 15 Aug 1825 of Bertie Co
“he was educated by private teachers and the common schools and was a merchant; member of the State House of Commons 1796/97, State Senate 1802, 1806-08, 1810-14, 1817, 1821, 1822. Speaker of the Senate in 1812, 1813, 1814.
Elected as a Jefferson Democrat to the 18th Congress in the stead of Hutchins G Burton who had resigned. Served in the second session 19 Jan 1825 to 3 March 1825. Served as first Moderator of Chowan Baptist Association organized in 1806 – a man of great serenity and address, amiable manners and piety.”
1815 Tax List Bertie Co – Outlaw, George Esqr. 3100 a. 12000 val. 7 town lotts 1 free poll 21 slaves

Note: error in the Outlaw book! has this man listed in the place of his uncle George
married 1st bef 1793 Elizabeth Bryan 3 April 1775 – bef 1817
daughter of Joseph Bryan and wife Mary Hunter
a. Dr. Joseph Bryan Outlaw 1797 Bertie Co – 1860 Cravan Co NC
practiced his profession in Franklin County many years
married 15 Sept 1819 Hannah Turner Stone 1797 – aft 1858
daughter of Gov. David Stone and Hannah Turner
i. Dr. David George Outlaw 1820 – 4 July 1849 Louisville KY
married Isadore Sells
ii. Elizabeth [Bettie] Outlaw 18 Sept 1831 – 11 July 1914
married David Tayloe
iii. Harriett Outlaw 18 Nov 1834 – 28 Dec 1912
married Dr. Benjamin F Biddle
iv. Dr. William D Outlaw
married Mary Outlaw
v. Joseph Outlaw
“to have my medical library if he completes his professional education”
vi. Hannah Outlaw 1828 –
b. George B Outlaw 1798 – 10 March 1843
succeeded his father as member of the State Senate -served several terms
married 1st Elizabeth Hill
married 2nd Mary Eliza Jordan 17 Oct 1809 – 10 April 1873
several children died young
i. Mary Elizabeth Outlaw no issue
married 9 Jan 1850 William Hill of Wilmington NC
his widow Mary Eliza married next Lewis Bond
i. Daniel Bond moved to TN
ii. Henry Bond moved to TN
Mary Eliza married 3rd Gov. John Branch of Enfield NC no issue

c. Harriet Outlaw ca 1800 –
married Jonathan R Leggett
i. Margaret Eliza Leggett
ii. George Thomas Leggett
married 2nd Dr. V A Ritney
d. Mary Bryan [Polly] Outlaw ca 1803 –
married William Dorsey [or Dosser]
married 3rd ca 1817 Frances MacKay (Smith) d. 1842 Chowan Co
widow of Henry Smith, daughter of Col. Thomas MacKay and Frances Lee
f. Dr William Thomas Mackay Outlaw d 9 Dec 1854 Wake Co NC
practiced his profession in Rowan Co, NC, Washington Co TN, and Johnston Co NC
married Margaret Eliza Henderson
i. Margaret Eliza Henderson Outlaw
married 24 Nov 1858 John Heritage Bryan Jr
ii. Sarah Stone Outlaw
married John T Williams
iii. William Outlaw dy
g. Julia E S Outlaw dy
h. Frances E L Outlaw
his widow Frances married 19 Jan 1830 James H Hartman

Will of Ralph Outlaw [D/146] 23 Jan 1787 – Nov Ct 1790 Bertie Co NC [abst by David B Gammon]
“being weak of body”….
– Eldest son David Outlaw – my manor plantation where I now live and also the land I bought of Thomas Weston on the s side of Wild Cat Swamp, also Negroes Batt, Ben, Hannah, River Bob, Hager, still, chairs, etc.
– son Edward Outlaw – land I bought of Joseph Collins adj. Cashi along with my water grist mill, Negroes Andrew, Cazar, Charles, Cate, but if Edward dies without male heirs, this property to fall to my youngest son George Outlaw. The wench Cate was attempted to be given by me to my son Edward before she properly belonged to me and before the division whereby my wife obtained dower from her former husband’s estate. also son Edward- Negro Cuff, bed, etc.
– eldest daughter Elizabeth Mier – five shillings plus what I have already given her
– daughter Mary Ray – five shillings plus what I have already given her
– daughter Pricilla Walford [Watford?] – five shillings, Negro Sylvia which I formerly gave to my grandson Wright Frazier, dec’d.
– Granddaughter Mary Watford – bed, calf, etc.
– daughter Charity Alexsander – Negroes Cherry, Mingo, Jo and Eda, also bed etc. all for her lifetime with reversion to my granddaughters Elizabeth and Mary Alexsander.
– grandson Ralph Outlaw [son of David Outlaw] – half my plantation in Rockquist Islands, Negro Peter, etc
– grandson John Ray – Negro Pen
– granddaughter Charity Frazier – Negro Venus, but if Charity dies without issue this Negro shall be divided between my son George and my saidgrandson Ralph Outlaw.
– granddaughter Charity Frazier – all my stock on Roanoke at Samuel Ray’s.
– granddaughter Anna Outlaw [ daughter of Edward Outlaw] – Negro Venus, but if she dies without heirs this Negro will be divided among my surviving daughters.
– daughter Elizabeth Miers – Negro Pegg for her lifetime with reversion to my grandson Ralph Miers
– son George Outlaw – plantation I bought of Robert West, the plantation I bought of Milborn, the plantation I bought of Dr. Williams and half my plantation in Rockquist Islands, three front lots in Windsor that I bought of Doctor Darley, also Negroes Bob, Tom, York, Jude, Hagar, Pleasant, Elsa, Rose, Dinah, also bed, etc.
– wife Mary Outlaw – the use of my remaining estate for her lifetime or widowhood.
– remaining estate to my son George, and if he dies without heirs this shall fall to his brother David Outlaw.
EX: sons David, George, brother George Outlaw
WIT: David Standley, Hardy Lewis, Andrew South

Children of Edward Outlaw & ?Mary:

Lewis Outlaw ca 1729 – aft 1800 | his parents
& Miss Rice | her parents
& Zilphia Freeman | her parents
of Chowan Co NC and Bertie Co NC and Gates Co

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

Lewis [or Levis or Levi] Outlaw married first a daughter of John and Elizabeth Rice.

Child of Lewis Outlaw & ? Rice :
1. Ann Outlaw ca 1755 –
?married Bertie Co 23 Oct 1797 James Rhodes

Lewis Outlaw married 2nd Zilphia daughter of John Freeman of Chowan.

Child of Lewis Outlaw & Zilphia Freeman :
2. James Outlaw ca 1783 –

George Outlaw ca 1731 – 1801 | his parents
& Rachel Hinton | her parents
& aft 1784 Sarah Freeman | her parents

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

Children of George Outlaw & 1st Rachel Hinton? or 2nd Sarah ?:
1. Selah Outlaw
married Seth Rountree son of Thomas
a. Thomas Rountree
b. Noah Rountree
c. James Rountree
d. Seth Rountree
e. Elizabeth Rountree
f. Leah Rountree
g. Mary [Polly] Rountree

2. Mary [Polly] Outlaw d. 24 July 1829
married Chowan Co 20 Sept 1775 Jonathan Jordan

3. Millicent Outlaw
married Isaac Coston [will 1819 Gates Co NC] son of Dempsey
a. Isaac Coston
b. James Coston
c. George Coston
d. David Coston
e. Thomas Coston
f. Elizabeth Coston
g. Sarah Coston
married John Riddick

4. Christian Outlaw ca 1765 Hertford [Gates] Co – 22 Jan 1816 Orange Co NC
married Gates Co 30 Dec 1783 Harden [Hardy] Hurdle ca 1754 Chowan Co – 12 Jun 1828 Orange Co NC

5. Sarah Outlaw
married 9 Feb 1786 Charles Powell

6. James Outlaw ca 1768 – Feb 1796
a. David Outlaw

7. George Outlaw ca 1769 –
given land in Gates and Bertie Counties
married Christian Hunter
dau of Thomas Hunter d 1798; g dau of Elisha Hunter d 1786
a. Harriett Outlaw
married Jacob N Parker

8. Ann [Nancy] Outlaw 1783 – 1854 Bertie Co NC
[unmarried 1801] married George Askew 1780 – 1832 Bertie Co NC

*NCGSJ – Aug 94 – Divorces and Separations from Petitions to the North Carolina General Assembly:
Hoffler, James and wife, Deborah. Petition of James Hoffler of Gates County prays that what property he now has or may hereafter acquire be solely vested in him, and that his wife Deborah be precluded from any right of dower. Committee of Divorce and Alimony is of the opinion that the petitioner’s prayer be granted. attached the Petition of James Hoffler of Gates County sheweth that in the Year 1802, he intermarried with Deborah Outlaw in hopes of enjoying the comforts of married life. After a few months, said Deborah left your petitioner and returned to her father, Jacob Outlaw, and refused to return to your petitioner. Said Deborah took up with a certain John Lowance by whom she had one child, and they continue to live in adultery. No hope of reconcilation has ever taken place between said Deborah and your petitioner. Said Deborah’s father has taken into possession all the property she was possessed with and continues to hold the same. Petitioner prays for a law to invest him with power to dispose of his estate by will or overwise so as to deprive said Deborah of right of dower and the child or children she may have by said John Lowance from any claim on your petitioner’s estate, real or personal, that he now has or may hereafter acquire. Petition endorsed by sixty-nine subscribers including David Outlaw, James Outlaw, and George Outlaw. . . . . .

Ref: The Outlaw Family of VA by Benjamin C Holtzclaw pub in Bodie Vol XVI
Abstracts of Wills Bertie County, NC by David B Gammon
Deeds of Bertie County by Dr Stephen E Bradley Jr
Deed Abstacts by Margaret Hofmann, etc, Marriages of Bertie County by Fouts
Web Site of Curtis & Ruth Craig
Research by
Gerard Pierce of Hoffler records and Gates County records
“Outlaw Genealogy” by Mr. Albert Timothy Outlaw of Kenansville, NC Copyright 1930
– Second Edition & Supplement by Abner Henry Outlaw 1972

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