James Wood, Sarah Ford, & Elizabeth Baggett

Sally’s six-great Grandparents:

James Wood ca 1690 – 1752 | his parents
& ca 1715 Sarah [Ford] ca 1700 – ca 1747 | her parents
& 1748 Elizabeth Baggett | her parents
of Bertie [Northampton County], North Carolina

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

James Wood and Sarah [Ford] were married ca 1715.
James Wood married 2nd Elizabeth Baggett daughter of Nicholas (marriage settlement 9 Sept 1748)

Children of James Wood and Sarah [Ford]:
1. James Wood ca 1717 – 1786
married Mary Barrdalle?
a. Jonathan/John Barridel Wood ca 1736 – 1785
i. Mary Wood
ii. Elizabeth Wood
2. Mary Wood ca 1719 –
married ca 1740 William Outlaw ca 1716 – ca 1790 Bertie co
a. James Outlaw ca 1743 – ca 1783 Hertford Co
married Rachel Freeman dau of John will Bertie 1793
b. (Capt) William Outlaw, Jr ca 1745 – bef 1800 Hertford Co
married 25 Aug 1764 Susannah Byrd
c. George Outlaw ca 1750- 1795 Bertie Co
married 19 March 1775 Agnes Knott died 1795 had
d. Anna Outlaw
e. Mary Outlaw ca 1743 – 1796
married 1759 Joshua Freeman 1735 – 1794 Bertie Co NC

f. Ruth Outlaw
3. Sarah Wood ca 1721 –
married 1st William Duffield
married 2nd 1752/1757 Thomas Baker ca 1724 – 1798 Bertie Co
his ?second wife
a. Levy Baker 1757 –
b. Mary Baker bef 1757 –
3. Moses Wood ca 1723 – 1757
4. Rosannah Wood ca 1725 – 1760
married bef 1756 Henry Bond of Edgecombe Co d ca Feb 1761
5. Joseph Wood ca 1727 – 1791 NH co
married Nelly [Peyton?] – 1794 NH co
a. Sarah Wood
married Elisha Ballard d 1815
i. Nancy Ballard
ii. Ellen Ballard
iii. Joseph Ballard
iv. Elisha Ballard
v. Robert Ballard
b. Rebecca Wood
c. Henry Augustin Wood – 1796 NH co NC

will-HenryAugustineWood-1 will-HenryAugustineWood-2nh
Extrs: my wife Elizabeth and Jonas Wood and John Hilliard
Wits: Zephanias Graham, Benjamin Hare, Lemuel Cotten
married Elizabeth ? had moved to West TN by 1817
i. Joseph Dawson Wood dead by 1817
1. Augustine
2. daughter

ii. Peyton D. Wood died 1810 single w/o issue
iii. Henry A. Wood
iv. James D. Wood died 1817 single w/o issue
v, Elisha Augustine Wood died 1797 single w/o issue
d. Peyton Wood
e. Nelly Wood
6. Jonas Wood ca 1729 – 1790 NH co
married Mary Edwards
7. Elizabeth Wood ca 1731-
8. Susannah Wood ca 1733-
married aft June 1751/ bef Dec 1754 _______ Dickenson ?died bef Dec ’54
9. Winny Wood ca 1735-

Child of James Wood and Elizabeth Baggett:
10. Mary Wood ca 1750

Hofmann–Chowan Precinct Deed Abstracts 1696-1723

#787 p 209 Lewis Williams of Chowan Precinct with the consent of my wife (name not given) to James Wood and Benjamin Wood (residence not given) 17 8ber 1715 Assignment of the within Patent, vizt.: 260 acres unto James Wood and 100 acres unto Benjamin Wood wit: William Mixon, Richard Barefield reg 25 Oct 1715.

#1287 p40 James Wood of Chowan Prect., planter to John Wood of Chowan Prect. 19 Apr 1720 5 L sterling 100 acres more or less on the southe side of Catewhiskey Medow and now in the possession of the sd John Wood part of a larger tract surveyed by Luis Williams wit: (not given) Ack 20 Apr 1720 before me Fred Jones, Ch Just.

#1288 p42 Charles Merritt of Chowan Prect, planter to James Wood of Chowan Prect 15 Jan 1719 20 L good and lawfull money of NC 100 acres more or less on the south side of Catewhiskey Marsh joining Petter Evins, the head of a branch and the marsh Wit: James Blount B his mark, John Nairne Ack 20 Apr 1720 before me Fred Jones, Ch Just.

#1289 p 44 Robert Evins of Chowan Prect. planter and Anne Evins to James Wood of Chowan Prect 2 Mar 1719 25 L good and lawfull money of NC 100 acres more or less on the south side of Catewhiskey Marsh joining Lewis Williams, Petter Evins, Charles Merritt, and the marsh. Wit: Thomas Byrol, Richard Brown, RB his mark Ack 20 Apr 1720 before me Fred Jones, Ch Just.

Hofmann–Abstracts of Deeds of Northampton Co NC–1741-1759

p 373 James Wood of Northampton Co, planter to Elizabeth Bagget and Nicholas Bagget of Northampton Co. 19 Sept 1748 in consideration of a marriage intended between James Wood and Elizabeth Bagget daughter of the sd Nicholas Bagget, the sd James Wood doth settle upon her the sd Elizabeth 640 acres on both sides of Ahoskey swamp or 50 pounds current money Wit: John Duke, John Parker Reg Northampton Co Feb Ct 1748/9 J Edwards C Ct

JAMES WOOD’S WILL. Copied from the Original in the Office of Secretary of State (Grimes)

In the name of God Amen, this 25th day of June in the Year of our Lord Christ, 1751. I James Wood, Sener. of the North wess Parish in Northampton County, in the Province of North Carolina, being of perfect mind & memory, Thanks be given to almighty God therefore calling into mind the mortality of my body, and knowing that it is appointed for all men once to die, I do make & ordain this my Last will and Testament, that is to say, Principally & first of all, I give & recommend my soul into the hands of God that gave it me & my body I recommend to the Earth to be Buried in a decent Christian Buriall at the discretion of my Executors hereafter named, nothing doubting but at the generall resurrection I shall receive the same again by the mighty power of god; and as touching such worldly Estate wherewith it hath pleased god to Bless me in this life, I give demise & dispose of the same in the following manner and form:

Imprimis, I Lend to my beloved wife, Elezabeth wood, two Negros Named Pompy & Hanner, induring her widowhood, and after her marriage, I give pompy to my Daughter, Elezabeth Wood, & hanner to my Daughter, Susannah Wood; and I give unto my Wife all my share of the stock of hogs that John Parker leves for me and the rent of that Plantation whereon he now Lives. I likewise Lend to my Wife, Elezabeth Wood, one bed and furniture, one Iron pott & pott hooks. one peuter dish & Bason, two Plates,six Spoons & five cows & calves, Induring the time of her Naturall Life; & after hcr decease I give it to my Youngest Daughter, Mary Wood.

Item, I Give unto my beloved Son, James Wood, the Plantation whereon he lives, with all my Lands lying upon the North Side of Cuttowhisky marsh & half the pasture; & I give unto my Son, James Wood, another tract of Land lying upon Cuttowhisky Swamp, beginning at the mouth of tare arse Branch and runing up the swamp to the head Line, then down the branch to the first Station, containing 250 acres, be the said more or less; and I give unto my Son, James Wood, a Plantation lying on the head of Tar River, on both sides of the river, with all the Land belonging thereto; & five Negroes named will and tony & Bob and dick & young Peter; and one Shilling Sterling

Item, I give unto my daughter, Mary Outlaw, one Shilling Sterling.

Item, I Give unto my Daughter, Sarah Duffield, one Shilling Sterling.

Item, I Give to my Son, Moses Wood, one Shilling, Sterling.

Item, I Lend to my Daughter, Rosannah Bond, one Negro Girl named Jude she and her increase, during of her Naturall Life, then to the lawfull Heirs of her Body; & for want of such heirs shall return & be equally divided between my three sons here named, James, Joseph & Jonas; & I give to my Daughter, Rosannah Bond, one Shilling, Sterling.

Item, I Give unto my Son, Joseph Wood, a tract of Land lying upon Cuttowhisky Swamp, containing 650 acres of Land, be same more or less, begining at the mouth of the hog pen branch and runing along a line of markt trees to horsky marsh, & the including all the lands up the said marsh and swamp to tare arse branch; and Six Negroes, old peter and Cader, roben & rose, pat and fillis, they, and their increase for ever; and twenty pounds in cash; and one Bay horse and my great trooping Saddle.

Item, I give unto my Son, Jonas Wood, Plantation whereon I now Live, bounded as followeth: begining at the mouth of hog pen branch, runing aforesaid line of marked trees to ahorsky marsh, and all my land on the South side of Cuttowhisky marsh, and half the pasture; Likewise, Six Negros, named Cudger & Venus, & Jack, & pegg, nead & nan, they, and their in-crease for ever; and one Horse, & my rifield gun, and my still; & if either of my sons, Joseph Wood or Jonas Wood, dies without heir, the Land to fall to the other.

Item, I give unto my Daughter, Elezabeth Wood, two Negros named Tom & Jenny, they, & there increase for ever.

Item, I give my daughter, Susannah Wood, two Negros named hardy & Cate, they, & there increse for ever.

Item, I do leave my Plantation and land at the head of Coniritratt to the use of my three sons, James, Joseph and Jonas.

Item, I give unto my daughter, Winny Wood, 50 Pounds in Cash, and two Negros Nel & Scipio, the, & there increase for ever.

Item, I give unto my Youngest daughter, Mary Wood, 50 Pounds in Cash, and two negros named wicket & lucia, they, & there increase for ever.

Item, I lend unto my sister, Sarah Killingsworth, one negro Girl named dinah During her naturall life, she and her increase; and after her decease I give the said Girl to her two Youngest Daughters, Ann & Charity, to be equally divided betwen them.

and all the rest of my Estate, Stock of Creatures, Household Goods, Debts & moveable effects, I leave to be equally divided amongst my Children here named: Joseph & Jonas, Elezabeth & Susannah, by my Executors which are my two Sons, Joseph Wood and Jonas Wood, whome I constitute & make and ordain Sole Executors of this my Last Will and Testament, and I do hereby utterly disallow, revoke and dis-annull, all and every other former Testaments, wills, leagaces, bequeaths and Executors, by in any ways before named, Willed and bequeathed, ratifying and confirming this, and no other, to be my last Will and Testament.

In witness whereof I hereunto set my Hand and Sealed, the day and year above written.
his JAMES WOOD W (L S) Mark
Signed, Sealed and Delivered by the said James Wood as his Last Will and Testament in the Presents of us the Subscribers:

In Obedience to your Excellency’s Command I went to the House of William Fryer and took the Deposition of his Oath as followeth; William Fryer, aged about forty five years, first sworn, and then saith: I was at the hous of James Wood in July or August, in the year one thousand, seven hundred & fifty one, & James Wood was in a Low State of health and he told me he had made his will and he desired me to Witness it, he told me he had two witness to it and they never had heard it read, and he ordered his son to fetch the will and Read it to me, and to the houshold, and after it was Read he takes the Will and Laid it down and took the pen and said to me that was his Last will and testament, and in the presents of the said Fryer he signed, Sealed and acknowledg this to be his last will and testament, and that he see Barnaba Baggotts mark and’ John Perkers mark before he witnesseth, and then he witnesseth underneath and thathe acknowledged that to be his hand, and further saith not. March 18,1752.
Taken before me, JOHN ALSTON.

I, Gabriel Johnston, Esqr., Governor and Comander in Chief, &C in and over the sd. Province of North Carolina, do hereby Certifie that this day Personally appeared before me John Perker, one of the Subscribing Evidences of the within last Will & Testament of James Wood, late of Northampton County, Deed., and made Oath that he saw the sd. Testator sign, Seal & deliver the same as & for his last Will & Testament, and that at the signing thereof he was of sound and disposing mind & memory; and likewise at the same time the annexed Deposition of William Fryer, taken by Virtue of a Dedimus to John Alston, Esq., of Chowan County, directed was produced to me as farther proof of the sd. last Will & Testament of the sd. Testator, the sd. William Fryer being another of the Evidences thereto; and likewise at the same time Joseph Wood one of the Executors appointed by the said Will, qualified himself as Executor, by taking the Oath appointed by Law for that purpose. GAB. JOHNSTON

Deeds of Northampton NC 1741-1759–abstract by Hofmann
p 198 James Wood, Joseph Wood, Jonas Wood and Susannah Dickenson all of NH Co to William Grandberry of Nansemond Co VA 13 Dec 1754 51 pounds for 640 acres on the head of Ahotskey swamp by patent to James Wood 1 Apr 1723 Wit: John Duke, Richard Young (X his mark), John Grandberry Reg NH Co Feb Ct 1755 J Edwards C C

James Wood of NH Co to Jonas Wood of NH co 21 Feb 1757–affection I have for my brother ___ acres (not given) the land that came to me by the will of my father James Wood dec’d. Wit: Daniel Dickenson, Isaac Dickinson, David Dickinson reg NH co Feb Ct 1757 cc (not given)

Wills of NH Co–Moses Wood Mar 8, 1757 Proved April Ct 1757 abstract by David B Gammon
“…being at this time sick and weak of body…”
Brother James Wood – plantation on Bear Swamp which I bought of William Baker in Bertie County.
Brother James Wood – Negro Judy, horse and saddle.
Sister Sarah Baker (wife of Thomas Baker) – Negro Jean for her lifetime, and if the said Negro has any children they will be for my nephew Levy Baker “of the aforesaid T. Baker.” If the Negro outlives my sister Sarah the Negro is for Mary Baker (son of the said Thomas Baker).
Remaining estate to my brother James Wood.
Ex: brother James Wood
Wit: Thomas (x) Baker, Jonathan Wood, Joseph (x) Farmer, Thomas Crew

Abstracts of Deeds, Edgecomb Co. by Margaret Hofmann
Wm. Moore of Orange Co., planter to Wm. Haywood of Edge. Co. 20 Jan 1756 60
lbs current money of VA. 150 acs on N side of Tar river, joining HENRY BOND
and the sd. Haywood. Wit: HENRY BOND, ROSE BOND (x mark)
from Dixie

Deeds of Northampton NC 1759-1774 –abstract by Bradley
302 (179) Henry Bond of Edgecomb to Joseph Wood & Jonas Wood executors of the will of James Wood dec’d in Northampton Co 4 May 1760 1000 pounds proclamation. The condition was that at the death of his wife Rosannah Bond the grantees to receive the negro wench Judy lent to sd Rosannah & then to go to his three sons James, Joseph, & Jonas Wood & also to deliver the negroes Judy, Cade, Fillis, Peny, Patience, Dinah, Ned, & Seely after the death of Rosannah Bond–Henry Bond wit: Arthur Cotten, Wm Cotten, John(X) Parker, Aug Ct 1762 cc J Edwards.

Edenton District Loose Papers 133 HENRY BOND 1762 Summons to Northampton Co to Joseph Wood planter to answer in Edenton Dist Ct William Bond Admr with the will annexed of Henry Bond dec’d for debt. 27 Aug 1762

Joseph Wood, with James Wood security gives bond to answer in Edenton Dist Ct. Nov Ct 1762 Edenton Dist William Bond Admr with the will annexed of Henry Bond dec’d complained that Henry Bond 6 Feb 1761 in Chowan Co owned 8 slaves: woman Judy, boy Kedah, girl Phillis, girl Penny, girl Patience, girl Dinah, boy Nedd, girl Celia. That after sd Henry’s death, the 8 slaves came into the hands of sd Joseph who has attempted to defraud the estate by refusing to deliver the sd slaves.

9 Jun 1763. Deposition of Sarah(X) Parker in Northampton Co in William Bond admr of Henry Bond dec’d vs Joseph Wood. She stated that she lived at the house of James Wood who was the father of Henry Bond’s wife when sd Henry was married to Mr Wood’s daughter, that James Wood said after sd Henry married Mr Wood’s daughter that he would not give his children anything while he lived & if they wanted a living they had to work for it as he had; that after they had been married 2 or 3 years, Mr Wood was informed that Henry Bond had “used his Daughter very ill, & that if she died without heir then sd Bond would not have the negro wench Jude; sd Sarah Parker said she never heard sd James Wood say that he had given the sd Jude to his daughter the sd Henry’s wife but that sd Henry after the marriage carried Jude home with them; sd Sarah did not believe that Mr Wood had given Jude to his daughter. Deposition was taken by John Duke.

Will of Joseph Wood 18 Sept 1790 prov March Ct 1791 NH Co NC
~ lend to my wife Nelly Wood my plantation and lands containing 275 acres on Cuttywhisky swamp, which branch runs through my 2 corn fields, joining the road, Gustin Wood’s corn field, Hosky marsh, Shadrack Powell, Mr. Harris, Godwin Cotton, and Cullen and Lawrence Wood for my sd. wife’s life and then to my 2 daughters Nelly and Rebecca Wood as long as they live a single life; if my sd. daughters marry, I lend sd. plantation to my son Henry Augustin Wood for his life and at his death I give sd. land and plantation to my son Peyton Wood
~ to Peyton my land in Granville Co with all the negroes he had belonging to me
~ to daughter Sarah Ballard negroes and 100 pounds Va. money which Mr Ballard owes me
~ to grand daughters Nancy and Ellen Ballard and grandsons Joseph, Elisha, and Robert Ballard the sd negroes at death of sd. Sarah
~ to son Henry Augustin Wood 4 negroes, saddle etc and 275 acres on Cuttawhiskey joining Miles Powell, Mr. Bruce, Thomas Rutland and Henry and William Cotton
~ to daughters Nelly and Rebecca negroes each
~ to my wife and daughter Rebecca residue of estate
~ anyone disputing my will shall forfit his or her share
Extrs: my wife and Elisha Ballard
Wittnesses: James Moore, J. Rawlings, J R Peterson, S Graham, James Wood, Ben Clifton, Jonas Wood

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