J Charles Weschler & Hulda Mayer

Bob’s Grandparents:

Jacob Charles WESCHLER 1875 – 1959 | parents
& 1903 Hulda Eva MAYER 1882 – 1931
| parents
of New York City

J. Charles Weschler and Hulda Eva Mayer were married 5 March 1903 in Jersey City, NJ.

Hulda E. Mayer 1832-1931Taken in 1903 Hulda charlesw
Hulda Mayer Weschler 1903 J. Charles Weschler


J. Charles Weschler was born 24 June 1875 in Alexandria, Egypt, the son of Marco Leo Weschler and his wife Anna Goldstein.
Family story is his father was with the Austrian prince’s consulate.
The family moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina [1876/77] and then to New York City about 1879.
Charles was educated in the College of the City of New York [1894] and New York University earning his law degree before he was 21.

excerpt from Christopher Gray, “Streetscapes” Columnist, Sunday Real Estate Section, The New York Times

“In 1908 Gracehull Realty, of which J. Charles Weschler cq was the president, bought a plot between Broadway and Amsterdam Avenue on the north side of Cathedral Parkway, as 110th Street is known in that section. He hired the architects Waid & Willauer and, instead of the 12 story buildings going up elsewhere on the street, he had them experiment with a more distinctive, lower building – only nine stories, sacrificing revenue for architectural effect.”

“The Britannia, an apartment house that JCW built and occupied 1909”

For 62 years Mr. Weschler was a practicing realty attorney in New York City.
He was a member of the New York Bar Assn.
With his former partner, Walter T. Kohn, he had won a claim against the German Government before the Mixed Claims Commission
for the sinking of the Briardeen in World War I.
Mr. Weschler traveled extensively for pleasure — his grandson Bob, as a teen, often accompanied him.
J. Charles Weschler died of a heart ailment on 8 Apr. 1959 in Alexian Brothers Hospital, Elizabeth.

1955 Charles on the porch at Long Hill
photo by Robert Koestler

Hulda’s passport

Hulda Eva Mayer was born 17 June 1882 in Jersey City, NJ. daughter of Solomon Mayer and Sophia Mayer.
She died of a heart attack 17 Sept 1931 in New York City.
Both are entombed in family mausoleum, Mt. Nebo, Queens, NY.

ca 1912 Anita, Hulda, Charles, and Elsa Weschler


Children of J. Charles Weschler and Hulda Eva Mayer:

Yosemite Park 1927
Anita, guide?, and Elsa

1. Anita Ruth Weschler 11 Dec 1903 – 12 March 2000 New York City obit
Sculptor and Painter a sampling of Anita Weschler’s works
married 20 Dec 1928 Herbert E. Solomon 23 Aug 1902 – 13 Nov 1995 | parents
Stock Analyst

At Long Hill: Herbert and Anita’s Country Homelh_anita
Anita Weschler
Dave Koestler
lh_sisters lh_herbert2
Anita and sister Elsa Koestler Herbert Solomon

Anita with Elsa, Jane and Sally Koestler
Right: Herbert Solomon and Sally Koestler
these photos by Bob Koestler

2. Elsa Marion Weschler 12 July 1909 – 14 Sept 1993 Ithaca, NY
Social Worker and Housewife
married 1 March 1931 Melvin Joseph Koestler 1907-1979


Anita Weschler with Dave Koestler
at Elsa’s


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