Elizabeth Lawrence, Thomas Sutton, Thomas Speller, & Samuel Spruill

Sally’s great-great-great-great-great-great-Aunt:

Elizabeth Lawrence ca 1731 – 1787 | her parents
& ca 1748 Thomas Sutton 1699 – 1751 | his parents
& bef Aug 1753 Thomas Speller d. July 1754 | his parents
& bef Jan 1759 Samuel Spruill d. 1765 | his parents
of Bertie County, North Carolina

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

Elizabeth Lawrence was the daughter of Robert Lawrence ca 1690 – 1744 Bertie County NC and his wife Elizabeth. Elizabeth Lawrence married three times but had no children by any of her husbands – she left her property to her nieces and nephews and her surviving brothers and sister.

Elizabeth Lawrence ca 1731 – 1788
married aft 1747 Thomas Sutton 25 March 1699 – 2 March 1750/51 his will
as his third wife;
he had married 1st ca 1720 Elizabeth Luerton
he had married 2nd ca 1726 Judith Hardison

married before 24 Aug 1753 Thomas Speller died bef 12 July 1754
as his second wife
married by 24 Jan 1759 Samuel Spruill d aft 25 May 1765 [wrote will]
as his second wife

Samuel Spruel was granted an Ordinary Licence in April 1759. He moved for the settlement of the estate of Thomas Speller at that time and was the guardian of Thomas Speller Jr.
In Oct 1761 William Jordan the younger moved for leave to keep a Publick Ferry over the Cashy River from his own Landing to Mr. Spruel’s Landing.
In March 1766 Elizabeth Spruil records her mark.
The Inventory of the estate of Elizabeth Spruill was taken 21 December 1787 by Thomas Lawrence and Frederick Lawrence.

Will of Elizabeth Spruill 7 April 1787 – proved 17 Feb 1788 Bertie Co, NC
—the name of God Amen The seventh Day of April ‚ÄìThe Year of our Lord Christ one thousand seven hundred — Eighty seven
I Elisabeth Sprewell of Bertie County – the province of North Carolina being poorly and weak in the body but of perfect mind and memory and calling to mind the mortality of my body and that it is appointed for all men once to die do make ordain Constitute and appoint this my last Will and Testament in manner & form following that is to say first and principally I command my soul to God who gave it and my body to the Earth to be buried in a Christian like manner by my Executors hereafter named and as touching my worldly goods I give and dispose of in manner & form following My will and desire is that my funeral charges together with all my just Debts be first paid
~ Item I give and bequeath to Frederick Lawrence one negroe Fellow called Abel I say to him and his Heirs forever
~ Item I give and bequeath to Williamson Lawrence one negroe boy called Aron I say to him and his Heirs forever
~ Item I give and bequeath to Robert Lawrence the son of John Lawrence one negroe Fellow called George but if his father John Lawrence should stand in need of him in his life time he is to have him but after his decease he is to return to his son Robert, I say to him and his Heirs forever
(O-522 Robert Lawrence to Bird Hubbard 27 Nov 1788 150£ for Negro man George)
~ Item I give and bequeath to my Brother Robert Lawrence and Sarah Hardon one negroe boy called Charles I say to them and their Heirs forever
(O-497 Robert Lawrence, planter to his son-in-law Thomas Harden 10 Apr 1788 Deed of gift My negro boy Charles)
~ Item I give and bequeath to Samuel Sprewell one negroe Fellow called Pomp I say to him and his Heirs forever
(0-495 Samuel Spruel of Tyrel Co to Wm Jordan 28 May 1788 150£ for negro man Pompy)
~ Item I give and bequeath to Elisabeth Lawrence the daughter of John Lawrence Junr & Robert Lawrence (his) father one bed & furniture, I say to her and her Heirs forever
~ Item I give and bequeath to John Lawrence Jun one old chest & Table I say to him and his Heirs forever
~ Item I give and bequeath to Sarah Morriss one bedstead and furniture, I say to her and her Heirs forever
~ Item I give and bequeath to Ann Cullifer one small bed bedstead and furniture I say to her and her Heirs forever
~ Item I give and bequeath to Joanna Weston one bed bedstead and furniture, I say to her and her Heirs forever
~ Item I give and bequeath to Elisabeth Lawrence the daughter of John Lawrence Senr one set tea cups & sausars, six silver spoons, I say to her and her Heirs forever
~ Item I give and bequeath to William Lawrence two cows & calves, two ewes & lambs, I say to him and his Heirs forever
~ Item I give and bequeath to Thomas Lawrence on negroe boy called Sam I say to him and his Heirs forever
~ Item I give and bequeath to George Lawrence half Dozen plates and one Dish, I say to him and his Heirs forever
~ Item I give and bequeath to Nancy Lawrence the daughter of John Lawrence Senr six pewter plates one dish, one bason, I say to her and her Heirs forever
~ Item I give and bequeath to William Cobb five head of Cattle Eight sheep for to divide between himself, Martha Barna Castilow Mary Williams and Ann Cullifer, I say to them and their Heirs forever
~ Item I give and bequeath to Asa Lawrence one Large & best Chest I own, I say to him and his Heirs forever
~ Item I give and bequeath to my sister Martha Parker my largest trunk and all within it, I say to her and her Heirs forever
~ Item I also leave my negro Woman Chloe free only she shall live among my Relations where she pleases
~ Item I give and bequeath to my two Brothers and Sister to wit Robert Lawrence, John Lawrence & Martha Parker all the Articles unmentioned in the will Equally to be Divided betwixt them I say to them and their Heirs forever . . .
~ Lastly I nominate, Ordain, Constitute, and appoint my two Cousins, Thomas Lawrence and Fredrick Lawrence Executors to this my Last Will and Testament to Execute and full fill the same according to law in Witness whereof I do hereunto set my hand and Seal day and date above Written Elisabeth (X) Sprewell (Seal)
Signed Seald pronounced and Declared in the presents of
Asa Lawrence; Constant Redditt; George Nicholls

what corn & Meat is left after my decease, I desire my two Brothers may have the despousal of

Bertie County February 17 1788: The last will & Testament of Elisabeth Sprewell was proved by the Oath of Constantine Redditt that is to say sd Redditt heard her acknowledge it to be her last will & Testament and ordered to be recorded Stavens Gray CCC

Elizabeth Lawrence and Thomas Sutton [d 1751] had no issue
[her step-children]

Children of Thomas Sutton and 1st wife Elizabeth Luerton
Thomas was the son of Joseph Sutton and Parthenia Durant
1. Thomas Sutton ca 1721- ca Aug 1777 [does not mention wife in will]
married ca 1757 Sarah —- [widow of George Lawrence]
a. Thomas Sutton ca 1759/77 – ca bef 1816
married 22 May 1787 [Bertie Co] Mary Dickinson [John Burn, Bm]
married ca 1793 Sally Freeman ca 1774-ca bef 1816 [see also]
[widow of Cullen Wood died 1792]
i. Mary Sutton 1794/1801 – bef 1834
married 1816 John Edward Wood ca 1785 – 1834 [1st cousin]
as his second wife
ii. Celia Sutton 1805 –
married 23 Dec 1819 Dr. John Alexander Mebane 6 Dec 1790 – 29 Jan 1859
born Orange County NC, res. Greensboro, NC – died Mebaneville, Cross County, AR
1. Sarah Ann Lucia Mebane 14 July 1821 – 18 Jan 1822
2. Mary Eliza Mebane 15 April 1822 – 1894
married 14 Oct 1846 Charles C Graham
3. William T Mebane 27 May 1825 NC – 15 Sept 1891 AR
Class of 1845 UNC
4. Celia Henrietta Mebane 19 Mar 1828 NC – 21 Mar 1905 TN
married 16 Sept 1856 John Abijah Allen
5. John A Mebane 4 Feb 1830 NC – 28 Sept 1854 Baton Rouge LA
6. James Sutton Mebane 12 May 1832 NC – 26 June 1880
7. Carey Osceola Mebane 12 Sept 1836 NC – 4 Jan 1904 Norfolk VA
married 1858 William Davis Reynolds
iii. William Thomas Sutton 3 Mar 1810 – 10 Mar 1897
Class of 1832 UNC
Public Ledger, Norfolk Va. Mar 11, 1897 Vol XLII, no 32 Pl, Col. l
Deaths–The venerable Mr. W. T. Sutton died last night at 12:30 o’clock at the home of his son, Dr. W. T. Sutton, no 265 Granby St. at the advanced age of 87 years. The deceased was formerly of Bertie County, N. C. Funeral by Rev. B. D. Tucker, Old St. Paull’s Church (Episcopal) 1 P.M. 3-12-97. Burial at Elmwood.
[The grave is in the Sutton plot at Elmwood Cemetary, Norfolk, Va. b. 3-3-1810 m. Mary Cary Armistead d. 3-10-1897

2003 “Elmwood” restored
home was Mary Cary Armistead Sutton’s childhood home

married Mary Cary Armistead ca 1817 – | her parents
1. Stark Armistead Sutton 1837 – 1864 CSA Class of 1855 UNC
bapt 16 April 1848 – wounded 12 May 1864
married Henrietta Moore 1838 – 1861
a. William Thomas Sutton bapt 24 Mar 1861
2. Dr. William Thomas Sutton 1839 – 6 Feb 1899
bapt 16 April 1848

Dr. Sutton’s medical training was received at the University of Pennsylvania. He was commissioned May 19, 1862 in Bertie Co. N. C. in the army of the CSA (N. C. civil war book, Kirn Memorial library, Nfk Va. )
and was stationed at Howard Grove Hospital in Richmond in Sept. 1862 and was in Early’s corps in 1864-65. He established a home in Richmond during the war, and apparently during a part of this time his father W. T. Sutton and mother left the homeplace at Elmwood and lived temporarily in Warren Co., N.C. near Roanoke Rapids, in Warrenton, N. C. – Pete Rowe

The Public Ledger, Norfolk, Va. 2-7-1899 p-col 2 vol. XLVI, No 5
Death of Dr. W. T. Sutton—The people of Norfolk heard with great regret this morning of the death of Dr. W. T. Sutton, which occurred last night at 9:30 o’clock at his home, No 265 Granby Street. Dr. Sutton was 59 years of age, and had resided in Norfolk for a long period. He was greatly loved by the people and will long be remembered by them. For many years he had a very large practice here. He leaves a widow and three children–A son Dr. S. A. Sutton, and two daughters. He came to Norfolk from Bertie Co. N.C. in which state he also had many friends.
2-9-1899, col 2 “Obsequies” The funeral of Dr. W. T. Sutton whose death occurred Tuesday night…took place today and was largely attended. Pickett-Buchanan Camp, Confederate Veterans, and the Norfolk Medical Society were present in bodies. Rev. A. S. Lloyd of St. Lukes Episcopal Church and Rev Dr. B. D. Tucker of St Pauls presided. Burial at Elmwood.

married 1860 Annie [Nancy] Peyton Outlaw ca 1841 Bertie co – 1922 Norfolk VA
My Daddy remembered her well , and called her Mama, instead of grandmother,
she always wore black and had a parrot who talked. Ann Rowe

a. Stark Armistead Sutton MD 30 June 1872 – 1 April 1938
married 27 Feb 1900 Lucille DeMontalont Hudgins of Matthews co, VA
i. William Thomas Sutton 27 July 1909 –
[six daughters and one boy who died young]
1. Anne Sutton [Rowe]
ii. Stark Armistead Sutton [two sons]
1. William Thomas Sutton
2. Stark Armistead Sutton III
b. Emily Turner Sutton 18 Aug 1861 –
married 18 Nov 1891Allen J Cameron
i. Wm. Cameron 4 Feb 1893 – 3 Feb 1910
ii. Annie [Nancy] Sutton Cameron. 26 Sept 1896 – dsp
school teacher in Hillsbouough
put markers on unmarked family graves – Ann

c. Annie Peyton Sutton 1877 – dsp
d. Mary Armistead Sutton 1877 –
married White
3. John Mebane Sutton 1842 – 1866 CSA
bapt 16 April 1848 UNC Class of 1862 – did not graduate
– died of consumption contacted in the service
4. Plummer Sutton 1846 – aft 1880
bapt 22 Dec 1850 –
on 1880 census listed as patient at Dix Hill in Raleigh

The following is from Battle’s History of UNC:
Stark Armistead Sutton – From Bertie County, Class of 1855. Held the rank of
captain in the war. Killed in service.
William T. Sutton of Bertie, class of 1832 but did not graduate. Was an influential planter and owner of a Fishery. Major says in his sketches “Capt. William T.
Sutton at Walnut Point in Bertie County, in 1848 took thirty thousand (herring) at a single haul, many of which weighed sixty pounds apiece.”William T. Sutton, Jr. of Bertie. Class of 1858. Brigade surgeon in the war.

John M. Sutton. Class of 1862 but did not graduate. Died of consumption contracted in service. There was a Capt. John M. Sutton who played a
significant role in the final battle at Fort Fisher. I don’t know if this is the same person or not. Also, don’t know if he is part of the Bertie family. Major
Moore says in his Sketches that Sutton’s company was composed largely of Hertford men.

Back to Stark A. Sutton: The history of St. Thomas Episcopal Church in Windsor lists him as a communicant and says he is buried there.

b. Mary Sutton ca 1758/77 – nfi under age and unmarried 1777

2. George Sutton bef 1723 – ca 1772
married Cloannah Smithwick died ca 1786
a. John Sutton bef 1765- 1789 Bertie Co
married Mary
i. Amelia Sutton ca 1779 –
ii. William Sutton bef 1789 – dec by 26 June 1795
Mary married 2nd by 1793 John Weston
iii. Thomas S Weston ca 1793 – in Jackson Co FL 1850 census
married 7 July 1827 Martha Gregory ca 1807 – in Jackson Co FL 1850 census
daughter of James Gregory and Rachel Boswell [they married 26 Aug 1806]

Rachel was the daughter of Thomas Boswell who died in Bertie Co NC
1. John Thomas Weston
2. Martha Ann Weston ca 1830 – ca 1861
married in Jackson Co FL bef 1850 Raphel Cooper Stephens
married 2nd John Hand d in CW 1864
a. William Cary Hand
b. Henry Davis Hand ca 1861 – gr father of Charlotte
Hand boys raised by Uncle John Thomas Weston
3. Mary Weston
married Green Bryan
4. Samuel G Weston 1840 Bertie Co – 1912
there may have been other children

Estate of John Sutton died 1789 – abstract by David B Gammon
Account of sale 5 June 1789 by Mary Sutton
8 May 1793 – William Sutton was appt. gdn of the orphans William and Amelia Sutton.
Account current from 20 Aug 1789 – 31 Aug 1793 by John Weston and Mary Weston, admrs.
A 1/3 share paid to John Weston and Wife, including Negro Nancy.
Division of estate 26 June 1795 as follows
1. 1/2 to Milly Sutton and
1. 1/2 divided among Milly Sutton, Thomas Weston and —- Weston
[this is William share being parceled among his siblings: Milly Sutton and Thomas Weston and most probably, their mother Mary Weston – unless she has also died then this would be another sibling.]

b. William Smithwick Sutton d bef 13 Nov 1818
married 21 Jan 1795 Sarah Warborton
[Willm. Burlingham, Bm]
i. William S. Sutton
dec’d bef 1823
ii. Eliza A Sutton ca 1802 –
married ca 1820 Alfred M Slade
1. Agnes A Slade ca 1821 –
iii. Sally Sutton
married bef 1813 Elizabeth Wood [Howe] ca 1780 – bef 1834
iv. John A. Sutton
13 Nov 1818 Baldy Ashburn appt guardian to Sally, Eliza, William and John Sutton. Bertie Co guardian accts.

Feb 1839 John A Sutton sells his share of the Late John E Wood’s lands to A W Mebane
married Esther Tayloe Bond

1. William Moring Sutton 1837 – 1884 ts 1860, 1870 farmer 1880 clerk of inf. court
married 22 Feb 1860 Mary Elizabeth Folk 1840 – 1867 ts
a. Annie Bond Sutton 1864 – 1947 ts bapt 17 Mar 1878 –
b. William Moring Sutton Jr 1867 – 1930 ts
married 1869 Martha [Pattie] White 1847 – 1918 ts
buried in the Sutton plot in Windsor
c. Lillian [Lillie] White Sutton 1871 – bef 1930 bapt 7 May 1871 –
d. John Bond Sutton 1872 – 1874 ts
e. James Sutton 1875 – aft 1930
f. Hugh Lee Sutton 1879 – bapt 7 Sept 1879 –
g. Clarence Lynwood Sutton 1882 – 1890 ts
Pattie White Sutton married 2nd ca 1892 Joseph D Perry
2. Lewis Bond Sutton 1840 – 1907 ts
married 22 June 1865 Sallie A Cooper 1844 – 1868
conf. 1867 St. Thomas Episcopal Ch, Windsor, NC
a Mary A Sutton ca 1866 –
married Mary Catherine ? 1849 – 1928 ts
b. Esther Bond Sutton 1871 – 1962 ts
married Goode
c. Mary C Sutton ca 1873 –
d. Lewis B Sutton ca 1875 –
e. Alice L Sutton 1876 – 1881 ts

? c. Mildred Sutton ca 1760 –
married 12 Nov 1777 Thomas Rascoe
[Thomas Sutton, Luke Smithwick, bm]

3. John Sutton ca 1726 – ?

Children of Thomas Sutton and wife Judith Hardison
4. Elizabeth Sutton 1726-
married bef 1772 William Jordan Junr. died 1790

5. William Sutton 1728- bef 30 July 1792
married 11 April 1751 Lydia Rider/Ryder 1728 – aft
dau. of Ebenezer Rider and Thankful Silvester

a. Elizabeth Sutton 1756 Mass – 7 July 1839 Plymouth Mass
Burial Hill, Plymouth, Plymouth County, Mass.
Find A Grave Memorial #94727855
married 1st 29 Dec 1776 Joshua Totman [lost at sea 1786]
had served in Rev. War – widow filed for pension in 1838
they had children.

married 2nd 27 Oct 1798 Samuel Churchill 1753 – 15 Dec 1810
son of Barnabas Churchill and Lydia Holmes
from Dr. Stephen Bradley’s Deeds of Bertie County NC 1785-1794
#1045 – 30 July 1792 – Lidia Sutton of Plymouth, Mass in Plymouth Co widow of William Sutton, mariner late of Plymouth, Mass. son of Thos. Sutton dec of NC and Elizabeth Totman widow of sd Plymouth the daughter and only child of Lidia and William Sutton to Luke Collins — 200 acres willed to sd William by his father Thomas Sutton.
HEADS UP from Joni Hudson and Martha Marble.

6. Parthenia Sutton 1731-
[ she may have married a Dempsey as a Parthenia Dempsey is present at Joshua Sutton’s estate sale in 1772 and later receives money from his estate.]

7. Judith Sutton 1736 – 1760
Dec. Ct 1760 Tyrrell Co NC – William Rhoads praying for division of Judathe Suttton among children of Thomas Sutton, dec. so done.

8. Joshua Sutton 1738 – Dec 1771
married ? Ashburn dau of Thomas
a. Thomas Sutton
b. Mary Sutton
c. Elizabeth Sutton 1771 – 1836
married Amos Harrell 1750 – 1805

9. Jasper Sutton 1741 – ca June 1772
Bertie County Will 8 April 1772 – probate June Ct 1772
“planter…sick and weak of body…” Friend William Jordan Junr.- my plantation and land whereon Elisebeth Spruill now liveth, on the north side of Cashy River in this county. To my sister Elisebeth Jordan (wife of the said William Jordan Junr.) – Negro Dick for her lifetime with reversion to her children. To Jamima Worborton – all my hogs. EX: the said William Jordan, Junr.
Wit: Josiah Williams, Bird Hubbard, Ephraim Coward
[Abst by David B Gammon]

10. Sarah Sutton 1745
married Hawkins

11. Mary Elizabeth Sutton 6 Nov 1747-
married Lemuel [Lamb] Hardy 20 May 1730 – 8 Feb 1797
moved to Dobbs Co NC

Elizabeth Lawrence and Thomas Speller [d 1754] had no issue
[her step-children]

1. ?Henry Speller
2. Sarah Speller ca 1744 –
married by Mar 1759 Joseph Knott Jr died ca Feb 1781
3. Thomas Speller ca 1747 –

13 Oct 1761 Bertie Court – Ordered that Thomas Speller Orphan of Thomas Speller Deced. about the age of Fourteen be bound as an apprentice to John Field and to be Taught the Business of a Joiner etc.

Elizabeth Lawrence and Samuel Spruill [d.1765] had no issue
[her step-children]

1. John Spruill ca 1745 –
2. Stephen Spruill
3. Simeon Spruill
4. Joseph Spruill d by Oct Ct 1797
a. Samuel Spruill
5. Samuel Spruill

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