Peter Hay, the envoy

Sally’s eight-great Grandparents:

Peter Hay ca 1600 – 1668 | parents
& ?
of Cheshire, England
& 1640 Isle of Wight Co, Virginia

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

Peter Hay the envoy, son of Captain Peter Hay was born in Cheshire about 1600.
His mother was probably Margaret (Howse) Hay, the captain’s first wife.
Peter received a good education; his father sent him to college and he was matriculated as a sizar in Queen’s College, Cambridge. (Venn, Alumni Cantabrigenese, p 339, Sept 1615.)
Following the practice of many young men, Peter did not stand for graduation, but moved on to London and entered one of the law schools, the “Inns of Court.” Here he could prepare himself for a legal or secretarial profession.
In London, he came under the protection of his cousin, Sir Thomas Hayes, Lord Mayor of London 1614-1615.
Peter came to the notice of another relative, James Hay, Lord Doncaster, and in due time was employed by him.
This James Hay was a young Scottish noble, brought to London in the entourage of King James I. He held the high office of Master of the Wardrobe and was an active councilor and diplomat. In 1622, he was created Earl of Carlisle Responsibility came with honors and Peter Hayes shared in the work of his patron. King James died in 1625 and his son Charles I ascended the throne. The Earl of Carlisle, a valued statesman, was retained in the service of the new king.
In 1628 a dispute arose over the governorship of the West Indies, or “Carribee Islands”. Altho’ King James had granted these islands to the Earl of Carlisle, Phillip Herbert, Lord Montgomery claimed them, and had placed an illicit governor in Barbados, pre-empting Carlisle’s rights and income. After much wrangling, King Charles I finally decided to settle the matter. He named a Royal Commission to go to Barbados, arrest the illegal governor and bring him back to London for trial. A new governor would be named by the rightful grantee, the Earl of Carlisle.
Peter Hayes was appointed envoy with the Royal Commission to the West Indies.
The dispute was settled in 1640, and the gentlemen returned to London.
However, Peter Hay decided to visit his father who was living on his plantation on Pagan Creek, Virginia – just across the river from Jamestown.
Since trouble was brewing in England, Peter Hay, secretary to the Earl of Carlisle and the king’s envoy to the islands decided to “stay put” on the plantation
which he had just inherited from his father, Capt Peter Hay.
In his will 1668, he mentions his mother, his sister Ann Cornish and his nephew Thomas Bevan, son of Thos Bevan (D Bk 2 Isle of Wight Co Records Vol II p 175 1661-1719). (Hayes, A E: Hayes in Va & NC)

Known sons of Peter Hayes:
1. Peter Hayes, planter ca 1650 – 1721
2. Thomas Hayes, planter 1645 – died Northumberland Co, VA
married Prudence
12 Oct 1702 Thomas Hayes and Prudence his wife appt Capt Arthur Smith and Richard Wilkinson Jr. their attys to act for them in Isle of Wight Court
12 Oct 1702 Thomas Hayes and Prudence his wife of Northumberland County VA sell to Thomas Bevan a parcel of land where Thomas Bevan liveth, a pat of 350 acres patented by Peter Hayes, grandfather to Thomas Bevan, excepting 100 acres of the 350 bounded by Back Bay Creek — to Vergis Creek. Wit: Wm[x] Smith, Thomas Robertson

3. Edward Hayes, planter employed by John Giles 1680
4. Jacob John Hayes, ship captain ca 1650
lived in Bertie Co at Salmon Ck, NC
ca 1676
He was master of the “Constant” out of London.
He and his first mate Edward Cooke were subpoenaed to appear in court in London re. Bacon’s Rebellion.
Instead of Complying they left the sea and took up land “in Albemarle.”
He dropped the use of his first name and went by John.

Grandchildren of Peter Hayes, the envoy

The known children of Peter Hayes and Elizabeth Flake :
1.Peter Hayse of NC of Urahaw ca 1673 – 1761 Halifax Co NC
married Martha Sledge
2. Richard Hayes of NC Gates Co employed by 1716 by Dr Thomas Bray
3. Samuel Hayes of NC settled in the Meherrin River Valley
4. Robert Hayes of VA died 1771
married Miss Harris
5. Arthur Hayes of VA died 1776
6. Elizabeth Hayes of VA
married George Harris
7. Katherine Hayes of VA
married Roger Stevens

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  1. Iam a descendent of Peter Hayes , My Great Great Grandfather was Greenbury Hayes from North Carolina

  2. I have located the precise parcel of land that was patented by Captain Peter Hayes in 1634. 1. Travel South on Todd Avenue from Battery Park, Virginia past Bowden Lane to Country Way, turn East and follow Country Way as far as it goes. You are now standing on the N.E. corner of the parcel. 2. Follow the bank of Jones Creek South to where it makes a 90 degree turn to the West. 3. At the point where Jones Creek makes the sharp turn travel Due West to the southern lawn of the Southernmost house on Seahawk Landing and then travel Due West to Jones Creek ( formerly Verego’s Creek). 4. Follow the run of Jones Creek to a small branch Northwest of Magnolia Place. 5. follow a straight line to the first station (N.E. Corner).

  3. Hello I just found this and my name is Steven Hayes born 1970 and it seems my family is traced the same . I like to hear from someone to get a better idea. My 1st time doing such a thing

  4. I am curious; the records in Scotland show the name of Peter Hay and not “Hayes”? I am not saying your thesis is wrong but just curious how you come up with the different spelling. This history is important to my family research, because Peter Hay was closely connected to James Holdip in Barbadoes. A Richard Holdip established Locust Hall Plantation in 1663. I do not know his relationship to James Holdip, but there is a connection to Anna Maria Bannatyne, who would appear at least to be the granddaughter of Dame Anna Maria Bannatyne D:1687 in London.
    Any additonal information would be helpful and am willing to share what I know.

    1. well, In Virginia and North Carolina – the names in the records were often spelled phonetically as to what the clerk though was being said. I stuck with Hayes as that is how the family was known in the 1800’s. Although just as often it was written Hayse. Until this age of computers the spelling of names was not uniform. And that goes with Hay and Hays, too.

  5. Hi,

    I am a descendant of Peter the Envoy, through his Son Peter and Martha (Sledge) Hayes, their son Rev. Reuben Hayes (I do not have a wife’s name), his son Reuben Hayes and wife Charity (Lamm), their son Gideon Hayes and wife Henrietta (Privette) Hayes, their son Nathan Thomas Hayes (55th N.C. Inf Co A) and wife Mary (Lucas) Hayes, their son Gideon Hayes and wife Deloany (Vick) Hayes, Their daughter Montie (Crawford) Hayes, Her son Jesse Hayes and wife Mary (Minshew) Hayes, their daughter, my mother, Jessie Faye (Hayes) Wright and husband Maxwell Wright, then me, Christopher Wright. I do have one child, a daughter, Kaitlyn Elizabeth Wright.
    I entered Montue alone, because the man she married was not Jesse’s biological father. That man has been hard to trace.
    I hope this help add to your tree and any info you may have may help mine.

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