Peter Hayes & Martha Sledge

Peter Hayes bef 1705 – 1761 | parents
& ca 1726 Martha Sledge ca 1709 – aft 1761 | parents
of Isle of Wight Co [SH Co] VA and Halifax Co NC

Peter Hayes was born on the Hayes Blackwater plantation in Isle of Wight Co.
He married 1726 Martha Sledge daughter of Charles Sledge [died 1725/26] whose plantation was just across the river in Surry County.
17 July 1728 Peter Hayes was the executor of Mary (Clarke) Sledge’s will

I suspect they moved to Halifax about 1754 – when he deeded his land to his daughter and son-in-law in Southampton Co VA.

Will of Peter Hays 3 August 1760; probated March Ct 176? Halifax Co NC
– sons Charles Hays and Ruben Hays – 5 shillings each.
– daughters Hannah Hays, Rebecco Emmy Hays, Edy Phillips, Selve Hays, Winny Hilliard, Milly Hays, and Willi Hays – 5 shillings each.
– wife Martha Hays – residue of estate – to see that the children were educated and cared for
Wit: Thomas Good, William Rogers [x his mark]. Ruben Hays [x his mark]
Ext: wife Martha
from Margaret M Hofmann’s Abstracts of Wills 1758-1824 Halifax Co NC

below – Records from SH Co VA e-mail from Ann Braswell

[6 Mar 1749/50] PETER HAY and wife MARTHA to HENRY IVEY
100 acres on the north side of Three Creeks, north side of Great Swamp, and mouth of Beaver Pond,
Southampton Co., VA DB 1 p. 78-80 1749-1753

130 acres on the north side of Three Creeks (part of a patent to RICHARD ATKINSON on 24 Mar 1725, patent to sd. PETER as well) PETER HAY
Southampton Co., VA DB 2 p. 14-15 1753-1760

130 acres on the north side of Three Creeks adj. sd. EDWARD, BENJAMIN LEWIS, WILLIAM MORGAN, JOHN MORGAN son of EDWARD, and HENRY APPLEWAITE (patent to RICHARD ATKINSON on 24 Mar 1725 and patent to PETER HAY), FRANCIS HILLIARD & WINNY HILLIARD,
Southampton Co., VA VA DB 3 p. 181-182 1760-1767

——- the Peter Hay below cannot be the above Peter — he is probable a nephew, son of Robert or Samuel Hays…

20 acres on the east side of White Oak Meadow BENJAMIN, TIMOTHY THORPE,
Southampton Co., VA DB 3 p. 120-121 1760-1767

75 acres on the north side of the Maherin River adj. the east side of Halls Branch, WILLIAM WOMACK.
Wit: J. RIDLEY, PETER HAY, EDMUND PATE Southampton Co., VA DB 3 p. 79-80

125 acres on the south side of Angelica Swamp adj. HUGH MATTHEWS, RALPH MATTHEWS,
Southampton Co., VA DB 3 p. 227-228 1760-1767

[4 Oct 1763] RICHARD AVERY and JOSEPH PHILLIPS, executors of THOMAS BARROW, to the Vestrymen of St. Lukes Parish 225 acres where sd. BARROW lately lived, RICHARD AVERY and JOSEPH PHILLIPS.
Southampton Co., VA DB 3 p. 263-265 1760-1767

175 acres adj. the north side of Cocks Swamp (land purchased by THOMAS FRANCIS from
WILLIAM POPE when sd. THOMAS was underage, sd. POPE patented on 28 Sep 1732) THOMAS GILLIAM JR
Southampton Co., VA DB 3 p. 393-394 1760-1767

Children of Peter Hayes and Martha Sledge:

1. Charles Hayes died Sampson Co, NC 1784
married Sarah ?
a. Peter Hayes
b. Solomon Hayes
c. Winnie Hayes
2. (Rev) Reuben Hayes ca 1740 – ca June 1831 Wayne Co NC
a. Reuben Hays Jr. ca 1780 – ca May 1829
married Charity Lamm
i. John Hays ca 1805 –
ii. Gideon Hays
married Henrietta Privette
1. Nathan Thomas Hayes (55th N.C. Inf Co A)
married Mary Lucas
a. Gideon Hayes
married wife Deloany Vick
line of Christopher Wright 

iii. Amos Hays
iv. William Hays
v. Milley Hays

I am a descendant of Peter the Envoy, through his Son Peter and Martha (Sledge) Hayes, their son Rev. Reuben Hayes (I do not have a wife’s name), his son Reuben Hayes and wife Charity (Lamm), their son Gideon Hayes and wife Henrietta (Privette) Hayes, their son Nathan Thomas Hayes (55th N.C. Inf Co A) and wife Mary (Lucas) Hayes, their son Gideon Hayes and wife Deloany (Vick) Hayes, Their daughter Montie (Crawford) Hayes, Her son Jesse Hayes and wife Mary (Minshew) Hayes, their daughter, my mother, Jessie Faye (Hayes) Wright and husband Maxwell Wright, then me, Christopher Wright. I do have one child, a daughter, Kaitlyn Elizabeth Wright.
I entered Montue alone, because the man she married was not Jesse’s biological father. That man has been hard to trace.
I hope this help add to your tree and any info you may have may help mine.

b. Milley Hays
married Lemuel Pope
i. Elizabeth Pope
ii. Edith Pope
c. child that died
d. child that died
3. Hannah Hayes
4. Rebecca Emmy Hayes
5. Edy Hayes
married Phillips
6. Silve Hayes
7. Winnie Hayes ca 1734 –
married ca 1754 Francis Hilliard
a. Major Francis [Frank] Hilliard Jr
married Mary Hays
i. Temperance Hilliard
married Adam Calhoun
1. John Martin Calhoun
a. William Henry Calhoun
i. George Calhoun
ancestor of Ruth Cook
b. Henry Hilliard
c. Kinchen Hilliard
8. Milly Hayes
9. Willie Hayes (daughter)

Received a land grant, 10/29/1782 of 300 acres on the South bank of Black Creek in the Lucama area. in 1782, this land was located in Wayne County but became a part of Wilson County when
it was formed from portions of Edgecombe, Nash, Wayne, and Johnson Counties in 1855.

Reuben Hays, Sr., a land grant of 300 acres on the south side of the Black Creek October 20, 1782. This was located near the present day Lucama, and at that time was located in Wayne
County, North Carolina.
Reuben Hays, Sr. was a chain bearer for the land grant of John Lucas.
Rhuben Hays was the first pastor of the Lower Black Creek Primitive Baptist Church.

(Notes that follow are from Albert Bass, Jr. of Raleigh, North Carolina)
Will of Ruben Hays (Senior)
Dated March 11, 1828 in Wayne County, Recorded in August Court, 1831
In the Name of God, Amen. I Ruben Hays of the County of Wayne and state of North Carolina Being weak in Body But of sound mind and perfect memory and knowing it is appointed for man once
to dye do this 11th of March and in the year of our Lord one Thousand Eight Hundred and twenty-eight make and publish this my Last Will & Testament in Manner and form following:
Item 1st – I give and bequeath unto my grandson John Hays all of my Lands lying on the East side of the little Branch so called to his use forever.
Item 2nd – I give to my grandson Gideon Hays that part of my lands lying on Black Creek on the upper side of a small branch between my field & thence a straight course from the head of the
sd small branch to the path that leads to Elias Barnes thence the course of the path nearly to a lane thence the course of the lane to Jacob Barnes line to his use forever.
Item 3rd – I give to my grandson Amos Hays that part of my lands lying on Black Creek below the small branch and Gideons line on to the mouth of the Great Branch thence with the various courses
of the sd Great Branch that I have not above given away to his use forever.
Item 4th — I the remainder part of my lands and plantation whereon I now live lying between the Great Branch and the little branch to my Daughter in law Charity Hays During of her natural
life or widowhood and after her Death or Marriage of my sd Daughter in law as the case may be I give that part of my lands to my grandson William Hays to his use forever.
Item 5th – I give to my grand daughter Milley Hays one feather bed and furnature, Namely the one I commonly lay on myself to her use for ever.
Item 6th — I give to my grand daughter Elizabeth Pope one feather bed and furnature to her use for ever.
Item 7th — I give to my grand daughter Edith Pope one feather bed.
Item 8th — I lend to my Daughter in law Charity Hays one half of my moveable property during of her natural life or widowhood and after the Death or Marriage of my sd Daughter in law as the
case may be I give that half to be equally divided between the children of sd Charity Hays to their use for ever.
Item 9th — I give the other half of my moveable property to my Daughter Milley Pope to her use for ever.
And my desire is that if my Daughter Milley Pope and my Daughter in law Charity Hays do not agree to divide my moveable property between themselves that they two name three men and they make the division.
And finally and lastly I constitute and appoint my worthy friend Hardy Horn and my Grandson John Hays as Executors of this my last will and testament, Revoking all other will by me made in
witness whereunto I have hereunto set my hand and Seal in presents of his
I. A. Pearson Ruben + Hays {Seal}
Reddick Barnes mark
Elias Barnes

Wayne County Aug Court 1831
Then was the above will of Reuben Hayes duly proved in open court by the oath of Ichabod Pearson and Reddick Barnes subscribing witnesses thereto and at the same time Jno. Hays the above name executor approved in open court & was duly qualified as executor thereto & letters testamentary issued. P. Hooks Clk

An Inventory of Property of Reubin Hays Sen’r. dec’d Taken the 13th June 1831 by John Hays, Extr.
In cash five dollars and fourty cents
one note against Simon Newsom for fifteen dollars on intrest the 17th January 1828
one judgement against Williy Barnes Godfrey Stancil & Isaac Bass for Twelve dollars and thirteen cents on intrest th e 15th March 1831 which Judgement is desperate
fourteen books, one case & eight bottles two glass crewits one glass tumbler one Pewter
dish & four plates for ditto spoons, two tea spoons three earthen cups & Saucers one pint bowl one banthorer two flower stands one churn twelve sitting chears two pine tables one walnut ditto one wooden box one pail one noggin four baskets one hogshead three barrels one open head barrel one large gum one chamber pot one glass flash one sow and three pigs five knives nine forks two hundred & fifty eight pounds of bacon nine barrels of corn one old fryin pan one flax hackle one skillet one fire tongs one potrack one arm chear one half bushel of salt one half bushel measure one candle stick & snuffer & wareing apparrel thirty seven pounds of lard.

All the above property equeally divided between Lemuel Pope and Charity Hays except the money note and judgement it being left to hem by the Last Will and Testament of said Dec’d.

By William Barnes Reddick Barnes & David Pope
John Hays

No. 1st Gideon Hays provd account $3.00
Interest on same .39
No. 2nd burial expense 1.00
Intrest on same .12
No. 3rd Court Charges 2.
Commissions 2.13

No. 1st Cash on hand $5.40
Interest on same .32
No. 2nd One note on Simon Newsom 15.00
Interest on same 5.00
No. 3rd One judgement on Wilie Barnes,
Godfrey Stancil & Isaac Bass
For $12.13 cents Rec’d for sd Judgement 12.00
Interest on same 1.44
No. 4th to Cash Rec’d from Benj. Barnes 2.00

Persuant to an order of court to us directed issued to settle the estate of Reuben Hays Sen’r. dec’d have met on the 14th day August 1833 and after examination we find in the hands of the Executor the sum of Thirty two dollars & fifty three cents which we submit.
Thos Horn
Jacob Hooks.

An Inventory of the property of Ruben Hays, Dec’d, taken the 12th of May 1829 by John Hays, Exec.

2 head of Horses 2 pare of Stilliards
10 head of Cattle 15 head of gees
30 head of Hoggs 3 pare of cards
10 head of Sheep 2 Riding saddles
4 Feather Beads 3 (?? ?)
and furnature 4 grubing hoes
3 wool Wheels 4 weeding hoes
1 loom and M(???) 4 floak plows
3 puter plates 2 cutter plows
1 puter dish 1 jagan plow
5 Earthen plates 1 set of shoe tools
1 Chest 1 Bread tray
9 chare Prains 5 Sider Barrels
3 Iron pots 6 Riddles
1 Spider a parsel of corn
1 frying pan a parsel of bacon
1 Earthen pitcher Some lard
1 washing tub 6 Baskets
2 water pales 1 Account against Thomas for seventy five cents
1 pagan 1 do. Needham Lamm 17 1/2 cents
1 coffe pot Twenty Seven Dollars Cash in hand
1 tin bucket 13 pounds of feathers
1 Bible 15 pounds of Iron
The History of Josephus 20 puter spoons
1 Shotgun 2 puter basons
2 Jugs 1 account against William Row Two Dollars
1 Chunk Battle 1 pair of Chart Wheels and Body
1 Pink balla 1 milk chairn
1 tickler 3 round bits
4 baking pans 1 case of knives and forks
1 Milk steamer 1 pare of flesh forks
2 meal sieves

Rev. Reuben Hayes, son of Peter of Urahaw, witnessed his father’s will dated August 3, 1760.
Pascal’s “History of the Baptists in North Carolina,” pg. 491, mentions “Toisnot under the care of
Reuben Hayes.” On page 501: “in Wayne…. 1776-1783 Rev. Reuben Hayes, afterwards pastor of Toisnot, was preaching in the neighborhood of Naughunty, beginning his labors there about
1781, he constituted the church of that name in 1791.”
The land grant office in Raleigh has an entry showing that Reuben Hayes received a grant of land in Dobbs County in 1762.

Reuben was the founder of LBCPBC in 1783 per the Wayne Co Heritage Book.
Per Robert Carney, Reuben was founder of the Nahunta PBC in 1791.
He was the second pastor of Toisnot (Wilson) PBC from 1788 to 1802
and first pastor of Black Creek PBC until his death in 1831.

Received a land grant in Dobbs County, in 1782 on the south bank of Black Creek. Said to be near Lucama.

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  1. Thank you for posting all this information about Rev. Reuben Hayes. I believe my wife is descended from him. It is very helpful.

    I am a retired newspaper reporter, having worked as such for about 45 years. I’m just naturally skeptical, so I ask this question in the spirit of arriving at the truth.

    I have been working on this line in, and only today found your blog. I have been skeptical of the birth-death dates that seem to have been accepted by most people posting on 1720-1831. That would make him 111 years old when he died. It’s possible, but raises questions.

    I did find his will, which you posted, very interesting in that he left everything to his grandchildren. Could that mean he outlived his children?

    I’d be interested in what you know, or what you believe, about Rev. Reuben Hays’ lifespan.

    Best Regards,
    James T. Hammond
    Columbia, S.C.

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