Peter Hayes & Elizabeth Flake


Peter Hayes ca 1650 – 1721 | parents
& ca 1669 Elizabeth Flake | parents
of Blackwater River, Isle of Wight Co, Virginia

Peter Hayes of Blackwater was born about 1650 at the Hayes plantation on Pagan Creek in Virginia.
He lived his life on the Blackwater River, that waterway which flows directly south to North Carolina. At maturity he was employed by Robert Flake Sr., a wealthy landowner.
Robert Flake is said to have been one of the richest men in Isle of Wight County (Boddie, Seventeenth Century Isle of Wight Co., p 202.)
Peter Hayse married Elizabeth Flake about the year 1669.
Peter left his will, probated Mar 1720/21.
There is also a deed of gift from Robert Flake Sr [Deed dated Aug 16 1691] wherein he gives 200 acres to each of his three grandsons: Robert, Samuel, and Peter Hayes.
Robert Flake d ca 1698. These parcels of land were located on “the second swamp of the Blackwater”.
The Quit Rent Roll for Isle of Wight County, 1704, shows Peter Hayes paying taxes-rent on another 600 acres which seems to have been the dowry of his mother, Elizabeth Flake. (Cognets English Duplicates of Lost Virginia Records p205.)
The will of Peter Hayes of Blackwater mentions Robert “Hase” and Arther “Hase”. (Hayes, A E: Hayes in Va & NC)

known children of Peter Hayse and Elizabeth Flake :
1. Robert Hayes of VA bef 1690 – 1771
married Miss Harris
2. Samuel Hayes of NC bef 1690 –
settled in the Meherrin River Valley
3. Peter Hayse ca 1691 – 1761 Halifax Co NC
married ca 1726 Martha Sledge
4. Elizabeth Hayes of VA
married George Harris
5. Katherine Hayes of VA
married Roger Stevens
6. Arthur Hayes of VA aft 1691 – 1776

Grandchildren of Peter Hayes and Elizabeth Flake

Children of Peter Hayes and Martha Sledge:
1. Charles Hayes died Sampson Co, NC 1784
married Sarah ?
2. (Rev) Reuben Hayes ca 1740 – ca June 1831
3. Hannah Hayes
4. Rebecca Hayes
5. Edy Hayes
married Phillips
6. Silve Hayes
7. Winnie Hayes
married Francis Hilliard
8. Milly Hayes
9. Willie Hayes (daughter)

Children of Arthur Hayes of Isle of Wight Co, VA
1. Faithy Hayes
married William Flake of Surry Co, VA
2. Mary Hayes
married James Pittman of Surry Co, VA

Samuel Hayes references –
13 Nov 1724 Saml. Hays is on Jury to lay out Road from Mr. Simon Jefferies Landing on Roanoke River to the maine branch that begins at Mr James Bryants & goes to Chesshires Landing on Meherin River where the trading Vessells comonly lye according to law and that William Bridges be & is hereby appointed Overseer of the said road for the Ensuing Year. Bertie Ct Minutes

10 Jan 1743/44 1-104 NH Co DBk РJames Joyner of Edgecombe Co to Samuel Hayes of Northampton Co 5£ cash 50 acres more or less a parcel of land granted me by a deed from a patent granted to me by a deed from a patent granted to Rebecca Brasswell 1 Mar 1719 on the south side of the Meherrin River joining Elliott, the old Co line, Thomas Boykins and the river, all houses, orchards gardens
Wit: Nathan Williams, Nehemiah Joyner, Francis Gregory
Reg NH Co Feb Ct 1743 J Edwards C/C

Will of Samuel Hayes 24 April 1761 – probate Aug Ct 1761 NH Co NC
– wife Filpah
– daughter Anne Hayes
Extr: my dearly beloved father John Hayes

NH Co NC Charles Gregory named Samuel Hayes his executor 10 Nov 1766.

Samuel Hays 20 August 1793 – probate Dec Ct 1796 NH Co NC
– wife Mary Hays, grandson Jesse Hays, grandson Abraham Hays, grandson Ransom Hays.
– son Jesse Hays 5 shillings
– sons Samuel and John Hays
– daughters: Margaret Howell, Elizabeth Pittman, Cathena Hart
Exts: Col Howell Edmunds and Col. James Vaughan
Wits: Laurence Smith and Henry Peebles

1801 Samuel Hays wit to will of Millie Warr

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  1. Peter Hayes IV,
    born about 1673 near present day Jonestown Road and Rattlesnake Trail in Newport Parish, Isle of Wight, Virginia.

    Marriage 3 Nov 1695 in Newport Parish, Isle of Wight. Virginia. Married Martha Flake, Daughter of Robert Flake IV.

    Brother of Samuel Hayes ( first of three) 1685-1728, Arthur Hayes 1691-1776, Katherine Hayes 1696-____, Richard Hayes 1700- 1766.

    Samuel Hayes I, died near Jonestown Road, before 4 Jan 1728.
    Arthur Hayes died near Jonestown Road in 1776.
    Richard Hayes died after 6 April 1747 on Three Creeks, Surry County, Virginia.

    In 1720 Peter Hayes becomes a planter ( sharecropper) for William Brasswell and Hardy Councell both living in the Isle of Wight area. On 10 November 1721, Peters father, Peter Hayes III dies on the Hayes Blackwater plantation (present day Jonestown Road) where his wife Elizabeth was given 600 acres to be divided between three sons after her death.

    In 1720, Peter Hayes, Samuel Hayes, and Peter’s son William Hayes they follow Braswell, Hardy Councell, and William Bennett south into Chowan Precinct.

    On 13 August 1728, Peter Hayes is listed on a deed of William Brasswell who is the next door neighbor to the East of Hardy Councell On Plaquet Branch ( Dick Harmony Road). Peter is working as a planter on the plantations on Urahah Swamp and nearby plantations.

    Sometime in 1728 Peter is deeded / Paid 100 acres on Plaquet Branch and Antonkey Marsh (Dick Harmony Road on Urahah Swamp) for planting work he has done for Hardy Councell, (the property is basically worthless swamp land that adjoins the plaquet Branch Swamp following the swamp up to the west border of William Brasswell on Urahah Swamp).

    Peter Hayes realizes that he has been swindled by Hardy Councell and leaves and moves to three Creeks in virginia.

    On 4 January 1731, Peter buyes 100 acres from James Atkinson. Peter sends word to his brother Richard in Chowan that he needs help to work his patent.

    On 8 May 1733, Hardy Councell aknowledges the sale of 100 acres to Peter Hayes on Plaquet Branch.

    On 19 August 1733, Peter Hayes’ mother dies on the Hayes Blackwater Plantation. Peter Hayes and his brother Richard are living on Three Creeks.

    On 9 November 1736 a petition was read in Bertie Precinct in open Court. concerning the taxation of worthless swampland on Plaquet Branch.

    On 22 Feb 1743, Peter Hayes is finally able to sell his 100 acres to John Sherrard.

    On 22 Sep 1743, Peter Hayes and his Brother in law withness a land deal on Three Creeks, Surry, Virginia.

    On 6 April 1747 Peter witnesses a 185 acre deed from his brother Richard Hayes to Joseph Tharp. Richard Dies soon afterward.

    On 20 Sept 1784, Peter gets awarded a land patent of 130 acres adjoining his 100 acres on Three Creeks. Peter begins to have debts pile up.

    On 6 March 1749, Peter was forced to sell 100 acres of his 230 acre tract to Henry Ivey Jr.

    13 March 1754, Peter Hayes IV became heavily indebted to John Frances Hilliard and for partial payment of debts, sold his remaining 130 acres to him. Peter and Martha Hayes due to poverty were forced to go live with Peters son Reuben Hayes in Halifax.

    After Peter’s death on 1 Mar 1761, he was still heavily indebted to John Francis Hilliard and in 1786 ( some 25 years later) at the estate closure of his grand-son Arthur Hayes, Peter’s debts were finally paid in full.

    It has been rumored that Peter Hayes IV lived on Cashey Swamp, however that is not the case.

    The Peter Hayes that lived on Cashey Swamp who married Bether (Beatrice) Watson. was the son of Thomas Hayes and Sarah his wife. Who also had a son named Richard. And Thomas Hayes (1706) and John Hayes (1705), the John Hayes Planter who gifted Jesse Hayes, Son of Arthur Hayes and Mary Winborne 100 Acres on Urahah Swamp in 1778, the same John and Thomas Hayes that bought land in Elk Marsh, Halifax, North Carolina, were the sons of Peter Hayes IV.
    Sawyer Hayes, was also the son of Peter Hayes.

  2. 16 August 1691 Deed from Robert Flake to three grand-sons: GPS coodinates are as follows:
    1. 36 degrees 57 minutes 17.4 seconds North. Southeast corner.
    2. 36 degrees 57 minutes 21.97 seconds North, Southwest corner.
    3. 36 degrees 58 minutes 12.96 seconds North, Northwest corner.
    4. 36 degrees 58 minutes 10.96 seconds North, Northeast corner.
    5. follow the run of Mill Swamp to the first station. This is the famed Hayes “Blackwater Plantation”. Jonetown Drive and Rattlesnake Trail run through Peter Hayes IV’s middle division. Where Jonestown Drive turns Southeast at Mill Swamp is the south boundry of Peter’s division. Where you see a cross in the middle of an orchard (field) is the north boundry of Peter’s division. This middle division was split North-South at this cross by Arthur Hayes.

  3. I see you have a james pittman m to a Hays
    Can You give me more information on James Pittman and family

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