Rev. John Nowell & Julia Hinton

Rev. John Nowell 1803 – 1859 | his parents
& 1824 Julia Hinton 1807 – 1867 | her parents
of Hertford Co, NC

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

John Nowell married Julia Hinton on 17 Apr 1824 in Gates Co. NC.

John Nowell, son of Dempsey Nowell, was born 6 Sept 1803 in Hertford Co NC. He died 12 Feb 1859 in Hertford Co NC

Julia Hinton was born 1807 in Gates Co. NC. She died 4 Sep 1867 in Hertford Co., NC.

This is the Rev. John that was the minister of the Colerain Baptist Church. . .Rev. John Nowell was one of the strong personalities in those days. Nowell was baptized in March, 1832, licensed to preach in June, 1834 and elected pastor in 1835. . .He [began] January 1836 and continued as pastor until the close of the year 1857 making 22 years in succession. . William R Rayner speaking in 1911.

Colerain Baptist Church 1911

Obit included in James A Delke’s “History of the Chowan Baptist Association.”
ELDER JOHN NOWELL, Born in Hertford County, 1803 – Died 1859, Age 56.
He was ordained in 1835 as Pastor of Coleraine church, which station he voluntarily resigned the year before he died. He was also Pastor of Ahoskie church for twenty-three years, and of Pleasant Grove, for several years, also of Bethlehem and Holly Grove. He drew his support principally from his farm.

Children of John Nowell and Julia Hinton:
1. Henry Nowell 1826 Hertford Co NC –
2. John W Nowell 1828 – aft 1880
married Chowan Co 31 Mar 1858 Esther P White died 1867
a. Sallie H Nowell 1860 –
b. Julia H Nowell 1862 –
c. Arathusia J. Nowell ca 1866 –
married Chowan Co 25 May 1868 Sarah J Hudgins
3. Joseph W Nowell 1830 –
married Chowan Co 12 Mar 1854 Henrietta Eliza Cannon ca 1835 –
a. Walter H Nowell 1856 NC –
b. Jane Nowell ca 1857 NC –
c. Steven Nowell ca 1860 –
d. Sally E Nowell ca 1861 –
e James Nowell ca 1863 –
f May Nowell ca 1866 –
g. John Nowell ca 1870 NC –
4. Elizabeth A Nowell 1832 Hertford Co NC –
married Beasley
5. Alfred [Alpheus] Nowell Aug 1834 –
married 22 Dec 1858 Virginia A Britton Sept 1838 –
a. John P Nowell 1860 –
b. Virginia Annie Nowell ca 1862 – lived Roanoke, VA
married and left issue
c. Joseph Henry [Joe] Nowell 11 Mar 1865 – 8 Dec 1943 Windsor NC
both are buried in the Theophilus Cherry family cemetery
married Mary Cherry 4 May 1868 – 9 May 1933
daughter of Theophilus Cherry and Christine [Kitty Eliza] Outlaw
d. Katherine I [Kate] Nowell ca 1868 – Frusannah [Annie] Nowell 1868 –
e. Dr. Luther A Nowell ca 1871 – Colerain
married ca 1896 Cleo Britton ca 1873 –
i. Rosebud Nowell ca 1898 Colerain – lived Grenville, NC

Rosebud at Chowan 1915

married Sellers Mark Crisp M.D Falkland, NC –
ii. John Pulaski Nowell ca 1903 – of Ahoskie
f. Julia Hinton Nowell ca 1874 –
grad Chowan College 1892
married 23 Nov 1895 Dr. Wayland Mitchell 9 Sept 1871 – of Lewiston
“at the residence of A. Nowell, Esq. in Coleraine”
state senate for the 3rd district in 1919 and 1935.
g. Amanda Nowell Mar 1879 – of Windsor
married Richard Watson Askew Jr.
a. Julia Askew
married Mr. Manning
b. Mary Webb Askew
c. Frances Askew
d. Virginia Askew
6. Sarah J Nowell 1839 Hertford Co NC –
7. Margaret P Nowell 1841 – 5 Sept 1867
8. Mary E Nowell 1845 –
married Taylor

This family researched by Mary Tyler.

Dempsey Nowell 1755/60 – 1810/15 | his parents
Sarah ? | her parents
of Bertie Co, NC

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

see Web Site: The NC Nowell Family Connection by Dola Acree and others.

Dempsey Nowell, son of Dempsey Nowell was born 1755/60 in Bertie Co, NC.
His wife was named Sarah.

Dempsey Nowell, Jr. was on the Hertford Co., NC, Tax Lists of 1779, 1782, & 1784. In 1779, he had 310 acres, 29 cattle, and 3 horses. On the 1782 Tax List, he had 417 acres, 34 cattle, and 3 horses or mules. On the 1784 List, he had 417 acres, 2 free polls, and black poll. The free polls must be brothers, because his children were not old enough.

He is listed as a buyer at the estate sale of Wm. Fleetwood on 4 Sept. 1782 in the Records of Estate, Bertie Co., NC, and also at the estate sale of Sarah Sowell on 9 May 1785 in Bertie Co. He was also the executor of the will for James Sorrell in the Aug. Court of 1802.

He is not listed on the 1800 Census, but a Desuray Nowell is on the 1810 Census, which is thought to be him.

Children of Dempsey Nowell and wife Sarah:
1. Lemuel Nowell bef 1774 –
2. Isaac Nowell 1781/1790 – 14 July 1833
married 1st ca 1814 unknown ca 1796 – 1822
[ I suspect she was Christian dau of David Askew]
married 1 Feb 1828 Sarah McFarlane ca 1804 – aft 1890 Hertford Co NC
3. daughter 1784/1790 –
4. William Nowell Esq. 1790 – 1831/32
married ca 1824 Mary Ann Mitchell
5. Seth Nowell 1792 – 24 Jun 1844
married Mary [unknown] ca 1787 – aft 1850 census
6. daughter 1794/1800 –
7. Dempsey Nowell 1802 Hertford Co NC – 27 Nov 1852 Haywood Co TN
8. John Nowell 6 Sept 1803 – 12 Feb 1859 Hertford Co NC
married Julia Hinton

Grandchildren of Dempsey Nowell and wife Sarah:

Children of Isaac Nowell and first wife:
1. James Nowell 6 Dec 1814 – 7 Jul 1862
2. John Nowell 1817 – bef 10 Nov 1885
3. Sarah [Sally] Nowell 5 Feb 1821 – 6 Apr 1888

Children of Isaac Nowell and Sarah McFarlane:
1. Josiah Nowell ca 1830 –
2. Celia A Nowell ca 1831 –
3. Jacob Nowell ca 1833 – 21 Feb 1865 Ft. Rice, Dakota Ter, USA
buried in Custer National Cem., Montana

“May the 31st – 1833. In the name of God Amen I Isaac Nowell of Hertford County and State of North Carolina being weak in Body but of Perfect Mind and Sound Memory thanks be to God for the same Calling to Mind the mortality of My Body and knowing that it is appointed for all men to die and after death to Judgment first I give and bequeath my soul to God my Maker who first give it and my Body to be buried in a Christian like manner. Secondly, I Give and bequeath to my loving wife Salley Nowell one third part of my land during her natural life also one bed to her and her Heirs forever. Thirdly I give and bequeath to my loving son James Nowell that Track of Land lying on the Pocoson formerly belonging to Joseph Loyd – & one Bed to him and his Heirs forever. Fourthly I give and bequeath to my loving son John Nowell that Track of land that I bought of Dempsey Nowell & one Bed to him and His Heirs forever – Fifthly I give and bequeath to my loving Daughter Sally Nowell Furrenner[?] and one Bed to her & her heirs forever – Sixthly the Balance of my Negroes to be Equally Divided between and among my wife Sally Nowell & James Nowell John Nowell & my Daughter Sally Nowell. Seventhly I give and bequeath to my loving son Josiah Nowell one Dollar to him and his heirs forever. Eighthly I give and bequeath to loving Daughter Celia Nowell one Dollar to her and her Heirs forever. Ninthly I give and bequeath to my loving son Jacob Nowell one Dollar to him and his heirs forever, the Balance sold and equally divided. I make and ordain this to be my last Will and Testament. I entirely deny any other. My will and desire is that Brother John Downing shall be my Executor – Signed sealed in the presents of John Winborne. /Signed/ Isaac Nowell (seal)”
“State of North Carolina, Hertford County Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions August Term 1833. This Last will & Testament of Isaac Nowell dec’d was exhibited in open Court for probate and the same proved by the oath of John Winborn the subscribing witness thereto & ordered to be Recorded. At the same time John Downing the Executor therein appointed was duly Qualified as such & prayed & obtained an order for Letters Testamentary thereon. Test. L. M. Cowper Clk.” (Source: Hertford County Wills 1829 to 1867, Vol. A, Pages 55-56, electrostatic copy from microfilm by North Carolina State Archives)

Children of John Nowell and Julia Hinton:

Children of William Nowell Esq and Mary Ann Mitchell:
1. Nancy Emily Nowell 26 Oct 1825 – 11 Nov 1866
married 26 May 1842 Hillary Taylor
2. John P Nowell
3. William Henry Nowell

Children of Seth Nowell and wife Mary:
1. male Nowell 1810/20 –
2. William Nowell 1815/18 – 1876
3. Elizabeth Nowell 26 Jan 1822 – 15 Jul 1862
4. Dempsey Nowell 1821- labeled “idiot” on 1850 census
5. female Nowell 1825/30 –
6. Seth Nowell 1826 –
Seth was in Mary Saunders Taylor’s will dated 25 Sept. 1867, where she says, “I do hereby appoint and Constitute my trustee friend JETHRO NOWELL My lawful Executor…” However, in February court 1868 the will is exhibited by SETH NOWELL “executor – qualifies.” This was from “Wills by Almasy, Vol. II, 1857 – 1868, Hertford Co.”

more about this family see Web Site: The NC Nowell Family Connection by Dola Acree and others.

Dempsey Nowell 1727/28 – bef 1779 | his parents
Sally ? died ca 1783 | her parents
of Bertie Co, NC

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

see Web Site: The NC Nowell Family Connection by Dola Acree and others.

Dempsey Nowell, Sr. purchased land “near Nowell’s other lands” in Bertie Co. in 1754. He is listed on the Bertie Co. Tax Lists of 1753, ’54, ’55, ’56, & “57, and it is probably him on the Murfree Tax Receipt Bk. of 1770. On 24 Oct 1758, he bought land in Bertie Co. from Jacob Keel. He is also listed in the Records of Estates: Bertie Co., NC 1734-1788, Vol. II, Loose Estate Papers by David B. Gammon as a buyer at the estate sale of Thomas Parker.

Children of Dempsey Nowell and wife Sally:
Most of Dempsey’s children are conjecture and have not actually been proven. They are where the five of us think they fit, according to the places they show up and the names that are in each family. If you come up with actual proof for or against what is in the next couple of generations, my all means let us know.
1. William Nowell ca 1745 – bef 30 Sept 1785
“Melian” Nowell was the dau. of Richard Rayner and was listed in his will to receive 5 shillings. His will was dated 28 Aug 1783 and probated in May of 1785, from the Bertie Co., NC Wills 1781-1797 by Almasy. “Amelsaam” Nowell was a witness to the will of David Stanley on 17 Jan 1795 and also there when probated in Feb. of 1795. David Stanley’s nephew was James Rhodes, and another witness was Wm. Rhodes. Amelia Ann’s husband, Wm. Nowell was a witness on a deed with John Rayner
see Web Site: The NC Nowell Family Connection by Dola Acree and others.
married Amelia Ann Rayner ca 1759 –
daughter of Richard Rayner and Ann [Amelia Evans] Reasons
2. James Nowell ca 1748 – bef 30 Sept 1785
3. Dempsey Nowell 1755/60 – 1810/15
4. Thomas Nowell ca 1763 –
Thomas Nowell is listed among the buyers of the estate of Thomas Martin, 21 Dec 1785 and probably one of two free white polls listed on the 1784 Hertford Co. Tax List with Dempsey, Jr.
5. John Nowell ca 1765 – Jan/Feb 1830

Grandchildren of Dempsey Nowell and wife Sally:

Children of William Nowell and Amelia Ann Rayner:
1. (Isham) Nowell ca 1772 Edgecomb Co., NC –
2. (Male) Nowell ca 1774/1787 –
3. Nathan Nowell 1774/1787 –
heir of Wm. on his military warrant
4. Lemuel Nowell 1784/94 – Aug/Oct 1837 Martin Co NC
married Elizabeth Green

Children of James Nowell and wife
1. John Nowell
married Mary
a. Polley Nowell
married Bertie Co 9 Jan 1799 James Ray

Martin Nowell est 1700 – bef 1779 | his parents
Sally ? died ca 1783 | her parents
of Bertie Co, NC

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!
from Research by Phyllis Mistrot.

Martin Nowell purchased land in Bertie Co.(Bertie E:57) from Wm. Paget, Jr., of Bertie Prect. in Albemarle Co. for 30 pounds. (Martin was also of the prect and Co.) The “afsd. planter … do hereby … grant … unto the sd. Martin Nowell … a certain Plantation … lying in Bertie preceinct … begining at a small Branch, then East along a line parting the said land and Mauls land runing across the head of the Mare Branch to a small Branch making out of the said Mare Branch, thence up the said Branch northwardly to a Pine, so long a line of marked trees to a Pine, a corner tree: thence along another line of marked trees west to the head line of the main tract of land surveyed by William Pagett; thence along the said line to the first station, containing one hundred acres …12th day of June Anno Dom 1736…Witness: Jno Wynns, Thos Johnson”

Martin Nowell was a witness in Chowan Co. to Jane Parker giving her son Wm. Parker land on Poplar Run, dated 08 June 1738. James Willie & James Parke also witnesses. (from Abstract of Conveyances of NN Historical & Gen. Register, Vol.1, Jan 1900, #1.)

Also in 1738, “Maule’s land” mentioned in a deed with Martin Nowell in Chowan Co. Also in the May Ct. of 1740, Richard Sowell, son of Charles Sowell to John Welsson… at the mouth of Bare Swamp adj. Weleson, Obadiah Sowell. Wit: Martin Nowell”

Children of Martin Nowell:
1. Dempsey Nowell 1727/28 – bef 1779 Hertford Co NC
married Sally
2. John Nowell 1736 – 17 Mar 1793 Johnston Co NC
married in Bertie ca 1761 Mara
3. James Nowell ca 1738 – aft 18 Jul 1803 Anson Co NC
married Elizabeth
4. Septimus Nowell 1743 NC – 1797 SC
married Jean

Septimus Nowell witnessed a deed to John Nowell from James Williams in 1759 in Bertie Co. Deed Bk. (1757-1772). He bought 270 acres of land on 3 Aug 1768 in Martin Co. from Thomas Whitley. He was on the Martin Co. Tax List of 1779. He sold land in Martin Co. in 1761 & 1763 and apparently moved to SC, because on 1 May 1797 he was living in Claremont Co., SC, when he sold lands in Martin Co. to John Taylor.

For more on the descendants of John and James Nowell
see Web Site: The NC Nowell Family Connection by Dola Acree and others.

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  1. I’m ten generations of Martin Nowell, John, James, James and Martha had a son name Calvin G who is my 4th great grandfather, Calvin’s Uncle gave Thenie to him. He had a child by Thenie an Indian, son name Colie he on Cenus 1860 as C.G. Nowell as Mulatto.. Thenie is granddaugther John Nowell Jr in Wake County, N.C., Who had a daughter name Peggy Nowell an Indian. John Nowell Jr. had a slave and name him James Nowell. Do anyone have any record where that slave came from. My family have the Nowell’s Genealogy from Winder and Monroe Ga.
    Colie change his name to Hill. William Hill brought Thenie and her children from Nowell. Contact me

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