Nathan Gregory & Susan


Sally’s five-great Grandparents:

Nathan Gregory bef 1707 – bef 1817 | parents
And Susan aft 1727 -1817 | parents
of Pasquotank Co, NC

Children of Nathan Gregory and Susan:
1. James M Gregory aft 1745 –

2. Sally Gregory aft 1745 –
Married John Walkup aft 1745
3. Lydia Gregory aft 1745 – bef 1817
married aft 1768 Forehand b aft 1747
a. Chloe Forehand aft 1769 –
Married Jarvis
b. Celey Forehand aft 1777 –
Married Mitchell

Sally’s six- great Grandparents:

Thomas Gregory bef 1673 – 1740 | parents
and Priscilla Barecock 1673 -bef 1736 | parents
of Pasquotank Co, NC

Children of Thomas Gregory and Priscilla Barecock:
1. William Gregory bef 1692 – 24 Nov 1751/ Apr 1752 Pasquotank Co

married bef 1734 Judith Morgan bef 1702 – 1753
daughter of Robert Morgan ca 1670 – ca 1730 Pasq. & Elizabeth Torksey 1681-
2. Elizabeth Gregory bef 1702 –
Married Francis Godfrey bef 1736?
3. Nathan Gregory bef 1707 – bef 1817
married aft 1744 Susan aft 1727 – aft 1817 Camden Co
4. Jacob Gregory bef 1714 – aft 1790
5. Priscilla Gregory
married John Gray
6. Sampson Gregory
7. Job Gregory
8. Richard Gregory

Will of Thomas Gregory, planter 10 Apr 1736 – 23 June 1740 bef W Smith
of Pasquotank Precinct.
– son Nathan – 1/2 of 267 acres on Eastern Branch of Arronute Creek on the east side of Pasquotank River, with reversion to son Sampson & further reversion to son Jacob.
– sons Jacob & Job – neg Toney.
– 5s each to sons Richard & William & grandson Frederick Gregory.
– All my movable estate to son Jacob Gregory, Elizabeth Godfree, Job Gregory, Sampson Gregory, Nathan Gregory, Druscilla Gray. Other legacies.
EX: sons Jacob & Job Gregory
Wit: John Bell, Jno. Roberts, John Bearcock

Grandchildren of Thomas Gregory and Priscilla Barecock:

Children of William Gregory and Judith Morgan:
1. Willis Gregory 1728 – 1751

Married Elizabeth
a. Ann Gregory
2. Mark Gregory
3. Affiah Gregory bef 1729 –
Married William Wilson
4. Dempsey Gregory bef 1734 –
5. Mary Gregory
6. Lovey Gregory bef 1751 –
Married Dempsey Sawyer bef 1751 –
4th g grandparents of Jamie
a. Dempsey Sawyer
married Sarah Harrison
7. Isaac Morgan Gregory 1741 – 1800 Camden Co

Will of William [x] Gregory 24 Nov 1751 – Apr Ct 1752 bef Thos Taylor
of Pasquotank Co [abstract by Bradley]
– Granddaughter Ann Gregory daughter of Willis Gregory & his wife Elizabeth – 100 acres called Hourens joining North River Swamp; Negro woman Hannah, boy Jephey, sd land & negroes in the care of my son Mark until she comes of age.
– son Mark – 100 acres joining North River Swamp, James Gregory, Dempsey Gregory [where my brother Richard Gregory formerly lived]; Negro man Daniel, woman Phillis with her child Sue, boy Simon.
– daughter Affiah Gregory – 50 acres called Jonakin Town & 50 acres joining James Gregory, widow Trueblood, Cornelius Relf, Mark Gregory, Dempsey Gregory; negro man Deid, woman Nan, girl Venus.
– son Dempsey – 100 acres are joining Mark Gregory, granddaughter Ann Gregory, the Indian line, negro girl Jenny, boy Charles, boy Daniel; at age 12.
– daughter Mary Gregory – 100 acres in Broad Neck called Broad Neck in the fork of Jacobs Swamp; negro woman Violet, pewter when she comes of age or marries.
– daughter Lovey Gregory – 250 acres called Britten.., joining Cornelius Relf, the Indian line, Jacob Gregory; negro woman Barbara and her child.
– wife – bondservant woman Lyda during her servitude; use of negro man Ceasar during her lifetime; use of man Sam & then to my son Isaac.
– son Isaac – 280 acres where I now live joining Lovey Gregory, Indian Town line, Jonekin Town, Edward James, Ivey Neck, Cornelius Jones, Ivey Point, negro man Sam, boy Ceasar age 16, girl Sarah.
– Daughter Mary Gregory – young girl Sue. Other legacies & provisions.
EX: son Mark Gregory, daughter Affiah Gregory, wife Judith Gregory
WIT: John Reding, Joseph Jones, Thos. Reding

Will of Judith Gregory 21 Oct 1753 Jan Ct 1754 bef Thos Taylor
“very sick and weak.”
– son Isaac – my new desk.
– friend Mary Loyed – cow & calf, heifer, certain other livestock.
– children Isaac, Demsey, Mary, Lovey – rest of my estate after debts paid.
EX: brother Joseph Morgan
WIT: Wm Burges, John Everegin, Sam Scott
Addendum to will. 21 Oct 1753. My executor to take children Isaac, Dempsey & Mary & keep them until they are of age or marry & my daughter Appier Willson have my daughter Lovey. Same witnesses. Probated in Pasquotank Co. Probate indicates that Joseph Morgan relinquished his right to Mark Gregory, who was appointed admin. With the will annexed.

Children of Nathan Gregory and Susan:
1. James M Gregory aft 1745 –

2. Sally Gregory aft 1745 –
Married John Walkup aft 1745 –
3. Lydia Gregory aft 1745 – bef 1817
married aft 1768 Forehand b aft 1747

Ref: “Early Records of NC” abstracted by Dr. Stephen A Bradley
Website of Kelly Bialk

Sally’s seven-great Grandparents:

Richard Gregory | parents

Children of Richard Gregory:
1. William Gregory d Jul 1753
married Sarah [appears to me that Sarah is his 2nd wife]
2. Richard Gregory bef 1675 – 17 May 1719
married Margaret Barecock 1675 – Jul 1753
3. Thomas Gregory bef 1673 – 10 April 1736
married Priscilla Barecock 1673 – bef 1740

Will of William Gregory 4 June 1748 Jul Ct 1753 bef Thos Taylor
of Pasquotank Co
– only son John – 600 acres I purchased of Robert Hicks on Cashie River; also 500 acres called Gorams Neck on Raquest Swamp.
– daughter Mary Gregory – 225 acres on Deep Branch of Raquest Swamp.
– all my personal estate to my sd son and two daughters Mary & Barbar Gregory.
– wife Sarah – all the estate she had at the time of our marriage provided she pay my executors for her debts in her widowhood & before our marriage.
EX: friends Joseph Anderson, Doctor William Cathcart, John Gray Sr, Thomas Whitmell, John Evrigan
WIT: Ann Anderson, Elise Scollay, Thomas Pollock

Will of Margaret [x] Gregory widow 3 Feb 1746/7 July Ct 1753 bef Thos Taylor
of Pasquotank Co
– son Richard & the children he has by his first wife – negro man Charles.
– son James – negro Hannah
– son John & the children he has by his first wife – negro boy Joshua.
– son Caleb – negro woman Priscilla
– daughter Mary Umphrey’s – 1s sterling
– daughter Margaret Barber – negro woman Sue
– daughter Sarah Grandy – negro woman Wrett
– granddaughter Sarah Umphrey’s – negro boy Isaac
EX: son James Gregory
WIT: James Forbes, Elizabeth Forbes, Rebecca [x] Harding

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