Richard Minshew & Mercy

Sally’s 6-great Grandparents?:

Richard Minshew 1650 – 1700
& 1682 Mercy ? ca 1641 – ?
& 1657 Silvestor Baker 

of Nansemond County, Virginia

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!


Richard Minshew, possibly a son of Henry Minshew [who arrived in VA ca 1635/7] was born ca 1650 in VA and died ca 1700 in Nansemond County, VA.
His wife’s name was Mercy.

Another possible son of Henry or of Richard and Mercer:
1. John Minshew 1683 – 1769 Upper Parish, Nansemond County, VA
married Martha ?
a. Richard Minshew 1702 Nansemond County, VA – 1778 Chowan County NC
married Hannah Blanchard


Child of John Minshew and Martha:
1. John Minshew 1730, Chowan County, North Carolina
married Susanah ?

Children of Richard Minshew and Hannah:
1. Maximillian Minshew ca 1730 – 1789
married 1st unknown
married 2nd Mary Bond
2. Bose [Boaz] Minshew ca 1725 –
3. Richard Minshew ca 1732 –
4. John Minshew ca 1737 –
5. Happe Minshew ca 1738 –
married ? Taylor
6. Dionysius Minshew 1739 –
married 1780 Perkum or Spinks

Some References and sources:

Robert L.. Minchey website Minchey family of Tennessee

“Our Lineage has been traced back to the year 1638 in England. The Minchey name, changed when it arrived in the states in(circa) 1650-1680, started as Minshall-Minshell-Minshew-Minchew-Minchey. The latter evolving down my line to present day. Our Ancestors came in at Norfolk, Virginia, moved to Chowan County, North Carolina then to Whyte County, Virginia then on to Jackson County, Tennessee.

This was found in Bodie.
Minshew Lineage

Guppy, in his Homes of Family Names writes: “Minshull in the name of parishes and townships in Cheshire. The Minshulls of Minshull were an influential family as far back as the time of Edward IV. Geffrie Minshull of this county contributed ,25 to the Spanish Armada fund in 1588. John Minshull was the name of the mayor of Chester in 1657 and in 1711, and the name is still in that city. Minshall is also a common form of the name.”
On an old map of England ca 1830 is the parish of Minshull Church, Minshull Hall, and Minshull Vernon, all in Cheshire. The records of that northwestern county mention six Minshull (Minshall) seats or mansions. Possibly Minshull families lived in other English shires but were not discovered by the writer. There was one Mr. Minshue, a bookseller in London during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I (Wedgewood, The Kings Peace). He was the author of a Spanish-English dictionary. This was just prior to the Spanish Armada battles.
Minshull, like so many English names, has been misspelled and misused in
a fantastic exhibition of how phonetics can betray the unwary.
In Virginia and the Carolinas, Minshew and Minchew seem to have been the popular ways to spell the name. Mr A D May of Little Rock, Arkansas, has traced his Minshall lineage back to Stoak (Stoke) Parish in Cheshire.
A cursory search for the Minshew ancestors allied to the Hayes family indicates that in the year 1637 Henry Minshew’s headright was used by John Dennett in Charles City, Virginia, which means that Henry arrived about 1635 or 1636. (Nugent, Cavaliers & Pioneers, p 79, 2nd ed)
About this time, 1638, one John Minshull died in Cheshire and his coroner’s record or “post mortem inquisition” is found in that county.
This John could have been the father of the Henry above.
One John Minshew (Minshea) is on the Rent Rolls 1704, of Isle of Wight County, VA, holding 300 acres; this is presumably the same John who was granted 128 acres in 1728 in Nansemond Co.
Because the name is somewhat unusual, it would seem that John of Nansemond, Henry of Charles City, VA, and John of Cheshire are related.
Later on the names John and Richard appear in the Chowan and Bertie county records in North Carolina.
Descent of Cloe (Cloa) Minshew who married William Hayes Jr.
John Minshull d in Cheshire Oct 26, 1638
Henry Minshew (the Immigrant) arrived in Virginia ca 1635
Henry’s son John Minshew lived in Nancemond Co, VA
John’s son Richard. born ca 1702 in Nansemond Co; Will proved 1778 in Chowan
Co, NC
Richard married Hannah ca 1730: issue Maximillian, Bose, Richard Jr,
and John; also [Dionysius and Happe].
Maximillian Minshew b ca 1732. Will proved 1789 Gated Co, NC. He married
ca 1750 Mary Bond and had issue among others Cloe Minshew
Cloe Minshew b ca 1767 in Chowan County died ca 1825 in Gates County m
Nov 14 1789 William Hayes Jr
Refs: Va Rent Rolls; Nugent Cav & Pion; Nansemond Grants; Hathaway
NCHGR; NC Census;
Marriage Bonds, Deeds, etc; Hayes family Bible, letters, etc.

e-mail rec 27 July 2003
Hi Sally . . My name in Christian Minshull from Cheshire in England.
We (my family) have the family bible of the Minshulls dating back to the seventeenth century, with the direct lineage of the Minshull family tree
and lot of documentation.
I know many of the Minshull clan had left these shores many years ago
and indeed we have close family in Canada and the USA.
My father was the eldest son of the eldest son called Edward.
This being a family tradition for centuries.
His eldest son and my older brother is called Edward, although he hated this tradition and changed his first name and stopped the family tradition by naming his first son Hamish.
There are few of the original Minshulls left in Cheshire – –
but the Minshulls were supposed to have been cursed by a local witch called Mab but that’s another story.

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  1. I do not have any information that would be important in your search but according to records, the Minceys of Georgia descend from the same Richard and his son John. I did not know until I started researching that the names had been altered over time. John married Martha Fewox; they had several sons, Abraham, Aaron, and William. Aaron one, two, and three are in my direct line Aaron-II was born in Georgetown, S.C., then moved to Georgia. He married Mary Rachel Stanton. Aaron III married Elizabeth Carr. Brother Abraham also moved to Georgia and apparently used both Minshew and Mincey. I am comfortable with the three Aarons, but I am leary regarding John Minshew and Martha Fewox.

  2. I have Sylvester Baker, Married to Mercy Parker, After the death of Sylvester in 1676 , Mercy is said to marry Richard Minshew, all of Nansemond , Va. Send directly to me as I dont check these boards, B Maxwell

  3. I traced my ancestry of direct parent lineage back to John Minshull, the father of Henry Minchew. Do you happen to know any information about him, his parents, or where I’d possibly be able to get it? Thanks so much. John Minshull is my 10th great grandfather.

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