Gen. Laurence Baker

Gen. Laurence Baker 1746 – 1807 | his parents
& Ann Jones ? – 1778 | her parents
& Anna Maria Burgess ? – 1808 | her parents
of Coles Hill, Gates, NC

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

– from “The Baker Family as Remembered” written 4 Feb 1847 by Simmons Jones Baker
“My father was a large man six feet high and weighing two hundred and fifty pounds. He was cheerful but generally grave, a kind husband, father and master, prudent and discreet in the management of his affairs and was universally liked. As a candidate of the convention to decide the Federal Constitution [of which he was a warm advocate] he secured every vote in the county but five. He was the clerk of court of Gates from the time it was separated from Hertford [1779] until his death [1807].
He married Ann Jones daughter of Capt. Abridgton Jones, of Southampton County VA [whose father was a Welshman,] his wife was a sister of Col. Charley Simmons of an English family. My mother had several children, twins twice, of which I am one. My twin brother Albridgton Jones with one or two others died at the time my mother did [1778]. The disease was dysentery and there is reason to believe badly treated. There were four children left. Henry, who died when nearly grown. Elizabeth, Agatha, and myself.
Soon after the death of my mother, my father went into the army. He was colonel of a regiment, Col. Jonas Johnston of Edgecombe being in command, he was in the battle on Stono in South Carolina under the command of Gen. Lincoln. It was a hard fought battle and I have been told by some who were present that my father acquitted himself like a brave man. He did not attend the convention at Hillsborough to which as before mentioned he was elected because of the death of my brother Henry about that time.
Soon after the return of my father from the army he married Ann Burgess who made an excellent wife and very kind step-mother. She was the daughter of the Rev. Thomas Burgess of Halifax, an Englishman of the Episcopal faith. ”

Children of Laurence Baker and Ann Jones:
1. Henry Baker ca 1770 – died when nearly grown
2. Dr. Simmons Jones Baker 15 Feb 1775 Gates Co – 18 Aug 1853 Raleigh NC
studied medicine at Edinburgh, Scotland in 1793
moved to Scotland Neck NC, built “Greenwood” 1796. moved to Palmyra 1800 and then Jackson Co FL 1838
returned to Halifax Co NC and died in Raleigh NC 1853

Dr. Simmons Jones Baker 1775 – 1853
“wearing an old fashioned queque and with the courtly manners of the old school”

married 29 Oct 1795 Polly Turner Smith 1778 – 26 Oct 1812
dau of Turner Smith and Bettie Edwards
a. Emily Turner Baker 3 Feb 1797 – 9 Nov 1822
married 13 Feb 1816 Dr. Benjamin B Hunter of Tarboro NC d. 1828 Nashville NC
i. Mary Hunter
ii. Martha Hunter
iii. James McGillivry Hunter rem. to FL
b. James Laurence George Baker 27 Jan 1799 – 29 Nov 1873 FL


James L G Baker 1799 – 1873
as a young man

married 19 Mar 1822 Sarah Ann Eliza Smith 29 April 1806 – 4 Nov 1868 FL
daughter of William Ruffin Smith and Sarah Norfleet
i. Emily Turner Baker
married [NC] Dr. Archibald Stuart Hall 22 Feb 1810 – 6 Sept 1876 grad UP 1832
ii. Anne Ruffin Baker dy
iii. Susan Evans Baker
married [FL] John Randolph Ely
iv. Sarah Norfleet Baker
married Samuel J Erwin
v. Capt. Henry Hyer Baker died at Gettysburg
vi. James Smith Baker 26 Aug 1835 – 18 Dec 1893 FL
married 7 Feb 1860 Elizabeth A Ferrall 7 Feb 1840 – 14 July 1876 FL
married 2nd Mary Daffin
married 3rd Sarah Lawson Robinson
vii. Robert Marmaduke Baker 11 Aug 1846 – 1913 FL
married Maria Ptronia Allison 1844 – 1913 FL
c. Ann Jones Baker 25 April 1801 – 22 June 1836
married 22 Jan 1818 Gabriel Long Stewart
i. Mary Ann Stewart
married 21 Oct 1841 Dr. Johnston Blakely Jones
d. Mary Eliza Edwards Baker 8 Sept 1802 –
married 20 Jan 1820 William J Armistead of Plymouth rem to FL
e. Simmons Jones Baker Jr. 1805 – 1887
married 1 Dec 1837 Elizabeth Matilda Hawkins of Warren Co
married 2nd Caroline Tillinghast of Fayetteville
f. Anna Maria Matilda Baker d. Nov 1832
married 29 Dec 1824 Dr. William H Hunter d. 9 Nov 1829 Raleigh
i. Martha G Hunter
married 25 Sept 1845 Moses A Bledsoe of Raleigh
ii. Mary Smith Hunter 15 Nov 1826 – 4 Dec 1865
married 10 Oct 1849 Edward Mallet of Fayetteville killed in battle 31 Mar 1865
h. Laura Lucinda Baker 7 June [or Jan] 1810 – 23 Oct 1881
married 25 April 1833 Rev. Joseph Hubbard Saunders 26 Dec 1800 Edenton – 24 Oct 1839 FL
died of yellow fever
i. Richard Benbury Saunders 12 Mar 1834 –
ii. William Laurence Saunders 30 July 1835 –
iii. Anne Saunders 20 April 1837 – never married
iv. Joseph Hubbard Saunders 26 Oct 1839 –
i. Marcianna Augusta Baker 15 Oct 1812 – 1813
married 1814 2nd Ann C Seawell d. 1843
the widow of Henry Hunter of Wake Co
j. Eliza Baker
married William H Dudley
son of Gov Edward Dudley of Wilmington NC
3. Elizabeth Baker ca 1770 –
married Col. Joseph Harvey
a. Elizabeth Baker Harvey
4. Agatha Baker ca 1770 –

Children of Laurence Baker and Anna Maria Burgess
1. Dr. John Burgess Baker aft 1780 – 1837
lived at the homeplace “Coles” or “Coles Hill”
married Mary Wynne Gregory 1787 –
daughter of Mary Wynns & James Gregory;
granddaughter of Benjamin Wynns 1716 – 1777 & Margaret Pugh

a. Richard Baker
b. Susan Jane Baker
c. William J Baker
d. Gen. Lawrence Simmons Baker 1830 – 1907 Suffolk VA CSA
grad U S Military Academy at West Point 1851


married 1855 Elizabeth E Henderson 1836 – 1918
the graves of Gen. Lawrence S Baker and wife Elizabeth

baker2 baker1

Cedar Hill Cemetery, Suffolk, VA
photos by Dan Simonsen

  1. Anna Maria Baker
    3. Martha Susanna Baker

William Murfree Tax Receipt Book – Hertford Co 1768-1770
1769 Capt Lawrence Baker 7 taxes
1770 ” ” ” 10 taxes

Ref: “Smith of Scotland Neck, Planters On The Roanoke” by Claiborne Thweatt Smith Jr M.D. 1976

William Baker 1743 – 1805 | his parents
& Judith Norfleet ca 1752 – 1812 | her parents
of Buckland, Gates, NC

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

buckland3 buckland2 buckland1
Buckland” built 1796 for William Baker 1743 – 1805
1910 pictures of 1796 building front on left, middle, [Gates County Historical Society]
right – side of rear showing well-sweep and dairy 1940 photo by Thomas T Waterman
the place is also known as the Smith House who were later owners, right back of house

William Baker married ca 1773 Judith Norfleet.
William Baker’s will was presented for probate Aug Ct 1805 Gates Co NC.
Raleigh Reg. reported on 6 March 1812 the death of Judith Baker 14 Feb 1812 age 60.

Children of William Baker and Judith Norfleet:
1. Marmaduke Baker ca 1775 – 1801 Gates Co
2. William Baker ca 1777 – 1801 Gates Co
3. Margaret [Peggy] M Baker 1781 – 1827 Hertford Co NC
married 1817 Capt. Benjamin Wynns 1790 – bef 1880 FL
4. Ann [Nancy] Baker 1784 Gates Co – 1851 Jackson Co FL
married 1808 William Mallory Harvey
5. Richard Baker 1795 Gates Co – 1811 Gates Co

– from “The Baker Family as Remembered” written 4 Feb 1847 by Simmons Jones Baker
“My uncle William was a large man as most of the Bakers were. He was sprightly and full of humor, loved good eating and enjoyed a glass of Medaira or old Jaimaica toddy as well as any man and paid the penalty by many severe attacks of gout unless he inherited it. . . .
My uncle William always a facetious man and fond of good anecdotes at his own expense told me with great merriment that on one occasion there was to be a quarter race at Brady’s Path about a mile from Buckland, that grandfather [still liking the sport although he could not have run a race with anything but a terrapin and that in his wheel chair] was going and he [my uncle] and my father were very anxious to go also. After much entreaty the old man consented they might go after dropping and covering some two or three bushels of peas. At it they went dropping and covering with all their might. When they had dropped all but a peck or a little more they became so impatient, fearing the race would be over before they could get there they concluded to make a hole by the side of the stump and bury the residue in a lump. This done they were off for the race. Unfortunately for them there was a good shower of rain a day or two after and the old man mounted on his white pony, went into the field to see how his peas had come up. Unluckily he passed the fatal stump and no sooner saw the mass of peas breaking the surface from some distance around than he unraveled the mystery and on getting home gave both the young gentlemen a good thrashing. . . .
He married Judith Norfleet, a daughter of the first Marmaduke. She was a most amiable woman, of excellent understanding and truly pious. A kind wife and charitable to all around her. After the death of my mother, when my father was in the army, and at other times when he was absent, I was placed under the care of this most excellent lady. On one occasion while there a cat was crossing the entry [a place already described in my grandfather’s house, then my uncle’s] I jumped at her and said scat you. One of the servants overheard me and reported what I had said with the awful addition “bitch” for which I got an awful beating…. My uncle left two daughters, [he had three sons who died when nearly grown] one married Capt. B Wynn, the other W H Harvey. They both inherited a very large estate but alas!”

Henry Baker III 1715 – 1765 | his parents
& 1740 Catherine [Caty] Booth | her parents
of Buckland, Gates, NC

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

This Henry Baker was one of the reps. of Chowan Co in the Colonial Assemble in 1744/45. He was appointed Justice of the Peace in Chowan Co in 1746.

This Henry Baker married 1740 Catherine [Caty] Booth of Southampton Co VA.

William Murfree Tax Receipt Book – Hertford Co 1768-1770
Henry Baker Esqr.
1768 18 taxes
1769 12 taxes
1770 12 taxes

Children of Henry Baker and Caty Booth:
1. Catherine Baker 1741 –
married 1760 Col Benjamin Wynns ca 1716 – ca 1777
2. Henry Baker 1742 – Jan 1769 without issue
3. Bray Baker 1743 – died young adult without issue
My uncle . . . a man grown was killed when walking in a new house by stepping on the side of a plank between two sleepers, the opposite and turning over and striking him in the breast.”
4. Elizabeth Baker 1744 –
married ca 1760 James Maney III of Maney’s Neck
a. James Maney IV – six children
married Mary Roberts Jan 1769 – 13 Feb 1815 of Murfreesboro
died 13 Feb 1815 aged 46 yrs 26 days
i. Dr. James Maney
married Sallie H. Murfree dau. of Col. Hardy Murfree
ii. Elizabeth Meredith Maney
married Hon. William H. Murfree
iii. Thomas Maney, lawyer
married Annie R. Southall sister of John W Southall
iv. Mary Maney
v. Henry Maney of Murfreesboro NC moved to TN then on to TX
married Mary Brown dau of Samuel Brown
vi. William Maney
married Martha Murfree dau of Col. Hardy Murfree
b. Henry [or Thomas] Maney
killed by lightning at an early age
c. Susanna Maney Aug 1765 – 5 Jan 1822
died 5 Jan 1822 aged 56 yrs 5 mos
married Gen. Thomas Wynns ca 1758/9 – 3 June 1825
d. Priscilla Maney
married Lovatt Burgess of Halifax Co
married 2nd Mr. Figuers
” . . .of whom I know nothing save that he was large and wore a full bottomed wigg.”
5. William Baker 1745 – 1805
married 1778 Judith Norfleet ca 1757 – 1811
6. Laurence Baker 1746 – 1807
married 1769 Ann Jones 1750 – 1778
married 2nd 1780 Anna Maria Burgess 1748 – 1809
7. Priscilla Baker 1747 –
married Mr. Gregory
married 2nd William Grever

– from “The Baker Family as Remembered” written 4 Feb 1847 by Simmons Jones Baker
“. . my grandfather, Henry Baker . . . was large in stature and Judging from the miniature picture given by Lawrence Baker to my father there must have been an extraordinary resemblance between him and my father. He was in his youth as active man, was surveyor and agent in receipt of quit-rents for Earl Granville. He was not averse to a little sport, horse racing for example. Old Col. Thomas Pugh of the Indian’s Woods told me he had many races with him, my grandfather lived at the time at the Apple Tree near to him. The old Colonel asked after Ned, who was my grandfather’s race rider [quarter race of course] it so happened that old Ned was living near the Colonel’s age [86] and what is remarkable about old Ned, he was several years completely blind. After an absence of a year or two, being in Gates, I called out of respect to the old servant to see him and began condoling him about the loss of his vision. He says, the old man, I can see as well as you can, which was true. At what time my grandfather went to the “Apple Tree” or at what time he left it I do not know, but he must have been still a young man when he left and it is presumed that it might have been immediately after he became crippled which was at his thirty-fourth or fifth year. After this he could no longer act as surveyor. When he left “the Apple Tree” he returned to Buckland. What was the nature of the disease that deprived him of his lower limbs is not well known, there being few doctors in those days who could perform that important part of the profession, giving names to diseases. From circumstances however it is presumed to have been the gout, for his son William and his grandson, my humble self, have got is somewhere. At what period of his life the old man married is unknown, but conjecture to might have been after losing the use of his limbs for it said that my grandmother was of an obscure family, and not much to the liking of her husband’s relations. Her name Caty Booth, of the Isle of Wight, VA. She is nevertheless represented to have been an excellent woman. Some twenty years past I saw a young gentleman in Gates from the Isle of Wight of the same name who claimed to be a relation whose appearance is quite genteel and was evidently intelligent. Notwithstanding my grandfather had lost the use of his legs and feet he was energetic and when put on his white pony he could ride as well as anyone. Constantly attending to his business at the plantation and took care that no one ate idle bread there. . . .
The old man was a good church man bringing his children and servants up in the fear of the Lord and a good broomstick and the parson whenever he came still occupied the parson’s room from which good aunt Caty eloped through the window, Poor Aunt Caty. Her remains are resting side by side with Mr. Wiggins under a pear tree, in Wiggins old field, Wiggins swamp.”

Henry Baker II 1684 – 1738 | his parents
& 1714 Angelica Bray 1695 – 1720’s | her parents
& 1723 Ruth Chancy 17xx – 1740/s | her parents
of Buckland, Chowan Co [Gates], NC

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

7 Mar 1714, Henry Baker of Nansemond Co VA, Gentleman to Thomas Bray of Albemarle Co, Gentleman. power of attorney to collect and receive money, Tobacco, Tarr, etc. due me by residents of NC. Wit: John Thankeray, James Cross, Richard Malpus
Reg. 29 Apr. 1715 at a Chowan Prect. NC Court held at ye House of Henry King

abstract by Margaret M Hofmann “Chowan Precinct NC 1696 – 1723

1 Aug 1722, William Maule of NC, Gentleman to Henry Baker of Nansemond Co [VA] 10£ 130 acres on the westward side of Chowan River, joining Beverly, Thomas Jernegan, James Boon and the River part of a pattent granted to the sd. Maule 1 Apr 1720 all Houses, Orchards, Gardains, etc. Wit: J Lovick, Rt. Fowler, George Allen, H Clayton, Thomas Bray, Roger Hazard Ack 1 Aug 1722 by Henry Clayton, Esquire and Thomas Bray, esquire before me C Gale, Ch Just. Reg. 22 Aug 1722.
abstract by Margaret M Hofmann “Chowan Precinct NC 1696 – 1723

12 Aug 1725, Col Henry Baker files a petition in Prec Ct of Bertie County complaining John Beverly and Col. William Maule whom he claimed were trying to interfere with his ferry rights. In petition he stated Baker ferry est. by leave of the General Court at Edenton prior to formation of Bertie Princinct in 1722.

In 1737 the court at Edenton appointed John Alston, Henry Guston, James Wilson, William Daniel, Thomas Speight, John Vann, Andrew Ross, Edward Vann, George Williams, Thomas Norris, George Hughes, Mitchell Caulding as jury to lay out a public road from Bennetts Creek Bridge to Meherrin River. B B Winbourne says this must have been road to Baker’s Ferry.

Child of Henry Baker and Angelica Bray:
she is said to be the daughter of Col. David Bray 1661 – 1717 of James City VA
1. Henry Baker III ca 1710 – 1770
married 1740 Catherine [Caty] Booth
2. Catherine [Caty] Baker 1716 –
married 1737 John Wiggins 1716 – 1786 Chowan Co
a. Thomas Wiggins
married 1766 Sarah Bryan
b. Lemuel Wiggins
c. Williams Wiggins
d. Richard Wiggins
e. Blake Baker Wiggins
f. Pattie Wiggins
married Thomas Hoskins
g. Catherine Wiggins
married Mr. Whitaker
” My great aunt Caty represented to be a large bouncing girl as most of the Baker girls were in olden time eloped through that small window [of the Parsons’s room see below][what cannot love accomplish] with Mr. Wiggins. Poor Aunt Caty. Her remains are resting side by side with Mr. Wiggin’s under a pear tree, in Wiggin’s old field, Wiggin’s swamp. My friend, Mason L Wiggins is descended from Aunt Caty with a host of other cousins and many of the Hoskins of Chowan and Tirrell. ” Dr SJ Baker

Children of Henry Baker and Ruth Chancy:
she was the daughter of Edmund Chancy of Pasquotank Co
1. John Baker 1724 – 1774 ca 1785 Bertie Co
married 5 Sept 1754 Elizabeth Wilson d 1761
dau of James Wilson of Chowan Co
married 2nd 1765 Mary Anne [Wynns?]
2. Mary Baker 1726 – 1760 Lunenburg Co VA
married Tscharnes de Graffenreid 1722 – 1794
[grand son of the Baron]
3. Blake Baker 1727 – 1769 Halifax Co NC
married by Aug 1757 Mary Kinchen [ widow McKinnie] est 1730 – 1775
4. Sarah Baker 1728 – she had a guardian 1747
married 1st Elbeck?
married 2nd Flaxton?
5. David Baker 1730 – bef 1742 dy
6. Ruth Baker 1731 – 4 Dec 1817 Warren Co NC age 83
married 1st Christopher Billups d 1789 Lunenburg Co VA
a. Mary Billups
married William Cowan
b. Ann [Nancy] Billips d. 1828
married 1st Daniel Allen
married 2nd Blake Baker d. 1818
married 2nd Thomas Scott
7. Zadock Baker 1732 – 1795 Hertford Co NC
married 1760’s Miss Wynns

Will of Henry Baker 9 Jan 1737/8 – prob. 1 May 1738 Chowan Co NC
EX: brother William – in case of his dec. then brother James and in case of his dec. then brother Lawrence.
– widow Ruth
– son John – all the land at Little Town and land adj. Banks – Wynns and Garrett in Bertie, stock, slaves, etc. – if he should die young then to son Blake
– son Blake – property in Chowan and on Ahoskie Marsh, Bertie and slaves.
– daughter Mary
– daughter Sarah
– son David – lands on Meherrin Landing adj. the Ferry, between Mt. Gallant – Fisher and mouth of Meherrin River.
– daughter Ruth
– son Zadoc
– son Henry – home plantation and other property, sword and militia?

Will of Edmund Chancey of Pasquotank 15 Mar 1753 – Prob July Ct 1754
– daughter Ruth’s children viz: John Baker, Mary Degrafenred, Blake Baker, Sarah Baker, Ruth Baker, Zadock Baker. abstract by David B Gammon from SS papers Raleigh

– from “The Baker Family as Remembered” written 4 Feb 1847 by Simmons Jones Baker
“But I must not forget my great grandfather, poor unhappy man. He married Angelica Bray who had large expectations as to property, she being the only child of her father. She bore to my great grandfather, one son Henry Baker, my grandfather. Sometime after this event the fair Angelica eloped with the captain of a Jamaica Merchant ship and is believed to have died in Kingston in extreme wretchedness. . . . the poor man, notwithstanding the waywardness of his first wife appears ever to have retained a most affectionate attachment for her. A plate, knife and fork were always placed at the table for her and no one permitted to occupy her chair, in token that he was ready to receive the repentant Madgelina whenever she thought proper to return. . . .
He moved to Buckland in the County of Hertford, now the county of Gates. . .
The old mansion is still vivid in my memory.
It was of but one story with dormer windows above, a piazza in front, from which you entered a hall, an immense room of thirty or more feet in length and proportionately wide, the stairway commencing near the front door, and winding over the fire place. Two windows in front and one at the end not of the largest dimensions. The fire place was most capacious, a common size ox load of wood from six to eight feet long was not more than sufficient for a good Christmas fire.
Ah! many a Christmas Day have I spent in the old mansion.
On the opposite side there was another door in which stood a bed where ordinary people were put to sleep. You then descended two or three steps to another door into what was called the entry, an open, covered way which conveyed you to the back room which had another staircase and a room above. I have purposely reserved the mention of a small room opening into the hall by the side of the door leading to the open room and entry, for the last of my description. It was always called the Parson’s room, was small and had one quite small window at the side. It received it’s name from the fact that the parson who preached at Knotty Pine Chapel about a mile off always made the mansion his headquarters. This little room was remarkable for another circumstance. My great aunt Caty represented to be a large bouncing girl as most of the Baker girls were in olden time eloped through that small window [what cannot love accomplish] with Mr. Wiggins.
“… perhaps… he heard of her death, the good man began to think that it was not good or agreeable for man to live alone and concluded to try his luck again. …. His first wife having been bred a fine lady and turned out badly he thought it best to take one from an humble station in life, who would feel under obligation to him for elevating her to his own and consequently from gratitude would be more particular in consulting his happiness.
My great grandfather as might have been expected was disappointed.
His wife, in the first place was fond of low company and in his absence would collect her old associates, male and female and have great carousals. My great grandfather kept a brewery which no doubt added greatly to the fun. On one occasion the old gentleman had gone on a visit to James River. One of the children was taken sick. His brother at Quay, hearing about and knowing his brother Henry to be absent determined like a good brother to go to see the child. On his arrival, to his great amazement, he found the crowd in the house fiddling and dancing merrily, notwithstanding the child was really sick.”

Blake Baker ca 1724 – 1769 | his parents
& 1757 Mary Kinchen est 1730 – 1775 | her parents
of Halifax Co, NC

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

Blake Baker married 1757 Mary Kinchen, widow of Richard McKinnie and sister of William Kinchen Jr of Edgecombe.

Blake was trained as a cabinetmaker but later studied law. [Dr. S J Baker’s Memoir]

Child of Blake Baker and Mary Kinchen:
1. Blake Baker Jr ca/aft 1758 – 1818 Moore Co NC
this Blake Baker served as Attorney Gen of NC 1794 – 1803
House of Commons in 1807 and 1808 Warren Co
appt. to Superior Ct of the eastern dist. -died while holding court
? married Ann [or Elizabeth] Clark of Tarborough no issue
married Mary ? died 1792 in Tarborough
married 1795 Nancy Billups Allen died 25 Sept 1828 Warren Co NC
widow of Daniel Allen
daughter of Christopher Billups and Ruth Baker
a. Blake Baker III ca 1800 – 14 July 1830 Warren Co NC
married 13 Oct 1824 Martha P Hamlin dau of Wood Hamlin
2. Mary Blake Baker no issue
married John Granberry of Bertie
3. Elizabeth Baker 1765 – 1795 Edgecombe Co
married Robert Bignall of Tarborough d 1793
“….leaving a son who died in hin nonage”

Will of Blake Baker prob Nov Ct 1769 Halifax Co NC
– wife Mary, brother Zadock Baker, sister Ruth Billups
-children Mary Blake Baker, Elizabeth Baker, and Blake Baker.
EX: wife, brother John Baker, and James Holderness

Powell has it he trained as a cabinet maker.
– from “The Baker Family as Remembered” written 4 Feb 1847 by Simmons Jones Baker
“Blake was a bread maker, but like some of his contempories who had been bread makers, weavers, bakers, etc. his ambition prompted him to soar a little higher and become a lawyer. Whether he attained eminence or not tradition sayeth not. He left a son also named Blake was bred for the law and by dint of hard labor, for he was not brilliant, he came to be considered very safe council.
The second Blake married Miss Ann Clark, late of Tarborough. She died leaving no issue. Blake then married his cousin. A most excellent woman at heart, but most eccentric in character. Her first exploit was related to me occurred in a Presbyterian Church when she was a child. Two pious old ladies were praying very devoutly with their heads together. She slipped up and pinned their caps together. When the prayer was over, the old ladies rose up and off came their caps.
Her husband Blake one day expected company, was shaving and about half shaved she ran out and told him that the wine was running out of the cellar and she could not stop it. He immediately ran down into the cellar and as soon as in, his wife turned the key on him and in spite of all entreaty kept him there until his guest arrived, who on inquiring for him were told that he was in the cellar half shaved and that is something extraordinary. Blake was exceedingly patient on some occasions bore this and a thousand other tricks with great forbearance.
They left but one child, Blake the third, who married Wood Hamlin’s daughter of Halifax leaving it is believed one or two children. Mary the daughter of Blake the third, married John Granberry of Bertie and died without issue. Elizabeth the second daughter married Robert Bignal of Tarborough leaving a son who died in his nonage.

Zadock Baker 1732 – 1795 | his parents
& 1760’s ?Sarah Amelia Wynns 1745 – xxxx | her parents
& after 1795 Robinson
of Buckland, Gates, NC

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

Zadock Baker married one of John Wynns’ daughters probably Sarah Amelia born about 1745 or perhaps her youngest sister Winifred Caroline who was born about 1750. Their middle sister Mary Anne married Zadock’s older brother John as his second wife.

William Murfree Tax Receipt Book – Hertford Co 1768-1770
1770 Zadock Baker 4 taxes

Children of Zadock Baker and Sarah Amelia? Wynns:
1. James Baker 1769 – 1842 lived Gates Co
married Gates Co 1790 Absilla Jane Trotman
suspect she is dau of Thomas Trotman who left will in 1791 naming wife Rachel and children Polly, Absilla, Thomas, Joseph, Love and Willis.
a. daughter 1791 –
b. Elisha? Baker 1792 –
c. daughter 1793 –
d. Andrew Baker 1794 – 1836 Gates Co
married 1818 Mary [Polly] Spivey 1802 – 1844
e. Arcelly Baker 1795 –
married 1815 John Blanchard
f. Wythe Baker 1800 – 1875 Gates Co
married 1821 Artimiuissa Trotman d 1840’s
married 1862 Lucretia Jones 1842 –
g. James Baker 1802 – 1836 Gates Co
married 1820 Elizabeth Felton
married 1825 Esther Brothers
married 1832 Elizabeth Hobbs
h. Mathew Baker 1805 – 1839 Chowan Co
married 1824 Temperance Fullenton
i. Eliza Baker 1805 –
married Charles Roberson
j. Peggy Baker 1806 –
married 1824 Abraham Twine
k. William Baker 1808 –
l. Sarah? Baker 1812 –
married 1833 John Boice
m. daughter 1815 –
n. daughter 1815 –

2. Matthew Baker 1771 – dsp
3. Zadock Baker 1772 – 1836 Greene Co AL
became a Methodist minister and moved to TN
married Lucretia King 1790 – 1857
a. Bushrod W Baker 1822 – 1856? Marengo Co AL
b. James W Baker 1824 – Marengo Co AL
married 1846 Sarah A Smith 1830 – 1859
married 1860’s Susan 1838 –
c. Arabella J Baker d. 1840’s Greene Co AL
d. Nancey R Baker Greene Co AL
married 1846 Christopher C Rainey
4. Ruth Baker
married 1 Dec 1798 Elisha Trotman d bef Feb Ct 1809 Gates Co
suspect he is son of Amos Trotman who left will in 1790 naming children: Amos, Celia, Sarah, Elisha and Edward.
a. Jasper Trotman
b. Agatha Trotman
c. Rebecca Trotman
5. Ann? Baker
married 1814 Henry Robinson [her step-brother]
6. Eliza? Baker
married 1814 Charles Robinson [her step-brother]
7. Sally? Baker

The widow of Zadock Baker married 2nd a Mr. Robinson

“Baker-Billups-Allen” by David B Gamon included in Eastern NC Families

the emigrant 1671

Maj. Henry Baker 1642 – 1712 | his parents
& 1683 Mary Blake 1664 – 1734 | her parents
of England and Isle of Wight Co VA

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

Henry Baker and his brother Lawrence Baker d 1681 Surry Co and a John Baker who is probably also a brother came to Virginia from England in the 17th Century.

Henry Baker married Mary Blake daughter of Col. John Blake of Nansemond Co VA.

Henry Baker was born in England.
Henry Baker became a successful merchant at Smithfield, VA on Pagan Creek.
Henry Baker was in House of Burgesses 1692 – 1693.

Children of Henry Baker and Mary Blake: per will
1. Henry Baker 1684 IofW VA – April 1738 Chowan [Gates] Co
married 1st 1714 Angelica Bray 1695 – 1720’s
dau of Col. David Bray of James City VA
married 2nd 1723 Ruth Chancy d 1740’s
dau of Edmund Chancey of Pasquotank Co
2. Mary Baker 1685 –
3. John Baker 1686 – 1700 age 14 yrs
4. Sarah Baker 1687 –
married Henry White d 1733
a. Baker White Nansemond Co
b. Mary White
5. Catherine [Caty] Baker 1688 –
married John Wiggins
6. James Baker 1689 IofW – 1748[1756] under 21 in 1707
? married Honour Bird
7. Lawrence Baker 1689 IoW – 1764
left his nephew Lawrence the family seal and a picture and several other items per SJ Baker
married 1729 Ann ?
a. Catherine Baker 1730 –
married 1760 William Haynes 1730 – 1766
b. Richard Baker 1732 – 1771 IoW
married 1754 Ann
c. Ann Baker 1735 – Surry Co VA
married 1755 William Nelson d 1782
d. Lt. James Baker 1737 – 1758 KIA Fr & Ind War Ft Dusquesne PA
8. Elizabeth Baker 1691 – bef 1732
9. William Baker 1692 – 1754 Nansemond Co VA
married 1720 Martha Norsworthy 1700 –
a. Martha Baker 1722
married Demsey Sumner 1716 – 1779 Chowan Co
b. Mary Baker 1724 –
married Applewhite
c. Julianna Baker 1726 –
married 1752 Benjamin Harvey 1727 – Perquimans
d. Elizabeth Baker 1728 –
married 1750 Miles Harvey 1728 – 1776 Perquimans
e. William Baker 1730 – 1761 Nansemond Co
married Hannah Salter
f. Mildred Baker 1732 –
married James Riddick 1733 – 1760 Nansemond Co
g. Benjamin Baker 1735 – 1785 Nansemond Co
married 1st “Miss Hardie”
married 2nd 1778 Elizabeth Jones [Harvey]

Now how would this William Baker 1691 – 1745 Bertie Co married Elizabeth Warren fit into the family if at all?

Will of “Henry Baker of the Isle of Wight, age sixty years or thereabouts, being in perfect health and memory God’s Holly name be blessed” 10 June 1707 – prob 28 July 1712
– to wife Mary – 5 negroes viz Darby, Toby, Fingo, Hayes, and Bess
– to son Henry – 1800 acres at the mill, 250 ac at Somerton, 2500 ac at Buckland and the mill, all the furniture in the house in the said mills formerly, all the cattle, sheep, and hogs belonging to said plantation and seven negroes;
– to son James – my 300 acres given me by Capt Hugh Campbell, three negroes and cattle, and hogs on plantation formerly Wm. Miles when he [James] arrives at 21;
– to son Lawrence, all lands I now dwell on and my land bought of Ralph Hill and 350 ac at Jonchihock and stock on it at 21 years of age and 150 ac bought of Arch. Pasfield and John Field and 500 ac in Nansemond Co. and four negroes and cattle, sheep, and hogs on plantation I now dwell on, after wife’s marriage or death.
– to son William – 450 ac at Wickham and the land at Kingsdale I bought of Matthew —-and all the cattle and hoggs at Wickham, at 21 years;
– to dau Mary negro Jenny, and to Sarah two negroes; to dau Catherine 2 negroes Kate and Will;and to dau Elizabeth one negro.
All the residue of estate equally between wife and five children viz, Lawrence, Sarah, William, Catharine, and Elizabeth. in case of death of either of his sons his lands to be divided among the rest of my sons; dear and loving wife full and whole exx.
WIT: Thos Sharpe, John Hankins, John Cary – Test: H Lightfoot C C

Will of Mary Baker “of Isle of Wight Co widow, being very sick and weak of body but of perfect mind and memory.” 5 March 1732 – Prob 23 Sept 1734
– son William Baker 2000 in Nansemond Co called “Wickham”
– my loving son Lawrence Baker to be executor of the will of my husband Henry Baker who appt me exor
– residue of my estate after payment of debts to be equally divided between my children Henry, Lawrence, James, William, Mary, Susan and Katherine;
EX: son Lawrence Baker
Wit: James F Briggs, Robert Davis x his mark

Sources: “The Baker Family as Remembered” written 4 Feb 1847 by Simmons Jones Baker
“Baker Genealogy” by Ex. Judge B B Winborne 1914
“Baker-Billups-Allen” by David B Gamon included in Eastern NC Families
“Virginia Will Records” indexed by Judith McGhan

“Kinsman of Henry Baker I” emig after 1635

Capt Lawrence Baker ca 1611 – 1681 | his parents
& 1655 Elizabeth 16xx – 1686? | her parents
of England & Surry Co VA

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

Lawrence Baker was in the House of Burgesses from 1660 to 1676.
John and Henry were witnesses to his will in 1681.
Lawrence left wife Elizabeth and daughter Catherine, an only child.
Catherine married Maj. Arthur Allen.

Children of Capt. Lawrence Baker & Elizabeth:
1. John Baker 1656 England – 1677 Surry Co VA
2. James Baker 1657 England – 1660’s Surry Co VA
3. Catherine Baker 1660 VA – 1720’s
married 1680 Arthur Allen II 16xx – 1710
a. Elizabeth Allen 1684 –
married William Bridger d 1730 IoW
b. John Allen 1686 – 1742 Surry Co
married Elizabeth Bassett d 1738
c. Catherine Allen 1687 – 1710 Surry Co dsp
d. James Allen 1688 – 1711
e. Arthur Allen III 1689 – 1727 Surry Co
married Elizabeth Bray d 1774
f. Ann Allen 1690 – 1727
married James Day
g. Mary Allen 1691 – NFR
h. Joseph Allen 1692 – 1717 Surry Co
married Hannah

note — The descent of Katherine Baker/Arthur Allen became extinct in 1831

cousin of Henry Baker II d 1738

Col. Benjamin Baker 1735 – 1785 | his parents
& 1755 Miss Hardy | her parents
& 1778 Elizabeth Jones [Harvey] | her parents
of Piney Pleasant, Nansemond Co, VA

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

Col. Benjamin Baker of Piney Pleasant near South Quay
married 1st Miss Hardy had three sons and 4 daughters

Children of Benjamin Baker and Miss Hardy:
1. Richard Baker
married Judith Bridger
a. Beverly Baker dsp [a son]
b. Richard Baker [Judge of Norfolk]
2. Blake Baker
married Katherine Bridger
a. Joseph Baker dy
b. Sarah Baker
married Mr. Hunter
3. William Baker
married Godwin [no children]
she married 2nd Mr. James Riddick of Suffolk VA
4. Martha Baker no issue
married Gen. Thomas Blount of Tarborough
5. Mary Baker no issue
married Capt. Dorlan
6. Elizabeth Baker no issue
married Dr. John Leigh of Tarborough
7. Julia Baker dsp

Children of Benjamin Baker and Elizabeth Jones:
widow of Col. Miles Harvey and daughter of Albrighton Jones
1. Emily [Milly] Baker
married Mr. Parham of Greenville VA
2. another daughter

– from “The Baker Family as Remembered” written 4 Feb 1847 by Simmons Jones Baker
“Between the South Quay Branch and my father’s family there was at all times the greatest intimacy and marked attachment. No country gentleman of his day lived in more splendor than Col. Baker and his two sons Richard and Blake lived equally well. Old Jamaica-Madeira wine were no holiday drink for them. I mentioned above that Col. Miles Harvey’s second wife was my aunt Elizabeth Hones; his first wife was sister to Col. Baker’s of South Quay. She left one son, Augustus Harvey, the father of Mrs. Elizabeth McNair of Tarborough and two daughters Mrs. Gary Blount of Washington NC and Mrs. Neale who was a sponsor at my baptism and the mother of my worthy friend Abner Neale of Washinton. Another of Col. Baker’s sisters married Col. Benj. Harvey and left Thomas and Benjamin. Thomas married aunt Agatha Jones and Benjamin was the father of William Mallory Harvey, who married Ann Baker, the third daughter of Uncle William.

??Children of ancestor Baker: as suggested by S J Baker 1847
1. Henry Baker II d 1738 in NC
?2. Col. Benjamin Baker of Piney Pleasant near South Quay
married 1st Miss Hardy had three sons and 4 daughters
?3. Richard Baker of South Quay had two sons who died young of consumption
4. Laurence Baker d 1764 on the James River

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      1. I have a remote relative “Elizabeth Baker Gregory”, (birth 1781, Virginia) who married Edmond Grigg on 8/20/1802 in Greenville County, Virginia. That all I know. Could you help with additional information or hypothesises?

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