Maple Lawn

the Ancestral home of the James Sidney Jones since 1759
in 1866 John W Moore and wife Ann Ward moved here
[Ann had inherited the farm]

– Maple Lawn, Hertford County, North Carolina
(Sally’s Childhood Home)
– first remodeled 1828 [brick in right chimney] by
James Sidney Jones III. He enlarged the house to make a more healthy home for himself, his mother and sisters than the old 18th-century place at the Jones Hole.
About 1910 the old house (ca. 1760) at the Jones Hole was torn down and its lumber was used in the construction of the barn of Maple Lawn and the sheds on the smokehouse. Uncle Godwin may have used some of the material in building his tenant house.

Maple Lawn – it is said that the left front room with upstairs already existed as overseer’s home.

Maple Lawn – spring 2001 – photo by Cathy Spruill

the house

Welcome, Folks! Come on into the parlor!
Sit for a spell! and visit with the generations of MOORE
family portraits: – Moore – at Maple Lawn were first at Mulberry Grove
– Jones – were of Howell Jones and Elizabeth’s family
Jones Hole
– the graveyard – site of first Jones’ home
the farm + map
– the black-folks of Maple Lawn and Mooretown
Luke and Henry

the residents of Maple Lawn:
Cathy Lawrence Spruill
Julia Moore Lawrence
Arthur Cotten Moore III 1939 – 2000
John Rayner MOORE 1892 – 1969 and Ola PARKER 1895 – 1974
     – Mama’s Recipes
Arthur Cotten MOORE 1854 – 1926 and Johnnie RAYNER
Ann WARD 1834 – 1901 and John Wheeler MOORE
Elizabeth Jones Ward 1791 – 1876 and Rev. James Delke
Anne Walton Jones 1766 – 1842

the lines of Ann James Ward [Mrs. John Wheeler Moore]
my Jones family of the Jones Hole and Maple Lawn
Elizabeth JONES and her husbands: JONES, WARD and DELKE of Maple Lawn
James Sidney JONES 1765 -1816 and Anne WALTON 1766 – 1842 of the Jones Hole
James Sidney JONES ca 1743 – 1783 and Amelicent BOND? ca 1740 – 1803
John JONES d. 1751 and Judith who may have been an EASON or Howard
John JONES 1660/65 – 1736 and Martha CARTER ca 1670 – aft 1736 of Bertie Co
John JONES ca 1635 – 1697 and Anne ?Applewhaite ca 1645 – 1704 of Isle of Wight Co, VA

my Ward family of Bertie
James WARD 1770 – 1843 & Elizabeth JONES 1791 – 1876 of Powellsville, Bertie Co, NC
Thomas WARD ca 1736-1796 & Pheraby HILL ca 1740-1813 of Powellsville, Bertie Co, NC
Michael WARD Jr & wife

Michael WARD bef 1693-1753 & Ann FREEMAN ca 1697- ? of Chowan Co & Bert Co NC or perhaps his brother
James WARD ca 1650 & first wife of VA

my Walton family of Gates Co.
Anne WALTON 1766 – 1842 & James S JONES of the Jones Hole
Wm WALTON ca 1718-1771 & Rachel HUNTER ca 1724-1803/04 of Gates Co, NC
William WALTON ca 1685-1732 & Hannah ? ca 1695-aft 1735 (Gates) Chowan Co, NC
Thomas WALTON d.1719 & Ann —– of King & Queen Co, VA; (Gates) Chowan Co, NC

my Hill family of Hertford/Bertie Co
Pheraby HILL ca 1740-1813 & Thomas WARD ca 1736-1796 of Powellsville, Bertie Co, NC
Isaac HILL ca 1712-1772 & [Mary] STALLINGS (Bethlehem X-roads) of Bertie Co & Hertford Co, NC
Michael HILL ca 1688-ca 1714 & Eleanor BUSH of Hertford or Bertie Co, NC
Isack HILL who died testate in Bertie Co shortly after 1710

my Bond family of Gates/Chowan Co.
Richard BOND ca 1720 – 1795 and unknown of Gates Co, NC
Richard BOND bef 1700 -1728 and Sarah MAUDLIN 1706 -1761 of Chowan Co

my Hunter family of Gates/Chowan Co.
Rachel HUNTER ca 1724-1803/04 & Wm WALTON ca 1718-1771 of Gates Co, NC
Isaac HUNTER ca 1690-1753 & Elizabeth PARKER ca 1698-bef 1752 of (Gates)
William HUNTER & Ann of (Gates) Chowan Co, NC
William Hunter & Joane

my Parker family of Gates Co
Elizabeth PARKER ca 1698 – bef 1752 & Isaac HUNTER ca 1690 – 1753
Richard PARKER & —- SWANN of (Gates) Chowan Co, NC

my Carter family of Bertie Co
Martha CARTER ca 1670 – aft 1736 and John JONES 1660/65 – 1736 of Bertie Co
Moore CARTER ca 1680 – 1740 and Jane KINDRED 1690/1700 – 1764 of Bertie Co
Thomas CARTER ca 1651 – 1710 and Magalen MOORE ca 1655 – aft 1737 Isle of Wright Co
Thomas CARTER CA 1630 -1669 and Elinor COOKE ca 1635 – of Isle of Wight Co VA

[don’t seem to be related per dna]
William CARTER ca 1600 – 1655 and Anne MATHIS est 1610 – bef 1636 Isle of Wight Co VA
John CARTER ca 1574 – 1630 and Bridget BENION of Hertfordshire, England

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  1. Do you know where the Moores and Cottons are buried? I am doing my genealogy and could use that information. I seem to be a direct descendant of John Cotton through the Moores. I can fill out the tree on, but I need to verify through Wills, births and deaths etc. Anyway, if you could help me would be greatly appreciated, and I will Donate to your cause.

  2. Sally,

    I am looking for the Mulberry Gardens and cemetery. I am a direct descendent of the Cotoon and Moors, and I am looking for their place of Burial.

  3. Sally,
    Do you know anything about the old Moore house in Halifax county NC?
    I found a link re: Benjamin Moore just last week and now I can’t find it again.
    (Internet) Thanks!!

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