John Carter, Benion & Bridget


John Carter ca 1574 – 1630 | parents
& ca 1596 —– Benion | parents
& 1625/29 Bridget ? | parents
of Hertfordshire and London, England

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

research by Barry Hayes following Currer-Briggs

ca 1574 John Carter was born in Hertfordshire, England.
According to Currer-Briggs, he was son of Thomas Carter ca 1528- of Watford and Aldenham by his third wife, name unknown.
1588 – John Carter became the apprentice of the Vintner of London, William Carter 1565-1614, his half brother.

ca 1596 John Carter married his first wife, a sister of Gabriel Benion, daughter of Thomas Benion and Isabel Higginson of Berkswell, Warwickshire. She was the mother of all of John Carter’s children per Dr. Barry Hayes.
1625/29 John Carter married his second wife, Bridget.

23 Apr 1630 – John Carter made his will and
6 May 1630 – will was proved by his executor and brother in law, Gabriel Benion of London.
The death occurred at Carter’s home on Newgate Street, London.
He requested burial at Christchurch.
Will of John Carter, Vintner

e-mail from Paul Murauskas
Below is my transcription of John Carter’s Will. You may be able to fill in the blanks, I tried as hard as I could. The words at the edge of the page are difficult to read.
Since he states the estate won’t be divided until the children reach 21, then it seems to me that the children could not have been born before 1609. Does this make sense? I thought I would throw in my own two cents.Johannis CarterIn The Name of God Amen the three & thirtieth dai of Aprill Anno Domini one thousand Six hundred & Thirtie And in the Sixt yeare of the Reigne of our Sovereign Lord Charles by the grace of god Kinge of England Scotland Ffrannce and Ireland defender of the faith: I John Carter cittizen and Vintner of London beinge at this present sicke and weake in bodie but of good sound and perfect minde and memorie praise bee given to God for the same knowinge the certaintie of death and the __certaintie of the tyme and houre thereof Doe therefore make a ordaine and declare this my last will and testament in manner and forme followinge, that is to saie, first and principle I committ and command my soule into the hands of Allmightie God my creator and master of his sonne Jesus Christ my onely Saviour and redeemer and of the holy ghost my Sanctifier, and comfortor, three distinct persons but one true, and everlastinge God assuredly trustinge and free of the beleeving that I shall be saved and have full and free pardon and forgiveness of all my Sinnes by and through the onely merritts death and passion of my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and by none other meanes whatsoever My bodie I committ to the earth from where not it came to bee decently buried in Christchurch London as niere to my late wife as maie bee And my will and minde is that all such debts and somes of money as I shall truly ____ indebted or give to any person or persons at the tyme of my decease shal be paid by my Executor hereunder named And after my debts and funerall expenses shall be paid and discharged I give and bequeath to the poore of the parish of Christchurch aforesaid fortie shillings to bee distributed and given amongst them accordinge to the discretion of the churchwardens and overseers of the said parish for the tyme being.
Item I give and bequeath to Elizabeth Cooper and Elizabeth Foster my servants twentie shillings apiece
Item I give and bequeath to my Executor hereunder named twentie shillings
Item I give and bequeath to my overseers hereunder named twentie shillings apiece. Item I will that my whole estate shalbe devided into three equall partes accordinge to the customs of the Cittee of London
One equall third part whereof I give and bequeath to Bridgett my lovinge wife to her own proper use and _____ for ever
One other equall third yte whereof I give and bequeath to my Children viz George William John Thomas Robert Anne Elizabeth Mary Silvester and Isabell Carter to bee devided parte and parte ___ , amongst them and to bee paid by my Executor when and at such tyme and tymes as they shall severallie? and respectively attaine the age of one and twentie yeares And if it Shall happen any of my said Children to die before they shall attaine theire said age of one & twentie yeares as aforesaid Then I will and my meaninge is that the partes and persons of my estate of him her or them soe dyinge shall remayne and come unto the Survivors or Survivor of my said Children and to bee paid by my Executor at theire age of one and twentie yeares as aforesaid
Item I give and bequeath out of the remainder of my estate unto my foresaid sonne George twentie pounds and the remainder therof to him, and the other of my said Children equallie, to bee paid as aforesaid, and with the ___ ____ or ______ as is above expressed And I will that the benefitt and profitt which shall arise or maie bee made of my said Children porcons shalbe expended by my Executor for their education and proferment? And if any ____ shalbe that the same shalbe equalllie devided to and amongst them as abovesaid
And of this my last will and testament I doe make my loveinge brother in lawe Gabriell Benion Cittizen & Tallowchandler of London full and sole Executor And overseer thereof I doe ordaine and appoint my very lovinge friend William fforte Cittizen and Vintner of London & Robert Daivy? Cittizen and Ironmonger of London whom I doe desire to bee, aydinge and assistinge to my said executor in the executinge thereof for the good of my said wife and children.
In witness whereof to this my last will and Testament of the said John Carter have sett my hand and seale the dait and yeares abovewritten John Carter
Signed Sealed pronounced declared by the within named John Carter the testator for his last will and testament the three and twentieth daie of Aprill one thousand six hundred and thirty in the presence of Robert Jasfro? the marke of Margarett Thomas and John Sharpe J_ [Jr?] Md that the is so ords (one of sonne George twentie pounds and the remainder thereof to him and the other of my said) betweene the one and twentieth and twentieth lines within written were interlyned before their sealinge hereof and afterwards read in ____ [front] of the witnesses above named /.

Children of John Carter and 1st wife Miss Benion:
1. George Carter ca 1596/98 London –
? a. George Carter will 1673
? b. Edward Carter 1625/30 London – 1782 Middlesex, Greater London
married Elizabeth ?
? i. William Carter
? ii. James Carter
iii. Elizabeth Carter
iv. Anne Carter
v. Edward Carter Jr
2. William Carter 1600 – 1655 Surry Co VA
3. Maj. Thomas Carter 1610 – by Oct 1658 Lancaster Co VA
married [perhaps a Miles]
? a. Thomas Carter of Barford ca 1645/50 Nansemond Co VA – 22 Oct 1700 Lancaster Co VA
made Clerk of the Ct. early 1670’s
married 1670 Katherine Dale 1652 –
i. Edward Carter 1671 – 1743
ii. Capt. Thomas Carter 1672 – 1733
married Arabella Williamson
1. Thomas Carter
2. Joseph Carter
3. James Carter
4. Daniel Carter
5. Peter Carter
6. Edward Carter
7. Dale Carter
8. Charles Carter
iii. John Carter 1674 – ca 1740
iv. Henry Skipwith Carter 1676 – ca 1743
v. Diana Carter 1678 – 1680
vi. William Carter 1679 – 1680
vii. Nicholas Carter 1679 – ca 1680
viii. Elizabeth Carter 1680 – aft 1710
ix. Daniel Carter 1682 –
x. James Carter 1684 – 1743
xi. Katherine Carter 1686 –
xii. Peter Carter 1688 – 1721
xiii. Joseph Carter 1690 – 1765
4. Col. John Carter 1613 London – 1669 “of Corotoman” Lancaster Co VA
married ca 1638/39 1st Jane Glyn
a. Col. John Carter of “Corotoman” II
b. George Carter
c. Elizabeth Carter
married bef 1 June 1654 Mrs. Eleanor Eltonhead Brocas no issue
married ca 1656/58 Anne Carter no issue
married 4th Sarah Ludlow
a. Robert “King” Carter
married 5th Elizabeth Sherley no issue
5. Robert Carter ca 1620 London –
married unknown
6. Anne Carter
7. Elizabeth Carter
8. Mary Carter
9. Sylvester Carter
10. Isabel Carter

The above William Carter is my ancestor, and I have been researching this line.
My copy of “The Carters of Virginia” by Noel Currer- Briggs, has the father of William as John Carter and an unknown first wife.
Besides William, other children of this marriage were, George, the vintner, ca 1595-1673, Anne, Elizabeth, Silvester, Mary, and Isabel.
Children of his marriage to Bridget Benion were : Thomas, John , and Robert.
Brothers Thomas and John, as well as their half brother, William, emigrated to America.
My line from William goes as follows: William married in Surry County, VA to Alice Croxon. Their son, George, born 1636/38, died 1664/65, married Mary ? Their daughter, Elizabeth, married Robert Crawford (Crafford), their daughter, Sarah Patience Crawford married John Newsom, (my line), Sarah’s sister, Elizabeth, married John’s brother, Thomas.
Regards, Kent Pusser


Thomas Carter ca 1528 – ? | parents
& 1559 Anne Stonninge ? – 1566/67 | parents
& 1568 Jone Hyll ? – 1570/71 | parents
& ca 1572 unknown ? | parents
of Watford and Aldenham England

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

after a pedigree chart by Currer-Briggs. This Thomas’s will has not been found.

Children of Thomas Carter and Anne Stonninge:
1. William Carter dy
2. William Carter dy
3. William Carter 1565 – 1614 of Westminster – became a Vintner
granted arms in 1612 with “Catherine Wheels” made Will 29 Feb 1613/14 -prob 4 Aug 1614
asks to be buried at St. Margaret’s

married Mary Runworth
a. William Carter ca 1597 – Vintner
b. Robert Carter 1604 – 1635 Vintner Will
4. daughter Carter
Children of Thomas Carter and Jone Hyll:
5. Robert Carter dy
6. Thomas Carter dy 1570
Child of Thomas Carter by a third unknown wife:
7. John Carter ca 1574 – 1630 Vintner


Richard Carter ca 1490 – 1558 | parents
& Joan ? – | parents
of Watford and King’s Langley England

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

son of William Carter of Watford
1n 1546 received a coat of arms.

Sons of Richard Carter named in his will:
1. William Carter 1520/25 – 1566
married 1546 Margaret Esley
married 1565 Johane Rennington
2. Thomas Carter ca 1528 – ?
married 1559 Anne Stonninge d 1566/67
married 1568 Joan Hyll d 1570/71
married ca 1572 a 3rd wife – name unknown
3. John Carter 1529 – 1559 of St Albans and Warford
married 1549 Agnes Edlyn
a. William Carter
b. Robert Carter
c. Samuel Carter


William Carter ca 1460 – 1521 | parents
& Alice ? – | parents
of Watford England

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

may have been a grandson of John Carter of Watford who left will 1446

Children of William Carter and Alice:
1. Alice Carter
2. Johane Carter
3. Richard Carter
4. William Carter of St Albans
5. John Carter of Rickmansworth Will 1545
a. John Carter will 1602 Hertfordshire
married Joan Pyging
married 2nd Margery Dickinson
i. John Carter 1564 –
married Elizabeth Hawtrey

another possible line

John Carter ca 1548 – ? | parents
& Alice ? – | parents
of Watford England

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

researched by Barry Hayes following Currer-Briggs

He was a Vintner but a generation older than John ca 1574 – 1630.
This man was freed from his apprenticeship in 1569 after having been a member of the Company of Drapers previously, by 1589 was a Warden.
This John Carter, the Elder was the gentleman named as cousin by William Carter of London in his 1585 will.

The son of this man John Carter Jr. was the godson of William Carter. and is
John Carter bapt. 1581 St Margaret;
apprenticed by the Vintner Thomas Baylie, who became a member of the Virginia Company in 1604.
His apprenticeship ended in 1595 making him born ca 1574.
He possibly is the father of the emigrants William, Thomas, and John rather than John Carter ca 1570 – 1630.

William Carter ca 1550 – 1585 | his parents
& 1576 Elizabeth Woodward ? – 1618 | her parents
& Hugh Morrall
of St Mary Magdalene, Milk Street, London, England

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

He was a merchant and lived just a short distance from where John Carter ca 1574 – 1630 lived.
He was a son of Thomas Carter and Jane Cupper.
He wrote a will 5 March 158 that mentions his cousin John Carter Vintner.
and his godson John Carter Jr.

Children of William Carter and Elizabeth Woodward:
1. John Carter 1577 St Magdal, London, Middlesex, England –
2. Rachel Carter 1578 St Magdal, London, Middlesex, England –
3. William Carter 1579 St Magdal, London, Middlesex, England –
4. Leonard Carter 1579 St Magdal, London, Middlesex, England –
5. Thomas Carter 1583 St Magdal, London, Middlesex, England –
6. Jane Carter 1585 St Magdal, London, Middlesex, England –

Thomas Carter ca 1516 – ? | parents
& ca 1545 Jane Cupper ca 1520 – | parents
of Steventon, Shropshire, England

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

Jane Cupper ca 1520 was the daughter of Thomas Cupper ca 1494 and wife Isabella Cooke ca 1498 of Steventon, Shropshire, England.

“The Visitation of Shropshire (ed. George Grazebrook and John Paul Rylands,
London, 1889) lists details of Thomas Carter and Jane Cupper, their son
Thomas and his daughter Johanna (who married Edward Cupper, a great nephew
of Jane’s). ” e-mail from Matt Cupper

Children of Thomas Carter and Jane Cupper:
1. William Carter ca 1550 Downton, Shropshire – 1585
married 1576 St Magdal, London, Middlesex, England Elizabeth Woodward ca 1554 – 1610
2. Thomas Carter ca 1846 Downton, Shropshire –
married 1568 Ludlow, Shropshire Margery Bashfield ca 1848 Ludlow Shropshire –
a. Joanna Carter ca 1569 Downton, Shropshire –
married ca 1590 Edward Cupper ca 1565 –

This unidentified man probably had a yet unidentified brother who had a son Vintner John Carter the elder.

6 thoughts on “John Carter, Benion & Bridget”

  1. Hi I am curious as to how Thomas could have John as he died 1526/28-1571 and John was born 1574. Am I missing something .

    1. I think you should look at what I said again.
      We dont have a death date or will for Thomas. His 2nd wife died in 1571 and Thomas remarried in 1572 and had John in 1574.

  2. Alice Ann Croxton according to my records is from Chipperfield , Kings Langly, Hertfordshire. Around 1462 -1525. Died in Watford , Hertfordshire. Children were Richard, Joan (controversary if it is Hyll is Lord of Manor of Garston, William/ still researching if married , Thomas / Emily Anstell or Ancell and John/ Agnes .
    To an extent we are along the same lines and I would be willing to share info with you .

  3. What about Lady Hannah Carter born in 1520 in England Who married Sir. Thomas Bold? I am a descendant of theirs and at a dead end with them, so any information would be great. I believe Lady Hannah is in your family tree based off the location “Langley of Hertfordshire, England”. I have found all my info so far on and just need to know the parents of Lady Hannah Carter, if you have any information at all. Thank you so much!!!
    ~Andrea Headley

  4. William 1475-1521 and Alice Croxton Carter are from Chipperfield, Kings Langly, Herfordshire England. They did not go to Virginia. Williams father was John Cater 1450-1500. They had three sons Thomas of Watford and Aldenham 1495-1558, Richard Croxton Carter 1490-1558 Lord o Garston Manor and William 1502-1560 oh and srry John 1504-1545. I can go on as these are direct descendants but the first Carter in this line direct descendant to go from England to virginia is William Carter 1591-1634 married Jane Myles. His son Thomas 1630-1700 and his son John (half brother) immigrated 1623/24 and died in Lancaster Virginia. I do have info to back this up. No offence but there are a lot of errors in here. I have a list of 195 verifed Carters from England. 1450 to 1873

    1. Thanks for your post. As usual it leads to more questions. Since William Carter of Surry Va the first of that name of record, had land grants for Alice Croxton. What is your opinion on the possibility that this is another set of Carter’s and that this Alice Croxton that William Carter received a land grant for is the descendant of the Alice Croxton of Chipperfield, Kings Langley of Hertfordshire that married William Carter 1475-1521? It is possible that the William Carter of Surry married his cousin. I choose to believe that it another set of Carter’s and this Alice Croxton is from the Croxton’s of Chipperfield, Kings Langley and this William Carter of Surry is still unkown or unverified.

      Have a blessed day.

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