Judith Burton, William Hunt & Richard Parker

Richard Parker of Surry, the “Brassier”

Judith Burton 16xx – 1679 | her parents
& William Hunt ca 1638 – 1668 | his parents
& 1 May 1668 Richard Parker 16?? – 1677 | his parents
of Surry Co VA

My working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!
no known relation to Sally

Richard Parker married by 1 May 1668 Judith Burton Hunt, widow of William Hunt.
Her will was proved 1 July 1679

4 July 1677 – Administration is granted to Judith Parker on the estate of her deceased husband Richard Parker of Surry Co VA.
Security Wm Carpenter and Wm. Nance.
Est Bk 2 pg 141 – orders 1671/90 p 144.

1 July 1679 Wm Hunt was appt. to administer the estate of Judah [Judith] Parker who had died and left estate.

Child of Richard Parker & Judith:
1. Richard Parker “orphan” 1669/70 – 1750
married Mary Jane —-

Children of Judith Burton & William Hunt
1. William Hunt II ca 1658 –
moved with Richard Parker and his mother to Surry County
2. Mary Hunt d. 1732
married 1st bef 1669 Dr. Robert Edwards ca 1638 – 1681
a. Margaret Edwards
b. Judith Edwards
c. Mary Edwards
married 1694 James Bragg
married 2nd Owen Griffen
married 3rd ca 1700 Wm. Boddie [as his third wife]

Surry Co Deed Ck 2 pg 102: Ann Kersey bound son to learn Brassier trade, as Apprentice to Richard Parker.

Wills and Adm. of Isle of Wight – Chapman. William Hunt, dying intestate, administration requested of Richard Parker who married the relict by 1 May 1668; Rec. 20 Aug 1668. Security: Francis Baker and Thomas Edwards.

20 Dec 1670 [1673] Richard Parker 314 acs Surry Co upon main Blackwater Swp., adj Jno Baker. headrights: Jasper Grantum, David Phillips, Evan Davis, Wm. Marriot, Richard Parker twice, Jno Warren, – C& P – Nugent

6 Jan 1673 a cert. from the Sec of the Colony for 50 acres of land, for the transportation of John Warren by Richard Parker [Surry Co orders 1671-90 p 40]

25 March 1682 Benjamin Harrison requested that one-half of Judith’s two thirds be allowed to Richard Parker, orphan.

16 May 1692, Richard Parker of Surry County, conveyed to Richard Washington, for the sum of 2000 pounds of tobacco, 80 acres of land lying of “Parker’s Spring Branch” and Blackwater Swamp. Wit: Elizabeth and Francis Clements Vol III p265

Source: Surry Co VA Wills 1671 – 1750 pp 125-126
Historical Families Vol V Bodie p 45-49
“The Three Richard Parkers” by Waunita Powell of Paris Ill

The other two Richard Parkers of VA often confused with this one
Richard Parker of Nansemond Dr. Richard Parker of Williamsburg

Richard Parker of Surry, the “Orphan”

Richard Parker 1669/70 – 1750 | his parents
& Mary Jane ??? | her parents
of Surry Co VA

In 1704 held 269 acres in the Quit Rents list in Surry.

Will of Richard Parker 3 April 1744 – prob 19 Feb 1750/1 [Bk 9 -p680] Surry Co VA
Leg: Daughters, Ann Phillips; Faith Hunt; Judith Clements; Hannah Sissons.
Son, Richard Parker, grandson Frederick Parker; son William Parker.
son-in-law Benjamin Clements, husband of Judith Clements.
Wife, Mary Parker. Son, William exor.
Wit: Elizabeth Jones Jr; Elizabeth Jones; Robert Jones Jr.

Children of Richard Parker and Mary Jane:
1. Ann Parker [est inv 19 Feb 1750]
married by 1744 William Phillips [estate inv. 19 Feb 1750]
2. Richard Parker [III] ca 1685/00 Surry Co VA – 1751
married 1721 Judith, widow of Wm Wyche d by 1730/1
married ca 1740 Sarah Jarrell dau of Thomas Jarrell of Isle of Wight
3. Faith Parker living 1750
married by 1744 John Hunt d 1759 Sussex Co VA
4. Judith Parker
married by 1744 Benjamin Clements d. 1778
5. Hannah Parker
married by 1744 Thomas Sisson
6. William Parker ca 1720 – 7 Mar 1768 Sussex Co VA
married by 1741 Sarah Jones
[?a Henry Jones’ will prob Feb 1751 NH Co NC names daughter Sarah Parker and the EX was Benjamin Parker]

descendants in Knoxville TN
a. Elizabeth Parker 6 Apr 1741 Sussex Co VA – 14 Nov 1768
b. Sarah Parker 1743 –
married Sussex Co 9 Feb 1760 Thomas Parker
c. William Parker bapt. 25 Dec 1745 Sussex Co VA – 1796 Knoxville TN
resided at “Eagle Bend” Clinch River near Knoxville
married Sussex Co 27 Dec 1770 Susannah Hunt bapt 25 Mar 1753 Sussex
dau of Elizabeth and Benjamin Hunt
i. James Parker 29 Dec 1771 –
ii. Benjamin Hunt Parker 1772 – dy
iii. Susan Parker 1774 –
married Wm. Maclin, First Sec’y of State of Tenn.
iv. Elizabeth Parker 1776 –
married Bryant of Louisiana
v. Frances Parker 1778 –
married Judge Leonard Henderson
vi. Sarah Jones Parker 18 April 1780 Knoxville TN – 26 Nov 1835 Jackson TN
married Jackson TN 5 Nov 1801 Thomas McCorry 1 Oct 1776 Monymore, Ireland – 4 May 1835
first Treasurer of Tenn., Eastern District
vii. William E Parker 1782 –
married Sarah Littleton
first student to grad. from Blount College, now the University of Tenn.
d. Lucy Parker
married 24 Mar 1768 James Peters
e. Mary Parker
married —- Hinton
i. Sallie Jones Hinton
married 1 Mar 1787 Jess Kitchen
f. Martha Parker bapt 14 June 1751 –
married 17 Feb 1769 Thomas Sisson of Brunswick Co VA
g. Susannah Parker bapt 28 Apr 1759 –
h. Judith Parker bapt 28 Nov 1757 –

Source: Surry Co VA Wills 1671 – 1750 pp 125-126
Historical Families Vol V Bodie p 45-49
“The Three Richard Parkers” by Waunita Powell of Paris Ill

Richard Parker III of Surry

Richard Parker ca 1685/00 – 1751 | his parents
& 2nd Sarah Jerrell | her parents
& 1st Judith ? [Wyche] d summer 1728 | her parents
& William Wyche d 1720/21 | his parents
of Surry Co VA

Richard Parker married first Judith, the widow of William Wyche who died in 1720/21.
Judith and William Wyche had at least four children. e-mail Les Turner

Richard Parker after his wife Judith’s death married second Sarah Jerrell daughter of Thomas Jerrell of Isle of Wight Co VA who left will probated 22 Feb 1741.

Children of Judith and William Wyche:
1. Cyrill Wyche bef 1720/21 – bef 20 July 1758 Surry Co VA no issue
2. Sarah Wyche bef 1720/21 –
married Richard Avery
3. Judith Wyche bef 1720/21 –
married William Edmunds
ancestors of Les Turner
4. Elizabeth Wyche bef 1720/21 – bef 20 July 1758

married John Rawlings died bef 20 July 1758
a. Lucy Rawlings

Northampton Co NC Deed Bk Two page 487 – abstract by Margaret M Hofmann
Richard Avery and Sarah his wife and William Edmunds and Judith his wife all of Sussex Co VA to Lucy Rawlings [co not identified] the only child and heir at law of John Rawlings and Elizabeth his wife late of the province of NC decd. 20 July 1758 — whereas Cyrill Wyche late of Surry Co, decd, in his lifetime and at his death was possessed of the following tracts of land: 150 ac more or less on Hunting Quarter swamp in Surry County VA now Sussex Co VA; 135 acres on Maherin river in Brunswick Co VA; and 620 acres on Roanoak river in NC and the sd Cyrill departed this life intestate and without issue leaving the sd Sarah, Judith, and Elizabeth, his sisters, now the sd. Richard and Sarah and the sd. William and Judith relinquish their right in the sd. 620 acres.
Wit: Thomas Parker, Benjamin Clements, Jr Reg. Northampton Co Oct Ct 1758 J. Edwards CCt

Children of Judith and Richard Parker:
1. Frederick Parker bef 1 April 1728 – 1777 Isle of Wight Co VA
Christened 1April 1728 as recorded in William Byrd’s diary
married 1770 Mary Driver widow of Guy/Giles Driver
a. Earland Parker
to remain with his aunt Sarah Hunt until 21
2. Drury Parker 1722/4 Surry Co VA – 1789 SH Co VA, St. Luke’s Parish
Christened 1 April 1728 as recorded in William Byrd’s diary
Will written 13 June 1783 – prob 12 Feb 1789 mentions six older and the younger children
Executors named: brother Richard Parker [refused]; Jeremiah Drew and Randolph Newsum.
WB 4-293
married ca 1748 Elizabeth Barham

a. Howell Parker
b. Richard Parker bef 1777 –
c. William Parker
d. Thomas Parker
e. Edwin Parker
f. Frederick Parker
g. Lucy Parker
h. Patty Parker
i. Nanny Parker
j. Sukey Parker
k. Tempey Parker
l. Judity Parker
m. Betsey Parker
n. Polley Parker
o. Matthew Parker
married Sussex Co VA 1769 Mildred Clanton dau of Mary
“wife Milly and her child by me”

Children of Sarah Jerrell and Richard Parker:
3. Richard Parker aft 1732 –
received the plantation whereon I live with 950 ac belonging
married SH co 23 Oct 1767 Mary Blunt dau of Henry and Sarah
a. Henry bef 1777
b. Edmond bef 1777
c. Jennie bef 1777
d. Pollie bef 1777
4. Thomas Parker bef April 1741 – 1788 Isle of Wight Co VA
married Mary ?
a. Joseph Parker
b. Mary Parker
married 1788 Wm Houghland [Houchlow]
c. Sally Parker
married 27 June 1783 Samuel Hawkins
5. Peter Parker [under 18 in 1751] aft 1733 –
6. William Parker aft 1733 – ?1791 Isle of Wight
received 350 ac in Brunswick Co VA in father’s will
Will dated 23 Jan 1791

married unknown
a. John Parker of Nansemond
i. Hardy Parker
b. Wm. Parker died before 1791
his heirs received land in Nansemond Co VA
c. Nanny Parker
married Holland
d. Elizabeth Parker
married 26 Sept 1782 Absolum Beal
married 3 Jan 1787 Martha Brewer Isle of Wight Co VA
7. Sarah Parker
married before 1777 —- Hunt
8. Martha Parker sp in 1760
9. Mary Parker
married SH co VA 18 Dec 1767 Jermiah Drew
10. Ann Parker under age at father’s death
11. Elizabeth Parker born after her father’s death

From William Byrd’s Diaries 1728–during the survey of the dividing line between Virginia and North Carolina;
“1 April- We Prepar’d for a March early–& in 8 miles reach’t Richard Parker’s, –here we refresh’t ourselves with what a neat Landlady could provide and Christened 2 of her children-
6 April – losing our way we wander’d to Richard Parker’s plantation where we had formerly met with Very kind Entertainment, Our Eyes were entertained as well as our Stomachs by the charms of pretty Sally the eldest daughter of the family.
18 Sept- Then we filed off to Richard Parker’s Plantation where we had been kindly us’d in our return home we arriv’d about 5 a Clock & found things in much disorder, the good woman, being lately dead & those that surviv’d sick.
Pretty Sally had lost some of her Bloom by the Ague, but none of her humor.
They entertained us as well as they cou’d”
Even though The Vir Mag of Hist & Biog states that the above Richard Parker was the “Son of that Richard Parker who came to Virginia about 1650 and patented lands on the Nansemond River.” (Vol XIX p 191) – I now think it was this man Richard Parker III of Surry Co. Waunita Powell points out that his step-daughter was named Sally and his wife died about then and he lived in the right place.

Will of Richard Parker Jr 27 Jan. 1750/51 Prob 16 Apr 1751 Surry Co VA
– To son, Richard Parker the Plantation where I live with 950 acres thereto belonging, provided that if child in esse be a male, he will return to said child 350 acres of the Indian land on Reedy Branch, also to Richard Parker three negroes, pewter plates, horse & saddle, when 18 years old.
– To son, Thomas Parker, three negroes, horse and saddle, live stock, etc when 18 years old.
– To son Peter Parker, a tract of land in North Carolina in Northampton County, purchased of Joseph Riggon, deceased, date 1742/43, 260 acres, and two negroes, pewter, live stock, etc when 18 years old.
– to son William, a tract of land in Brunswick County, 350 acres, on Little Creek, said land purchased of Wm. Smith, dee date 1737, also stock, etc.
– to daughter Sarah Parker, negro, bed, horse, etc.
– to daughters Martha, Mary, and Ann bequests of negroes, furniture, etc.
– to son Drury Parker, one negro.
– to son Frederick Parker, one negro.
– wife, exors.
WIT: Geo. Hamilton, Samuel Foote, Wm Parker.
Bk 9 p 689

Source: Surry Co VA Wills 1671 – 1750 pp 125-126
Historical Families Vol V Bodie p 45-49
“The Three Richard Parkers” by Waunita Powell of Paris Ill

Another Note:  the Bodie reference mentioned the possible descent from this Richard of William Parker and Joseph Parker who both wrote wills in Gates County in 1789 —
Raymond Fouts clearly showed their ancestry to the Nansemond line in her book
“Following The Land A Genealogical History of Some of the PARKERs of Nansemond County, Virginia, And Chowan/Hertford/Gates Counties, North Carolina 1604-2004”, registered copyright 2005 by Raymond Parker Fouts http://www.freewebs.com/rayfouts/
DNA results has since shown this is an error.

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  1. I have been given documents that show my lineage from William Hunt I. This is so fascinating and the first time I have seen my roots this far back.

  2. I am quite confused. I can get my Parker line definitely to drury Parker. But thereafter I’ve guessed at which Richard Parker belongs to me. I plan to join a group in next week so hopefully they can help me. But in meantime. I am just hanging in there with whom I have presumed are my Richard Parker’s. Any suggestions? Sue

  3. I have enjoyed reading your research and believe we may be of the same family. My ancestress was Hannah Parker Raines, daughter of Richard Parker and ?. Her first husband died and she then married my ancestor Thomas Sisson, son of Thomas Sisson the immigrant ancestor. I believe Richard Parker the immigrant ancestor was a brassier from the UK.

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