Solomon Cherry, Sarah & Sarah Eley -part2

Solomon Cherry ca 1714 – 1777 | his parents
& ca 1734 Sarah ? 1715/20 – bef 1757 | her parents
& 1757 Sarah Eley 1738 – 1806 | her parents
of Norfolk County, VA & Bertie County, NC

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This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

Mary Cherry Norfolk Co, VA ca 1733 – 1802 | her parents
& ca 1747 James Jenkins ca 1718 – 1796 | his parents
of Bertie Co NC

This James Jenkins was the son of John Jenkins and wife Anne.
Mary Cherry was the daughter of Solomon Cherry and his first wife Sarah.
[I think Mary Cherry probably was 2nd wife of James Jenkins.]

Children of Mary Cherry and James Jenkins
1. John Jenkins ca 1748 –
2. James Jenkins 1749 – 1817
married Winnefred Mitchell

3. Elizabeth Jenkins 1751 – 1800
married Cader Mitchell
4. Nathan Jenkins 1753 – 1823 KY
5. Mary Jenkins 1755 –
married Cader Powell Jr ca 1745 – 1800/10 [?d bef 1797]
6. Robert Jenkins 1757 – 1791
married Mary Williford
a. Tempy Jenkins
married John Mc Dowell

John McDowall and Temperance Jinkins 8 Dec 1795;
George Andrews bm. Bertie Co

b. Williford Jenkins
c. Abner Jenkins ca 1790 –
d. Zina Jenkins
e. Gustine Jenkins
f. Cader Jenkins
7. Isaac Jenkins 1759 – 1799
married Mary [Polley] ?
she married 2nd 31 Dec 1799 Zadock Mitchell
8. Martha Jenkins 1761 – 1823
married Abner Williford
R:432-434, This indenture made the 2 October 1797 between John Jenkins (children of James who d. 1796) Cader Mitchell and Elizabeth his wife, Abner Williford and his wife Martha, Mary Powell, Isaac Jenkins, and Nathan Jenkins of the State North Carolina in the county of Bertie of the one part and James Jenkins of the State and County aforesaid of the other part Witnesseth that the said John Jenkins, Cader Mitchel and Elisabeth his wife, Abner Williford and his wife Martha, Mary Powell, Isaac Jenkins, and Nathan Jenkins, for and in consideration of the sum of 117 pounds to them in hand paid by me James Jenkins the receipt whereof he the said John Jenkins, Cader Mitchel, and Elisabeth his wife, Abner Williford and his wife Martha, Mary Powell, Isaac Jenkins and Nathan Jenkins doth hereby Acknowledge and by these present for themselfs their heirs Executors and administrators ___ ___ ___and discharge the said James Jenkins his heirs and assigns forever have given, granted,! bargained sold and do by these presents give grant, bargain, and sell unto the saidJames Jenkins his heirs and assigns all that tract and plantation piece or parcel of land theirs situate lying and being in Bertie County aforesaid lying on the East side of Con___ritay Swamp beginning at a popular standing in the mouth of the Rows branch thence to the brook to the head line on the Gilliard pocoson at head of Horsepen branch thence down the said branch the several courses to the swamp thence down the Swamp to the first Beginning containing by estimation 100 acres. To have and to hold the said Messuage lands…..hath in themselves good right full Power, and Lawfull authority to grant, Bargain, Sell, assign, and make over the hereby Granted Land and premises… S/John Jenkins, Cader Mitchell, Elisabeth (X) Mitchell, Abner Williford, Martha Williford, Mary Powell, Isaac Jenkins, Nathan Jenkins Signed, sealed & delivered in the Presents of Wilie Cherry, Martin Oliver. Nov Term 1797 Proved in open court by the oath of Martin Oliver.

Cader Cherry ca 1741 – bef 1782 | his parents
& Judith [Judah] Burnett ca 1735 – | her parents
& Robert Hardy | his parents of Edgecombe Co NC

son of Solomon Cherry and 1st wife Sarah:

Children of Cader Cherry and Judith Burnett:
1. Levi Cherry ca 1755 –
married Sally died Edgecombe Co 1835
2. Robert Cherry
3. William Cherry
4. Wright Cherry
5. Wiley Cherry
she married 2nd Robert Hardy

James Cherry ca 1771 – bef Feb 1826 | his parents
& ca 1796 Elizabeth Garrett ca 1773 – | her parents

James Cherry is the son of Solomon Cherry and 2nd wife Sarah Eley

Child of James Cherry and Elizabeth Garrett
1. Sarah Cherry

In 1796 James Cherry is son in law to Jesse Garrett who names him executor of his will. Bertie Co.


William Cherry ca 1750/5 – 1802 | his parents
& Susannah ? | her parents
of Bertie Co NC

son of Solomon Cherry and 1st wife Sarah ?:

Justice in Bertie County administering the Oath of Allegiance in support of the American Revolution and later as a civil servant including sheriff of Bertie Co.

1 Dec 1802 will Feb Ct 1803 wife: Susanna.
sons: William Cherry, Solomon Cherry, Willie Cherry.
daughters Salley Dunnen, Phebe Cherry, Polley Cherry, Betsy Cherry, Martha Baker. EXS: brother Solomon Cherry and son William Cherry.
wits: Wm. Standley, Jonathan Standley, Joseph Eason.

Children of William Cherry and wife Susannah:
1. Martha Cherry ca 1774 –
married 17 Sept 1790 John Baker
2. William Cherry 17xx –
3. Solomon Cherry ca 1781 – 24 April 1818
married ca 1802 Mary Cherry 12 June 1788 –

dau of Solomon Cherry & Mary Walton [Eason]

4. Elizabeth [Betsy] Cherry 1780 –
married ca 1803 Richard Baker
5. Mary [Polly] Cherry
6. Willie [Wiley] Cherry ca 1783 –
married 9 Dec 1806 Mourning Mizell
7. Sara [Sally] Cherry 1785 – 1 Aug 1851
married 1 Sept 1801 John Dunning 1775 – 1858 Bertie Co
8. Phebe Cherry ca 1785 –
married 3 May 1803 Richard Spivey

[Capt] Solomon Cherry ca 1758/60 – ca 1810 | his parents
& 1779 Mary Walton ca 1757 [6 Jun 1760] – ca 1810 | her parents
& Jacob Eason d 1778 | his parents
of Bertie and Pitt Counties NC

son of Solomon Cherry and 2nd wife Sarah Eley
“Served as a Captain in the American Revolution
and afterwards as Sheriff and Clerk of Court.
He received a land grant from the governor following the war.

Capt. Solomon Cherry married in Bertie County 24 Sept 1779 Mary, the widow of Jacob Eason and daughter of William Walton and wife Rachel Hunter.
They both died in Pitt County about 1810 at age 50
per deposition by Ralph Outlaw.
This Solomon Cherry first appears on record as wit to deed 1763 Bertie Co? ( I SMK am suspicious that this was a misread of Jr for Sr )
Note: I have this family posted under Cherry, Walton, parts under Outlaw. at least I am still trying to coordinate my info– I am kin to them many ways. SMK

Children of Capt. Solomon Cherry and wife Mary Walton Eason:
1. William Walton Cherry 1780/3 – ca 1809 [died at age 29 or there about] graduated UNC 1800;
Served on the Board of Trustees UNC from 1804 – 1809;
1804/5 in NC legislature
John H Wheeler in his “Reminiscences and Memoirs of North Carolina” says this on page 342. “William Cherry was a native of Bertie County , and was graduated here [UNC] in the year 1800. While in college he was not a very diligent student, but his aptitude for learning was so marvelous that, it was said, he could prepare his lesson after the recitation bell had commenced ringing. Having selected the law as his profession, he had already attained an extensive practice and a high rank at the Bar, when his career was cut short by death caused by intemperance at the early age of twenty seven. Those who were engaged in practice with him could not but wonder at the admirable manner in which he managed his causes, knowing as they did that the time he ought to have spent in the preparation of them was passed at the card table and around the intoxicating bowl. . .”

married 13 Nov 1801 Peggy Baker
2. Elizabeth Cherry ca 1781 – 22 April 1819 [aged 38/9]
married ca 1805 Ralph Outlaw Jr 1774 – 16 Nov 1836
son of David Outlaw and Martha Standley
In Bertie County, Book FF, page 462, is a deed from Celia Outlaw, widow of Ralph, to her step-daughter, Jane E. Cherry, wife of Solomon Cherry, in which it is stated that “she expects shortly to enter into the holy bonds of matrimony with William Walton of Hertford County and desires to make provision for the support of her step-daughter and children being land upon which dower was assigned from late husband Ralph Outlaw. 1842
a. David Standley Outlaw 14 Sept 1806 – 22 Oct 1868 Windsor, NC
the Congressman grad UNC 1824

married ca 1737 Emily Baker Ryan ca 1823 –
1. Elizabeth Outlaw ca 1838 –
2. Ann P Outlaw ca 1841 –
married 6 Nov 1860 Dr. William F Sutton

3. David Outlaw ca 1848 –
b. Edward C Outlaw 28 Mar 1810 – 1853 Bertie Co NC
married 23 Jan 1835 Amanda Mary Frances Miller 23 Jan 1818 – 24 Sept 1847
daughter of Mary Frances Brimage and Ephraim Miller
both buried on Brimage place in Bertie Co
1. Mary E Outlaw 23 Aug 1836 – 16 Feb 1838
2. Victoria Outlaw 8 Sept 1838 – 29 Oct 1896
married William R Pugh d bef 1880
3. Capt Edward Ralph Outlaw 30 Nov 1840 Bertie Co – 19 Aug 1921 Nags Head NC
Capt Edward Ralph was associated with 2 mulatto children James 1858 and Mary

Edward Ralph Outlaw CSA 11th NC Reg

married 10 Nov 1868 Lucy Rascoe 16 Jan 1850 – 1931
daughter of John Peter Rascoe & Martha M Bond
a. Janie Outlaw 4 Sept 1869 –
married 23 Dec 1889 William Henry Hunt d 1 Mar 1930
i. Edward Outlaw Hunt 18 July 1893 – June 1961
married Marie Burwell one child
ii. Janie Hunt Oct 1895 –
married 1st Arthur Landis one child
married 2nd Jerome Bell Flora
iii. William Henry Hunt one child
married Ann Jordan
married 2nd A W Graham
iv. Rascoe Bond Hunt 3 children
married Margie
b. Lucy Roscoe [Lou] Outlaw 4 May 1873 – 1952
married 7 Dec 1899 Sam W Worthington 1875 – 1956 Wilson NC
i. Samuel Wheeler Worthington Jr. 7 May 1907 MD –
married 1951 Katherine Stuart Flanagan 21 Feb 1923 – 21 Aug 1953
1. Margaret Rascoe Worthington 1953 Raleigh NC –
married 2nd 8 Jan 1955 Mrs. Peggy Pegram Wilson Humphrey

2. Samuel Wheeler Worthington III 1957 Windsor NC –
3. Mary George [Georgia] Worthington 1959 Windsor NC –
c. Martha Elizabeth [Lizzie] Outlaw June 1875 –
married William MacQueen of Elizabeth City NC
d. Alice Brimage Outlaw Oct 1878 –
married Thomas Gilliam
e. Edward Ralph Outlaw Jr 10 Nov 1881 – 18 April 1954 Elizabeth City NC
Nags Head was for summertime only in those days.
He helped his father build the old Outlaw cottage
(100 years old in 1988 I think)
and built his own, both on the beach. His book about Nags Head makes it appear he lived there year round tho. e-mail from Hank Huntington
married Louise Greenleaf 1883 – July 1965
i. Louise Pool [Aunt Weesie] Outlaw 29 May 1907 – 2002 no issue
married Henry Hobson Sandidge 1906 – 1980
ii. Martha Rascoe Outlaw 29 April 1914 – 30 Dec 2002 Santa Barbara CA She was a cover girl model for Redbook, Queen of the NY Press Photographers’ Ball, and acted in the 1st million dollar color movie “Cover Girls.”
married Henry Edwards [Ted] Huntington II 1921 – 1978 Santa Barbara CA

His grandfather built Newport News shipyard back there (and numerous development out here) with railroad magnet, Collis P. Huntington.
1. Henry Edwards [Hank] Huntington III 1945 –
married 1970 Judith Annan [Judy] Kuryla
a. Elisse Renaud Huntington
i. Annabelle Charlotte Tweet 2005 –
b. Collis Henry Huntington
2. Edward Outlaw [Ted] Huntington 1947 –
married 2nd Secondo Guasti III 1925 – 1973 a third generation Californian whose family had built the country’s largest vineyard by Ontario. It was sold after losses incurred during Prohibition in the 30’s.
married 3rd Darney Sandidge 1914 – 1989

f. Mary M Outlaw June 1886 –
married Dick Lamb d bef 1910 –
g. John R Outlaw 10 Nov 1887 – bef 1971
married 1918 Emma Fearing 3 Oct 1893 –
i. Lucy Rascoe [Lulu] Outlaw 4 Aug 1923 –
married 1946 Carlton Goodchild [Bro Dick] Gilliam d 2003 Windsor NC
1. Nancy Brimage Gilliam 1948 –
married 1970 Hunter Wayland Spruill 1944 –
a. Brimage Spruill
b. Wayland Spruill

i. Henry Spruill
ii. Esabella Purifoy Spruill
2. Victoria Outlaw [Vicky] Gilliam 1958 –
married Joseph Leggett
a. William Leggett
b. Daniel Leggett
3. Carlton Bradford Gilliam 17 April 1960 – 1996
h. David Outlaw Dec 1889 – 1970 Elizabeth City NC age 81 dsp
i. Alexander Bate Outlaw July 1892 – 27 April 1970 age 77 dsp
Attorney and Mayor of Elizabeth City owned the area Texaco distributorship but gave all his money away to needy friends before he died
4. Sarah Jane Outlaw 3 Oct 1842 – 19 April 1862
married Thomas Turner Allen
5. David Cherry Outlaw 19 Nov 1844 – 18 Sept 1919
6. Maria Outlaw 13 Aug 1846 – 19 Aug 1846
7. Mary Frances Outlaw 13 Sept 1847 – Sept 16 1847
her mother died 8 days later
c. daughter 1811/19 –
d. Sarah Outlaw 1818 –
married bef 1840 Joseph B Cherry ca 1816 – 1882 ‘The Oaks’ Bertie Co NC
e. Janie E Outlaw ca/bef 22 April 1819 – ca 1849
married ca/bef 1837 Dr Solomon Cherry ca 1808 – 1861 Norfolk VA
3. Amelia Cherry ca 1786 – aft 1830 [in 1830 she was age 44]
married William Spivey ca 1782 – 1836
a. William Spivey ca 1810 –
married Amelia Cherry ca 1810 –

sister of James Cherry who died ca Dec 1853 Bertie Co

1. Elizabeth Spivey ca 1842 –
2. Laurah [Sarah?] Spivey ca 1844 –
3. James W Spivey ca 1846 –
4. Rachel W Spivey ca 1847 –
5. Celia Spivey ca 1850 –
b. Silva Spivey died 6 June 1832
married 25 May 1828 John Freeman Ward 13 Sep 1792-22 Feb 1834 son of James Ward and Delilah Freeman
1. DeWitt Ward 26 March 1829 – 19 June 1829
2. Laura Ward 29 July 1831 – 29 Jan 1844 at Salem [school]
c. Hettie Spivey
married Tayloe
d. Louisa Spivey
married Hendrixen
e. Levin Spivey ca 1804 –
married 30 Aug 1832 Margaret Baker ca 1810
1. William G? Spivey ca 1834 –
2. Francis W Spivey ca 1836 –
3. Susan W Spivey ca 1842 –
4. Mary F Spivey ca 1845 –
5. Jane Spivey ca 1849
f. Elizabeth Spivey
married Pruden
g. Calvin Spivey
h. Moses Spivey
i. Susannah Spivey
married Shark?
j. Celia Ann Spivey
married Harrell
4. Mary Cherry 12 June 1788 –
married ca 1802 Solomon Cherry ca 1781 – 24 April 1818

son of William Cherry 1758 – 1802 Bertie Co and Susannah

a. William Walton Cherry ca 1806 – 2 May 1845 [in his 39th year]
Wheeler in his “History of NC” says on page 33 – William W Cherry was a native of Bertie and as distinguished for his benevolence in private as for his ability in public life. He was raised as a merchant, taught school, and at mature age studied law and practiced with great success. He was elected to the Senate in 1838 and to the House of Commons in 1844. In 1845 he was nominated as member of Congress . . [but] death terminated his life at Jackson, while attending Northampton Superior Court (2d May 1845). . . He died in the 39th year of his age.”
Moore says this man is nephew to the other William Walton.
married 6 Aug 1827 Mary Holley Etheridge ca 1809 –
married 2nd Mary Holder [his 2nd wife and widow]
she sold the home place “The Oaks” in 1850 to J B Cherry
the house burned in 1930
b. Dr. Solomon Cherry Sr ca 1808 – [in Norfolk 1861]
married ca 1837 Janie E Outlaw died 1849?
daughter of Ralph Outlaw and wife Elizabeth

1. George Cherry ca 1839 –
2. Joseph Cherry ca 1841 – 1 April 1865 Petersburg VA grad VMI 1860

Capt. Joseph B Cherry 1841 Bertie Co – 1 April 1865 Petersburg VA

cherryjb Capt Joseph B Cherry CSA

S.Cherry 40 is listed in Norfolk VA 1850 as merchant
with just sons George 10 and Joseph 8.
VMI says Joseph Matriculated from Norfolk VA. grad 1860
3. [Mary] Janie E O Cherry ca 1847 –
4. William Walton Cherry ca 1849 –
married 8 Mar 1867 Phyllis Capehart
c. Sarah E Cherry ca 1812 –
married Isaiah Holder [per Jim Holder]
1. Mary Eliza Holder 1830 – 23 July 1868 aged 38 ts
married Joseph H Etheridge
2. Hanna Maria [Mariah C] Holder ca 1832 –
3. Elizabeth Jane Holder ca 1827 – 4 March 1865
married 25 Nov 1847 Abram Holder ca 1817 – 5 July 1868
[her first cousin,
3g-gf of Jim Holder &
son of Ezekiel Holder, brother of Isaiah]
a. George Holder 1848 – 1856
b. Joseph Holder 1850 –
c. Mary Evelyn Holder 1 May 1854 –
married 19 Sept 1869 James E Mitchell

d. William Holder 1856 – 1858
e. William G Holder 1859 –
f. Lallie Elizabeth 1864 –
Abram had by his first wife
h. Thomas Holder 1843 –
d. Joseph Blount Cherry ca 1816 – 1882 Bertie Co NC
lawyer, farmer, and member of the NC General Assembly

married Sarah Outlaw 1818 –
daughter of Ralph Outlaw and wife Elizabeth

1. Joseph O Cherry ca 1841 –
2. Emma/Emily Outlaw Cherry 1845 – 1923
married Thomas Eason
3. Jane E Cherry ca 1845 –
4. William W Cherry ca 1849 –
5. Solomon Cherry ca 1851 – 1905 Bertie Co
married 1883 Elizabeth [Lizzie] Webb Gray
a. Joseph Blount Cherry 1889 – 1944
b. Edward Gray Cherry 1895 – 1975
6. Henry Clay Cherry 1853 – 1854
7. Henry Ralph Cherry 1856 – 1857/58
married 2nd 27 Sept 1830 Edward Swain moved to TN
A deposition given by Ralph Outlaw on Aug 27, 1830 as recorded in State Archives stated: Mrs Swain late widow of Solomon Cherry was age 42 the 12 of June last; her mother and father each died age about 50; her eldest sister Elizabeth lived to 38 or 39; a brother James Cherry lived to 31 or 32; brother William Cherry lived to about 29; three sisters living, namely; wife of William Spivey (44), my (Ralph Outlaw’s) wife, aged about 36 and the wife of Justin Askew; her aged about 31 or 32.
a. Temperance Swain 1833 TN –
b. Thomas Swain 1836 TN –
living in Windsor in 1850 and 1860 census
5. James Rufus Cherry ca 1793 – ca 1825 [at age 31 or 32]
married 1811 Esther Duers died 1817
dau of John Duers and wife Ann
a. William Joseph Cherry ca 1814 –
married Lennie Bazemore ca 1811 –
1. Joseph William Cherry 1836 – 1909
married 1860 Penneritta Pritchard 1841 –
a. William Allen Cherry 1860 – 1945
married 1874 Margaret Hargrove
b. Erwin Pritchard Cherry 1863 – 1909
married Frances Garrett Rawls
c. Lena Rivers Cherry 1866 – 1925
married 1890 Robert Watson Rawls
i. Clarance Arthur Rawls 1891 – 1916
married Judith Lassiter
ii. Edna Cherry Rawls 1893 – 1966
married 1915 Julian E Parker
iii. William Alec Rawls 1894 – 1968
married 1918 Lessie Poole
iv. Robert Teele Rawls 1896 – 1973
married 1924 Hazel Fountain
v. Carrie Allen Rawls 1899 – 1982
married 1921 Paul Dukes
vi. Lena Moore Rawls 1902 – 1972
married 1927 Sid Tayloe
d. Sarah Jarsey Cherry 1868 – 1940
married 1887 John James Bazemore
e. Joseph Calvin Cherry 1872
married Janie Britt
f. James Henderson Cherry 1874 –
married 1901 Daisy Bridger
g. Carrie Cherry 1877 –
married William Dallas Garris
h. Richard Cherry
married Louise ?

2. Mary E Cherry ca 1838 –
married 27 Sept 1860 James Burdan
3. Celia E Cherry ca 1841 –
married 6 June 1865 Armstead L Bazemore
4. Lucretia C Cherry ca 1843 –
5. James R Cherry ca 1847 –
married 10 Aug 1865 Elizabeth Burdan
b. Esther Cherry
c. James Cherry
d. Mary Cherry
e. Celia Cherry
f. Elizabeth Cherry
married 1817 Elizabeth Duers [Swain]
died aft 1850
dau of John Duers and Ann [widow of Henry Swain m 1803]
6. Celia E Cherry 1792/4 – 1861 [in 1830 ca age 36] will Bertie Co
married ca 1820 Ralph Outlaw Jr 1774 – 1837
widower of her sister Elizabeth

married 2nd 1844 William Walton est 1795 – 1849
7. Nancy Cherry 1797/8 – 5 July 1867
apparently Nancy was the second
wife of Justin

married Justin Askew died ca 1846
1830 Census Bertie County – 1m under5, 1m 5/10, 4m 10/15 1m 30/40, 1f 10/15, 1f 20/30 1840 Census Bertie County – 1m 15/20, 5m 20/30, 1m 40/50, 1f under 5, 1f 5/10, 1f 40/50

a. Mary C Askew
married 1853 Reubin H Cox
b. Celia J Askew
married ca 10 Jan 1855 John L Andrews
1. Celia Jane Andrews

Martha Cherry ca 1758 – 1818 | her parents
& ca 1775 James Ward died 1780 | his parents
& ca 1781 Solomon Freeman ca 1743 – 1788 | his parents
of Bertie County NC

Martha Cherry her will
married ca 1775 James Ward as his second wife
his will

Children of Martha Cherry and James Ward:
1. Winefred (Winnie) Ward
married 17 Dec 1794 William Spivey
Bertie marriage bonds: Bm. Jonathan Spivey
a. Martha T Spivey bef 1 Nov 1815 –
2. Susanna Ward ca 1778 – died in KY
married 7 Aug 1792 James Nusome (Newsome) died 1798
son of Hosea Newsome and Molly Jenkins
Bertie marriage bonds: Bm. Jacob Garrett

a. Hosea Newsom KY
married Martha Morris
Susanna married 2nd Nathaniel Nichols ca 1774 – 1834 KY
3. Silvia Ward 1780 (after her father’s death) – 28 May 1829 Bertie Co
married ca 19 May 1797 1st Joshua Ward
Bertie marriage bonds: Bm.William P Hardy
married 20 May 1823 2nd James Ward 1770 – 1843
James Ward’s family Bible

Martha Cherry married 2nd Solomon Freeman as his second wife his will
1. Sarah Freeman ca 1782 – ca 1852 Bertie Co
married 1st Redding Dunning died bef Feb 1809
a. William Dunning ca 1808 –
married bef 1811 Richard Williford of Bertie Co Richard’s land divided Book FF p.66 son of Abner [will 1812] son of Richard [will 1808]
a. Sarah Williford
married David L McGlohon ca 1812 – 1865 Cross Co, AK ancestors of Alice McCollum
2. James Freeman ca 1785 – 16 Feb 1842 TN
married Martha Watford dau of William & Elizabeth of Colerain
3. Martha Freeman ca 1788 (after her father’s death) – aft. Nov 1839 TN

married bef 1 Nov 1815 George McGloughon died bef Nov 1822
a. George McGloghon
b. Martha McGloghon
c. James McGloghon
married bef Nov 1825 John Moore (removed to Tenn.)

Leah McGlohon Notes Transcribed August 18, 1999
copied by Vicki McGlaun Culpepper
Bertie County, North Carolina Deeds
#10 Bertie County Estate Papers George McGlowhon, deceased
negroes Spencer $250.00
Edith $200.00
Demsey $400.00
Harriet at $175.00
Phillis $100.00
Aaron $150.00
laid off to John Moore in right of his wife, Martha McGlouhon, James McGlauhon & George McGlauhon, the above named children being under the age of 21 years & John Moore their guardian

Abram $260.00 to Matthias Baker in right of his wife Mary
Major at $340.00 to John McGlauhon
Nov. 1824 term Martha petitions for dower account of sale of property of George McGlohon
Nov. 29, 1822
November Term
1825 Ordered that James Wilson, Silas Wilson, James White, Charlton Leary & Jacob Irving or any three of them divide the negroes of George McGlauhon dec’d between the following persons (vis)
John McGlauhon,
Hamilton White and Elizabeth his wife,
Matthias Baker & Mary his wife,
George McGlauhon,
James McGlauhon,
Martha McGlauhon
& Martha Moore the widow of said George McGlauhon dec’d. January 1825

Feb. 14, 1826 Guardian Bond John Moore
Division of negroes Jan. 7, 1828 orphans of George James , Martha, George, John Moore, Guardian

Lands sold in May 1832 for division – Winafor, James, Martha & George orphans of GeorgeA
George McGlauhn is in the 1790 census of Hertford Co. with two white females.

Bertie County Court Minutes – NCGSJ Feb 1977: FREEMAN, James of Madison Co., Tennessee, newly appointed Guardian for Martha and James McGLOHAN of Bertie Co., NC, minor heirs of George McGLOHAN, deceased, late of said Bertie Co., 10 Nov 1831, appoints John F. WARD of said Bertie Co. his attorney to make settlement with and transfer account from John MOORE, the previous Guardian of said minor.

Elizabeth Cherry 10 April 1773 – 31 Oct 1827 | her parents
Irving Jenkins 28 Nov 1775 – 27 Feb 1827 | his parents
of Hertford County NC

His daughter Elizabeth is named in the will that Solomon Cherry signed on 14 Nov 1773.
Elizabeth Cherry married 24 Dec 1794 Irving Jenkins son of John Jenkins and Mary Willoughby of Hickory Chapel, Hertford Co, NC

Children of Elizabeth Cherry and Irving Jenkins:
1. John Jenkins
2. William Clarence Jenkins 9 Jan 1809 – Fayette Co TN
married in TN Penelope Sumner 5 children
3. Thomas Jenkins
4. Virginia [Jennie] Jenkins died in the 1850’s
married Lawrence Askew d 1884
Lawrence married 2nd Jennie’s sister Emiline Eliza

5. Mary Jenkins 12 Feb 1803 – 1850/60
married aft 1821 James Eley Newsome 28 July 1797/8 – ca 1863 – James Newsome married Mary Jenkins after 1821, and probably between 1830-1838.
Polly Early was the mother of Nancy, Joseph, and probably Eley Newsome.
Mary Jenkins was the mother of the rest of his children and possibly Eley.
John Harman, Raleigh, NC
Charles Cherry Jenkins 1818 – 1 June 1877 Hertford Co
married 18 May 1840 Nancy Newsome 1 Jan 1819 – 3 Dec 1888 dau of James Eley Newsome and 1st wife Mary [Polly] Earley
7. Emiline Eliza Jenkins
married Lawrence Askew d 1884
a. Virginia Caroline Askew
married Benjamin F Early
married 2nd James Parker
8. daughter
9. daughter

Will of John Jinkins 8 Feb 1779 – May Ct 1779 Bertie Co NC . . . very sick and weak in body. . .
– wife Mary Jinkins – mare, bridle, bed, chest, oval table, linen wheel, lambs, etc . use of Negro Admiral during her widowhood, and lend her my manor plantation for her widowhood.
– son Zadock Jinkins – my manor plantation where I now live with 150 acres, but if he should die without issue I give said land to my younger son Charles Jinkins.
– son Zadock – horse, to be delivered at the age of twenty one.
– son Reddick Jinkins – 100 acres I bought of William Blye, but if he should die without issue I give said land to my son Irvin Jinkins.
– son Ephraim Jinkins – 340 acres I bought of John Baker on Heart’s Delight Pocosin
– son Isaac Jinkins – a land entry containing 300 acres adj. the flat pososin, also a colt, etc
– son Charles Jinkins – land entry containing 200 acres
– daughter Winnie Jinkins
– daughter Sally Jinkins
– son Abram Jinkins
– son Irvin Jinkins
– daughter Keziah Jinkins
EX: friends William Cherry, James Jinkins
WIT: John Jinkins Jr, Isaac Jinkins, Milly [x] Howard, Debby [x] Jones

Will of Ephraim [x] Jinkins 10 June 1780 – Feb Ct 1784 Bertie Co NC
– brother Irvin Jinkins – my land and plantation on Hearts Delight Pocosin.
– brother Zacock Jinkins – bed, lamb, saddle, all remaining estate.
EX: William Cherry
Wit: James [x] Howard, Mary Cherry

Correction from John R Harman The Thomas Jenkins [of Potecasi] who married Emily Askew ala Sessoms step-daughter of W W Sessoms was the son of Henry DeBerry Jenkins not Irvin

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  1. Hello I’m trying to link my great grandmother Celia Cherry “1887” to the one you speak of. My grandmother and great grandmother were residents of Windsor, Bertie County, North Carolina please help me

  2. Dear Cousin Sally, I have had occasion to help a Sharrock slave descendant find the plantation from which her family came from. It was the Whitmell Sharrock plantation in Bertie County, located on Hwy 308 about halfway between Lewiston and Hope Plantation. Later it was the home of painter Francis Speight, who was a grandson of Whitmell and his second wife Margaret Cross Horne.

    Whitmell Sharrock’s first wife was Susannah Spivey, daughter of William and Amelia Cherry Spivey.
    William Spivey, d.1836, in his will refers to his son-in-law as Whitmell “Shark” but in William Spivey’s estate papers Whitmell’s name is spelled correctly as “Sharrock”. One of the slaves I was looking for, a woman named Margaret, was inherited by Whitmell from his first father-in-law, William Spivey.

    Whitmell’s parents were Samuel Sharrock and Mary Saunders of Gates County, who had first married Lemuel Lee of Bertie. Samuel’s parents were Bathsheba Daughtry and Thomas Sharrock, the cabinetmaker. Another one of Thomas and Bathsheba’s 11 sons, William Sharrock, married Winifred Griffin, sister of Mary Griffin who married Moses Bishop of Roxobel.

    Apparently, many people were not accustomed to the spelling of Sharrock, and often wrote the name as “Shark” in the 19th century. Eight of Whitmell’s male slaves, ranging in age from 20-40, ran away to join the Union Army or Navy. All of their names were recorded by the enlisting officers as “Shark”, “Sharke”, or occasionally “Sharp” and only once as Sharrock.

    Hope this will clear up the mystery of just who “Mr. Shark” was in William Spivey’s will! I’ve enjoyed looking for him. Sincerely, your cousin, Gregory Tyler

  3. Hi, I’m a descendent of Julia Cherry Outlaw. She was a slave on the Cherry Plantation. Her daughter, who was also born a slave, Caroline Cherry is my great, great, great grandmother. Does your research extend to the lives of the slaves sired by Solomon Cherry as well? I’m interested in learning as much as possible. Thank you.

  4. Hi, I’m looking for evidence that James Newsome was sone of Hosea Newsome and Molly Jenkins. What help can you share?

    Many Thanks

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