Marco Weschler & Annetta Goldstein

Bob’s Great Grandparents:

Marco Leo Weschler 1844 – 1894 | parents
& ca 1872 Annetta [Anna] Goldstein 1854 – 1898 |parents

of Armenia, Austria, France, Egypt, Argentina
and New York City

Marco Leo Weschler married in Alexandria, Egypt ca 1872 Anna Goldstein.

Marco Leo Weschler was born 17 Aug. 1844 in Armenia, son of Charles Weschler.
He served the government of the Austrian prince in Marseilles, France; Alexandria, Egypt; Buenos Aires, Argentina and New York City. [family story]
The family arrived in New York City 11 June 1879
On the passenger list of the “Labrador” and in the 1880 census he lists his occupation as tailor.
He was Naturalized on 19 Sept 1887 at Common Pleas Ct, New York County. [bundle 617, record #122, former nationality German, date of arrival 1 May 1877]. His address given as 265 Ave A NYC
He died 16 Apr. 1894 in New York City. [Death Certificate # 13099]
Marco Leow Weschler died on the 16th day of April 1894 about 2 a.m. of Pueumonia and Exhaustion
burial Union Field Machfield? on April 18th 94
he was 50 years old — married — Tailor
born in Armenia — in the US 18 years, 18 years res. of NYC
his father unknown was born in Armenia
his mother unknown and birthplace unknown
died at 240 E 30th St NYC — Tenement of Pueumonia and Exhaustion

Anna Goldstein was born 18 July 1854 in Cairo, Egypt. Her family lived in Egypt.
I find her name as Annetta on the passenger list in 1879 and as Joanna in the 1880 census.
She died in New York City 16 Nov. 1898 per family records.?
[Death Certificate # 30546 dated 27 Oct 1898 as Anna Wechsler 42 yr]
Anna died on the 27th day of October 1898 about 9 o’clock a.m.
she was buried at Union Field on 30th October 1898.
she was white, widowed housewife born in Cairo, Egypt
she had been in the US 18 and had lived in NYC 18 years
Her father’s name was Moritz Goldstein who was born in Kairo Egypt
Her mother’s name was Rachel Goldstein who was born in Kairo Egypt
She died at 62 E 7th NYC — tenement house
cause of death “Endocarditis rhumatica”

Children of Marco Leo Weschler and Anna Goldstein:
1. Bertha Weschler 1873 Egypt – ca 1945 NYC no issue
married 1922 in Cleveland, OH Oscar Shaw
2. Jacob Charles Weschler 24 June 1875 Egypt – 8 April 1959 Elizabeth, NJ

married 5 March 1903 Hulda Eva Mayer 17 June 1882 – 17 Sept 1931 NYC
3. Adolphus Weschler 27 June 1877 Buenos Aires – 24 Dec 1973 FL dsp
last address: Naval Air Station, 80 Hovey Road Pensacola , FL 32508
Capt US Army 29 May 1917 – 30 Jul 1919
buried 3 Jan 1974 Barrancas National Cemetery Section 36 Site 152

dolph1 dolph2
Dolph winter 1942 Sept. 71 David K. with 2-gt. uncle Dolph

4. Martin Weschler 11 Aug 1881 NYC – ca 1962 NYC
married Maisie ?
a. Annette Weschler
married Erskine

US Census 1880 New York City 11 day of June, 1880
House #85 building #86 family # 550
Weschler, Marco w m 37 m Tailor Austria Austria Austria
” Joanna w f 25 wife m Keeping house Austria Austria Austria
” Bertha w f 7 daughter at school Egypt Austria Austria
” Jacob w m 4 son Egypt Austria Austria
” Adolph w m 1 son Argentine Rep Austria Austria

Marco Weschler age 36 Male Occupation: Tailor
Annetta Weschler age 25 female Austria
Bertha Weschler ” 6 F ”
Jaquas Weschler 4 M
Adolph Weschler 1 M
Arrival Date: 11 June 1879
Port of Departure: Le Havre, France
Destination: United States of Americe
Place of Origin: Austria
Ship Name: Labrador
Port of Arrival: New York
Line 50, Microfilm roll 418, List # 598

The LABRADOR was built under the supervision of Scott & Co by Chantier de Penhoet, St Nazaire (engines by Schneider, Creuzot), and was launched as the NOUVEAU MONDE on 27 January 1865. 3,200 tons; 105,62 x 13,36 meters/346.6 x 43.8 feet (length x breadth); straight stem, 2 funnels, 2 masts; iron construction, side-paddlewheel, service speed 12 knots; accommodation for 128 passengers in 1st class, 54 in 2nd class, and 29 in 3rd class.
16 October 1865, maiden voyage, St Nazaire-Vera Cruz.
10 February 1866, sailed from Havre for Brest and New York, but put back to Yarmouth, Isle of Wight, with “rudder unshipped”.
18 February 1866, 1 roundtrip voyage, Havre-New York.
1866-1874, St Nazaire-West Indies.
1875, rebuilt by A. Leslie & Co, Hebburn-on-Tyne: lengthened to 120.35 meters (394.9 feet); converted to single-screw propulsion; compound engines by Maudsley, Sons & Field, London; mizzen mast added; renamed LABRADOR.
20 November 1875, resumed Havre-New York service.
22 October 1886, first voyage, Havre-Panama.
1889, triple-expansion engines by CGT, St Nazaire.
1904, sold. 1905, scrapped at Genoa
[Noel Reginald Pixell Bonsor, North Atlantic Seaway; An Illustrated History of the Passenger Services Linking the Old World with the New (2nd ed.; Jersey, Channel Islands: Brookside Publications), vol. 1 (1975), pp. 622-623, 651].
Pictured in Michael J. Anuta, Ships of Our Ancestors (Menominee, MI: Ships of Our Ancestors, 1983), p. 158, courtesy of the Peabody Essex Museum, East India Square, Salem, MA 01970. –
[Posted to The Emigration-Ships Mailing List by Michael Palmer – 23 October 1998]

1910 Census 12-Wd Manhattan dist 653
Famile #304
Weschler, Martin head m w 30 S New York Austria Germany Egypt ? Contractor Building
” Adolphus brother w 33 S Buenros Aires Austria Germany Egypt &Germany Supt. ” Construction


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