Thomas Browne

Sally’s 8-great Grandparents & 10-great Grandparents:

Thomas Browne ca 1615/20 – 1666 | his parents
of Lower Norfolk Co, VA

Lt. Col. Thomas Browne of Lower Norfolk co, Va.
Thomas Browne died in 1666 and his will names sons: Thomas, John, Henry, Christopher, and William and daughters: Ann Cording, Elizabeth Browne, and Mary Browne.

Children of Thomas Browne:
1. Ann Browne
married Richard Cording
2. Thomas Browne ca 1630/40-1670
married ?
3. John Browne ca 1630/40 – 1670 (named only siblings in will)
4. Henry Browne ca 1640/45 – 1671 of “Drum Point”
5. Christopher Browne ca 1645/50 – 1677 (under 21 in 1666)
married ?
6. William Browne ca 1645/50-1699 Princess Anne Co, VA
7. James Browne
8. Elizabeth Browne
9. Mary Browne

4 Aug 1635; 12 Sept 1636; 24 Aug 1637 Thomas Browne was the headright and servant of George Holmes of James City near Archer’s Hope. (Nugent, I, 30, 46, 68)

10 July 1637 Thomas Browne was the headright of William Hatcher of Charles City who acquired part of the land in this patent with William Clarke.

29 Dec 1637 William Clarke and Thomas Browne were the head rights of Daniel Gookin of Lower Norfolk (Nansemond)

23 August 1638 Thomas Browne was the headright of William Hatfield.

11 Aug 1640 Thomas Browne had acquired land on the western branch of the Elizabeth River in Lower Norfolk by this date as a patentee was adj.

7 June 1666 as Lt. Col. Thomas Browne added 1,210 acres to his holdings.

22 October 1666 Thomas Browne wrote his will.

Grandchildren of Lt. Col. Thomas Browne:

Children of Richard Cording and Ann Browne:
1. Thomas Cording ca 1655 – ?

Children of Christopher Browne and Wife:
1. Thomas Browne ca 1673-
2. John Browne ca 1675- 1702 Princess Anne Co, VA
3. William Browne ca 1676- 1729 Princess Anne Co, VA

Child of Thomas Browne died 1670
1. Ann Browne

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  1. I do not believe this Thomas Browne is related to the Thomas Browne (Christian Maule) Of Isle of Wight, VA. Family has similar names but so does everyone from time period.

    1. I agree — they are separate families, just living near each other.
      Just to confuse us in trying to determine which Browne is our ancestor.

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