John Williams & Ann Whitely


John Williams ca 1620/25 – 1687 | his parents
& Ann Whitely | her parents
of Isle of Wight County, Virginia

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

John Williams was probably the John Williams who was the headright of Col. Robert Pitt in 1643 (Nugent 1, 145) and whose land in Nansemond is shown on a patent of 1662 to be near Robert Pitt of Isle of Wight–property granted in 1663 to Thomas Davis but assigned to John Williams (ibid 488-89). When the widow Ann Whitely filed to administer her late husband’s estate in 1672 the bondsmen were Col. Pitt’s son John Pitt and Thomas Poole. John Williams made his will 7 Feb 1686 which was proved 2 May 1687. Dr. Barry Hayes

Children of John Williams and Ann Whitely:
1. Ann Williams named in father’s will
2. Sarah Williams named in father’s will
3. Elizabeth Williams named in father’s will
4. Thomas Williams ca 1640 – 1693 named in father’s will
married Mary ?
5. John Williams ca 1640 -1692 Isle of Wight Co, VA
named in father’s will

married [Elizabeth Whiteley] Anne ?
6. *Lewis Williams ca 1645 – 1716/17
married Mary ?
7. George Williams ca 1640 – 1672
8. Rowland Williams ca 1640 -1677/78

John Williams ca 1640 – 1692 | his parents
& Elizabeth Whitely | his parents
& Anne | his parents
of Virginia

I don’t think this is in final form. . . .

e-mail from Mary
“I really enjoyed your site, but I don’t think that the Lewis Williams information you have is correct. I too am a descendant of John Williams. My father was Hiram Williams and we are direct line descendants of Lewis Williams who was the father of Benjamin Williams. Here is my line:
John williams Sr/Elizabeth Whitley
c: Bridgett, Elizabeth, Richard, Jane, Theophilus, Nicholas, William and John
John Williams Jr/Ann John
c: Ann, Isaac, John, James, Arthur, Sarah, Mary and Theophilus
Theophilus Williams/? ch: Hester, John and Lewis
Lewis Williams/Ann Mary Norman
c: Nathan, Bryan, Bonita, and Benjamin

Benjamin Williams/Sarah Sally Battle
c: Mariah, Harriett, Clarissa Linnie, possibly Sarah A, possible John H and Lott Green

Lott Green Williams/Mary Jones
c: Frances L, Lewis B, James E, Thomas J, Adison B, Mary S, Sarah A, Amy A, Marion Green, Emory F, Marah J and Archibald Warren

Archibald Warren/Sarah Susan Buie
c: Cannie, Julia, Allie, Nellie, Fred, Sadie, Eugene, Wilford, Susie, Flossie and Chester

Cheste Mr Williams/Bessie Clark
Hiram (my (Mary’s) father),Chester,Marlin,Joyce,and Sue”

[Mary’s Lewis Williams is a different man from the Lewis Williams who settled in
present day Hertford County NC.]

Children of John Williams ca 1640 – 1692 and wife Anne:

*1. John Williams ca 1660/65 – 1741/42 Bertie Co
married Ann John
+ a. John Williams died 1722 Bertie Co dsp
+ b. Theophilus Williams
i. Hester Williams
ii. John Williams
iii. Lewis Williams
+ c. James Williams died 1736/37 Bertie Co
married Elizabeth ?
i. Ezekiel Williams
ii. Pheribe Williams
iii. Jerusha Williams
iv. Barbera Williams ca 1737 –
+ d. Isaac Williams
+ e. Arthur Williams
i. Arthur Williams
ii. William Williams
iii. Jesse Williams
+ f. Ann Williams
married Samuel Herring
i. Ann Herring bef. 1722 –
+ g. Sarah Williams
married Castellow
+ h. Mary Williams
married Abraham Herring brother of Samuel
*2. William Williams ca 1665 – 1712
married Mary Moore ca 1670 – dau. of George Moore
a. Samuel Williams ca 1715 – 1754 Edgecombe Co
married Elizabeth Alston ancestors of Henry W Lewis
dau of John Alston 1673-1758 and Mary Clark
b. John Williams will 1737 Edgecombe Co
married Ann ?
c. Stephen Williams
*3. Elizabeth Williams ca 1665/70 –
married Thomas Wright – 1701 Isle of Wight Co, VA
a. John Wright
b. James Wright
c. Thomas Wright
d. Joseph Wright
e. Elizabeth Wright
f. Mary Wright
*4. Bridgett Williams
married John Browne of Kingsale (?1st cousin of Dr. Sam Browne)
*5. Jane Williams
*6. Theophilus Williams
?7. Thomas Williams
?8. Mary Williams
*9. Richard Williams
*10. Nicholas Williams
? 11. Arthur Williams

John Williams Sr b 1651 in Northumberland Va. I believe his father was Roger Williams who came over in 1638 to the Isle of Wight.

He married Elizabeth Ann Whitley in 1671. She was b. 1654 and died1694. Her parents were Captain John Wheatly (spelling changed back and forth) born in Cheshire England and her mother was Ann Moss. They arrived in the Isle of Whight in 1655.

John will 3/9/1691 and his will was proved 8/9/1692. They had the following Children: Bridgett b 1676, d 1677, Elizabeth ?, Richard b 1674, d. 1675, Jane b. 1681, d 1682, Theophilus b 1684, D 1691, Nicholas b 1687, d 1749, William b 1682, d 1691 and John Jr. b 1671. There may have been 2 more, Ann who died young and Mary who also died young.

Thomas Williams ca 1640 – 1693 | his parents
& Mary | her parents
of Virginia

Children of Thomas Williams ca 1640 – 1693 and wife Mary:
1. Thomas Williams ca 1675 – 1720 Nansemond Co
married Sarah ?
2. John Williams ca 1674 – 1719
3. Richard Williams ca 1675/80 -1726
4. Arthur Williams ca 1685/90 – 1761 Southampton Co, VA
married Anne ?
a. Priscilla Williams
married William Edwards
b. Mary Williams
married ? Carrell
c. Ann Williams
d. William Williams


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  1. Looking for the identity of Ann Williams found in the 1833 will of Starkey Sharp (son of Starkey and Jemima) He calls her his sister. Could this be Ann Sun Speight? Would it be his step sister from his mothers first marriage? Did she remarry after Elisha Scull died? Does she have a daughter Ann Brown? He also mentions Elizabeth Gordon and calls her his sister even though I believe she would be his step sister. Trying to prove that Elizabeth Sharp Harrell Gordon’s father is Starkey Sharp.

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