Capt. Samuel Calvert & Mary Moseley

Capt. Samuel Calvert 1763 -1813 | his parents.
& 1789 Mary Bassett Moseley 1765 – ca 1803 | her parents.
& 1803 Frances Briggs 1779 – | her parents.

Of Norfolk Co and Courtland, Southampton Co, VA

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

SAMUEL CALVERT of Norfolk, VA married 6 April 1789 in Norfolk, VA MARY BASSETT MOSELEY daughter of John Bassett Moseley and Mary Rebecca Newton.
SAMUEL CALVERT married on the 3 Nov 1803 in Courtland, VA FRANCES BRIGGS, who was born in 1770 in Courtland, VA.

Samuel Calvert is spoken of in Southampton Co. today as “Capt. Calvert” (sea captain) was born about 1763, eldest child of Christopher and Peggy (Boush) Calvert, who were married 27 Oct 1762. His parents removed from Norfolk, VA to Courtland, VA. In 1789, Samuel was appointed the administrator of his father’s estate. The will of Samuel Calvert was dated Aug. 1, 1810, and proved Oct. 18, 1813, Southampton Co. In it he left $500 to son William, and $300 to son Marsden Calvert to complete their education. Samuel Calvert was a Mason.
Sam and all of his kin then living in Norfolk County were seafaring men. Young Sam, when he was only eleven years of age, ran away from home and went to sea with his uncles. (Later records of which the family knew nothing until recent years record that Cornelius Calvert’s sons were all seafaring people. At one time, there were ten Calvert Captains on the seas.)

Capt, Samuel Calvert of Southampton Co., VA wrote his will in 1810. His executor proved it in Southampton Co. 1813. He was at that assembling material for his home as he speaks of the building material in his will. Apparently he was building it for his young wife, (his second), Frances Briggs, to whom he willed the farms and house. This house is still in good condition being located about three miles outside of Courtland and known as the Devaney Farm. The old Calvert Coat of Arms is today in the gable, being about three feet in diameter and made of plaster casts. The date of its erection appears on the face of the Court of Arms, 1812. Evidently the builder was not spared long enough to enjoy the new home as he died during the first half of 1813 and the property passed into the hands of the Briggs and Devaney families.
Capt Calvert is buried on this farm in the family burying grounds. A large Holly Tree marks his grave. Frances Briggs Calvert, his wife, had a sister who married a Devaney. His sons, after Capt. Calvert’s death moved to NC, headed by the eldest son, Samuel, who founded Jackson, NC in 1823.

Children of Samuel Calvert and Mary Bassett Moseley:

  1. SAMUEL CALVERT16 Sept 1792 Courtland, VA – 5 Sept 1881 Jackson, NC
    married 27 Feb 1814 LOUISE COLLINS GLENN 15 Feb 1798 – 23 Nov 1816
    married 14 Feb 1823 MARGARET PROBY 1792 – 13 Nov 1866 Jackson, NC
    she was married first to SAMUEL WYNANS in Southampton Co, VA [Lost at Sea]
  2. BASSETT MOSELEY CALVERT 26 Apr 1794 – 20 May 1835 Lincolnton, NC
    1820 census listed in Hampton, Elizabeth City Co, VA – 1830 census in Warwick Co, VA
    married FRANCES WILLIAMS ROBINSON HILL 2 Mar 1799 Courtland – 1 Dec 1891
    daughter of William Hill and Mary Digges
    Mary Moseley Calvert 31 July 1819 – 10 July 1888
    married William Wickes
    2. Bassett Moseley Calvert 1824 -1824
    3. Harriett Marie Antoinette Calvert 1825 -1826
    4. William Bassett Moseley Calvert 1827 -1828
    5. Amanda Malvina Calvert 28 Nov 1829 –
    married 13 May 1848 George Finch 1826 – of Hampton, VA
    6. Caroline Frances Calvert 1831 – 1832
    7. James Edgar Calvert 30 Sept 1833 – 26 Jun 1898
    Married Addie Pope 1837 –
    a. James E Calvert 31 1855 – dy
    married 1868 Sally Ann Walton 15 May 1839 Greenville, Agusta VA – 24 Jul 1906
    i. William Walton Calvert 31 Jan 1869 –
    ii. Edgar Bassett Calvert 29 Oct 1870 –
    many years Chief of the Weather Bureau in Washington, DC retired 1941
    married 27 May 1896 Anna Stechlin of Chicago
    1. Virginia Stehlin Calvert 27 Dec 1897 –
    Married 1920 Lt. James Percival Compton USN
    iii. Addie Calvert 5 Dec 1872 – 6 Apr 1907
    iv. Binnie Frances Calvert 26 Mar 1875 –
    v. Mary John Calvert 2 Jul 1877 – 1877
    vi. Samuel Cecil Calvert 11 Mar 1880 –
    vii. Martha Digges Calvert 23 Jul 1884 –
  3. MATTHEW CALVERT 1796 -1839 (will Northampton Co, NC)
    on 1830 Census Northampton Co, NC — apparently worked at the courthouse in records
    he was witness or bondsman to over 230 marriages in Northampton County, NC
    was Clerk of the Court, Northampton County, 1830
    [His Will does not mention wife or children, and he left everything to his brother Samuel]
  4. JOHN MARSDEN CALVERT 21 June 1796 Courtland, Southampton Co., VA – 12 July 1872
    in Jackson, NC 1830 census – went South to Alabama [said to have seven children]
    Isabella M. Calvert 1823 VA – 1896 prob. Kemper Co MS.
    Married 1849 Sumter Co., AL. James Litchfield
    2. Frances Louise Calvert 11 Aug 1827 Richmond, VA – 27 Aug 1882 Mobile, AL
    married 24 March 1849 William Hubbard Clark 11 Dec 1826 Sumter Co AL – 17 Feb 1917
    He later married Sarah J. b 1842 –
    a. William Edward Clark 11 April 1850 – 26 Mar 1932 Forrest City MS
    married Catherine Breland ca 1866 – 9 Jan 1951
    b. Thomas Leonard Clark 21 June 1852 –
    c. Della Marshall Clark 18 Mar 1854 MS –
    Married in Mobile AL 1 May 1872 Henry Francis Webb 18xx – 17 Aug 1878 TN
    d. Morton Howard Clark ca 1856 –
    e. James Bernard Clark.
    f. Emma Jane Clark.
    g. Mary Alice Clark.
    h. Nora Marsden Clark.
    i. Louis Gaylord Clark.
    3. Matthew Calvert ca 1829 NC –
    4. John Calvert ca 1830 NC –
    5. James Calvert ca 1838 AL –
    6. William Calvert ca 1839 AL –
  5. WILLIAM CALVERT 30 Oct 1798 – 1 Dec 1898 Mobile, AL
    went South to Alabama
    married in Mobile 1830 Caroline Darling

Mr. S. J. Calvert has received a letter from Mobile, Ala. It announces the death of his great-uncle, Mr. William Calvert. He was the youngest son of Sam Calvert, who died at Jerusalem (now Courtland) Southampton County, Virginia, in 1810. H
Mr. Calvert was born in Norfolk, Va., March 17, 1800. He removed to Mobile in 1827, and in 1830 married Miss Caroline Darling, granddaughter of Samuel Mims. At that time, he built the house that now stands at the southwest corner of Congress and Conception. There was nothing but piney woods around him, and he had to blaze a way to th[e] town and river.
For many years he raised cotton, but afterwards engaged in mercantile persuits.
In 1858 he removed to his present home at Nannahubba Bluff.
Mr. Calvert was the oldest subscriber to The Register and for sixty years, had har[d]ly missed a single issue.
The funeral will take place at 11 o’clock today from the residence of Mrs. Helen B. Webster, corner Congress and Conception.”Mr. Samuel Calvert the oldest son, and brother of William Calvert moved to Jackson, then Northampton Court House, in December 1832 and died here Sept. 3, 1881, and is well remembered, by the people of this county. He was born Sept. 16, 1792, in Virginia.
Mr. William Calvert leaves a large estate, and having no children, willed his property to his wife’s niece. The will was made only two years ago, in his 97th year, and will be offered for probate on 23rd of this month. Of course the heirs in North Carolina will make investigations looking to a contest of the will.
“The Patron and Gleaner”, Andrew J. Conner, ed., Rich Square, [Northampton County], N.C.
Thursday, December 15, 1898 [Vol. 7, No. 50]
[excerpt from “From Time into Eternity” CD-ROM by David Powell, Winton NC: Liberty Shield Press ¬©2004]

Christopher Calvert 1736 -1789 | his parents
and Peggy Boush 1744 – 1803 | her parents
of Norfolk Co and
Courtland, Southampton Co, VA

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

CHRISTOPHER CALVERT 26 Sept 1736 – 1789
estate appraised 11 July 1789 – Southampton Co, VA
son of Cornelius Calvert died 1747 Norfolk, VA and Mary Saunders
married 27 Oct 1762 MARGARET[ PEGGY] BOUSH 1744 – 1803
dau of Samuel Boush and Frances Lawson Sayer.

  1. Capt Samuel Calvert 1763 – Oct 1813
    married 6 Apr 1789 Norfolk, VA Mary Bassett Moseley ca 1763 – 1804
    dau of Bassett Moseley d ca 1783 and Rebecca Newton
    Moseley family came to America from England in 1649

    married 3 Nov 1803 Courtland, VA Frances Briggs ca 1782 Courtland, VA –
  2. Matthew Calvert 5 Oct 1765 – 23 Jun 1814
    was named for his father’s friend Matthew Phripp, who left to his god-son Matthew Calvert
    son of Christopher, his brass barrell blunderbuss now in his father’s possession.
  3. Frances Calvert 13 Feb 1767 SH Co, VA – bef Feb 1795
    married 23 Dec 1784 Southampton, VA Albridgton Jones 1765 VA –
    he married 2nd Feb 1795 Polly Calvert ca 1771
    dau of Samuel Calvert 1743 – 1783 and Peggy Ross
    a. Margaret B Jones bef Fef 1795 – bef 9 Apr 1834
    married Griffin Styth
  4. Ann Holt Calvert 28 March 1769 – bef 9 Apr 1834
    married William Cahart
  5. Mary Sawney Calvert 22 Sept 1771 – bef 1809
    married SH Co VA 19 Sept 1793 Spencer Pierce 1769 –
    a. Samuel Pierce
    b. Bolton Pierce
    c. Peggy Pierce
    d. Fanny Pierce
  6. Cornelius Boush Calvert 22 Sept 1773 – 28 Feb 1797Chapman, “Southampton County VA 1749-1800 “–p 163
    Calvert, Christopher. Account current. Signed Samuel Calvert, adm. the heirs of the estate paid their proportional part; paid Albridgeton Jones in right of his wife Frances; Matthew Calvert; Ann Holt Calvert; Cornelius B Calvert; Samuel Calvert; Spencer Pierce in right of his wife Mary; heirs of intestate the proportional part of the estate of Cornelius B Calvert’s estate; paid Peggy Calvert widow. D. 1789 R. 1799 page 120.

“Captain Christopher Calvert and several of his brothers assisted in forming the Sons of Liberty in Norfolk, VA in 1774 to protest against the Stamp Act. See Forrest History of Norfolk During the Revolution. He served as a Captain in the Virginia Navy. See records of Committee of Safety 1775-1776: Council of Journals Ms 1776-1777; and records of the State Navy: See 8th annual report of Revolutionary Soldiers of VA; Page 80; also Southern Literary Messenger.”
1. He was the 8th son of Cornelius Calvert. Born Sept. 26, 1736, no doubt at the Calvert home located somewhere in the eastern section of Norfolk on Calvert in the Wide St.Tanner’s Creek Road territory.
2. He died about 1793 but do not know location of grave. Think it Is in St. Paul’s, unmarked.
3. He married Oct. 27, 1762 Peggy Bousch, daughter of Samuel Bousch who survived him about 10 years.
4, Had 3 sons, 3 daughters Capt. Samuel Calvert, b. 1765, Matthew Calvert, Frances (married Albrighton Jones), Mary, Cornelius Bousch, Ann Holt
5. He built and. established a home in Norfolk which in 1768 was bounded as follows: “On Wide Street to Bousch 29; West to Tanners Creek Road, thence along Wide St., South 29 311 feet to Calvert’s Lane, along Calvert Lane 61 ft. to Tanners Creek.”
6. He was an experienced mariner and. shipbuilder.
7. He was one of the founders of the Norfolk Society “Sons of Liberty” March 31, 1766.
8. In the 8th Annual Report of “Revolutionary Soldiers of Va., p. 80, Christopher Calvert is listed as follows: Captain, Navy Record of Committee of Safety 1775-16-10 Council Journals (MS) 1776-7-16
State Navy 812 Rejected Claims From Va. Historical Magazine V. I, p. 65 “Officers of Va Navy during the Revolutionary War” under list of Captains appears Christopher Calvert.
9. He left no will and his estate was settled by his eldest son Samuel of Norfolk and Southampton Co’s.
10. In April 1777 the Virginia Board of Commissions (Naval) appointed James Maxwell Superintendent of Naval construction for the state and Captain Christopher to inspect and direct the building of vessels. He was engaged in this prior however as Capt. Calvert at times directed shipbuilding in Nansemond and Southampton Counties. See two letters from the “Letter Book of the Navy Board July 15 1776, and Sept 6 1776 to Capt. Christopher Calvert” in Nansemond giving directions as to construction of certain vessels he was supervising. Samuel Maxwell married Helen Calvert, a daughter of Maximillian Calvert, or a niece of Capt. Christopher Calvert. She later married Dr. J. K. Read about 1796. They are all three buried in St. Paul’s Churchyard under practically the same stone
Burial: St. Pauls Episcopal Church Cemetery, Norfolk, VA
Source: Junius Wheeler Calvert, Jr. Memoir of all data on hand concerning Christopher Calvert on this date, 3-11-1928.

Samuel Boush 1696 – aft 1753 | his parents
& ca 1716 Ann Goodrich ca 1695 – 1724/35 | her parents
& ca 1735 Frances Lawson Sayer ca 1696 – | her parents
of Norfolk Co, VA

Samuel Boush Jr married first ca 1716 Ann Goodrich who was born in James City VA ca 1695 and died between 1724/35.
His second wife ca 1735 was Frances Lawson Sayer born in Princess Anne County VA ca 1696 daughter of Charles Sayer and Margaret Lawson.
Samuel Boush Jr was born 1696 the son of Col. Samuel Boush [ca 1651 London England – ca 1739 in Norfolk Co VA] and his wife Alice Mason Hodge Porter daughter of Col. Lemuel Mason.
Major Samuel Boush was a member of the Court of Norfolk County and served as Sheriff of the County;
one of the first three trustees of Norfolk Academy;
named as Alderman in the original charter for the Borough of Norfolk but did not qualify due to his election of the first Town Clerk of Norfolk Borough in 1736.
He served as Clerk of Norfolk County Court from June 18, 1742 to 1753.

Children of Samuel Boush Jr and Ann Goodrich:
1. William Boush ca 1716 –
2. John Boush ca 1718 –
3. Samuel Boush III ca 1720 –
4. Goodrich Boush ca 1724 –

Children of Samuel Boush Jr and Frances Lawson Sayer:
1. Arthur Boush ca 1735 –
2. Nathaniel Boush ca 1738 –
3. Mary Boush ca 1740 –
4. Charles Sayer Boush ca 1742 –
5. Margaret [Peggy] Boush 1744 – 1803
married 27 Oct 1762 Christopher Calvert 1736 – 1789

source #26, #62:


Col. Samuel Boush ca 1651 – ca 1739 | his parents
& ca 1694 Alice Mason ca 1662 – | her parents
& ca 1679 Robert Hodge – 1681
& William Porter – bef 1693

Col Samuel Boush married Alice Mason, daughter of Col. Lemuel Mason, Burgess, and widow of William Porter, Clerk of Norfolk County.
Samuel Boush was born in London, England ca 1651 the son of Maximillian Boush and Sarah Woodhouse.
Col. Samuel Boush, named in Charter as the first Mayor of Norfolk, appointed by the Crown; Justice of Norfolk County from 1691; member of House of Burgesses and churchwarden.
Alice Mason, named in her father’s will as the wife of Mr. Samuel Boush, and the widow of Mr. William Porter, must have had an earlier marriage. A will is on record wherein one Robert Hodges, 1681, states that his father-in-law was Lemuel Mason, and Alice was the name of his wife.
? Lieutenant Maximilian Boush, of the Royal Navy, devises to an uncle, Lemuel Boush.

Children of Samuel Boush and Alice Mason:
1. Mason Boush ca 1695 –
2. Samuel Boush 1696 – aft 1753
married first ca 1716 Ann Goodrich
married ca 1735 Frances Lawson Sayer
3. Anne Boush

Will of Robert Hodge 10 Sep 1681-prove 18 Oct 1681 Norfolk Co VA
by ye oaths of all ye evidences, buried with Christian burial according to ye discretion of my Executors & my two friends Anthony Lawson & Bennoni Burroughs.. in ye southside of ye Chancell in Linhaven Church.
.. unto my God son Anthony Lawson ye son of Anthony Lawson … When ye sd. Anthony is seaven years of age.
.. unto my God son Anthony Ivy.
.. & to each Godson & God Daughter I have in Virginia besides one bible & two Sermon Books.
.. unto my Eldest Brother Alex: Hodge & unto my Brothers John & Thomas Hodge & to each of their wives one mourning Ring of twenty shilllings sterl.
.. unto my brother in law Peter Shepheard & unto my sister Mary his wife to each of them one Ring of Twenty Shilling Sterl price.
… unto Joh Totle of Plymo one Ring of twenty shillings sterl price, if he bee living at my decease.
.. unto Malachi peale one ring.
.. unto Bennoni Burroughs one Ring.
.. unto Anthony Lawson one Ring.
.. unto each of my bro. Jn Hodge Children five pounds sterl a peace.
.. unto my God son peter ye son of my brother in law Peter Shepheard of Modbury ten punds sterl.
.. Unto Dorothy Rowell that was my servant two thousand pounds of tobacco & Caske.
.. unto my friend Bennoni Burroughs & his heirs for Ever all my halfe of ye tract of land, patten’d in ye name of Anthony Lawson & my selfe with land called by ye name of Chester— fforrest… my great Kearsey Coat lined with red serge & ten yards of Docoles Linnen out of my great Chest in ye Store.
.. unto my friend Anthony Lawson five pounds Sterl money.
.. Unto my ffeather in Law Coll. Lemuel Mason, my plush Saddle & furnitue.
.. my feather in law Mason & his wife to each of them one ring of twenty shillings price.
.. my dear & loving wife Alice Hodge to be my law full exectrix & whereas it is supposed ye she my said wife is with child… Remayning paret of my estate…. (if male) .. equally divided between ye mother and my sonne… & yt like wife he be possest of ye other halfe of my land after ye decease of his mothr my now wife. But if …. a female… an equall haldf of all my land, but if .. neither … and comes to age, then I doe make and ordane Robert Hodge ye son of my brother Jno Hodge of Dartsmouth, to be my lawfull heir to all my lands & in case he dies in his minority then Peter ye son of my brother in law peter Shepheard of Modbury to be my lawfull heir and if ye said peter Shepheard should die then Jn Hodge ye son of my borther Jno Hodge of Dartmo to be my lawfull heir.
.. friends Anthony Lawson & Bennoni Borroughs to be overseers.
.. my brother Jn Hodge his son Robert
.. my Eldest Brothers Children.
.. to my sister mary Shepheard in Molbury.. forty shillings to be paid to ye poore of ye pish of Modbury & a Marble stone to be sent in heere to be laid upon my grave.
Wit. David Whitford, Pat Angus, Anthony Lawson, Ben Burrough.

source #26:

Lemuel Mason ca 1628 – 1702 | his parents
& 1650 Ann Sewall ca 1635 – ca 1705 | her parents
of Norfolk Co, VA

Lemuel Mason and Ann Sewall were married about 27 Feb 1649/50 in Norfolk Co VA.

1628 – Lemuel Mason born in Norfolk Co VA, the son of Francis Mason and his 2nd wife Alice Ganey. He died before 15 Sept 1702 in Norfolk Co VA
1632 – Henry Seawell, merchant, was Burgess for Elizabeth City.
1635 – Ann Sewall was born in Norfolk Co VA ,the daughter of Henry Sewall and his wife Alice Willoughby. She had died before 15 march 1704/05.
1639 – Henry Seawell, merchant, Burgess for Norfolk Co.
1639 – 1 May Henry Seawell Jr was born – he died 1672.
1644 – Henry Seawell died – his wife Alice was administratrix.
1645 – Alice then married Matthew Phillips [Phripp]
1649 – Alice died and her second husband soon after but not before he had married Anne who was his administratrix
Henry Seawell was then to be sent to Holland for his education, in charge of Mr. Thomas Lee, spoken of as his kinsman. A deposition shows this son as born May 1, 1639, and another mentions his decease in 1672, and that his sister and heir, then the wife of Col. Lemuel Mason, was thirty-seven or thirty-eight years old. The mother of Mrs. Alice Seawell was Alee, daughter of Thomas Willoughby, who emigrated to Virginia in 1610 and became a leading merchant of the Colony; also justice of Elizabeth City in 1628, Burgess in 1629-32,and Councilor in 1644, 1646, 1650. He patented very large tracts of land in Lower Norfolk.
1649 – Francis Mason died
1649 – Lemuel Mason made a justice.
1649/50 – 27 Feb or there about Lemuel Mason and Ann Sewall are married.
1654-1657 – 1692 Lemuel Mason was burgess
1656 – Lemuel Mason was mayor.
1664-68 – Lemuel Mason was sheriff.
1680 – Colonel of militia in Lower Norfolk and the presiding justice
1695 – 17 June wrote his will
1699 – was still the Colonel of militia in Lower Norfolk
1702 – will probated
1704 – Mrs. Ann Mason’s will proved.

Children of Lemuel Mason and Ann Sewall:
1. Frances Mason aft 1652 [ca 1661] –
married 1st bef 1691 Capt. George Newton ca 1637 – 1694
married bef 1705 2nd Maj. Francis Sayer d. ca 1707
2. Thomas Mason aft 1653 – ca 1711 Norfolk Co VA
married Elizabeth ? – d NC
a. Lemuel Mason ca 1694 – 1712
b. Ann Mason
married Thomas Willoughby
c. Mary Mason
married William Ellison
3. Lemuel Mason aft 1649 Lower Norfolk Co VA – 1712 Norfolk Co VA
married ca 1670 Mary Theleball ca 1650 –
dau of James Theleball. and Elizabeth Mason
4. George Mason died ca 1711 Norfolk Co VA
married Philia Hobson
5. Elizabeth Mason
married bef 1677 William Major
maried 2nd ca 1683 Thomas Cocke ca 1638 Henrico Co VA – 1697
6. Alice Mason ca 1662 Norfolk Co VA –
married bef 1681 Robert Hodge d 1681
married bef 1692 William Porter d bef 1693
married ca 1694 Col Samuel Boush ca 1651 – ca 1739
7. Mary Mason Norfolk Co VA –
married bef 15 July 1693 Walter Cocke – d ca 1739 Southwark, Surry VA
married 2nd bef 1702 Walter Gee
8. Abigail Mason
married Francis Thelabell – d 1726
married 2nd aft 1726 Anthony Moseley
9. Ann Mason
married 1st Capt William Kendall Jr
married 2nd bef 28 Feb 1698/99 Rev. Peter Collier
10. Margaret Mason died in England
married ?
11. Dinah Mason
married 1st Robert Thoroughgood d. ca 1703 Princess Anne Co VA –
married 2nd aft 1702 Capt. Samuel Wilson
married ca 1710 3rd William Trevathen

Will of Lemuel Mason June 17, 1695, probated 1702
— sons, Thomas, Lemuel and G√©orge
— daughters, Frances, wife of Mr. George Newton;
Alice, wife of Samuel Boush, and widow of William Porter;
Elizabeth, wife of Thomas Cocke;
Margaret, wife of [paper torn], in England;
Anne, wife of Mr. Cron [or something like this, but the paper here is also mutilated];
Mary, wife of Walter Gee, and

Will of Ann Mason of Elizabeth river Parish in ye County of Norfolke Gentlewoman, dated 30 Oct 1705 – proved 15 Mar 1706/5 by Coll. Thomas Willoughby & Mrs Ann Porter. Recorded 22 Mar 1706/5.
ye death of my decd husband Coll. Lemuel Mason… Christian buriall at ye discretion of my executors here-after Named or at ye descretion of my there Sonnes Thomas, Lemuell & George Mason.
… unto my Loveing daughter ffrancis Sayer ye sume of seven pounds ten shillings… without being accountabel to her husband.
.. unto my loveing daughter Alice Boush… with out being accountable to her husband..
.. unto my Loveing daughter Mary Cock… without being accountable to her husband.
.. unto my Loeing daughter Dinah Thorowgood.
.. unto my sonne Thomas Mason.. the pair of and jrons that are in ye Chimney wher I commnly ate my Selfe, my decd. husband promising ye same to my said son Thomas above twenty years past.
… my seal Kinnned trunk.
.. and three sons … sold Executors..
. Wit. Tho Willoghby, Elizabeth Newton, Ann Porter.

in 1679 will of Mrs. Margaret Cheeseman, Frances is not named, having doubtless received the share to be given to each “on marriage or age of 21.” The others are Alice, Elizabeth, Anne, Abigail, Mary and Dinah. Margaret Mason, who lives with -, godmother, we suppose to be the daughter Margaret of Colonel Lemuel, named by him, though she is made – – – [paper torn] with Mrs. Mary Childs, and according to the order in which written in her father’s will, could not have been more than twelve years of age. To her was devised “¬£150, the lease of the house I live in, and the plate I had of John Harrison.” To Alice there was given “a great Beaker” a tankard, each to Elizabeth and Ann a great ring; and the rest of the plate to be divided among the others. She names her “Coezin, Elizabeth Thelabell,” from which we can put her down as aunt to Colonel Lemuel and his sister, the said Mrs. Thelabell. -the New England Register, Volume 42

Were Phillips and Phripp the same person?
As an instance of the miswriting of this name, when Mrs. Frances Phripp, in 1742, stood as godmother to one of the Tucker children, she was entered in their bible as Mrs. Frances Phreep. Late Mrs. Mary Phrip Phripp, in the same office, was Mrs. Streep. The name died out in Norfolk when Matthew died without children of his own, and in 1780 devised a large estate to those of his sister, Mrs. Stephen Wright. He had a brother who married Mrs. Mary Anne Walke (her third husband), leaving a son and daughter, the wife of Dr. James Ramsay. The son married in 1793 Miss Sallie Kieling, but must have left Norfolk, or died without issue.

Book B, Lower Norfolk Co., VA, 2 Nov. 1646 – 15 Jan. 1651:
9 Apr 1649, Att a Court Holden Att James Citty
Present: Sir William Berkeley Knt. Gov. &c Mr. Richard Kempe, Capt. Samll Mathews, Tho. Stegg, Capt. Humphrey Higginson, Geo. Ludlowe, Mr. Henry Woodhouse & Mr. John Hill shall bee of the Quorum in the Commission of Lower Norfolk County.
Lemuel Mason hath made it appear upon oath that there is due unto him 400 acres of land for the transportation: Margaret Clitherby? (Nu gives Mary Eitherby), Dorothy Winckford (or Wayne Ford), ROBERT RUSSELL, Tho. Wards, Sarah Walker, Margaret Evefines?, Tho. Reinolds & ROBT WINTER. (Nu 187 – gives Pat. to Hen. Brakes for 250 acres 13 Mar 1649 with the first 5 headrights listed in this certificate. Nothing in Nu on Lemuel Mason for this certificate.

source #10:


Lt. Francis Mason ca 1584 – 1648 | his parents
& 1606 Mary Dickman bef 1591 – bef 1624 | her parents
& ca 1624 Alice Ganey ca 1596 – aft 1653 | her parents
of England and Lower Norfolk Co, VA

ca 1584 – Francis Mason was born in England son of Francis Mason [1566 – Dec 1621 London, England].

1606, 17 Aug in England Francis Mason married Mary Dickman in England.
1613 – Lt. Francis Mason came to America, with his wife Mary and child.
ca 1623 – Francis Mason married Alice Ganey ca 1596 – aft 1653
1624, April 2 – muster of inhabitance of Basse Choice in VA on 2-4-1624 inc
Francis Mason aged 40 who came in the John and Francis in 1613,
Alice Mason, aged 26 came in the Margaret and John in 1622 and
Francis Mason, Jr. b in VA (son of Mason 1st wife).
1624/25, 7 Feb – on muster at “Elizabeth Cittie” in Virginia
Mason, Francis . . . . . . . . . 40 Arrived on the John and Francis in 1613
Mason, Alice . . . . . . . . . . 26 Arrived on the Margett and John in 1622
Mason, Francis . . . . . . . . . — Born in Virginia
1648 Francis died 10 Aug/1 Nov Lower Norfolk Co VA.

Children of Francis Mason and Mary Dickman:
1. Anne Mason ca 1610 England –
married 1640 William Stafford 1608 – 1644
a. William Stafford II ca 1641 –
married 2nd Rev. John Cluverius
“Ann Mason was born in England about 1610 to Lieutenant Francis Mason and his wife Mary. The family came to America in 1613 on the ship “John and Francis” which landed in Jamestown,Virginia in 1613. Ann probably went back to England for schooling as she is not shown in her father’s household in the census taken for 1624. She is shown returning on the ship “Merchants Hope”in 1634. She married William Stafford who had come to America as an indentured servant and lived in her father’s home. They married in 1640 and stayed in Elizabeth City for a short while then moved over to York County. They had one son William Stafford II. William Stafford died and his estate inventory was presented to the court in York County on March 3, 1644. Ann married for the second time Rev. John Cluverius.”
2. Francis Mason Jr.

Children of Francis Mason and Alice Ganey:
1. Elizabeth Mason ca 1625 – aft 12 Dec 1702 Norfolk Co VA
married ca 1637 James Theleball bef 1613 France -ca 15 Sep 1693 Lower Norfolk Co VA
James Thilaball of Eliz River River Parish in the County of Lower Norfolk Gent.
Dated 3 Aprill 1692- proved 15 Sep 1693 by Coll. Lemuell Mason & Mr Thomas Mason.
.. Well striken in years.. buried in Christian namor
.. unto my loveing son ffrancis Thelball one hundred Acres of land , more or less, lying neare the plantation, formerly belonging to Wm Doughan Decd, which Son Lemuel noe decd, and now the above said Ffrancis and his heirs forever.. one Negro woman.. one Negro boy… a high bed steed & a feather bed… with green curtains & Dallians, with slk fring ana Greene Woosted Rugg… a Hamaker… another feather bed & boulster which Comonly Lyeth on the Trundle bed steed with a white Rugg and long table with fforne to itt & a Joyners Cubbard & a Chaire of Joyners Worke… a great Copper kettle & two pott Racks.. One Iron Spitt, and Samal pr. of Andjrons & a paire of Helleards and a paire of Brass Skales with fower pnds of brass weights & a Cross Cutt Sawe, and fower iron Wedges & a silver porringer & two solver spoons mark I T E & three pewter dishes & a pewter bason the aforsaid goods bequeathed to my said son ffrancis are not to be delivered him, until after the decease of my wife Elizabeth with out her consent and likeing.
– I give and bequeath unto my loving Son James Theobald a Negro girle.. one feather bed and boulster, and a paire of Sheets with comonly Lyeth in the Shedd at the End of the Dwelling house & a blew Woosted Rugg & a flock bedd, one silver salt cellar, two silver spoons marked ITE & one brass Morer & Pestle & one pewter faggon & on e Coper still & one large Chest With a double Locke & one toole Chest and all the tools therein & One par of great Andjrons & One iron Spitt & one Anvill. Not to bee delivered untill after the Decease of my Wife Elizabeth with out her consent and likeing.
… unto my loving daugher Margaret Langley theree Silver spoons, and one silver wroght wine cup & one smale copper kettle & & one smale pewter still, … a brass warning pann
… unto my loving daughter Elizabeth Langeley, one Negro girle… three Silver Spoons & one Smooth Silver wine Cupp & one Smale Copper Kettle.
… unto my loving Daughter Mary Chichester, one silver beere bole, one silver dram cupp, one smale silver spoone, one couch and feather bed and pillow in it & a rugg.
.. unto my loving Cosen Wm. Porten all my ffrench books
… my said wife Elizabeth my whole & sold Executor.
Wit. Lemuel Mason, Thomas Mason, Mary Mason. County Wills 1637-1710 by Charles Fleming McIntosh @1914 The Colonial Dames of America in the State of VA.
2. James Mason 1626 Elizabeth City VA – 1678 VA
married Mary Wade
a. Francis Mason 1647 Charles City VA – 1696 Surry Co VA
married Elizabeth Ashton 1648 VA – 1712 Va
i. James Mason 1671 Surry Co VA – 1701 Surry Co VA
married Elizabeth Duke 1670 VA –
ii. Frances Mason Surry Co VA –
married Thomas Holt
b. James Mason
i. Isaac Mason
3. Lemuel Mason ca 1628 Norfolk VA – 1702 Norfolk Co VA
married Ann Sewall
4. Alice Mason ca 1630 – 1708 Norfolk VA

Two depositions, from Lieut. Francis Mason, are quoted: the statement that he was 42 in 1637 and, therefore, born in 1595, is generally accepted. Another that he was 40 in 1628, or seven years older. the Baltimore Sun of April 9, 1905

the emigrant came over on the “John and Francis,” with his wife, Mary, and daughter, Ann, in 1613. Hotten

He was magistrate, justice and vestryman of Lower Norfolk. His second wife came to Virginia in 1622, in the “Margaret and John.” She was born 1626 (1626) (Dep.). There are other accounts, which affirm that an early Francis and James were half brothers of Colonel Lemuel Mason. James Mason was as prominent in Surry as was Lemuel in Lower Norfolk. He held large grants there, as well as in lsle of Wight, and in 1652 was a member of the Council.

“Some time before 1626, Francis Mason was assigned 50 acres of land in Charles City, but he never settled this. After a trip to England, for which he was granted passage on October 1626, he returned to Virginia and settled in that part of Elizabeth City which, in 1636, became New Norfolk County, where his land is of record 1635, in a patent to Thomas Willoughby, and in 1636 in one to William Julian. An act of Assembly, Jan. 6, 1639/40 named him as a tobacco viewer for the Western Branch to Elizabeth River.”

“His plantation may be identified through the patent issued Aug. 31, 1642 to Lieut. Francis (1) Mason for 1,250 acres at “Hogpen Point,” near land of Capt. Thomas Willoughby. His headrights included Francis Mason, Mary Mason his first wife, Ann Mason his daughter, and Alice Gany his second wife …” “from Lower Norfolk County Records, WIlls and Deeds C, December 15th 1651:

“Recorded 15 Jan 1651/1. Dated 7 Nov 1648. Agreement betw Alice Mason, widow and relict of Mr. Francis Mason, dec’d and Mr. Lemuell Mason of the one part and Mr. James Thelaball of the other part. (1) ‘That the samd Lemuel Mason shall uppon demand give and assure unto the said Mr. Thelaball the Lands called the Mayne right against Hogg Iland being about Two hundred acres, which the one halfe of the said Hogg Iland, which Hogg Iland is to be devided by fower men to be indifferenly chosen, or by the said Lemuel and James, one of them to make the devision, and tht other to choose as they shall best agree’. (2) Alice and Lemuel to give James “two thousand foote of sawen planke”. (3) Alice and Lemuel to give James “as much glasse and leade, as to make fower such glasse windowes as are in the now dwelling house wherein they remayne”. (4) “That the said Alice and Lemuel shall uppon demand give and Deliver unto the said James Six silver spoones”. Signed Alice Mason, Lemuell Mason, James Thelaball.
Wits: Tho. Lambert, Rich. Conquest, John Sibsey, Math. Phillippes. … ”

2nd wf of Francis Mason was Alice Ganey, who with Margerie Ganey were among the first named by Mason’s headrights in 1622. She came to America in 1622 on the “Margarett and John.” Her sister Margaret or Margerie Ganey may have married John Cheesman or John Chisman, as a woman with that name recorded in her will that she was the aunt of Lemuel Mason and Elizabeth Thelaball.

source #3:

Corrections and Additions welcomed

family notes from Blanche Clark, Geneva Barrow, Sara Glidden, Patsy Andrews,
Junius W Calvert Jr, Paul Calvert, James Moore, Henry Lewis,
obits, gleanings from “Footprints in Northampton County 1741-1776-1976”
“Desc. of Virginia Calverts” compiled by Ella Foy O’Gormon 1947
and from several internet sources including
The Library of Virginia on line

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  1. Col. Lemuel Mason has a deed dated 1690 giving 1/3 tract of land to George and Abigail Craford. Captain William Craford purchased the land on behalf of his grandchildren, Abigail Craford and William Craford as their father, George Craford ( possibly their mother, Abigail) died before 1692, the year of that transaction. The land purchase was called White’s Island. Seeing Abigail Mason did not die and married twice more will have me looking for those records. Thank you.

  2. Sarah Calvert married Lemuel Thorowgood, also spelled Thoroughgood, not Adam. After his death, she remarried only once. This can be easily seen if one bothers to check primary sources, such as her Revolution War pension record, Princess Anne County marriage bonds, chancery records, and Lemuel’s will, just to mention a few original source records, most online that have been ignored in your research of her.

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