Martha Lawrence & Joseph Parker

The Bertie Parkers

Joseph Parker 1735? – 1798 | his parents scroll down
& ca 1758 Martha Lawrence 1738/43 – aft April 1787 | her parents
& ca 1788 Amelia King 1762 – 1816 | her parents
of Bertie County NC

Joseph Parker married ca 1758 Martha Lawrence.
Joseph Parker was born ca 1735 in Bertie County the son of James Parker 1711 – 1761. [monument in cemetery– those dates are not correct] and wife Sarah.

Martha Lawrence was born 1738/1743 in Bertie County the daughter of Robert Lawrence ca 1690 – 1744 and wife Elizabeth.

Martha was living in 7 April 1787 when her sister Elisabeth Sprewell wrote her will. Martha may have been dead by 17 Feb 1788 when Elisabeth had added this statement to her will — “what corn and meat is left after my decease, I desire my two Brothers may have the disposal of.” In the body of the will “Item I give and bequeath to my two Brothers and Sister to wit Robert Lawrence, John Lawrence & Martha Parker all the Articles unmentioned in the will Equally to be divided betwixt them I say to them and their Heirs forever.”
after Martha’s death, he married 2nd Amelia King 1762 – 1816, the daughter of Henry King and his wife Elizabeth.

I am not certain whether Ann is Martha’s youngest child or Amelia’s only child.
I think she may be the child whose birth killed her mother.

Martha Lawrence ca 1743 – aft 1788 and Joseph Parker had:
1. Richard Parker ca 1759 – ca 1797 Edgecombe Co.
married 7 Oct 1780 Elizabeth King
daughter of Michael King and Mary Hobson
2. Joseph Parker ca 1763 – ca 1798
3. Elizabeth Parker ca 1767 –
married 28 March 1787 John Hobson King
a. Thomas Barnes [Benjamin] King
4. Thomas Parker ca 1771 – 1807 Bertie Co
married Sarah
a. Mary Parker
? married 7 Oct 1833 William Cone
5. Reuben Parker 26 Dec 1776 – Jan 1850 Bertie Co, NC
died after 9 days of Pneumonia – mortality schedule – farmer
his place of birth given as “Burkfield”, Bertie Co., NC
married 15 Aug 1806 Barbara Slade King 1788 – aft 1850
Bertie County Marriage Bonds
6. James Parker ca 1780 – Feb 1805 dsp Bertie Co
7. Sarah G. [Sally] Parker ca 1784 – aft 1816
married bef 1816 Thomas Clark King 1795 -ca 1827
8. Ann Parker ca 1787 –
married bef 1816 ? Sutton

Bertie Co DB H – 288 James Parker, Sen & wife Sarah to Joseph Parker . . . ”
5 April 1756. 10 pds for 100 A. “. . .by my son Joseph Parker . . .” Land on NS Roquist
Wit: Joanthan Standley, William King. April Ct 1756.

H – 298 Joseph Parker to Robert Howell 5 April 1756. 10 pds for 100 A. on NS Roquist Swamp
Wit: Jonathan Standley, William King. April Ct 1756. Benjamin Wynns C/C

June 1770 Ordered that Frances Larrence whom Thomas Sutton claims as his indented Servant be and remain with her Uncle Joseph Parker till next Court when she is to appear.

Sept 1770 Ordered that Francis Larrence the apprentice of Thomas Sutton be Discharged from his service for (having used her-marked through) not having done his duty as a Master.

June 1771 Frances Lawrence orphan of George Lawrence dec came into the court & chose James Perry to be her guardian. Bond: Joseph Parker & Humphrey Lawrence

In 1798 when he wrote his will Joseph was married to Amelia King [?1762 – 1800]
Abstract of Joseph’s Bertie County wills by David H Gammon
Joseph Parker E-184 15 Mar 1798 proved Feb Ct 1803 – being weak in body –
To Elizabeth Parker (widow of my son Richard Parker dec’d) – lend Negroes until her youngest child that is already born shall reach the age of twelve and then I give the Negroes to the eight children, sons and daughters of my son Richard dec’d
Son Joseph Parker -Nergroes and personal property
Daughter Elizabeth King – Negroes
Son Thomas Parker – Negroes and 16 dollars
Son Reuben Parker – Negroes, bed, and saddle
Son James Parker – land and plantation where I now live (under 21)
Daughter Sarah Parker – Negro Bess, bed and plates
Daughter Ann Parker – Negro Winny, bed, etc (under twelve)
Wife Amelia – lifetime right to the plantation
Sons to receive their legacy at the age of twenty-one and my daughters at eighteen or marriage.
EX: son Thomas Parker, son-in-law John Hobson King
Wit: John Clark, Jacob Garrett, Henry King, Allen Williams

James Parker E-248 1 Feb 1805 Feb Ct 1805 – being very sick and weak in body –
200 acres of my piney lands are to be sold to pay my debts.
lend mother Amelia Parker Negro George and at her death to my brother Thomas Parker.
Sisters Sarah and Ann Parker – lend land and plantation after my mother’s death until they are married and then to my brother Reuben Parker.
Sister Elizabeth King – cow and calf
to the children of my brother Richard Parker – 10 sh. each.
Sisters Sarah Parker and Ann Parker – my remaining estate.
Ex: (none) Wit: Richd. Arnold, Allen Williams, Joshua Rhoades.

Thomas Parker F-67 16 Sept 1807 Nov Ct 1807 — being weak of body —
Wife Sarah Parker — lend all my land and plantation and at her death to my daughter Mary Parker.
Daughter Mary – Negroes and remaining property.
Ex: James Allen, James Penny
Wit: Joseph Moore, Turner (x) Carter

Amelia Parker, 16 April 1816 Aug Term 1816
Son Reuben Parker
Daughters Sarah King and Ann Sutton
Grandson Thomas Barnes King
Test: Ann Clark, Ann B P Clark

Richard Parker ca 1759 – ca 1797 | his parents
& Elizabeth King | her parents
of Bertie and Edgecombe Counties NC

Richard Parker ca 1759 – ca 1797 Edgecombe Co. married 7 Oct 1780 Elizabeth King daughter of Michael King and Mary Hobson

Children of Richard Parker and Elizabeth King:
1. Thomas B. Parker ca 1782 –
married Elizabeth Suit – ca 1818
a. Richard Parker May 1818 –
married Elizabeth Eleaner Parker 20 May 1822 – 23 May 1849
dau of Jonathon Hobson Parker and Dorothy Burgess
2. Mary H. Parker 1785 –
3. Richard Parker 21 March 1787 –
4. Michael King Parker 29 Sept 1792 –
5. Jonathon Hobson Parker 14 Feb 1794 – 10 Jan 1846 KY
married Dorothy Burgess 14 Oct 1796 – 10 Jan 1873 KY
a. Richard Allen Willams Parker 26 Dec 1815 – 6 Mar 1845
b. Dempsey Burgess Parker 27 Oct 1817 NC – 29 Dec 1898 KY
c. William McChristy Parker 14 Jan 1820 –
d. Elizabeth Eleaner Parker 20 May 1822 – 23 May 1849
e. James Burgess Parker 11 Jan 1825 –
f. Robert Hodge Parker 29 Mar 1827 –
g. Mary Sylvester Parker ?26 Jun 1827 –
h. Henry Clay Parker 24 Jan 1832 – 24 May 1847 dsp
i. Lueza Enfield Parker 23 Apr 1834 – 23 Aug 1841
j. Josiah Nellems Parker 12 Nov 1836 – 6 Mar 1847
6. Elizabeth Parker 1796 –

Reuben Parker 1776 – 1850 | his parents
& Barbara Slade King 1788 – aft 1850 | her parents
of Bertie County NC

Reuben Parker 26 Dec 1776 – Jan 1850 Bertie Co, NC
died after 9 days of Pneumonia – mortality schedule – farmer
his place of birth given as “Burkfield”, Bertie Co., NC
married 15 Aug 1806 Barbara Slade King 1788 – aft 1850
Bertie County Marriage Bonds

Children of Reuben Parker and Barbara Slade King:
1. John S Parker 1806 – shoemaker
married Emmaline ? 1812 –
a. George Parker ca 1833 – shoemaker
married aft 1860 M. E. Bazemore
b. Joseph J Parker ca 1836 –
c. Martha A Parker ca 1839 –
d. Thomas Henry Parker 1841 – 1892 Bertie Co
married Roxanne Pritchard 1851 – 1892
1. Lewis Outlaw Parker 15 Aug 1878 – 21 Jan 1933 Lewiston, NC
married Sallie Jane Lawrence 20 Aug 1882 – Oct 1957 Franklin, VA
e. Cullen Parker ca 1844 –
f. James R Parker ca 1845 –
g. Asa Parker ca 1848 –
h. Henrietta Parker ca 1855 –
1860 Census Bertie Co John Parker 53 m Shoe & Boot Maker 240 100; Emma 49 f,
George 27 m shoe and boot maker; Thomas 19; Cullen 16; James R. 15; Asa 12; Henrietta 5 f
2. Hester Ann Parkter ca 1809 – sp in 1850
3. William George Parker ca 1820 —
? 4. Henry King Parker ca 1828 blacksmith
married Fruza ?
a. William D Parker ca 1848 –
b. Winafred A Parker ca 1849 –
5. Thomas Parker mentioned in Reuben’s will


Thomas Clark King 1795 – ca 1827 | his parents
& Sally G [Sally] Parker ca 1784 – | her parents
of Bertie and Edgecombe Counties NC

Sarah G. [Sally] Parker ca 1784 –
married bef 1816 Thomas Clark King 1795 -ca 1827

Children of Thomas Clark King and Sally Parker:
1. Joseph H. King 1815 –
2. Elizabeth Ann King 1810 –
married Mr. Chuson
a. George Chuson ca 1837 – miller
b. John Chuson ca 1845 –
c. Abel Chuson ca 1848 –
3. Emmaline King
4. Thomas Washington King
5. Sarah Louisa King 1825 – 1870
married 30 Oct 1845 Lewis W Pruden ca 1814 – 1855
married 2nd James Eley Newsome

The Bertie Parkers

James Parker 1711? – 1761 | his parents
& Sarah ? 17?? – 17?? | her parents
of Bertie County NC

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

Uncertain as to who this James’s father was; he was not son of William, son of Thomas, son of Richard, son of William per research of Ray Fouts in her book “Following the Land”
But there was a Francis Parker in early Bertie County — will look at him tomorrow.

? “Caesar, a slave belonging to James Parker, was executed about 1762 for the murder of his master.”

The family cemetery is usually located in the garden of their home place.
Bertie County NC – This Parker cemetery is located on the land of Mr. Edwin Parker, on the sandy ridge that runs from Windsor to Lewiston, Bordering the Roquist Swamp. It is About 1 mile west of Drew Station on Hwy 308 on the Pritchard road. File contributed for use in USGenWeb Archives by David Hoggard
one large monument reading;

Parker Cemetery
resting hereby is
James Parker
Pioneer Settler
1670 – 1761
His son Joseph
1711 – 1798
His son Rueben
1776 – 1820
and Their Families
erected by
Henry Gilliam Parker 1977

I picked up a copy of The Historical News newspaper, Vol.22 No. 50-NC (July 2002) when I went to Windsor, NC recently. In it there is an article named “The People of Bertie”. Here is quote from that article re. James Parker, 1670 to 1761 — “Caesar, a slave belonging to James Parker, was executed about 1762 for the murder of his master. Four years later Moses and Toddy, slaves owned by Cullen Pollock, were hanged for unspecified crimes.”
e-mail from Mary Parker Perkins

Children of James Parker and Sarah:
1. Joseph Parker ca 1735 – 1798 Bertie Co NC
married Martha Lawrence
married Amelia King
?2. Sarah Parker ca 1730 –
married ca 1745 George Lawrence ca 1725 – 1755
married 2nd ca 1757 Thomas Sutton ca 1721 – 1777

June 1770 Ordered that Frances Larrence whom Thomas Sutton claims as his indented Servant be and remain with her Uncle Joseph Parker till next Court when she is to appear.

Inventory of James Parker’s estate 12 May 1761 by Joseph Parker, including Negroes Cato, Peter, Phillis, Hager, Jude, Cuffee, and Renny. Account of sale 14 Aug 1761 by Joseph Parker exr. in which the buyers were William King, Edward Van, Benjamin Perry, Thomas Sutton, Joseph Parker and Mikel King.

Could some of these buyers be married to daughters of James Parker
?3. Mary Parker
married Benjamin Perry ca 1731 – 1794

Will of Edward Vann 4 Apr 1770 – Sept Ct 1770 Bertie County
“. . .being sick and weak of body. . . ”
Son William Vann – my plantation and land where I live, reserving their use for my wife Mary Vann.
Wife Mary Vann -lend Negro Nane for her lifetime with reversion to my daughter Mary Vann.
Son William Vann – lend Negroes Dick, Tarte, Nat and Beck until my son King Vann is twenty one.
Daughter Elisebeth – Negro Beck when she marries or is twenty one.
Son William Vann – all that is due me and the use of the Negroes I have loaned him, and he is to maintain his mother and younger children.
Son King Vann – Negro Tarte.
Daughter Sarah Vann – Negro Nat.
Son William Vann – Negro Dick.
Son Cader Vann – land on the south of Roquis Swamp between Thomas Leary and Mary Hill.
Son Cader Vann- Negor Pat.
Son King Vann – land on Cashi Swamp, also cow and calf, bed, etc.
Wife Mary – bed.
Ex: son William
Wit: Michael King, Wm. King, Charles King

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  1. I am seeking any help on establishing history of a family member.

    Joseph W Parker

    I have been able to find almost nothing of his history.

    I know that he married Emaline Helton in Carter County TN in 1855.
    The family appears on the TN census in 1860 and he states his age as 28 which would indicate he was born in 1832. He states he was born in NC.

    Their household is indicated as Indian in their race. His wife’s parents who live close by are also so noted as such and their Native American ancestry is well documented.

    I can find nothing about him. I have looked through every Parker I can find.
    Also he died somewhere around 1866 or 1867 as their last child was born in 1867.
    I find no death records on him. His widow stayed alone until her death and there is little known about where she is even buried.

    When I research Parkers, I find nothing on this man.

  2. Do you know of a Newborn Newton Parker from Chowan County who lived 1828-1860 and married Sarah Webb from Edenton? I wondered if he was connected to the family you have posted.

    Jerry Peele
    Eastman, Georgia

  3. Hi, just discovered my father is a descendant of Henry King Sr (daughter Sarah King m Charles Saunders). Your site is great.
    One thing though, Been working on the Barnes side of the family (Thomas Barnes died 1782, daughter Millie Parker in will in Gates County). I believe that it is Millie “Amelia” Barnes who married Joseph Parker and not Amelia King. This explains the grandson Thomas Barnes King I think. Millie’s sister Charlotte “Lotty” was married to Charles King (son of Elizabeth (sarah’s sister) and cousin William King. Reuben Parker buys items in their estate. The Barnes, King and Parker Families are all intertwined and neighbors from the estates I am finding.

    Dad’s descended as follows, his great grandfather
    John Sanders Barnes, illegitimate son of John Barnes and Mary “polly” Sanders. She is daughter of Henry Sanders (can’t find wife yet).
    Henry Sanders is the son of Sarah King and Charles Saunders.
    Sarah King is the daughter of Henry King Sr., and then from there it is William and then Michael King.

    John Barnes is I believe the son of Richard Barnes, but Richard’s brother Benjamin also has a son John. Either way, the grandparents are the same as both brothers married daughters of Isaac Pipkin and Charity Goodman.

    Richard and Benjamin Barnes are the sons of Thomas Barnes who died in 1782. Thomas I believe married Elizabeth Blanchard in 1759 Chowan records. That same year Thomas Barnes received part of the estate of RIchard Barnes and his wife Mary in Chowan.

    Thomas and Elizabeth Barnes had three sons
    Thomas Barnes died in 1815, Richard Barnes who died in 1814, and Benjamin Barnes who died in 1809. Their daughters
    Millie Parker, Elizabeth who married Henry Goodman, Parthena “Bethany” who married James Goodman, Sarah who married Peter Parker, Lotty who married Charles King and Catey who I haven’t found information on.

    1. Your Millie would not have married before 1782 to this Joseph Parker as he was still married to Martha Lawrence who died after 1787.
      But wouldn’t be surprised that a connection exists.
      Keep up the good research. Sally

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