Philip, Jack and Godwin Moore

Sally’s Great Grandparents: 4th page Grandchildren
Children of Philip, Jack and Godwin

Grandchildren of John Wheeler Moore & Ann James Ward:
2nd part

John and Ann
Children of Bessie, Charles and Julia
Children of Arthur

Philip StJohn Moore 12 Mar 1864 Murfreesboro – 1928 OH
& 6 Jan 1885 Lizzie Campbell 1862 Weldon – 1951 NYC
& 16 Nov 1895 Myrtie Curtis 23 Nov 1876 – 13 Feb 1961 OH
of Ohio

Philip StJohn Moore 1864 – 1928

Philip St John Moore & Lizzie Campbell of Weldon, NC had:
The official reason why they were divorced was that he got a job in West Virginia and she wouldn’t leave her mother to go with him.”

Lizzie Moore ca 1946

Aunt Lizzy
Aunt Lizzy

Robert, Campbell, and Philip Moore ca 1895

1. John Campbell Moore 20 Feb 1886 Mapel Lawn – 30 Dec 1967
Retired as a vice-president of Garrett’s Wine Company
married Lillian __ no issue
2. Philip St John Moore 22 Sept 1888 Weldon, NC – 27 Oct 1969 Norfolk, VA
Captain United States Merchant Marines World Wars I & II

Lt. Commander Philip S. Moore

Capt. Philip StJohn Moore

Capt. Philip StJohn Moore 1949 at Maple Lawn

married ca 1919 Mary Binford Sledge 5 Aug 1889-

Philip & Mary S. Moore aboard the Joseph Cudabee
ca 1919


From left to right:Jesse Valentine, son of Samuel Binford Valentine (2nd child of Amaryllis Powers Valentine)
Capt Philip Moore, Mary Binford Sledge Moore,
Charlotte Hall, friend, “Mary Lib” Moore Fairweather

a. Philip St. John Moore 1920 – 22 Feb 2010 Hilton Head SC

Philip III at one with his parents

married Ellen Louise Smithwick 1924 – ca 1999
i. Philip St. John Moore IV e-mail
Phil supplied many of the above pictures and notes
“I have them stored in my computer and can run off
8x11photo quality prints for anyone who wants them.”

ii. William S [Bill] Moore
iii. Mary Ellen Moore
iv. Louis Jordan Moore
b. Mary Elizabeth Moore 1922 –
married Wellington Boles Fairweather
i. Samuel Ross Fairweather
ii. John S Fairweather
c. John Campbell Moore 1924 – ca 1960
killed in auto accident
married 1st Catherine Buehl

i. Mary Patricia [Tisha] Moore
1. Hannah Wright e-mail
ii. Jacky Moore
married Puchalski
married Freda Carlon Jones
i. John C Moore Jr.
ii. Aimee Sue Moore
iii. Thomas Binford Moore
iv. Robert Jones Moore
d. Martha/Marty Binford Moore 1925 –
married Frank West Bennett
i. Frank W Bennett
ii. Robert L Bennett
iii. Rieley B Bennett
iv. Stuart StJohn Bennett
e. Whitfield Sledge Moore 1927 – 2 May 2015
married Lenore Talbott 4 Dec 1927 Norfolk VA – 13 April 2004
WATERLILY – On April 13, 2004, Lenore Talbott MOORE was able to let go of the beautiful life she has lived on earth. Born in Norfolk on Dec. 4, 1927, she was the daughter of the late Florence Gould TALBOTT and Francis Herbert TALBOTT. A lifelong Tidewater resident, she lived in the Great Bridge area for more than 40 years. Lenore’s love of children, the water and all things that grow from the earth will be dearly missed by her family and friends, as well as her laughter and indomitable spirit. Mrs. MOORE is survived by her husband, Whitfield S. MOORE; five children, Hugh M. POWELL, M.D., John T. POWELL, Stephen F. POWELL, Kevin E. POWELL and Ann Moore MILLER; seven grandchildren; five step-grandchildren; and one sister, Frances Talbott NAYLOR. A graveside service will be conducted at 2 p.m. Thursday in Forest Lawn Cemetery. .. (The Virginian-Pilot – Wednesday, April 14, 2004)

Whit and Lenore Nov 2000

i. Hugh M Powell
ii. Stephen F Powell
iii. John T Powell
iv. Kevin E Powell
v. Ann Campbell Moore
married Miller
3. Robert Edwards Moore 29 June 1891 Weldon, NC – 9 Sept 1968 AL

Retired as a vice-president of A T & T
Robert Edwards Moore

married 1st 1926** Edith Kathryn [Polly] Durrett 1 Oct 1895 – 23 May 1968 AL
a. Julia Elizabeth Moore 1928 St Louis MO – of Birmingham AL dec
married 30 May 1953 Ft Worth TX Leon Davis Sockwell
27 Sept 1924 Tuscumbia AL – 14 Sept 2005 Tuscumbia AL
divorced 27 Aug 1975
i. Cynthia Anne [Cindy]Sockwell 1954 Tuscumbia AL –
married 1979 Chicago IL James Virden Long
divorced 1982
married 1991 Houston TX Paul Russell Shellum
ii. Mark Durrett Sockwell 11 Oct 1957 Florence AL – 11 June 2006
married 1980 Marion Denise George
1. Austin George Sockwell 1989 Birmingham AL –
2. Tyler Moore Sockwell 1994 Birmingham AL –
married 1977 T Edwin Boling
divorced 1984
b. Nancy Durrett Moore 1933 – e-mail
married G C Clegg **

i. Stephen Clegg
ii. Karen Clegg
iii. Richard Clegg
married Mert Freudenthal d. 14 March 2015

Julia, Polly, and Nancy Moore – 1944

Nan and Mert Freudenthal

Nan’s Children in Hawaii 1996
Rick Clegg, Karen Clegg, and Steve Clegg

married 2nd 1949 Vivian Ruopp 1905 NY – 1958 FL
married 3rd 1962 Edith Kathryn [ Polly] Durrett 1 Oct 1895 – 23 May 1968 AL

Uncle Philip’s 2nd family:

Philip St John Moore & Myrtie Curtis of Ohio had:
in 1920 this family was living in Texas

ca 1913 Philip St John Moore and wife Myrtie
standing: Wallace, Angie, and Max

1. Wallace E Moore 1896 – 13 Apr 1963
married Ruth —- no issue
2. Max Philip Moore 4 June 1897 – 4 Oct 1968 Curtice OH
married 21 Jan 1930 Mary Ann Bryson 14 Oct 1898 – ?
3. Angie Ruth Moore 1900 – 1914

Children of Max and Mary Ann:

The Moores… Phil, MaryAnn… Peggy… Ed… Sally…Pat and Tom.

a. Philip John Moore 6 Oct 1931 –

Philip 1954

married 26 Dec 1953 Beverly Ann Heising 13 Mar 1935 –
i. Rebecca Lynne Moore 27 Mar 1963 – 27 Sept 1966

b. Mary Ann Moore 26 Nov 1932 –
married 16 Aug 1951 Edward Lewis Moore 28 May 1929 –
i. Edward Lewis Moore II 1952 –
ii. Debra Ruth Moore 1955 –
iii. Kathleen Mary Moore 1956 –
iv. Patricia Ann Moore 1962 –
v. Robert Edward Moore 1964 –

Mary Ann, Eddie and children 1954

c. Margaret Moore 3 May 1934 –
married 7 Feb 1953 Owen Norbert Lerch 14 Mar 1933 –
i. Laurence Dean Lerch 1956 –
ii. Ronald Lee Lerch 1958 –
iii. Susan Marie Lerch 26 Feb 1960 – 4 May 1960
iv. Laurie Marie Lerch 1961 –
v. Lisa Marie Lerch 1963 –

Peggy and Bud 1953

d. Edward Wallace Moore 30 June 1935 –
married 28 Jan 1956 Shirley Delane Murray 1935 –

Edward 1954

i. Edward Wallace Moore Jr 1956 of Alaska. – 2022

edmoore edmoore2

Bobbie and JT’s Wedding in April ’05
Ed stands in front of their nuptial carriage
straight from the Alaskan Winter

1. Roberta [Bobbie] Moore
married 2005 J T Whetsell
a. John Whetsell 2007 –
b. Jack Whetsell 2008 –
c. Jacob Whetsell 2014 –

John and Jack – Easter 2012

ii. Stephen Eugene Moore 1957 –
iii. Philip Lee Moore 1960 –
iv. Tim Michael Moore 1961 –
v. Kristy Kay Moore 1 Oct 1963 – 12 May 2003

e. Sally Jane Moore 5 Aug 1936 –
married 22 Apr 1958 Claude Andrew Widmer 1931 – Sarasota FL
i. Mark Andrew Widmer 1958 –
ii. Kevin Leroy Widmer 1960 –
iii. TeLisa Lyn Widmer 1964 –

Sally 1954

f. Patricia Ruth Moore 17 Jan 1939 OH – 6 Dec 2022 UT
married 19 July 1958 Dennis G Rager
married 2nd Richard/Dick Lester
i. Denise Margaret Rager 1961 –
married Kerry Checketts

ii. Doreen Rager 1964 –
married Bucher
iii. Tricia
married Jeff Kirschenmann 

Patsy 1954

g. Thomas Max Moore 8 Mar 1941 –
married 23 Jan 1964 Sharon Heising 1940 –
i. Daniel Wallace Moore 1964 –
ii. Angela Rose Moore 1967 –

Uncle Jack told us Philip St. John Moore fathered the boy who was born of the family’s cook in the office inside the yard at Maple Lawn. The child grew up to be a noted colored preacher and educator in Washington, DC. (Others have thought it might be Jack himself who was the father, as Jack was very proud of John’s achievements.)
1. the Rev. John L. Sullivan Holloman ca 1885 – ca 1970
       his archived papers


John Wheeler Moore Jr 29 Aug 1866 Maple Lawn – 22 Oct 1946 NC
married 4 Oct 1893 Davis, WV
Elizabeth Parsons 5 Jan 1873 Romney, WV – 1934 VA
of Norfolk VA & Franklinton NC

John [Jack] Wheeler Moore

John [Jack] Wheeler Moore of Norfolk, VA and Franklinton, NC
& Elizabeth Parsons had no children.
Civil Engineer
Jack Moore was a mechanical engineer and one of the very first contract engineers in North Carolina. He was noted for railroad construction in the mountains and highway construction through the swamps. He worked on locating the Pacific end of the Grand Trunk Pacific, a transcontinental railway in Canada. “On one day he would be driving a Rolls Royce and on the next, he would be bankrupt again,” my father said. He was involved in the construction of the highway from Winton to South Norfolk through the swamps — many sections were built on pilings. [It was when Uncle Jack went bankrupt building this highway that Daddy obtained Uncle Jack’s holdings of the farm from the banks.] The later settling of the pilings gave one quite a wavy ride – but most of his route is still in use today.

1938 & 1941: Waiting for Sunday dinner to be served



1940 Raynor Moore holding Sally and Uncle Jack Moore holding Arthur

note: one rainy day in October 1946 when his roof sprung a leak – Uncle Jack got a ladder and went up on the roof to fix it. got soaking wet and developed pneumonia which led to his death. My mama says to my Dad, “Now I do not want to hear one more word about my foolish uncle falling off the roof fixing a leak in the summertime.”

Godwin Cotten Moore 12 April 1873 Maple Lawn – 20 May 1930
married 21 Feb 1907 Irene Elizabeth Mitchell 24 April 1876 – Sept 1966
of Sacramento CA


Bible of John W and Ann J Moore:
Godwin Cotten Moore married 21 Feb 1907 Irene E Mitchell in Franklin Co NC.
She was the daughter of Joseph Lemuel Mitchell 1836 – aft. 1910 and Annie Elizabeth Pearce 1850 – aft 1910.

1880 Census Hertford Co, Harrellsville NC
J W Moore 45 m head Lawyer
Ann J Moore 45 f housekeeping
A C Moore 25 m works on farm
P St J Moore 16 m works on farm
J W Moore 18 f teaches school
J W Moore 13 m
G C Moore 7 m
Is C Moore 1 f

1890 Washington City Directory
Godwin C Moore 631 T northwest clerk nat. museum
1891 Washington City Directory
Godwin C Moore 805 11th northwest messenger
note: his brother-in-law was on the staff at the museum at that time

1900 Census River, Warren, North Carolina
Charlie G Moore 42 Jan 1858 m 10 yrs merchant
Mammie M Moore 32 Oct 1867 m 10 yrs 5 3 [6 4]
Mary M Moore 5 April 1895 dau
Charlie G Moore 2 Nov 1897 son
Annie T Moore Jan 1900 dau
Godwin Moore 30 May 1870 brother Salesman
Annie McGhee 20 June 1880 niece
Sarah Jones 25 Aug 1874 B Servant

1910 Census Precinct 5, Washington, DC
Godwin C Moore 37 m 3yrs 1 0 living Draughtsman with the US Coast Survey
Irene 33 m 3yrs 1 0 living

WWI reg. 1919 states Godwin is Civil Engineer, working for Canadian Explosives Ltd that he was of med hight, med build, blue eyes, and dark hair. His next of kin was wife Mrs Irene Moore whose address was 1522 Monterey Ave, Victoria, BC Canada.

1920 Census Sacramento Assembly District 14, Sacramento, California
Godwin Moore 46 Civil Engineer Highway Const.
Irene 43 wife
John W 9 son born NC
Elizabeth 7 dau born Canada
Godwin C 4 son born Canada

1930 Census Sacramento, Sacramento, California
Godwin C Moore 57 born NC Civil Engineer State of California
Irene 53 born NC wife
John W 20 born NC son none
Godwin 14 born Canada son

Godwin Cotten Moore of Sacramento, CA & Irene E Mitchell had:
1. child ca 1908 – dy
2. John Wheeler Moore ca 1911 NC – NFI
3. Elizabeth Moore ca 1913 Canada – not on 1930 census
4. Stephen Godwin [Cotten] Moore Jr 6 Jan 1916 Victoria, Province of British Columbia Canada – 3 Apr 1991 Pala Alto CA
builder and general contractor
married 21 July 1945 Florence Leonore Moore 15 Oct 1923 –
a. Carolyn Elizabeth Moore 1949 –
b. Joane Irene Moore 1951 –
c. Robert Douglas Moore 1953 –

e-mail to Sally from James Moore 10 July 2003
— Haven’t you ever heard the tale about Aunt Irene’s diamonds?
During the First World War, Uncle Jack and Uncle Godwin were living in British Columbia lumbering and possibly building roads.
Canada, as part of the British Empire, got into the war long before we did.
The Canadian government commandeered all of the mules used by Uncle Jack’s outfit. Consequently, they couldn’t work and couldn’t fulfill their contract.
Supposedly some of the locals were coming after them with evil intentions.
Uncle Jack and Aunt Bessie, and Uncle Godwin and Aunt Irene and their children jumped in their cars and headed for the border.
Bradley was left behind to pack everything.
Aunt Irene had rolled her diamonds up in a rug.
However, when the rug was unrolled in North Carolina, the diamonds were nowhere to be found!
By the way, Buck was named Ernest Bradley for Uncle Jack’s Bradley.

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