seven youngest children of John Cotten and wife Martha Godwin

Descendants of John Cotten ca 1674-1728 and Martha Godwin ca 1683:
the youngest seven children

Susannah Cotten | her parents
& Esau Blount | his parents

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

Susannah Cotten and Esau Blount had:
don’t know


Alexander Spotswood Cotten 1711 – 1764 | his parents
& Ann Foster d 1740 | her parents
& Elizabeth West | her parents
of Hertford Co NC

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

From an article by Tom C Parramore published in the R-C 69 Progress Edition pub. by Parker Bros. Thurs, Sept 11, 1969—Winton. For about 40 years prior to its establishment, Winton had been the site of an important plantation and landing where much of the business of Bertie and Edgecombe precincts was carried on. Ownership of the site can be traced from James and Elizabeth Boon who in 1718 sold it to Richard Barfield (Chowan DB B#1, page 566) with its acquisition five years later by Edward Outlaw (Bertie DB A page 244 Feb 10, 1723), then (Bertie DB F page 31 Feb 15 1739 Edward Outlaw & George Outlaw of Chowan Prec. to Thephillus Pugh, merchant, of Nansemond, Va) its long habitation by Alexander Cotten (Bertie DB H page 31 Aug 14 1753 Sheriff sale of Theophilus Pugh’s estate to settle debt to Alexander Cotten) and finally its purchase by Benjamin Wynns, who donated the land on which Winton was laid off in 1766.
When Hertford County was chartered in 1759, the Colonial Assembly ordered the erection of a courthouse and other public buildings at Cotten’s Ferry, as the Winton site was known at that time. Benjamin Wynns wanted a town established on his lands at Barfield and for several years after 1759 competed with Alexander Cotten for the right to determine the location of Hertford’s first town. Cotten’s death in 1765 paved the way for Wynns to buy Cotten’s Ferry and get legislative approval for a town there.

Alexander Spotswood Cotten 1711 – 1764 and Ann Foster (died 1740):
Deposition of Alexander Cotten, age 48 of Bertie Co NC Apr Ct 1759 DB I-273
Will proved Jan 1765 Hertford Co Ct by Thomas Cotten, James Powell & William Cotten, SS State papers Raleigh, (NCGSJ May 88 page 104)
[perhaps one of these girls married Robert Cotten s. of William]
1. Jemina Cotten 1735 –
2. Susannah Cotten 1737 –
3. Ann Cotten 1740 –

Alexander Spotswood Cotten 1711-1764 and Elizabeth West:
(15 Nov 1748 Deed from Peter West to Elizabeth Cotton & Children Abner & Cyrus Cotton -Gift – Negroes..”for Love that I do bear unto my Daughter Elizabeth Cotton I do freely give unto her children to Abner & Cyrus Cotton and to all the rest of the children of my s’d Daughter … one Negro woman Named Hannah & one Negro girl named Butt and one Negro boy named David & one Negro girl named Moll Daughter of the s’d Hannah… to my grandchildren [when they] shall be of the age of twenty one years….) May Ct 1749
1. Abner Cotten ca 1745 Bertie [Hertford] Co – 1810/15 Franklin Co GA
(lived Rowan Co, NC [his land sold 1790 by the sheriff to settle a debt]; ca 1793 Abbeville Co, SC;
ca 1802 Franklin Co, GA where he probably died between 1810 and 1815.)

married bef 1767 Hertford Co, NC Winnefred ? prob died aft 1830 census
1790 Census Rowan Co NC –
Abner Cotten 2m over 16 3 m under16 4wf 1sl
Alexander Cotten 1 m ov 16

a. Alexander Cotton 1768-
b. Abner Cotton 20 Aug 1770 – 10 May 1849 Noxubee Co MS ts
married Margarette ? ca 1778 – 13 May 1853 age 75 ts
both buried in the Thomas Cemetery ala the Stowers Cemetery
about 4 mi SW of Macon MS [600 ac and 19 sl]
names of children from Abner Cotton’s estate file #502 in Noxubee Co MS

i. John Wesley Cotton 13 Dec 1803 SC – 9 Nov 1867 ts
married Hannah W Clearman of Pickens Co AL
no marker as she died after the civil war
1. Maturah Ann Cotton ca 1841 –
married in Noxubee Co MS 14 May 1861 William S Taylor
2. James Wesley Cotton 1 Sept 1844 – 3 May 1862 dsp
killed in the Civil War
3. Martha [Mattie] Jane Cotton 21 Oct 1848 – 30 May 1930 Noxubee Co MS
married in Noxubee Co MS 27 Oct 1870 Allison C Cash
ancestors of
ii. Nicholas Cotton of Noxubee Co MS
iii. Jane Cotton
married James R Watts
iv. James Gardner Cotton
v. Minerva Cotton
married William Carr Ferguson b. Fayette Co KY
son of Nathaniel Ferguson and Phoebe Carr
grandson of Bryant Ferguson b. 1756 Amelia Co VA – d. 16 May 1827 Fayette Co Ky

vi. Nancy Cotton
married James Stinson
vii. Mary Ann Cotton dec bef 3 Sept 1849
married Aycock of Pickens Co AL
1. Bryant Aycock
2. Abner Aycock
viii. Martha Cotton dec bef 3 Sept 1849
married 1st Bryant Ferguson b. Fayette Co KY
son of Nathaniel Ferguson and Phoebe Carr
1. William A Ferguson lived Pickens Co AL
married 2nd Thomas J Haynes [late of TX]
1. Cornelia Haynes
2. Corilla Haynes

Martha Cotton, daughter of Abner Cotton, married 1st Bryant Ferguson and they had one child, William A. Ferguson, who lived in Pickens Co., Ala. with his aunt and uncle after the death of his parents. His aunt Minerva Cotton, daughter of Abner Cotton, was married to William Carr Ferguson, brother to Bryant Ferguson. Wm. Carr Ferguson and Bryant Ferguson were born in Fayette Co., Ky and were the sons of Nathaniel Ferguson and Phoebe Carr. Nathaniel Ferguson was the son of Bryant Ferguson, born 1756 in Amelia Co., Va. and died 16 May, 1827 in Fayette Co., Ky. Linda Jensen

c. William E Cotton 1786 – 1827 Noxubee Co MS
from probate papers dated 1 Oct 1843
married Madison Co AL, MS Territory 14 Oct 1814 Mary [Polly] Ringo
she had prob died bef 1 Oct 1843
married in Madison Co., Ala., Ms. Territory
research of Linda Jensen
i. John R Cotton 1816 AL –
married Noxubee Co MS 3 Nov 1840 Sara Mitchell
married Noxubee Co MS 17 April 1849 Elizabeth Robertson – 18 Apr 1873
buried Cotton Cemetery, Noxubee Co MS
ii. Abner D. Cotton 1815/20 AL –
possibly buried in the Robertson Cemetery Noxubee Co MS
where there is a footstone with the initials A. C. on it

married Noxubee Co MS 7 July 1842 Amanda M Thomas ca 1828 –
line of Robert Gene Cotton
iii. Nancy Ann Cotton 1820 AL – 15 Jan 1904 Noxubee Co MS
buried in the Robertson Cemetery Noxubee Co MS 3mi SW Macon MS
married 10 Oct 1839 Jett Thomas Robertson

his sister Elizabeth married John R Cotton
[Nancy and Jett gt gt prandparents of Linda Jensen]
iv. Martha C Cotton
married Anderson Andrews
v. Mary Jane Cotton ca 1825 – died early
married Noxubee Co MS 30 May 1844 T A Hundley
he remarried
vi. William R Cotton [may be the same as Riley]
vi. Riley Cotton died May 1850
vii. Frances Caroline Cotton ca 1828 –
married Noxubee Co MS 19 July 1849 James F Dugan
viii. Margaret Priscilla Cotton ca 1840 – 24 Dec 1902
married Noxubee Co MS 20 Dec 1855 Maxfield Dugan
Some of the counties were formed before the state was. The curious thing was that the eastern part of the state was still Cherokee land, so if you wanted to go from Columbus, GA to Montgomery,AL (or whatever it was called at the time) you had to get a passport through the Cherokee Nation. My goodness, that must have been scary. The federal road was a very narrow one lane road. If it rained and got muddy, your wagon wheels just got stuck. No one could pass either. So, if a big plantation caravan was coming through to settle, you would just have to pull over and wait. There was a really good book called something like “Memories of the Mount” which described the Mt. Meigs settlement. Mt. Meigs is slightly east of Montgomery. The first two plantation families to settle were the Marks and the Barnetts. One of my lines ties into this” e-mail from Priscilla
d. Winifred Cotton 1780/90 – just bef Aug 1849 Hertford Co, NC
Aug Ct 1849 Hertford Co NC Charles Vann is appointed Guardian to Abner Carter, Sarah Carter, Martha Carter, and Priscilla Carter orphans of Winafred Carter
married William B. Carter [as 2nd wife] ca 1790 – 4 Oct 1844
kept a store at St Johns, Hertford Co, NC
i. Abner A. Carter 1834 –
married Sarah (Sally) Ann Everett
ancestor of Sam Vaughn
ii. Sarah Carter
iii. Martha Carter
iv. Priscilla Carter

* Note: Some folks try to place Lofton Cotton and Radford Cotton as sons of this Abner.

“Have you ever found proof that Abner Cotton who died in Noxubee Co., Ms., Lofton Cotton who fought in the War of 1812 with him and Radford Cotton were brothers. Also, is there proof that they were the sons of Abner Cotton, Sr. who was in the 1800 census of Abbeville Co., S. C. an d then in a few record in Franklin Co., Ga. and later in Jackson Co., Ga. records, place of death unknown. I have been researching this family for years and have never seen this proof.
If it exists, I would like to know about it.
William E. Cotton was a close relative of Abner Cotton of Noxubee Cotton and I descend from both of them.
I have seen that William E. Cotton’s middle name was Eaton but have never been able to find where this information originated. Do you possibly know anything about this. Thanks.”

2. Cyrus Cotten ca 1747 – 1787 Rowan Co NC
married Emilia (Milly or Mildred)—-
a. Isaac Cotten ca 1770 – 12 May 1848 Marion Co IN
Isaac was pastor of the Baptist church 3 miles N of Williamsberg IN from Dec 1819 for about 20 years.
Marriage from Rowan County records, children from Cornelius family records, wills and land records from Marion County, Indiana.

married 2 Apr 1792 Rowan Co, NC Mary Ann [Polly] Stephens ca 1775 –
1790 Census Rowan Co NC – Isaac Cotten 1 m ov16
i. Cyrus Cotton 1793 Rowan Co NC –
ii. Elizabeth Cotton 2 Dec 1797 NC/TN –
married Absalom Cornelius
iii. John Cotton 8 Nov 1800 –
married Marion Co IN ca 1820 Nancy Voorhees/Vorhis aft 1800 – 30 May 1856
married 2nd 21 Dec 1829 Jane King
b. Cyrus Cottten
c. Davis Cotton ca 1778 (11 yrs old 4 Feb 1789 appren to be a tanner)
d. John Cotton ca 1779 ( 8 yr and 9 mo old 8 Feb 1788 app to be weaver)
married 1848 had children
The Rev. Mr. James Lawrence Cotten in his Journal writing 10 June 1848 says: “Got off the Rail Road last evening near John Cotten’s [Monroe Co, GA] and went to his house to get a horse to go to my uncle’s. This Mr. Cotten is a son of Cyrus Cotten a brother of my uncle’s father. He enlisted in the army in 1799 at about the age of twenty. Was under Col. Hawkins and Gen. Wilkinson. He left the service in 1804. He is a married man but has no children. He is rich. I staid with him last night.”
e. Peter Cotton ca 1781 (7 yrs old 8 May 1789 app to be weaver)
f. Elisha (Elijah) Cotton 1784 Rowan Co NC – 27 May 1836 Macon GA
(6 yrs old 8 May 1789 appp to be weaver)

married 1 Nov 1808 Cabarrus Co, NC Sarah Faggart
14 May 1790 Cabarrus Co NC – 22 June 1852 Condordia Parish, LA
(the Cottons of Catahoula)
i. Valentine Feltus [Felt] Cotton 6 Oct 1809 Cabarrus Co NC- 5 Jan 1879 New Orleans Pr LA
married Dicey M Brown 1820/30 – 1852
married Annie Thomas Seward Sept 1834 MD – aft 1915 Mobile AL
ii. Elizabeth Cotton 17 Sept 1811 Cabarrus Co NC –
married James A Hall
iii. Elijah Brannon [Lige] Cotton 2 Jan 1813 Cabarrus Co NC – 7 Mar 1893 Catahoula Pr LA
owned and lived at Duran Plantation
married 24 June 1847 Susannah Baggett – d. 20 Jan 1850
married 20 Apr 1854 Mary Gibson [Bray] 7 Jan 1824 – 18 Nov 1897
iv. Caroline Cotton 20 Jan 1815 Cabarrus Co NC – 5 Aug 1878 Jonesville LA
married Samuel L Wilmouth 3 children
married Noah Reddick no issue
v. Mary Ann Cotton 1 Feb 1817 Cabarrus Co NC –
married Capt Spencer Griffin d 1847 2 children
married 24 Sept 1851 Reuben M Gibson as 3rd wife 2 children
vi. Sarah Cotton 15 Jan 1820 Cabarrus Co NC – 22 June 1853 Concordia Par LA
married John Preston one child
vii. Martha Cotton 10 Nov 1822 – 1900
married Feb 1844 Francis B Amsden – at least 6 children
viii. John Blackstone Cotton 17 Feb 1824 Macon GA – 2 Aug 1881
married 1852 Sophia Phillips 1934 – 11 Aug 1862
married 1866 Rosina Phillips d. 1913
ix. Georgia Ann Cotton 12 Jan 1826 GA –
married John Preston several children
x. George Troup Cotton 1 Mar 1828 Bibb Co GA – dsp
was a rover – “in the early 1850’s he rode horseback to California, lived there several years, then rode to Mexico City where he lived a number of months and then after being gone five years rode up to the hitching post at Duran Plantation, dismounted, and said “Howdy Lige.” and Lige responded, ‘Howdy, Troup, come on in.”
xi. Virginia Margaret Cotton 21 Aug 1832 Bibb Co GA – 1902 Concordia Par LA
married 23 Nov 1848 Ferdinand Pinkney Montgomery
married 2nd Alexander Elliot Wilkinson
xii. Cicero Cotton 18 July 1830 Bibb Co GA – 1838 Macon GA
killed by the kick of a horse when he was eight.
g. Daniel Cotton ca 1786 (guardian appt. 11 May 1792)
h. Mary Cotton [on list of children in loose estate records]
3. Alexander Cotten Jr. 1748 –
catfish finned him in the knee when he was a youth leaving him with a stiff leg
4. William Cotten ca 1750
1790 census Hert co 2-3-3—2
he resided on his father’s old place Cotten’s Ferry on the Chowan River

married Ann Kirven
their children as established by Rev. Mr. Cotten’s Journal
a. John Cotten ca 1773 – 1853 Warren Co TN
married 20 Jan 1813 Warren Co TN Mary Martha Roberts 1790 – bef 1850
i. Starkey [Mathew] Cotten 1813 – living 1850 at home
ii. Elvira [Shrilda] Cotten 20 March 1814 – living 1848
iii. William Felson Cotten 27 April 1815 – 14 Feb 1897 farmer
married Patience A ca 1816 –
1. John ca 1840 –
2. William ca 1841 –
3. Mary F ca 1842 –
4. Amanda ca 1844 –
5. Thomas ca 1846 –
6. Samuel ca 1848 –
7. Henry 1850 –
iv. John McKelvey Cotten 18 Oct 1816 – living 1850 DeKalb Co Blacksmith
married Mary ca 1831 –
v. Reubin Carvel Cotten ca 1820 – living 1850 Warren Co TN carpenter
married Elener ? ca 1818 –
1. Mary C Cotten ca 1849 –
vi. Thomas Alexander Cotten ca 1829 – living 1850 farmer
vii. Mary Lodemia Cotten ca 1831 – living 1850 at home
b. Jemima Cotten
married 1st Mr. Horton
i. Josiah Horton emigrated to GA
married Mr. Rutland
i. Roderick Rutland died in Monroe Co GA
c. Sarah Cotten
married Mr. Horn of Edgecombe Co NC moved to Monroe Co GA
d. Starkey Cotten no record
e. Penney Cotten dsp 1846 Monroe Co GA
f. Alexander Spotswood Cotten ca 1785 –
married 14 Jan 1814 Martha Wilkins of Edgecombe Co NC
i. Peter Evans Cotten dy
ii. Rev. James Lawrence Cotten 1 June 1817 –
married 12 Jan 1853 Lucy Ann Curtis of Cahaba AL 2 daughters
1. Martha Ann Cotten
married John James Banks
2. Lucy Curtis Cotten
married H C Glenn
iii. Andrew Jackson Cotten 1 June 1817 –
married 15 Feb 1844 Elizabeth Belcher d. 18 Aug 1847
[sister of William and Robert] 2 children both died young
married 2nd 1856 Mary Elizabeth Jenkins 5 daughters
iv. Martha Ann Cotten 15 June 1826 –
married 29 Dec 1842 William Belcher d. 1848
v. Emily Hervey Cotten 12 Nov 1821 – 12 July 1846
married 5 Feb 1837 Robert Belcher [brother of William son of John]
vi. Dr. Alexander Spotswood Cotten 12 May 1830 – died bef 1861 Wilson NC
grad UP in 1854
married 28 Nov 1854 Sarah Vick
g. Nancy Cotten dsp Hertford Co NC near Winton
h. Lemuel Cotten 17xx Hertford Co – bef Dec 1821 Chowan Co
married 23 Nov 1809 Mrs. Parthenia Standin of Chowan Co NC
married 10 April 1817 Elizabeth Haughton of Chowan Co NC
Elizabeth Cotten, widow of Lemuel married Nov/Dec 1821 Mr. William Leigh
Edenton Paper 10 Dec 1821 – married on Thursday evening last, Mr. William Leigh, to Mrs Elizabeth Cotton, widow of Mr. Lemuel Cotton, both of this county.
i. William Cotten 1773 – 1854 Monroe Co GA
married but left no children

Source: “The Cotten Family of North Carolina” by Bruce Cotten 1929, the 2nd edition expanded 1963 Elba Brown Cotten Wesson

———- e-mail from Pat Bell
This is from the journal of Mrs. Albert E. Barnett (nee Mamie Banks) Opelika, Alabama


“As the years went by, my father established a good school, to some extent famous in that part of the world. Dr. J. L. Cotton, our presiding elder, came to Enon and was so pleased with our nice church and the people, and especially the school that he named it “The Gem of the Woods.” By this name it was well known abroad and at home as long as we lived there and papa taught the school. Dr. Cotton was from Tarboro, N.C. and was a great preacher though rather eccentric. He was a widower, and his daughters Mattie and Lucy were in the boarding school at Summerfield, Ala., the old Methodist College. He brought them to Enon where they boarded with Aunt Rachel Tarver, finding there a real home where they remained after their father’s death and until they were grown and married. Mattie married my brother John and Lucy my cousin Clarence Glenn. They were educated at the Gem of the Woods.”

Known facts:
Rev. J. Cotton was on the board of Visitors at Central Masonic Institute in Selma, Dallas Co. AL for the Year ending July 1st, 1851.
My gg grandfather Massena Godwin was a resident of the Summerfield Community and lived very close to the Methodist College.
Massena Godwin was the son of John Godwin and Ann H. Wright Godwin of Russell Co. AL.
Thomas Godwin and his brother John Godwin signed on a deed in Halifax Co. NC
Thomas and John Godwin were the nephews of Thomas Barnes Wells (Wills) d. ca 1820 of Halifax Co. NC

Entry from pg. 14 of the Journal
“Uncle Dock (Marcellus Allen) and Aunt Sue came there on their wedding trip (and all through the years he kept coming for help, as he was never successful – A type of the “old South” who never adapted himself to the new order of things. The Glenns were like that. They came from South Carolina and seemed to inherit the aristocratic manners and ideas of life impractical in the new order.) We all sat in Mamas’ room around a big open fire-place where logs of wood burned and warmed the twenty-foot room. Aunt Sue gave me some striped sticks of candy, a rare treat to a country child in reconstruction days.”

Entry from pg. 18 of the Journal
“Aunt Sue had beautiful silk dresses an lovely jewelry. Her father, Mr. Godwin, was a bridge builder before the war and made lots of money, and after his death she had lived in the home of Dr. Urquhart in Columbus. I guess this jewelry had been her Mother’s.”

Known facts:
Sue (Susan Albertha) Godwin Allen was the daughter of John Godwin and Ann H. Wright Godwin of Russell Co. AL. Susan Albertha Godwin was born Feb. 27, 1843 GA and died 29 Sep 1884 ? (Godwin family Bible). She married Marcellus Allen 10 Nov 1867 in Columbus, Muscogee Co. GA.

My connection is through Mary Wills (Wells) who married the first John Godwin. She married second Cotton, however have not been able to find the connection. John Godwin and Mary Wells Godwin where the parents of James, Thomas, Wells, John and Catherine Godwin. Mary Wells was the sister of Thomas Barnes Wells (Wills) of Halifax.
Pat Bell

Joseph Cotten ca 1710 – 1765 | his parents
& Elizabeth Ervin | her parents
of Halifax Co NC

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

Joseph Cotten (ca 1710 – 1765 Halifax Co) and Elizabeth Ervin had:
Joseph Cotton was deceased by April 1765 – Halifax County NC Trial Docket, 1766-1770

1. Joseph Cotten
Halifax County NC Trial Docket, 1766-1770 – In a case entitled “John Cole vs. John Jones, carpenter,” many subpoenas were issued – one to Joseph Cotton of Edgecombe. July Court 1766
Mention of a suit by Joseph Cotton vs. Absolam Merritt, May Court 1770. Subpoenas were issued to Robert Stanfield, Thomas Dew, William Cotton, and Robert Cotton.

e-mail from David Gammon
Well, today I have done some research and feel confident that his name was Joseph Carter, not Cotton. The preponderance of evidence says Carter. In fact, the only place I can find that he is named as Cotten is in the will abstracts of Margaret Hofmann, and even in her index she indexes everyone in the will as Carter. I think it must be a mistype.
In the court records, the estate is listed as Carter, likewise the son and executor as John Carter. This appears several times, and is consistent as Carter.
The deeds also show Carter.
So I guess he has to fall off your family tree!Source: NC General Assembly Papers, Folder 3
Nov. 2, 1792
Petition by Joseph Carter of Halifax County, stating that by his late wife Mary Ann, they had three children prior to their marriage: John, Richard, and Sarah Claiborne. By this petition he requests that their names be changed to John Carter, Richard Carter, and Sarah Claiborne Carter.JOSEPH COTTON [should be CARTER] 9 Dec 1794, February Court 1795 daughter Lucy Russel 4 shillings … Elizabeth Jackson daughter of my last wife negroes etc. and if she dies without heirs her legacy to go to my sons John Cotton and Richard Cotton … grandson John Simmons negroes etc. … remainder of my estate to be divided between my 2 sons John and Richard brothers of Sarah Claybourn Simmons and sons of my last wife when the sd. Richard is 18 and if John and Richard die under 18 the legacy to go to survivors. Wit: Penelope Whitaker James Jones Miles Cross Extrs: Cary Whitaker Robert Ward John Carter, son of my last wife.Joseph Carter d 9 Dec 1794/Feb Ct 1795
married 1st wife
1. Lucy Carter
married Russel
married Mary Ann Claiborne
2. John Claiborne Carter
3. Richard Claiborne Carter
4. Sarah Claiborne Carter
married Zadock Simmons
i. John Simons
5. Elizabeth Carter
married Jackson

2. Patience Cotten
married — Rawls
3. Lucretia Cotten
married Absalom Merritt
a. Celia Merritt line of Dorothy Bernay
4. Willis Cotten died ca 1777
Halifax County NC Inventories of Estates, 1773-1779, page 275
Inventory of the estate of Willis Cotton, deceased, by James Slatter, admr.

the husband of Willis’s sister Charity
5. Charity Cotten
married James Slaughter [Slatter]
6. Seallea [Celia] Cotten
James Jones, Jr. was ordered to indemnify the parish for begetting a bastard child on the body of Celia Cotton, January Court, 1768 – Halifax County NC Crown Docket of County Court, 1759-1770

7. Mary Cotten
married — Williams
8. William Cotten
married Molly Cotten
Halifax Co. Deeds: Deed Book 15, page 535
28 Dec 1781 – William Cotten and wife Molly of Halifax County to David Kauffman of Edgecombe.
For 100 pounds, 300 acres that was part of land acquired by Joseph Cotton.
Wit. by Jacob Sessums, William Hall
Deed Book 16, page 75 22 March 1785
William Cotton of Halifax County to William Barrow of Halifax County.
For 400 pounds, 300 acres that was part of land obtained by Joseph Cotton in 1736, on the north side of Fishing Creek, adj. Bush Swamp, Mill SWamp, and Cow Branch. Cosigned by Molly Cotton.
Witnessed by Jesse Haynie, John Bass, Garham Neal.
9. Absilah Cotten
married in Edgecombe Co 17 Oct 1763 Robert Cotten ca 1740 –
(her cousin–son of William) In 1790 living in Halifax Co had 4 sons and 2 daughters with 15 slaves.
A Mr. Robert Cotten died in New Bern 5 Nov 1798 (see NC His. Review. Vol IX, No 3 p-306)

10. Amos Cotten 1736-1781 ( Will Edgecombe Co)
married in Edgecombe Co 23 Oct 1760 Zilpah Wimberly
a. George Cotten 176x-1833
married 1st 1797 GA Amelia Beall
married 2nd 1808 Rebecca Pennington d. Dec 1811
married 3rd 1812 Susannah Gibson line of Julie Perkins
b. Wimberly Cotten
c. Joseph Cotten
d. James Cotten
e. Sally Cotten
f. Pheribe Cotten
g. Elisabeth Cotten

8 Aug 1732 Bertie Ct. James Barnes, a sworn Constable made Return of a Search Warrt. Issued by Mr Justice Edwards on Complaint of Capt. Benjamin Hill that he had several Neet Cattle strayed away from him and accordingly the sd. Barnes together with the sd. Hill went to the plantation of Saml. Cotton where there was Two Steers wch. the sd. Hill Claimed as his Proper Steers and One Joseph Cotton Brother to ye sd. Saml. interposing, Swore & Violently threatend to shoot & Destroy the sd Barnes if he should Dare to come within the sd. Samuels fenced Grounds, and the sd. Joseph being arrested in the Kings Names to appear before Mr. Edwards refused to Obey the Authority or appear before Mr. Edwards or any other Justice All which Doings being in great Contempt of the Authority & Laws of this Provence and agt. the Peace and the Court taking into Consideration Doth thereon Ord. That sd. Joseph Cotten be emerced for his sd. Contempt in Refusing to Obey the Offr. the Sum of 10£ & Cost and the Marsll. is hereby ordd. to Estreat the same and it is further Ordd. that the Marsll. do take the sd. Cotten into Custody untill he shall give Secuty. before some Magistrate in ye sum of 50£ sterling to be of his good behavious &c.

11 May 1736 Bertie Ct. Whereas Saml. Cotton Const. hath this day made complaint to this Ct. that James Barnes, of this prect. on Monday last resisted him with force & arms in Executing a Warrt. from John Edwards Gent one of His Majsty Justices for this Prect. . . . .

Colonial Records -R. Cotten to Gov. Caswell ca 1777
[from MS Records in Office of Secretary of State NC]
Sir, It appears from your Excellency’s good and worthy Authority that you have granted an administration to William Cotten on the Estate of Willis Cotten deceas’t. We who have an interest in that small Estate often denied William Cotten to administer till he at length Principally Refused, —– James Slatter who was Brother in law to the deceas’t and greatest Creditor, also, applied to Court in a fair open manner and an Administration was granted to him an order of court for the day of sale etc etc. William Cotten finding this to be the case then immediately applied to your Excellency’s assistance and as I expect did not tell you the consequences thereof which the Sheriff was dubious he had not told you the Truth in that affair, and as such did not sell because Cotten refused to deliver the effects. Cotten now intends to sell them hisself as the Sheriff Refuses to sell them till he may see you, and as such please to send me a line by Mr. —– and whether the Sheriff may sell or no as he desired me to write knowing I should have a quick opportunity.
I am with Consent Your most obed’t Humbl serv’t R. Cotton

Arthur Cotten 1716-1789
and Elizabeth Rutland
of Mulberry Grove, Hertford Co NC

Priscilla Cotten | her parents
& Francis Leeonard/Lee | his parents

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

Priscilla Cotten and Francis Leeonard, alias Lee had:
I don’t know yet.
Bertie Ct Records May 1739: Upon mocon of Priscilla Leeonard Daughter & Legatee of John Cotton deced praying orders for Capt. Thos Bryant & Wm. Bennet her Guardian to Deliver to Allex. Cotton her brother in trust for her all such part of her Legacy that are not yet paid her by sd. Guard. the Same is Granted forthwith to be Exd. Cop gr —

James Cotten ca 1718 – 1758 | his parents
& Sarah Bridgers | her parents
& ca 1760 James Jones | his parents
of Bertie Co NC

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

James Cotten (ca 1718-1758 Bertie Co) and Sarah Bridgers had:
1. James Cotten 1738 – bef 1815
2. Henry Cotten 1740 – 1785 Halifax Co
married Sarah ?
a. Elizabeth Cotten
3. Solomon Cotten 1743 – bef 1771
4. Christian Cotten 1746 -dec
5. Theophilos Cotten 1749 – 1794 Halifax Co
US Census 1790 Halifax co
Theophilos Cotten 1 – 5 – 3 – 0 – 4

James Jones and Sarah Bridgers [Cotten] had:
1. Sarah Jones 1762 –
married William Walton and went to TN
2. Mary Jones 1 Jan 1764 – 4 July 1825 (headstone)
married ca 1780 Robert Montgomery
23 Feb 1758 – 31 Oct 1808

Thomas Cotten ca 1720 – 1787
of Hertford Co NC

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