the Timothy Parker home of Sarem, Gates Co, NC ca 1910
(My Mother’s childhood home.)

the lines of Gladiola Parker [Mrs. J. Raynor Moore]

the Parkers of Sarem, Gates County, North Carolina
Timothy Parker 1859 – 1927 and his wife Emily Hortense Rountree 1870 -1952
– son T Beaurie Parker and wife Lillie Waff Smith

James Brown Parker 1814 – 1895 and his wife Priscilla Hayes 1825 -1905
– children: Roxie, Edward, Pomp, Lizzie, Sallie, Tim, Lucy, Bill, Nevie

Peter Parker 1784 – 1825 and Betsy Brown 1784 -1847
– children: Theophilus, Wiley, Eliza, James, Peter, Edwin, John W

James Parker ca 1765 – 1805 and wife Judith ca 1765 -1823
– children: James, Peter, Nancy, John, Jesse, Milly, Polly, Robert, Asa

Josiah Parker ca 1735 – ca 1789 and wife
known children: Josiah, James

Robert Parker est 1710 – ca 1783

William Parker ca 1678 – bef 1746

Thomas Parker est 1626 – 1690/98

William Parker 1604 – 1655/63

the Rountrees of Middle Swamp, Gates County, North Carolina

Emily Hortense Rountree and Timothy E. Parker

John A Rountree 1833 -1899 and wife Emily J Sanderlin 1834 -1898

Solomon Rountree 1802-1870 and wife Amelia Hudgins 1811 -1882

Abner Rountree ca 1770 – 1816 and wife Ann Riddick ca 1772 – ca 1808

Robert Rountree

his parents ?

the Hayes of Middle Swamp, Gates County, North Carolina

Priscilla Hayes and James Brown Parker

Timothy Hayes 1800 – 1847 and Elizabeth Hayes 1800 -1849

William Hayes ca 1761 – ca 1835 and Chloe Minchew ca 1767 – ca 1825

Jacob Hayes ca 1735 – 1807 and wife ca 1745 – ca 1761 [childbirth]

William Hayes 1704 – 1778 and Mary Wright ca 1706 – aft 1784

? Peter Hayes ca 1683 – 1761 and Bathia of Bertie Co NC

? Capt Jacob John Hayes ca 1650 – of Salmon Ck, Bertie Co, NC

Peter Hayes ca 1600 – 1668 of Cheshire, England & Isle of Wight Co, VA

Capt. Peter Hayes ca 1571 – aft 1641 and Mrs. Margaret Howse
of Cheshire, England & Isle of Wight Co, VA

the Sanderlins of Camden and Pasquotank Counties, NC

Emily Jane Sanderlin and John Abner Rountree

Dorsey Asa Sanderlin 1811 -1881 and Lydia Jane Walkup ca 1809 – ca 1848

Joseph Sanderlin ca 1771 – 1815 and Charity Sawyer ca 1776 – ca 1819

Robert Sanderlin ca 1742 – aft 1783 and Mary Waff 1744 – ?

Robert Sanderlin ca 1720 – 1806 and Mary Elizabeth Garrett ca 1722 – 1780

John Sanderlin ca 1685 -1747 and Sarah Barecock ca 1690 – aft 1747

James Sanderlin bef 1665 – 17xx of Pasquotank Co NC

the Browns of Gates County, NC
Betsy Brown 1784 – 1847 and Peter Parker 1784 – 1825

James Brown ca 1760-1797 and Christian Parker ca 1765-1799 Sarem, Gates Co

?Samuel Brown

the Hayes [2] of Gates County, NC

Elizabeth Hayes 1800 -1849 and Timothy Hayes 1800 – 1847

Benjamin Hayes 1878 – 1833 and Priscilla Parker ca 1780-ca 1818

James Hayes ca 1735 -1808 and wife Mary

William Hayes 1704 – 1778 and Mary Wright ca 1706 – aft 1784

the Hudgins family of Gates County, NC
Amelia Hudgins 1811 – 1882 and Solomon Rountree 1802 – 1870

Josiah Johnson Hudgins ca 1778-1826 and Mary Elizabeth (Polly) Riddick 1783-1849

Humphrey Hudgins 1757 – 1822/3 and Louisa Foster 1756 – 1820/22

Humphrey Deggs Hudgins 1735 – 1796 and Joanna ?

Robert Humphrey Hudgins 1710 – 1791

Robert Hudgins 1660 – ? and Charlotte Lewis of Liverpool, England

Thomas Hudgins 1620

The Parker Name

A Parker was the keeper of a park where deer and other game were kept in good condition and in plentiful supply ready for the hunts of the King or Nobleman who owned the preserve. There were many of these preserves and their keepers were not necessarily related.
There were at least three contemporary Richard Parkers who came early to Virginia and are often confused: There is
1. Mr. Richard Parker ca 1620 – 1680 of Nansemond Co;
2. Richard Parker d. 1677 “the Brassier” who settled in Surry County and
3. Dr. Richard Parker 1630 – ca 1681 who settled in Williamsburg and is the man from Browsholme.
Another early emigrant was Thomas Parker 1629 – 1685 who settled in Isle of Wight Co and called his home “Macclesfield.”

All of these Parkers had lots of children and many of their descendants moved down into Northern North Carolina into the territory I am interested in.
Indeed, they appear to have tried very hard to keep the Biblical injunction to “go and populate the world.”

I have looked also at
Josiah Parker of Gates County – my mother’s paternal line
Robert Parker of Gates County – my mother’s father’s mother’s line
Joseph Parker of Bertie County – married into my Lawrence family
Thomas Parker of Bertie County –
Elisha Parker of Bertie County – J. Roy Parker’s line
Charles Arthur Parker of Maple Lawn – Cousin Lula Harrell’s line
Joseph Parker of Northampton County –
Saul Parker of Northampton County
Elisha Parker of Northampton County – Ralph’s line
Parker’s Meeting House

1704 VA quit rents Nansemond Co for Parker Francis -170 ac, Peter 140 ac, Richard 514 ac, Thomas 100 ac, Thomas 300 ac, William 140 ac, William 100 ac,

Isle of Wight Co – Francis 210 ac son of Thomas

Charles City Co – James 160 ac, Thomas 1667 ac,

Surry Co – Richard 269 ac Richard of Surry “the orphan”

Essex Co – John Parker 250 ac

James City Co – Thomas 1650 ac,

Henrico Co – Nich sen 500 ac, William 100 ac

Accomack Co – Capt. George 2609 ac, Phillip 150 ac, William 362 ac,



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  1. Hello,
    I hope you’re well! I like how put-together your page is! I have been trying to find the next generation in my Parker family. At this point, I have no clue where to turn! I have evidence to prove back to my fifth great-grandfather, Jesse Parker (b. 1805 NC-d.1871 Ashe County, NC). However, No one-and I mean no one-can find anything on his father! I have been trying for such a long time. I do have a letter from a family member generations back stating that Jesse’s father was a Nathan Parker born in England (1750) and came to Maryland, USA. After serving in the Revolutionary War, he settled in Guilford County, NC where he had Jesse. However, I cannot find any information on a Nathan Parker living in Guilford County, NC. I am hitting quite the brick wall! If you could help in any way, I’d be very grateful!
    God bless!
    James Parker

  2. I am looking for information on Osceola Parker, brother was Alson Parker, mother was Polly Morris and father Joseph Parker. With a name like Osceola, I was wondering if he was of Seminole descent.

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