James Brown & Christian Parker

Sally’s great-great great Grandparents:

James Brown ca 1760 – 1797 | his parents
& Christian Parker ca 1765 – 1799 | her parents
of Sarem, Gates County, North Carolina

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

11 Jan 1779 Jonathan Williams to James Brown.

6 April 1781 James Brown to Willis Brown 100 A.

14 June 1789 William Williams to James Brown 13 A joining the Main Road–part of a Patent to More Carter–14 Apr 1782

Gates Co NC
year head males to 16 males 16 up females
1790 James Brown 2 1 5

17 Oct 1790 James Brown to Miles Parker 13A. . .12pds
1 Oct 1791 Miles Parker to Willis Hughes 13 A, 18 pdd…

25 March 1792 Moses Spivey signed his will in the presence of Christo Riddick & William Brown.
1st–I give my two daughters Sarah & Pressilah Spivey my plantation whereon I now live with the land adjoining equally to be divided between them.
2–I give Willis & James Brown 100 A to each out of my Frogs land.
3–I give Sarah Daniel 50 A out of my Frogs lands.
4–The remaining part of my Frogs land I give equally to my two daughters Sarah & Pressilah Spivay
5–I give Sarah Daniel one feather bed & furniture one cow & calf, one sow and pig.
6–I give my son Daniel Spivay five shillings currency.
7–the residue to my two daughters Sarah Spivay & Pressilah Spivay.
I nominate my kinsman Jesse Spivay & Samuel Brown my executors

James Brown on Grand Jury Aug 1795.

Feb 1797–Christian Brown & Robt Parker Jr. came into Court and moved for Administration on the Estate of James Brown decd—-

Children of James Brown and Christian Parker:
1. James Brown ca 1780 –
2. Mary (Polly) Brown ca 1781 –
married John Evans
3. Nancy Brown ca 1782 –
married Ezekiel? Lassiter
4. Willis Brown ca 1783 –
5. Elizabeth (Betsy) Brown
married 1805 Peter Parker
6. Louisa Brown ca 1784 –
married James Parker
7. Robert Brown ca 1786 –
not named in 1825 div.

5 Oct 1799 Christian Brown signed her will in presence of Jethro Williams & George Williams.
Item I give to my beloved son James Brown 100 A of land lying on honey pott road that fell to me in the division of my fathers land provided my son James pays my son Robert Brown $20 when he arrives to the age of 21.
Item–I leave my son Willis Brown $5 as his full share of my estate.
Item –residue of my estate be equally divided between my five children (viz) Polley Brown, Nancy Brown, Elizabeth Brown, Luiza Brown & Robert Brown.
Lastly I appoint my beloved friend Willis Brown executor of will. Proved Nov Court 1799.

Nov 1799–Ordered that Willis Brown Exr. of the estate of Christian Brown sell the estate.

15th Aug 1801 Mary Brown, Nancy Brown, Willis Brown, & Elizabeth Brown to Willis Brown Sr $63 28A.

13 Sept 1801 James Brown to Miles Parker $30 feather bed & furniture, boufatt & furniture, trunk, pinetable, 1/2 doz chairs, iron pot, iron kettle & all other goods. .


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