Roscius Cierco Borland & Temperance Ramsey

Roscius Cicero Borland, Esq. 1807 VA – 1845/6 | his parents
& 1837 Temperance Ramsey ca 1814 – | her parents
of Suffolk VA and Murfreesboro NC and MS

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thanks go to the Chrysler Museum of Art, Norfolk, VA for the Borland portraits

the Borland house – Murfreesboro NC
from “Renaissance in Carolina 1971-1976”

1807 – Roscius Cicero Borland was born son of Dr. Thomas Wood Borland from Scotland and his wife Harriott Godwin in Suffolk VA.
1823 – family moves to Murfreesboro NC
1825/29 – during this time period his mother died prob in Murfreesboro
studied law under Chancellor Wythe
1830 – “The young but gallant and high-strung…” attorney, appeared in August Term, 1830, of Court with license signed by Leonard Henderson, C. J. and John Hall and Thomas Ruffin, Associate Justices and took oath of an attorney.
Nov 1831/Feb 1832 – His father died in Murfreesboro NC.
1835 – “…had won the confidence and respect of his people and was elected County Attorney…” serving Hertford County until 1845,
1835 – elected to NC House of Commons with Kenneth Rayner, John Vann was in Senate
1837 – Roscius Cicero Borland married Miss Temperance Ramsay 25 Apr 1837 in Northampton County, NC [bond 19 Apr] ?daughter of David Ramsey and wife Charlotte Williams
1838 -18 Mar – daughter Harriott Godwin Borland born.
1839/40 – son George Boyd Borland born [letter from RC to Tempe dated 10 Sept 1844 -asks if sons Thomas and George Boyd are well.]
1842 -3 Feb – daughter born – named Fanny Green Borland
1844 – son Thomas Roscius Borland born 3 Mar 1844.
1845 –Aug Ct 1845 Deed from RC Borland to Euclid Borland proved by Oath of FM Capehart.
1845 – going to Dr. Euclid’s Marshall Co, Mississippi plantation to be with brother where he became ill with the measles and died. [Winborne] son Thomas Roscius in letter 19 Jan 1897 said his father died in 1845.
1845 – Nov Ct 1845 William N H Smith succeeds R C Borland who has removed from the state.
1846 – Aug Ct 1846 Adm. on the estate of Roscius C Borland decd. granted to Fredrick M Capehart
Dec 8th FM Capehart to Geo Godwin “moving friend Roscius’ family remains to Suffolk for burial.”

“Mr Borland was the . . . son of Dr. Thomas Borland, who had for many years resided in Murfreesboro and was greatly respected for his high-toned and chivalrous bearing. Roscius Borland inherited his father’s high sense of honor. As a lawyer and a man he was above reproach. He was extremely nervous and mercurial, and very dainty in his choice of associates. This was his only political service, for his feeble frame succumbed at an early date and with him passed from Hertford county the name of Borland. His brother Solon became US Senator from Arkansas and Minister to Nicaragua. Dr. Euclid Borland, a wealthy and courtly planter of Louisiana, long retained veneration for his native place and continued to revisit it.” J W Moore

Children of Roscius Cicero Borland and wife Temperance Ramsey:
1. Harriott Godwin Borland 18 Mar 1838 NC – 16 June 1890 VA
in 1850 enrolled in Female Seminary in Washington DC
1860 living with Uncle Euclid in Louisiana

married ca 1880 Thomas Washington Smith 1 June 1832 VA – 9 May 1912 VA
son of Washington Smith and Mary Powell who on Saturday, 26 Feb 1825 were host to the Marquis De La Fayette at his Somerton, VA Inn, feeding him fine food and drink, during the Marquises 24 state visit tour. Tom served and was wounded several times during the Civil War, was at Appomattox during surrender. He was an astute business man, involved with banks, cotton mills, while remaining a member of Tom Smith Camp of Confederate Veterans as it Commander living in/near Suffolk City, VA. Both, he and his wife are at Cedar Hill Cemetery, located east behind where once her grandparents had lived, buried in Block D, Lot 96, with its entrance adorned by a statute Tom is responsible for having raised money for.

Washington Smith Inn, Somerton VA
The back part of the house was not added in 1825, nor was the porch.
The front was then the side opposite the chimneys. Each chimney has a
large fireplace at the base where the cooking was done, the cellar being the kitchen.
from the Daily Roanoke-Chowan News “The Roanoke-Chowan Story” Ch 14
If I am not mistaken this building stood where the road made a sharp 90 degree turn
and we passed it every time we drove to Suffolk or/and Norfolk. – Of course the road by-passes the site today.

Note: Her grave stone that she shares with her husband CEDER HILL CEMETERY, Suffolk, VA


  1. George Boyd Borland ca 1839 – aft 1844 dy
    3. Fanny Green Borland 3 Feb 1842 – dy
    4. Thomas Roscius Borland 3 Mar 1844 NC – 2 Jan 1900 VA
    in 1850 living with Uncle George Godwin and Aunt Fanny in Suffolk VA
    Thomas served in CSA Company K, 9th VA Inf under cousin Col David Jeremiah Godwin
    both under Gen Lewis Addison Armistead until the Gen’s 5 Jul 1863 death from wounds received at Gettysburg Battle.
    Thomas attended U of VA, then in 1869, opened law practice in Norfolk, serving city, state, and the nation while with firm Borland & Willcox. An unmarried attorney at age 26 in 1870 census, 1st Ward, Norfolk, VA.
    He once served as United States Attorney for Eastern Virginia.
    The T R Borland family buried Lot 38, Elmwood Cemetery, Norfolk VA [Interment cards]
    married ca 1871 Mary Louisa Camp 29 July 1844 – 13 Jan 1878
    daughter of George Washington Camp and Elizabeth Barron Armistead of Norfolk VA


  1. Mary Chapman Borland 24 July 1873 – 6 Jan 1890 – buried 8 Jan 1890


  1. Armstead Borland 26 June 1875 – 29 Aug 1949
    served in Spanish-American and WWI, was Norfolk’s Civil Service Secretary, 1920-1947
    buried Elmwood Cemetery in Norfolk
    married ca 1901 Bonnie Barrington Myers 1882 – 24 July 1949
    dau of Wm. W & Martha McRorie Myers
    i. Thomas Rosicus Borland 1902 VA – 1936 TX
    ii. Elizabeth A Borland 5 Jan 1904 – 14 July 1988 ts
    married John Franklin Ross Jr. 5 Mar 1904 – 15 Jan 1961 ts
    iii. Catherine W Borland ca 1907 –
    married Wayne Adams
    living CA 1936, Buenos Aires 1949 & CA 1988.
    1. Miss Armistead Borland Adams bef 1949 –
    2. Wayne W. Adams bef 1949 –
    c. Harriette Borland May 1877 – buried 1 July 1877 age 2 monthsmarried 23 Dec 1879 Caroline H [Carrie] Barney 20 Sept 1849 ts – 22 June 1928
    buried Elmwood Cemetery in Norfolk

64.109.4 64.109.1
Thomas Roscius and Carrie Barney Borland

64.109.4 64.109.1
Eugenia M. Scott (American 20th century) 1844-1900
Pastel 10 x 8 inches Chrysler Museum of Art , Norfolk , VA
245 West Olney Road , Norfolk , VA 23510

  1. Thomas Roscius Borland Jr Feb 1881 – 14 Dec 1885
    b. Ramsey Borland 28 Aug 1883 VA – 7 April 1939
    buried Elmwood Cemetery in Norfolk
    married ca 1921 Rosa Ella Weyman 1884 NY – 28 Oct 1946


  1. Charles Barney Borland 8 Jan 1886 Norfolk VA – 3 Mar 1972 Virginia Beach VA age 86
    buried Elmwood Cemetery in Norfolk next to his first wife and alongside his parents and brothers
    charter member 1919 Am Legion Post City Manager of Norfolk City 1938 until 31 Dec 1945
    married 4 Aug 1917 Grace Odend’hal 16 Dec 1884 [ts] Norfolk VA – 10 May 1959 age 76
    buried Elmwood Cemetery in Norfolk Area B
    daughter of Joseph Slack Odend’hal and wife Julia Herbert Cason
    married 2nd in Richmond 15 Nov 1960 Cornelia McBlair [Stribbling] 1884 VA – 1987 VA 103
    she had married 1st Edward McCormick Striblng 5 Jun 1885 –
    dau of George and Cornelia G McBlair buried Cedar Grove Cemetery Norfolk VA
    Both interment card and obit say age 103, ts has; b. May 17, 1887, d.Nov 17, 1987 (????)

64.109.2 64.109.3
Charles B. and Cornelia McBlair Stribbling Borland
64.109.2 64.109.3
Eugenia M. Scott (American 20th century) 1844-1900
Pastel 10 x 8 inches Chrysler Museum of Art , Norfolk , VA
245 West Olney Road , Norfolk , VA 23510

  1. Carrie B Borland Oct 1888 –
    married Benjamin Burroughs

The original 1809 portraits are [2005] at Chrysler Museum of Art, 245 West Olney Road, Norfolk, VA 23510 who purchased the nine drawings from the Auslew Gallery (Norfolk, Va.) in 1964 and that the gallery obtained the drawings from Colonel Charles B. Borland (Virginia Beach, Va.).

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