Robert Abner Holloman & Pauline Roberta Vann

Sally’s family ties – grandparents of R A Holloman III

Robert Abner Holloman 1874 – 1951 | his parents
& Pauline Roberta Vann 1882 – 1970 | her parents
of Ahoskie, Hertford County, NC

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!


Robert Abner [Rob] Holloman married Pauline Roberta Vann.

Robert Abner [Rob] Holloman, son of Jesse Holloman and Elizabeth Bridger was born 21 Apr 1874. Rob and Pauline lived on their farm near Ahoskie where they owned and operated the Indian Springs Dairy Farm. Next door to them in a smaller house lived their son Red Holloman who operated the farm with him.

Rob Holloman died on 24 Feb 1951 from burns suffered while burning brush alone on his farm.
Pauline Roberta Vann was born 21 Sep 1882. She was the daughter of Thomas Jefferson Vann and his wife, Elizabeth (Bettie) Mitchell. Pauline died 22 Dec 1970.

Indian Springs Dairy Farm – 50 years later
photo by Bob Koestler Oct 2005

Children of Robert Abner [Rob] Holloman and Pauline Roberta Vann
1. Jessie Vann Holloman 21 Feb 1902 – near Ahoskie
married Bessie Cowan
a. Jessica Rosalind Holloman 1927 –
b. Richard Vann Holloman 1932 –
c. David Ridley Holloman 1941 –
d. Mary Margaret Holloman 1943 –
e. Joseph Holloman 1945 –
2. Harry Holloman 9 Dec 1904 Ahoskie – 1 May 1976 FL
married Una Belle Bowen 5 Dec 1907 – 14 Dec 1987 Ahoskie
3. Robert Abner [Red] Holloman 1 Sep 1908 Hert. Co – 19 Dec 1987 Pasq. Co
married Anna Higgs Griffith 19 Sep 1907 Hert Co – 4 May 1990 Pasq. Co
daughter of Handsel Uriah [H U] Griffith and Virginia Taylor

H U Griffith

a. Brig. Gen. Robert A [Bob] Holloman III US Army ret. died 10 Jan 2012 age 81 College Park GA
retired military 1980

Vietnam 1973

married 24 Dec 1950 Lydia Jane Moore

24 Dec 1950

I. Robert Raynor [Rob] Holloman
married Karen Herink
1. Troy Anthony Holloman
2. Jameson Parker Holloman
3. Robert Earnest Holloman
ii. Harry Hunter Holloman
married Marilyn Baggett
1. John William Holloman
2. Hal Holloman
iii. Melissa Jane Holloman
married Thomas P Roberts
1. Joshua Tulley Roberts
2. Lydia Anne Roberts
3. Edward Payne Roberts
iv. William Abner Holloman 5 June 1970 VA – 9 May 2005 College Park GA



Melissa’s Wedding Day
College Park, GA

R A Holloman III family
24 Dec 2000 Sydney, Australia

b. Virginia Taylor Holloman
married Francis Warren Meekins
i. Susan Taylor Meekins Simpson
1. Theresa Simpson
2. Jennifer Simpson
3. Kimberly Simpson
ii. Francis Warren Meekins Jr
married Beverly Bowe
1. Everett Russell Meekins.
iii. Holly Bruce Meekins
married Harry Malvern Williams III
1. John Buxton Williams
2. Lucy Catherine Williams

Holloman family party
Ahoskie, NC
hosted by Miss Pauline ca 1962
Ola and Raynor Moore were also guests
the homes of Rob Holloman and son Red Holloman

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  1. This is a very nice site. I was General Holloman’s first aide-de-camp in the 2nd Infantry Division in South Korea in 1973. It was a privilege to serve under him. He was a very good man.

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