Josiah Hudgins, Mary Riddick, & Humphrey Hudgins

Sally’s 3-great Grandparents:

Josiah Johnson Hudgins ca 1778 – 1826 | his parents
& 1808 Mary Elizabeth (Polly) Riddick 1783 – 1849 | her parents
& 1803 Humphrey Diggs/Deggs Hudgins ca 1777 – 1805| his parents
of Gates County, North Carolina

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

Josiah J Hudgins married Mary Hudgins 9 Feb 1808
Bondsman John F (P?) Hudgins Gates County Marriage Bonds.
Josiah Johnson Hudgins was born ca 1778. His parents, Humphrey Hudgins 1757-1822 and his wife Louisa Foster, had moved to Gates County by 1784 from Glocester County, VA. Josiah married in 1808 a Mary Hudgins, who was then the widow of Humphrey D Hudgins who died in 1805 in Gates County.

Mary Riddick, daughter of John Riddick Jun. (deceased by May 1802 when Micajah Riddick & Humphry Hudgins asked to adm. his estate) married on 5 Feb 1803 Humphrey Diggs (or Deggs) Hudgins. After Humphrey D. Hudgins death in 1805 she married in 1808 Josiah Hudgins. I think this Humphrey D. Hudgins is a brother of Josiah. (One family historian says Humphrey D. is Josiah’s grandfather and has it that Mary Riddick is marrying Josiah’s father Humphrey as his second wife–I do not think so. )

Children of Josiah Johnson Hudgins and Mary Elizabeth Riddick:
1. Amelia Hudgins 1811 – 1882
married 15 Mar 1827 Solomon Rountree 1802 – 1870
2. Louisa (Lovicey) Hudgins ca 1813 –
married 26 Sept 1829 Eli Worrell 1811 – Apr 1850 age 39
3. William J. [I.] Hudgins ca 1817 –

Gates County Marriage Bonds:
Humphey D Hudgins married Mary Riddick 5 Feb 1803
Bondsman Micajah Riddick Jr.
William Hudgins (brother of Josiah and Humphrey D) married Elizabeth Morgan

Gates County, NC – Abstract of Deeds (1808-1814) Taylor.
3 Aug 1813 Humphrey Hudgins to Josiah Johnson Hudgins for love and affection. Signed Hy Hudgins Witnesses Jesse Hudgins and Mary Hudgins.

21 Nov 1826, Gates County, NC Court Records:
Ordered that Willis Cross Administer on the estate of Josiah Hudgins decd. and that he give bond & security in the sum of $10,000 etc.
Ordered that the Sheriff summon a Jury to meet on the premises and lay off the dower of Mary Hudgins widow of Josiah Hudgins agreeable to Law etc.
Ordered that Henry Pugh Esqur. Noah Harrell, John Matthews and James Lassiter lay off to Mary Hudgins widow of Josiah Hudgins a years provision out of the estate agreeable to Law etc.

Feb 1827 — Account of sales of the estate of Josiah J. Hudgins decd. was exhibited into court etc.

May 1827 — Ordered that Willis Cross admr. of Josiah J. Hudgins decd. sell two negroes by the names of Penny and Abraham at six months credit in order to settle the Estate.

Aug 1827 — Account of sales for two negroes belonging to the estate of Josiah J. Hudgins was exhibited into Court by Willis Cross, Admr. on Oath etc.

Nov 1827 — Ordered that Willis Cross admr. of Josiah J. Hudgins decd. sell man George and if he should prove insufficient to discharge the debts of said Hudgins that he sell girl Gilley on a credit of Six Months.

Feb 1828 –Account of the sale of negro George belonging to the estate of Josiah J Hudgins dec’d was exhibited into court by Willis Cross admr. on oath etc.

Feb 1829 — Ordered that Solomon Rountree be appointed Guardian to Louisa Hudgins and William J Hudgins orphans of Josiah Hudgins dec’d and he give bond & Security in the sum of sixteen hundred dollars and offers Lassiter Riddick & Simons Rountree for securities . . .

May 1829 –Henry Gilliam, Pryer Savage & Willis Riddick three of the men who were appointed to audit & State the accounts of Willis Cross admr. of Josiah Hudgins dec’d with the estate of the deceased made a report of their proceedings thereon etc. . .

Ordered that Pryer Savage, Simmons Rountree, Richard Smith, Noah Harrell & John Matthews with a surveyor make a division of the real estate of Josiah Hudgins dec’d among his legal Heirs agreeably to law etc. . .

[Gates County,NC – Abstract of Deeds (1828-1833) Taylor]
12 Aug 1829 Division of land of Josiah Hudgins, dec.
#1 Solomon Roundtree- right of wife Amelia – 54 a.
#2 William J. Hudgins 60 1/2 a.
#3 Louisa Hudgins 46 1/2 a.
#1 to pay #3 $47.50; #2 to pay #3 $55.67 1/2; #2 to pay #1 $23.20.;
Signed by Pryor Savage Simmonds Rountree John Matthews

Feb 1830 — Ordered that Eli Worrell be appointed Guardian to William J Hudgins orphan of Josiah J Hudgins dec’d and that he give bond & security in the sum of one thousand dollars and offers for securities Lassiter Riddick & Elijah Harrell etc. . .
Solomon Rountree Guardian to the orphans of Josiah J Hudgins dec’d exhibited into Court his accounts with the said orphans on Oath etc. . .

Feb 1831 — Eli Worrell guardian to Wm. J Hudgins orphan exhibited his account with the said orphan on Oath etc. . .

28 Dec 1832 Mary Hudgins to Solomon Rountree to stay with and live as one of his family – all hogs, corn fodder, farm utensils, cart and wheels, more and all rights of 1/3 of land whereon she lives, belonging to said Rountree’s wife, use of Negro Gilley. Mary Hudgens
Witnesses John R Norfleet, Eli Worrell

12 June 1841 Mary Hudgins signed a will giving
#1 -to my daughter Amelia Rountree, my negro man Isaac
#2 to my daughter Lovicey Worrell, wife of Eli Worrell, five shillings
#3 to my grand daughter Emily Caroline Rountree one feather bed and furniture
#4 Residue to my well beloved daughter Amelia Rountree.
Solomon Rountree, my son-in-law, is made executor.
Witnesses O.B. Savage W.G.Daughtry Mary (her X mark) Hudgins (seal)
Feb. Ct 1850: exhibited & proved by O.B.Savage & Wm. G.Daughtry; Solomon Rountree executor – qualified.

Mortality Schedule 1850: Gates County, NC – Mary Hudgins age 67 Dec Plurecy 8 days (duration of last illness)
Also, from Grandmother Parker’s notebook.–Mary Elizabeth Hudgins, wife of Josiah Hudgins, departed this life December the 15th, 1849.

US Census Gates County NC
1790 Humphey Hudgins 4 to 16 1 16 up 2 females
1800 Humphey Hudgins 3 0-10 2 10-16 1 16-26 1 26-45 3 0-10 3 10-16 1 16-26 1 26-45
1810 Joseph Hudgins 1 0 1 0 1 0 1
1820 Josiah Hudgins 1 1 0 1 1 1 0 1
1830 Mary Hudgins 1 5-10 1 40-50

Grandchildren of Josiah Johnson Hudgins and Mary Elizabeth Riddick:

Amelia Hudgins and Solomon Rountree had:
1. Mary Ann Rountree 1829 1829
2. Jane Rebecca Rountree 1830 1893
married 1847 1st Jacob M. Hayes
married 2nd James Hinton
3. Sarah Eliza Rountree 1831 -ca 1862
married 1847 Warner P. Hudgins
4. John Abner Rountree 1833 – 1899
married 1867 Emily Jane Sanderlin
5. Media Ann Rountree 1835 – ca 1908
married 1855 John A. Harrell
6. Emily Caroline Rountree 1837 -1899
married 1854 1st Fred R. Jones
married c 1863 2nd Stephen Ballard
7. Simeon Joseph Rountree (Rountrey) 1839 – 1893
married 1865 Sarah Ellen Hayes
8. Martha Eliza. Rountree 1840 1841
9. Mary Eliza. Rountree 1842 -1908
married 1861 1st John Randolph Brinkly
married 1887 2nd Robert Badger
10. Joseph W. Rountree 1844 -1845
11. Julia Amanda Rountree 1845 -died bef 1872
married 1862 William Sanderlin
12. William Henry Rountree 1848 -1909
married ca 1872 Sarah Isabel “Sadie” Morris
13. Eliza. Alice Rountree 1855 – 1917
married 14 Nov 1872 1st Richard Pearce
married ___________ 2nd Andrew Eason

Louisa Hudgins and Eli Worrell had:
1. Mary Worrell 1833 –
married Gates Co 9 Jan 1851 Henry R Hays
Bondsman William Hays
2. Levi Worrell 1834 –
3. Anna Maria Worrell 1836 –
married Gates Co 3 Jan 1857 Elbert Savage
Bondsman R.E. Parker; witness H.M Daughtry
4. Margaret Worrell 1839 –
married Gates Co 23 Dec 1852 James Russell
Bondsman Marmaduke Baker; witness N J Riddick, B Goodman jp
5. Sarah E Worrell 1841 –
?married Gates Co 22 Dec 1859 Johnsey Russell
Bondsman Thomas R Colli; witness W H Cross, Isaac Williams jp
6. John Worrell 1845 –
7. George W Worrell 5 June 1848 – 27 Nov 1927

William J [I] Hudgins ca 1817 no information

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