Cyprian Cross & Christian Riddick

Sally’s family ties – 4-great – grandparents of R A Holloman III

Cyprian Cross ca 1750 – 1809 | his parents
& ca 1772 Christian Riddick ca 1756 – 1826 | her parents
of Nansemond Co VA and Gates County, NC

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!

Cyprian Cross and Christian Riddick were married about 1772 in Nansemond Co VA.
Christian was the daughter of Edward Riddick and Mary Folk Riddick.

“Cyprian Cross lived where the Story’s now live. They [the Story’s] are descendents of Taylor Cross.”Louise Vann Boone in “the Vann Family.”
. . .about 3 miles from the Chowan River, near Winton.

“The Crosses and Riddicks were active in establishing the Methodist Church in Gates County. In 1785 Bishop Francis Asbury, the father of Methodism in America, traveled through Gates County preaching to gatherings at private residences, among whom was a Riddick. The Cross family was active in organizing Kittrell’s Church in the area.

Cypian Cross died 13 Dec 1809 in Gates County.
Christian Riddick Cross died 23 Sept 1826.

Children of Cyprian Cross and Christian Riddick:
1. Riddick [Reddick] Cross 1774 Nansemond Co VA -1847 Fayette Co, TN
married Penelope “Pennie” Lewis – d bef. 1827
a. Priscilla Cross
b. Nancy Cross
c. David Cross went to TN
d. John Cross
e. Betsie Cross
f. Mary Cross 1821 Hertford Co NC –
married ca 1839 Dr. Andrew Jackson Askew 1817 – 30 Sept 1874 Bertie Co NC
married 2nd 15 Mar 1827 Elizabeth Dew Tyner [Sowerby] ca 1798-1875 TN
daughter of Nicholas Tyner of Northampton Co NC
Dew was the maiden name of her grandmother Tyner
[ N. Carolina Chronicle, Murfreesboro, NC Mar 23 1827 — Married – Married on Thursday the 15th instant by Collin W Barnes, Esq. Maj. Reddick Cross of Hertford to Mrs. Elizabeth Sowerby of Northampton.]

– ” Elizabeth Sowerby was the widow of James H. Sowerby of Northampton County. (She was also the sister of my 2nd great grandmother.) By James Sowerby she had two daughters — Lucy and Sarah. After her marriage to Reddick Cross they lived in Winton and had at least two daughters. In the late 1830’s Reddick Cross, his new wife and at least one son, David, moved to Fayette County Tennessee and there became very distinguished members of the community. After their move to Tennessee they had a number of additional children.” – e-mail from Betsy Boone Crowder 11/14/01
a. Frances Christine Cross 1 March 1828, Winton –
b. Martha Amanda Cross 11 July 1829, Winton –
c. Thomas C. Cross ca 1832, NC –
d. Rebecca E. Cross Jan 1834, NC –
family removed to TN in 1836
e. Susan A. Cross ca 1837, TN –
f. Cornelia Ann Cross 1839 – Fayette Co, TN –
g. William Cross ca 1840, TN –
2. Priscilla Cross 1776 Nansemond Co VA –
married Luton Lewis
a. Philip Lewis
b. Betsy Lewis
married Speight
c. Nancy Lewis no issue
married Winborne Jenkins 2nd wife
3. Elizabeth [Betsy] Cross 1778 Nansemond Co VA –
married bef 1809 Jesse Benton no children
4. Jesse Riddick Cross 7 May 1780 Gates Co – 4 Nov 1823 NH Co NC
married 31 Dec 1801 Mary Lawrence 27 Oct 1785 – 25 Mar 1825
a. Lemuel Lawrence Cross 4 Jan 1803 – 26 Jan 1845 never married
b. Elizabeth Mary Ann Cross 9 Jan 1805 – 11 Feb 1811 age 6
c. Dr. Cyprian Cross 12 Aug 1807 NH Co NC – 1867 Madison MS
Princeton U and MD from UP Medical School in 1832
married 21 June 1842 Martha J Turner
d. Isaac Cross 25 Jan 1810 – 11 Oct 1828
e. Christian Eliz. Mary Ann [Kitty] Cross 12 Oct 1812 – 16 Jan 1832 Tifton GA
married 17 Nov 1830 Dr. William Hutchens Goodman 18 Nov 1809 – 14 Sept 1849
he married 2nd her sister Agdalena
i. Mary Eliza Goodman 22 Aug 1831 –
f. Dr. William Cordwell Cross 10 Mar 1815 NH Co NC – 29 Aug 1882 Colbert AL
BA from Princeton in 1836 then MD in 1838 from the Medical School at UP
married 20 Oct 1841 Mary Anne Francis Harris
at her home in Russelville, Alabama
g. Agdalena S Cross 11 Dec 1817 – 15 Sept 1853 Tifton GA
married 16 Sept 1832 Dr. William Hutchens Goodman 18 Nov 1809 – 14 Sept 1849
ii. Sarah Cornelia P Goodman 9 June 1834 – 1836
iii. Henrietta A Goodman 1 Aug 1836 –
5. Abraham [Abram] Cross 1783 – 1830
1820 Gates Co Census Abraham 200110 30010 [ both Abram and wife 26-45]
married 1st ca 1808 Nancy Riddick ca 1790 – ca 1816
dau of John Riddick
a. John Cross ca 1809 – [not mentioned in father’s will]
b. Cypian Riddick Cross Feb 1811- 2 Feb 1905
married in Alabama fall 1835 Edna J Armbrester died 1879
married 1881 Gates county Elizabeth Riddick (cousin) 1861 –
i. Virginia (Miss Virgie) Cross 22 Feb 1882 – 1967
married 5 Aug 1903 John G. Cross 1864 – 1932
1. John Cyprian Cross
2. Margaret Jane Cross
c. Harriet Cross ca 1813 –
married 1828 John R Norfleet [rem. to Miss. 1838]
i. Patrick Norfleet
ii. Sally Norfleet
iii. Leah Norfleet
d. Louisa Cross ca 1815 –
married bef 1833 Joseph J Barnes of Gatesville, NC
i. Bettie Barnes
married 2nd 12 June 1816 Mrs. Penina Goodman Darden
she had married 1st Henry G Darden and they had Lemuel G Darden
a. Mary Goodman Cross ca 1817 – before 1860
married 1834 George Munro Mullen 9 Aug 1806 – 24 Feb 1879
of Murfreesboro, NC rem. 1836 MS. 1st cos. of Julia Wheeler (Moore)
i. Martha Mullen
ii. Mary Mullen
iii. Frank Mullen
iv. Anne Mullen
married 3rd Mrs. Mary M. Copeland
6. Nancy Cross 18 May 1785 – 28 July 1846
married 30 Mar 1806 John Vann 1768-1850 of Hertford County
a. Tilghman D Vann 24 Feb 1807 – 2 Sept 1870
b. Adolphus Vann 26 May 1809 – 8 Nov 1828
c. Cordwell Vann 16 May 1811 – 7 Dec 1848 dsp
d. Albert G Vann 24 July 1813 – 26 Oct 1877
e. Susan E Vann [Eley] 1 June 1817 – 24 Sept 1845
f. Rensellear Vann 4 Mar 1820 – 30 Apr 1887
g. John Arline Vann 7 Dec 1822 – 18 May 1902
h. Jesse W Vann 9 July 1825 – 3 Sept 1852
7. Sallie Cross 1788 –
married Benjamin Barnes moved to GA
a. Robert Barnes
b. Sophia Barnes
8. Taylor Cross 1790 – 18 June 1821
married 19 Dec 1814 Charity [Cherry] Barnes 4 Oct 1796 – 12 Nov 1883
a. Margaret Jane Cross ca 1816 – 1870’s
married Lassiter Riddick ca 1805 – 1870’s
son of Edward, son of Kader will 1784
i. Rufus Riddick
ii. Jeannette Riddick
iii. Edward Riddick
iv. Elizabeth Riddick 1861 –
married 1881 Cypian Riddick Cross Feb 1811- 2 Feb 1905
1. Virginia [Miss Virgie] Cross 22 Feb 1882 – 1967
married 5 Aug 1903 John G Cross 1864 – 1932
v. Walter Riddick
vi. Roscius Riddick
vii. Emily Riddick
viii. Solon Riddick
b. Elizabeth “Lizzie” Cross died ca Nov 1826
c. Jesse Cross died 1828
Charity “Cherry” Barnes 4 Oct 1796 – 12 Nov 1883
married 2nd 20 Dec 1825 Ethelred Cross 1789 – 11 July 1854 testate
served in the War of 1812

d. Frances Cross 13 April 1824 [7] – 8 May 1912 Eure, NC
married 6 Jan 1846 James B Story 31 July 1821 – 29 Jan 1912
son of Miles & Elizabeth Pope Story of SH Co, VA

Ref: Bible Records of Gates County, Vol. I. Miss Virgie Cross’s Bible
Ct. Records of Gates County, Gates County Cemetery and Death Records.

e-mail form Les Stallings 9July 2003
I do have a comment concerning Taylor Cross, Charity Barnes and Ethelred Cross.
I agree with you that Taylor Cross is the son of Cyprian Cross and Taylor married Charity
Barnes on Dec 19, 1814. Taylor Cross died on June 18, 1821.
Charity Barnes Cross then married Etheldred Cross on Dec 20, 1825.
Charity Barnes was born on Oct 4, 1796, Died Nov 12, 1883.
Etheldred Cross was born in 1789 and died July 11, 1854 (served in the war of 1812).
The above was taken from the family bible of Charity Barnes which is now in the possession of the GG Granddaughter of Charity and Etheldred who still lives on the old Story property in Gates County.
When I started out researching the Cross Family, I contacted her and found that she had a vast amount of original Cross Family information and she was kind enough to share some of it with me.
She also pointed out some of my mistakes and provided information where I had blanks.
When I noted you had Ethelred Cross listed as the son of Taylor Cross, I again contacted her and reverified the bible information. Reason, I have been searching for the parents of Etheldred for several years and can find nothing to point me in the right direction. None of the original documents she has gives any hint as to who they were and I have been unable to find any information elsewhere.
Note: I agree with your listing of the other children of Charity and Taylor – only disagree with Etheldred.

e-mail from Peggy Vaughan McKinney: Etheldred Cross left a will written date of 17 Apr 1854 and proved in Nov Ct 1854 in Gates Co NC. He named his wife Charity Cross and his daughter Frances Story and her husband James B Story.

Will of Cyprian Cross dated 13 Dec 1809 – Feb Ct 1810
In the name of God amen. I Cyprian Cross of Gates County and the State of North Carolina, Being weak in body but of Sound and Disposing mind and memory, Thanks be to almighty god [sic] for the same. But as it is appointed for all men once to die I think it proper and highly necessary to make this writing my Last will and testament in manner and form hereafter mentioned…
First, I lend to my beloved wife Christian Cross the use of my mansion house with the out houses, all other [unreadable]thereunto belonging Together with all the Land I own on the south side of the western road Together with a part of my old plantation known By the name of the By Field and apple orchard with the [unreadble] of timber to Keep up a fence around the same. I also Lend my wife the use of three negroes Say Billy and his wife Cate and boy Jim during her life after her Death said property to be Disposed of in manner here after directed.
Secondly I Give and Bequeath to my son Riddick Cross the land whereon he now lives Beginning at Red Oak on the Road that leads to Winton, thence a direct course to a fence through my old plantation known by the sname of the Cross Fence, thence along said fence to a oak standing in the swamp thence down said swamp to Barnes Line to a corner formerly cald [sic] Hars Corner thence along said Barnes Line to a corner cald [sic] the Four Pines Island thence Boyce Line thence along said Boyce Line to an oak
saplin [sic] in John Adams Line thence along said Adams Line to Jesse Vanns Line thence along said Vanns Line to the Winton Road then along said Road to the first stattion [sic], together with a small Tract of land lying on the Gum swamp adjoining the lands of John Adams, Louis Butts and Crafford. I also give to my son Riddick one negro boy named Andrew and one yoke of oxen all to him and his heirs forever…
Note: This second part of the will is written in a different hand, as though the first clerk could write no longer. wlc
Finally, I give and bequeath to my son Abraham Cross a certain piece of Land known by the name of Ellis place and other pieces [of land?] unto it adjoining. Beginning at my son Abraham’s garden on the Back then running a direct course to the swamp as the fence now stands between a young orchard planted by my son Abraham And my old orchard to the swamp [and] so on down the said swamp to Barnes Line, along Barnes Line and others so as to comprehend all the land I own to the pine Swamp, thence
Down said Swamp to Ausborns Corner then leaving the swamp and Running a line of marked trees between my self and others to the Winton Road thence along the said road to first station. I also Give and Bequeath to my son Abraham one Negro man named Ziba also one yoke of stears [sic] which are now in his possession to him and his heirs forever.
Forthly I Give and bequeath to my son Jesse R. Cross the land I own on and in the river percoson Between the Mery branch and Said percoson. I also give to my son Jesse R. Cross one Negro man Named Jack to him and his heirs for Ever.
Fifthly I Give and Bequeath to my Daughter Priscilla Lewis [and] the children Say Betsey, Phillip and Nancy, one Negro man named Rider now in possession of Lawton Lewis, one Negro girl named Mariam And one negro girl named Sally. To be equally divided amongst them share and share alike.
Sixthly I Give and Bequeath to my Daughter Nancy Vann one negro woman named
Cibl and one negro boy named Lewis to her and her heirs for Ever.
Seventhly I give and bequeath to my Daughter Elizabeth Benton one negro boy
cald [sic] Sam and my pheonix [?] colt and Bill and furniture and three Ewes and lambs to her and her heirs forever.
Eightly I Give and Bequeath to my Daughter Sally Cross one Negro man named Jeffery and negro woman Ester and negro girl Linney one bed and furniture and my Riding Mare to her and her heirs forever.
Ninthly I give and Bequeath my Son Taylor Cross one negro boy named Nat. I give and bequeath to my son Taylor all the land I own on the south side of the Winton road that is to say all the land Before land to my wife Except that of my old plantation, I Give after the death of my wife to my son Taylor Together with the negroes Before Lone [sic] to my wife Say Billy, Cate, and Jim. Not withstanding never the less and it is my Desire that my wife shall have use of all that part of my Estate not given away within
doors and without. During his life after her Death said property to my son Taylor and his heirs for ever.
Tenthly my desire is the part of my old plantation on the north side of the Winton road to my wife for life after her Death to be Equally Divided between my sons Riddick and Abraham Equally Share and Share alike. I do denominate and appoint my friend John Vann my whole and sole Executor to this my last will and Testament in witness where of I have hereunto set my hand and my seal Thirteenth Day of December in the your of our Lord One Thousand Eight hundred and nine. Signed, sealed and acknowledged in the prescence of us.
James Fisher [or Eisher or Usher] Cyprian Cross
James Williams
Wm [William] L. Smith

Abstract of the will: Christian Cross, Gates Co 23 Sept 1826- pr May Ct 1828
Daughter Nancy Vann, grand-daughters Nancy Jenkins and Elizabeth Speight, daughter in law Charity Cross, grand daughter Margaret Jane Cross [daughter of Taylor Cross] son in law John Vann Exr. Test, Willis Cross, Richard Curl.
Hathaway’s NCHGR Vol 2, p 45

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  1. Would there be any history of slaves owned in Kymulga, Alabama? Cyprian Riddick owned my 3rd Grandfather Washington Cross.

  2. I am the great-granddaughter of Jepthia Jeremiah Cross and Clara Catherine Cross his wife. I saw that a Martin Dewson and some other people have determine that a Albert G Cross and Nancy Cross were his parents. This information is not what our family has for his parents. I would love to make contact with you or with anyone including Mr. Dewson to see what sources you have. We also have information for the parents we have. I am wondering if we could compare information and see if we are talking about the same person. Would like to hear back from you.

    1. Hello. My maiden name is Cross and I am trying to put my family tree together and I’m hoping you can help. I have traced my ancestor back to Cyprain Riddick Cross when he lived in Alabama. Do anything exist from that era about slave ownership or who they were bought from or sold to? Thank you

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