William Rayner & Eliza Drew

Sally’s great-great Grandparents:

William Rayner 1812 – 1860 | his parents
& 1834 Eliza C Drew 1818 – 1856 | her parents
of near Powellsville, Bertie County, North Carolina

This is my working hypothesis – the way I see it as of this moment!!


William Rayner and Eliza C Drew were married 22nd May 1834–Rayner Family Bible.
Bertie County Marriage Bonds: Wm. Rayner – Nelly Eliza Drew -May 20, 1834. Bondsman A. Oxley.

William Rayner, son of Joshua Rayner and his wife Martha Outlaw, was born 30 Oct 1812 at the family home in Bertie County near Powellsville, NC.
His mother died in 1820 and his father in 1825.
In 1830 Census I believe he is in the household of his brother in law Aquilla Oxley who was bondsman for his marriage bond.
He died 23 March 1860. Bertie Co Mortality 1860 Wm Rayner 46 m Mar farmer Ulcer 6 mos.

Eliza C Drew alias Nelly Eliza Drew daughter of Whitmell Drew and Penelope, his wife was borned 6th of Sept 1818–Family Bible Record.
She died 6 August 1856 age 38 years, 11 mo.
Her mother, Penelope Drew was a member of this household until her death 3 February 1880.

Children of William Rayner and Eliza C Drew:
1. Marcus Joshua Rayner 6 July 1835 – 4 Nov 1906
never married
2. John Alexander Rayner 31 July 1837 – 22 Dec 1901
married 1860 Mary Winifred Rayner 3 Feb 1840 – 26 Apr 1925
3. Martha Ann Penelope Rayner 18 Oct 1839 – 1916
married 1869 George B Harrell ca 1839 Bertie Co NC – bef 1900
son of George Harrell ca 1810 and wife Elizabeth ca 1810, brother of Michel D Harrell ca 1843, also in household 1850 Cyntha Harrell ca 1829 cannot read ~ all born NC
4. Mary Addlin Hannah Rayner 6 Nov 1842 – 18 Jun 1869
married 1868 Marcus B Evans ca 1839 –
5. Sarah Eliza Rayner 3 Oct 1845 – 26 May 1915
married 1886 William L (Billie) Mitchell 1832 – aft 1910
he had married 1st Mary Margaret Alston ca 1833 – ca 1886
6. Araminta Manda Rayner 9 Mar 1848 – aft 1910
married 9 April 1884 Jacob Lenow ca 1814 SH Co VA – 18 Feb 1892 Bertie Co NC
he had married 1st in Southampton Co VA 18 June 1838
Narcissa Murfree ca 1812 Hertford Co – 1860/1880
the census shows him with a 2nd wife L J on the 1880 census SH Co VA

7. William Reed Rayner 24 May 1853 – 1921 Bertie Co, NC
married 1876 Allie Frances Sessoms 1858 – 1944 Wake Co, NC

William Rayner 37 m farmer 525
Eliza 32 f
Marcus J 15 m in school
John A 13 m in school
Martha A 11 f in school
Mary A 10 f in school
Sarah E 6 f in school
Araminta 2 f
Joshua Rayner 35 m (brother)
Penelope Drew 50 f (mother-in-law)
Mary A Ward 40 f ( ?) (Idiot checked)

Agricul Schedule 1850 William Rayner
75 (550) ac 525 farm val 30 farm imp
Two horse ten cows one ox five cattle seven sheep 45 swine 187 val
16 wheat 500 corn 15 wool 40 pea 40 pot 400 sw pot
50 butter four hay 20 flax three flaxseed
Ten honey 20 home man 127 slaughters

Will — Bertie Co NC dated 17 March 1860— May Ct 1861
I William Rayner of the County of Bertie and State of North Carolina. . . .
First, I give to my beloved sons Marcus J Rayner, Jno A Rayner, and William Rayner the tract of land whereon I now live to be equally divided between them & their heirs forever
subject to be rented out for two years for the benefit of my estate
Secondly I give to my beloved daughters Martha A Rayner, Mary A Rayner, Sally Eliza Rayner, and Araminta M Rayner
each one hundred fifty dollars to be paid by my Executors within five years from the time of my decease.
Thirdly I give to my beloved daughters Martha A Rayner and Mary A Rayner each one bed furniture (each to get bed, dresser &)
Fourthly It is my will and desire that all the residue of my estate of any species and kind after taking out the above named go to all my children
Fifthly I do at this moment constitute and appoint my beloved sons Marcus J Rayner and John A Rayner my lawful executors & execute this my last will according to the true intent and meaning of the same
In witness because of that I the said William R Rayner do at this moment set my hand and seal this the 17th day of March in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and sixty.

Wm Rayner

Wm J Freeman J M Outlaw Proved May Ct 1861

Acct. Sale of hire negroes & rents lands of the estate of Wm Rayner decd
Dec 30th, 1861 for the Ensuing year
George to M J Rayner 98.00
Blunt ” John Rice 60.00
Joe ” Jat Tayloe 48.00
Harriet ” John W Perry 46.00
Bet ” M J Rayner 37.00
Mariah ” J C Clark 26.00
Sam & General ” Thos Nickols 25.00

To Keep
Winey & five children to M J Rayner 48.50
Cintha & three children ” 19.00
Mary & three ” ” 17.75

House field to M J Rayner 15.00
Cotton ? field ” 10.00
Large New Grown ” 15.00
Wheat Patch ” 2.00

Branson’s North Carolina Business Directory for 1896 lists
Manufactory of Carriages – Powellsville, NC – Raynor Bros.

“Uncle Marc”

Marcus Joshua Rayner 1835 – 1906 | his parents
never married:
of Powellsville NC

This is my working hypothesis – the way, I see it as of this moment!!

Uncle Marc


Home of Uncle Marc Rayner
Uncle Marc and Aunt Pat Harrell on bottom porch; Joe Harrell in yard, two unidentified servants; On top porch are niece Nell Rayner, nephew Morton Rayner, and niece Luta Harrell

On the death of his father, William Rayner (1812-1860) Marc Rayner became the head of the household that included six younger siblings. The youngest William Reed Rayner was just turning seven. His mother had died in 1856, but her mother Penelope Drew (1799-1880) was also living with the family. Uncle Marc never married. It was Uncle Marc who gave Raynor Moore his first pair of long pants. (Before that he wore a dress.) Uncle Marc had a general store (the one Uncle Percy later had) in Powellsville where he also sold brandy that his family distilled.

Militia Records: 8th Reg Bertie County; 2d Brigade;
3rd Lt Rayner, Marcus J 16/ Aug 61 Trap, Colerain;
NR; 9th Reg Bertie County;
2d Brigade; 2d Lt (Promoted) Rayner, Marcus J 16/Aug/61 Trap Dist.; Captain Rayner, Marcus J 11/Jan/63 Com No 5

Marcus Rayner was the head of the Populist Party in Bertie County in the 1890’s.

1099 1099
Thos Hoggard
John A Rayner 22 M
1100 1100
Marcus J Rayner 24 M 1300 16,606
Martha A 20 F
Mary A 17 F
Sarah E 14 F
Araminter M 12 F
William R 6 M
Penelope Drew 61 F

41 Rayner Marcus J 34 M farmer 850 1000
Rayner John A 32 M farm laborer
Rayner Mary W 30 F keeping house
” Gustave B 8 M at home
” Johnnie F 6 F at home
” Percy L 3 M at home
” Morton L 1 M at home
Drew Penelope 71 F House keeping
Rayner Sarah E 24 F House keeping
Rayner Araminta 22 F Housekeeping
Rayner William R 17 M Farm laborer
Freeman Brown M 12 M Farm lavorer
Ward Mary A 60 F House keeping

US Census Bertie Co NC Colerain Twsp
1880 131/131 Rayner M J w m 44 farmer
” Arry w f 31 sister
Drew Penelopy w f 80 g mother

1900 4/4 Rayner, Marcus J head w m July 1835 64 s
Harrell, Martha A sister w f Oct 1839 60 wd 4/3
Lenow, Arrie M sister w f Mar 1848 52 wd 0/0

Bertie Co Wills M J Rayner dated 4 Jan 1901–proved Nov 1906
I M J Rayner being in sound mind and good judgment but considering the uncertainty