Mulberry Grove Interior Woodwork

006Mulberry Grove
Home of the Cotten and Moore families
of St. Johns Twsp., Hertford County, North Carolina

Greek period Interior Woodwork installed ca 1835
mg5 mg7 mgmantle

window detail ca 1970 Parlor mantle 1956

mgstairs mgfrdoor mg6
Stairs 1956 Stair rail ca 1970 Exterior Front Door detail 1956






3 thoughts on “Mulberry Grove Interior Woodwork”

  1. Wow! Love these new pictures. Wish I would have had them when I did my Grad school project on the House back in 2005. You told me there was some you were hunting for but did not find in time for the project.
    I see from the brick work on the end above the door that the brick do not match the patterns as it does around the windows upstairs. Appears at one time there were two windows matching the ones on the front of the house and they were bricked up at some point also the brick over the arched doorway does not match the facade of the wall they appear to be one course out. and squared off over the door. Has the porch ever went to this side? or was another structure built on this side and then removed? I still want my goal to be to come up to NC and see it for myself.

    1. The house is a pile of rubble, now.
      Yes, the house was originally a story and a half and was raised to two stories in the 1830’s. You can see the originally bond of brick on that wall. and the new one too.
      I gather there were porches on both sides of the wooden portion plus the porch in front. I do not think a porch was on that end of the brick portion. That is the only entrance to the full basement under the brick section.

      1. Thanks for posting the other photos as well. I have noticed two styles of trim work, one plain Ionic columns on the fireplace mantle and the other the more complex Ionic on the window trim, diamond shape over the hearth is also too plain for 1830 era. Also the stair cases also appear to be redone as lower more of the 1830’s style and upper a older style more akin to Georgian hand rails. I think I am going to redo my Graduate School Paper on the Architecture of the house.

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