Richard Bond & 1st Wife & Sarah

Sally’s six-great Grandparents:

Richard Bond bef 1700 – 1728 | parents
& 1st wife | parents
& Sarah Maudlin 1706 – 1761 | parents
& bef 1732 James Costen | parents

of Chowan Co, NC

Richard Bond of Nansemond Co, VA died 1727-8.
After the death of Richard Bond Sr in 1728,
his widow Sarah married 2nd James Costen of Meherin Neck.

The Richard Bond (died 1727/8) whose will was filed in Chowan County, left children Richard, Henry, Hance, William and Lewis and dau. Mary. wife unnamed exec. Test: John Perry, Eliz. Ward, Wm. Haveild (Hathaway 1-133)
It also speaks of land in Maiden Hair Neck (border of NansemondCo./NC).

Children of Richard Bond:
1. Richard Bond ca 1713 – 1795
elected Vestryman of St Paul’s Parish, Chowan Co, NC in 1740, 1744, 1746, 1755, 1758 (serving through December 1760
married unknown
2. Henry Bond ca 1717 – ca Feb 1761 Edgecombe Co
married Rosannah Wood ca 1725 – 1760
3. Lewis Bond ca 1719 – ca 1753
married Rebecca unknown
4. Hance Bond ca 1721 – ca 1752
5. William Bond ca 1723 –
6. Mary Bond ca 1726 –
married Richard Garrett

e-mail from Dixie. At last, I have been able to prove my connection to Henry Bond who died about 1790 in Edenton. He died intestate (wouldn’t you know) and his widow Sarah turned over administration to Richard Woodard. She may have been a Woodard. Sarah then married Wm. Carter of Edenton and bless her she recorded a Gift Deed to her son, Henry, and named her grandchildren born at that time. I am as yet unable to identify Henry’s parents. There can be no doubt it connects to Richard who died in 1727/28. I have been researching Court records with success.

-It appears that John Perry and Richard Bond of VA purchased the property in Perq. from one Keaton.
– After the death of Richard, a suit was filed by John Perry and Sarah Bond, Executrix of Richard. After some effort, this was resolved.
– In each of the hearings Sarah is identified as Sarah Bond, EX of Richard.
– There was still another suit filed by John Perry and Sarah Bond against
Mauldin. This had to do with a number of hogs which they claim were stolen
from them. They are suing for the cost of the hogs and damages.
– They prevail only to have the claim against Edward Mauldin of no value as he has no estate to be found.
This all took place in 1727/28 and 1728/29.

-The next item I find is July of 1732
“Upon Complaint of Lewis Bond Son of Richd. Bond dec and one of the Legatees
of the said Richd. that James Constant who hath intermarried with SARAH, HIS
MOTHER relect of the sd. Richard that the sd. James Turned the sd. Lewis out
of doors declared that he should not live with him and that the sd. James
having the custody & safekeeping of the sd. Complts. Estate Doth Embezzle the
same & ____ prays this Court may Enquire into the Premises. Ordd. that the
sd James be Sumd. to appear and answer the sd. Complaint at the next Ct. and
that the sd. Lewis Do live with Richd. Bond till the next Court at wch. time
he is to appear and make out is sd. complaint.” (Chowan Co. Court Minutes
1730-1745 Book I Weynette Haun)

Will of Lewis Bond, planter 22 Feb. 1753 O probate Apr Ct 1753 (before James
Of Chowan Co. “very sick and weak in Body”. Son Richard – land, negro fellow
Jack, girl Juda, boy Samson. Son John – negro wench Dinar, girl Rose.
Daughters Elesebeth & Sarah Bond – negro wench Curry. Wife Rebecker – use of
all my negroes during her lifetime.
EX: brother-in-law Richard Bond
Wit: James Bond, Demsey Casten, Robert Stewart.
(Early Records of NC Vol. VII: Wills 1750-1755-From Sec’y. of State Papers –
Dr. Stephen E. Bradley, Jr.)

Some Chowan County Probate Papers compiled by Jonathan B Butcher :
[NCGSJ 7-22]

Richard Bond
– XIX:58 no dates – Deposition of “Isaac Hunter one of the appraisers of the estate of Richd Bond decd” and Richard Bond son of Richard Bond regarding tobacco.

– I:78 11 Nov 1730. Order that James Constant, Exr. of Richard Bond, pay debt due John Ward.

-I:83 16 Jan 1735 Receipt for quit rents on 237 acres of land paid by “James Constants for the orphans of Richard Bond.

-I:109-110 Apr 1737 Petitions of William Walton, guardian of Henry Bond, orphan of Richard Bond against James Coston, Exr. of Richard Bond to deliver said orphan’s estate.

-I:130 30 Nov 1737 Summons to Wm. Walton guardian of the orphans of Richd. Bond to present accounts.

-II:20-23 27 Oct 1738 Accounts, “Henry Bond one of the children of Richard Bond Dr. to the Estate of Bond for his 8th part thereof. . . “

-II:29 27 Dec 1738 Letter of Wm. Walton: “Mr. Craven pleas to send these Somemsis for Isaack Hunter, Abraham Hill, Richard Bond in ye Sute between William Walton and James Costan Consarning Henry Bond . . . “

-II:106 17 Apr 1740 Bond of Lewis Bond, guardian of Mary, orphan of Richard Bond.

-III:58 no dates Petition of Lewis Bond, guardian of his sister Mary Bond against James Constant.

-III:50 25 Apr 1743 Summons to Jas. Constant to answer above petition.

-XVIII:30 no dates Petition of James Costan who “Inter Marrying with Sarah the widdow of Richard Bond Deceast Did thereby becom possesst with the Estate. .”

– Richard Bond’s daughter Mary is “the now wife of Richard Garrett.”

Lewis Bond
-XX:#518 no dates Sales of estate of Lewis Bond by Rich. Bond, executor

-XI:49 Jan 1762 Order to divide estate of Lewis Bond.

-XI:50 no date Division of estate of Lewis Bond and of his daughter Sarah Bond, deceased, to his children: Richard Bond, William Bond, John Bond and Elizabeth Bond.

Henry Bond
– XVII:70 20 Jun 1786 Eliz. Pambrun relinquishes administration of her late husband, Mr. Henry Bond.

Hans Bond
– VI:38 16 Apr 1752 Bond of William Bond as guardian to Dempsey Bond, orphan of Hans Bond.

– XIX:102 no dates Division of the estate of Hance Bond [intestate] to Sarah Bond, Henry Bond, and Demse Bond.

US Census 1790
Gates Co
Richard Bond Sr 2 – 1 – 10 13 total
Richard Bond 2 1 2 – 6 11
William Bond 1 – 1 – 1 3

Perquimans Co
Abrigail Bond – 4 3 – –
Job Bond 1 2 2 – –
Pritlow Bond 1 – 1 – 1
William Bond 1 3 1 – –

Chowan Co
Henry Bond
1 2 3 – 5 11
Elizabeth Bond –
2 4 – 20 26
James Bond 1 – – – – 1
John Bond Esq.
1 4 4 – 9 18

Bertie Co
John Bond
2 1 – 12 15
Mary Bond
– 3 2 – 18 23
Thomas Bond
1 – 1 – 7 9
Thomas Bond
3 – 4 – 25 32
Thomas Bond
1 – 2 1 8 12

didn’t locate any in Hertford or Northampton C
Halifax, Edgecombe
Hance Bond
5 1 3 1 9 19

Grandchildren of Richard Bond and 1st wife or Sarah Maudlin

Children of Richard Bond: (from 1793 will)
1. Richard Bond
married 13 Oct 1785 Mary Blanchard died Sept 1809
a. William Bond 20 Feb 1790 – 18 Jan 1808
b. Henry Bond 11 Sept 1792 – 16 March 1848
married 5 Sept 1811 Elizabeth Harrell died 21 March 1823
married 2nd Anna M Hinton
c. Mary Bond 1 Oct 1796 –
married July 1812 William Hinton
d. Julia Bond 20 June 1799 –
e. Sally Bond 12 July 1802 – 4 Apr 1824
married 3 Nov 1818 Noah Harrell
married 2nd Isaac Costen d 9 April 1824
married 2nd 7 Feb 1805 Nancy Hinton -19 Dec 1822
a. M (dau) Bond 20 Nov 1807 –
b. John Bond 16 April 1810 –
c. James Bond 9 Sept 1812 –
d. Pigly? [Peggy?] Bond 28 April 1816 –
e. Martha Bond 22 May 1819 –
2. William Bond died 4 Feb 1817
3. James Bond died prior to 1793
a. Hance Bond
b. Henry Bond
c. James Bond
d. Lewis Bond
e. Jerusa Bond
married Skinner
4. Sarah Bond
married Lassiter
5. Millicent Bond
married [James] Jones
6. Mary Bond ca 1734-c1792
married ca 1750 Maxey Minchew ca 1732-1789
7. Judith Bond
married Blanchard
8. Jerusha Bond
married Allen
9. Christian Bond
married Smith

Children of Mary Bond and Richard Garrett

Children of Hance Bond d. bef 1752
1. Sarah Bond bef 1752 –
2. Henry Bond bef 1752 –
3. Dempsey Bond bef 1752 –

Children of Lewis Bond d. 1753
1. Sarah Bond dec ca 1762
2. Richard Bond
3. William Bond
4. John Bond
5. Elizabeth Bond

Children of Henry Bond of Edgecombe & Rosannah Wood ca 1717 – 1761:
they left no issue living at their deaths

Children of William Bond

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